Fine Art, Fine Crafts, and Great Artisanal Foods


The Stangl Factory offers talented artists and artisans from the Delaware Valley region a working studio and retail space in a beautifully renovated and culturally significant historic building. Bringing together the most talented artists, craftspeople, and artisanal food specialists under one roof, the Factory will attract broad and diverse audiences, establishing a vibrant and supportive creative community.

The Stangl Factory experience provides something for everyone! Working studios give visitors the rare opportunity to engage renowned artists and artisans, and to learn about how art, fine crafts and artisanal foods are created. A meal or snack at the artisanal food shops provide the perfect beginning or ending to studio tours and conversations with artists. We are currently seeking the appropriate operator or co-op for the Stangl Factory Gallery, which will allow visitors to experience a wide variety of high-end fine art and craft.

12 Mine Street, Flemington New Jersey and conveniently accessible from major by-ways Routes 12, 202, and 31 and destinations such as Lambertville and the Delaware River. Flemington is the county seat of Hunterdon County and is home to over 1,000 historic buildings. The Stangl Factory is one of the most unique structures within the District. Anchored to the northern entrance of the Liberty Village Outlet, Stangl will connect Liberty Village to quaint shops, restaurants and the historic Union Hotel a short stroll away on Main Street.

Factory Chic Décor Excellent Centralized and Easily-Accessible Location Marketing through Web and Print Media Professional Management Affordable Rent 24-Hour Key-holder Access Opportunities for Joint Exhibitions and Events

Unique Trades, Wares and Artisanal Foods Quality Workmanship Minimum Studio Presence of 18 hours per week during opening hours Spirit of Community, Cooperation, and Camaraderie One-Year Minimum Lease Contract

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4:00pm – 8:00pm Friday 3:00pm – 7:00pm Saturday 11:00am .92 $ LOCATION Place: The Stangl Factory 12 Mine Street Flemington NJ.C.Stangl Factory Information Sheet CONTACT INFORMA TION Stangl Factory L. If you are interested in a size that is not listed.33 $777. and heat and A/C are included in the lease rates.00 $383. please contact us for a rate. Space size and price may slightly vary from reserved square footage.stanglfactory. Space 100 s/ft 125 s/ft 150 s/ft 200 s/ft 250 s/ft 325 s/ft 400 s/ft 500 s/ft 600 s/ft Price per month $344.00 Page 2 of 4 .96 $412. 111 Main Street.67 $634. LEASE RATES Examples of studio sizes and lease rates can be found below.56 $697. gas. 2nd floor Flemington.L.7:00pm Sunday 11:00am – 6:00pm (Special events may require extended hours) ABOUT OUR ARTISAN SPACE • • • • • • Artist & Artisan space can be reserved in 25 square foot increments.67 $ www. Artists & Artisans shall provide fit-up of space within partitioned area. 08822 Opening Date: March 2012 HOURS OF OPERATION Thursday. electric.50 $489. Artists & Artisans provide their own insurance (see lease agreement). Artists & Artisans provide and pay for their own large appliances including necessary gas/electric hookup and service fees separately. Water. NJ 08822 908-782-2258 (ask for Terry) Fax 908-782-7636 Email imagineme@stanglfactory.

and federal laws with regard to the merchandise they sell. PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS All merchandise sold at the Stangl Factory must conform to the following requirements: 1. Made in the USA 3. RULES & REGULATIONS • • • • Merchants must follow all applicable local. • • • LEASES • • • Checks and money orders must be made payable to STANGL FACTORY LLC. lost. Merchant products must stay within the artist/artisan’s assigned area. 111 Main Street. (Also available at www. INSURANCE Artists and Artisans must be self insured against breakage. Payments are due on or before the 5th day of each month. To reserve a space.RESERVATION TERMS AND DEADLINES • Interested Artists & Artisans must apply for studio space at Stangl Factory by completing the application included in this packet. mail or fax. No copyrighted merchandise may be sold without permission of the owner of the copyright. as outlined in the lease. A representative from Stangl Factory will contact you within 15 days of receipt of your complete application. Page 3 of 4 . This license must be displayed in the leased space. ADVERTISING Stangl Factory will be actively marketed in various web and print media. Tenants must follow all house rules.L.C. The Borough of Flemington sales tax rate is 7%. you are reminded that you must collect New Jersey State Sales Tax on any items sold. submit your completed Stangl Factory Application Form and return by email. Artists/Artisans that do not meet the minimum studio presence requirements may be removed from the program. Artists and Artisans will provide insurance to cover public liability and Fire coverage. Artists/Artisans may sublet or co-op their space only with written approval by management. Space assignments will completed by a Stangl Factory L. The Borough of Flemington requires that any business operating within the borough limits obtain a business license. Handmade 2.StanglFactory. or stolen items. The Manager will confirm your space assignment and approval either by email or phone. Flemington NJ 08822. “Family friendly” 5. BUSINESS LICENSE The New Jersey State Department of Revenue requires that all merchants be registered with the State. Manager on the 15th of each month. Original 4. SALES TAX Regardless of your type of business license. . Payments must be mailed to Stangl Factory LLC.

Highest) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Are you currently working full-time on your art/craft? _____________________________ How long have you been working on your art/craft? ______________________________ Are any parts of your art/craft manufactured? If yes. fax. or Artisanal Food: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Product Price Range (Lowest.908-782-7636 email . ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Please attach your Artist Statement and Artist Bio on a separate sheet and provide 5-10 images of samples that best represent your work. Fine Craft.ARTISTS & ARTISANS APPLICATION FORM Name___________________________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________ City___________________________.imagineme@stanglfactory. size and year produced for each Page 4 of 4 . Zip_________________ Phone (Home) _______________________________ Business ____________________________________ Email ___________________________ Are you on (check) Facebook Twitter _____ How did you hear about the Stangl Factory? ____________________________________ Description of Fine Art. what do they do? ________________________________________________________________________ Please list galleries. NJ 08822 fax . Please specify medium. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ List recent shows where you have exhibited your work. or mail this application with images of your work to: The Stangl Factory L. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Do you employ others to create your art/craft? If so. shops or dealers currently representing your work. State________________.L. Average. Email. 111 Main Street Flemington. please explain.

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