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Zalenae: Sorry for taking a moment. I was out of the room. Guest_Xayola: Its ok.

Guest_Xayola: You are oky miss? :C Zalenae: I'm wonderful, just very busy today. Zalenae: :P Guest_Xayola: You lefted last night and I worried Zalenae: My computer froze badly. Zalenae: I'm very sorry. Guest_Xayola: I just was worried Y_Y Zalenae: I know its really different than what you normally wear, but a good fri end of mine made it. Guest_Xayola: Its ok ^_^ Guest_Xayola: I will have to do another outfit with this when I ifnish with this 2 Y_Y Zalenae: Heeh, well I'm sure it will be just as cute. Zalenae: :P Guest_Xayola: Yeah. In 2 years Zalenae: In 2 years?? Guest_Xayola: yea because in 2 years I will have credits Guest_Xayola: for all my outfits Zalenae: Silly, you'd be surprised how little time these things take in the long run. Guest_Xayola: I do credits just with my pet Guest_Xayola: ... Zalenae: If you ever get vip or something you can do it with Peer Review. Zalenae: That can give you up to 2500 a day. Guest_Xayola: ... I cant get VIP again Guest_Xayola: I am afraid about stole Zalenae: It shouldn't get stolen. You must have had something in your computer. I know many with VIP that have never had their accounts stolen. Guest_Xayola: Whatever, I will not get again VIP or AP Y-Y Zalenae: How are things aside of that? Guest_Xayola: uhm Guest_Xayola: ? Zalenae: How are you silly? Zalenae: Are things going well? Guest_Xayola: I am silly Y_Y ? Zalenae: I was calling you silly. :P Guest_Xayola: What things -gigglesZalenae: You know I love you. Zalenae: Home stuff. How was the rest of your night? How is Brandon? And your do gs? Guest_Xayola: Well, its 19:54 here hehe Zalenae: So what are your plans for tonight? :p Guest_Xayola: Last night I lefted too and go with Brandon, I tried to enter agia n to see if you are ok but he comes and hugs me and then stay with him and cuddl e ._. Zalenae: Its okay, don't forget, next time you can always text or call. Guest_Xayola: He puts his head on my chest and I was like: What are you doing?! and him: I listen good music from your heart Guest_Xayola: Y-Y Zalenae: Awwww thats so sweet. Zalenae: brb a moment. Guest_Xayola: ok.. Zalenae: back Zalenae: Are you alright Lilli? Guest_Xayola: Welcome back Guest_Xayola: Yea... I think so Zalenae: You don't sound sure dear. Zalenae: Whats happening?

Guest_Xayola: Nothing, I am ok.. Zalenae: Are you sure? I'm a bit worried about you. Guest_Xayola: Yes.. I am.. ^^ Zalenae: ::pets Lilli's hair gently:: Guest_Xayola: -nods- ^^ Zalenae: You better tell me if anything happens. Zalenae: You are the cutest and sweetest pet I've ever had, and I'm very protect ive. Guest_Xayola: Its okay, dont want you to nagg you Zalenae: You will not nag. Zalenae: You just tell me whenever things bother you, Zalenae: I'm supposed to help, and I care a lot. Guest_Xayola: ... you have your problems, again dont want to nag you.. Zalenae: Silly. Zalenae: I'm a bad Miss if I don't listen to my lovely pet. Zalenae: Its not nagging. Zalenae: ::cuddles her softly:: Guest_Xayola: -sighZalenae: Why are you sighing? Zalenae: Because I care for you? Guest_Xayola: No... Guest_Xayola: Just want to not nagg you with my problems Zalenae: You shush, and come here. I'll hold you, feed you yummy fishies, and we 'll nag eachother. Guest_Xayola: -stay on her kneesGuest_Xayola: purr Zalenae: ::feed her fishies, one by one:: Guest_Xayola: Sorry Brandon calls me Zalenae: Its alright, I've been tending the fishies. :P Guest_Xayola: he asked me about his stupid problem\ Guest_Xayola: > > Zalenae: Whats up? Zalenae: Can I help? Guest_Xayola: You cant miss :c Zalenae: I'm sorry. Guest_Xayola: Brandon just forgots to come at my work and Cosmin spies me and th en I had to run Zalenae: Awww, I wish that guy would leave you alone. Zalenae: This is not good. Guest_Xayola: Erh Guest_Xayola: I had to run between houses and hide next to cars ._. Zalenae: O.O Zalenae: That is NOT good. Zalenae: Restraining order? Guest_Xayola: Its creepy to see a girl with heels hiding next to a car Zalenae: A little bit, but I'd do the same, if my man wasn't around. Guest_Xayola: Well he found me and Cosmin was: Fwck. Zalenae: Good. Guest_Xayola: Brandon knows about you ^^ Guest_Xayola: :33 And he said probably you and him will talk Zalenae: Hmmm Zalenae: Okay Guest_Xayola: You want now :3 ? Zalenae: Give me some moments. Guest_Xayola: K Guest_Xayola: ^ ^ Zalenae: Okay, whenever you are ready. Guest_Xayola: Lol, I am ready and he will like to meet you ^ ^ Zalenae: Alright :) Zalenae: Whenever he is ready then.

Guest_Xayola: hi Zalenae: Hello. Zalenae: You must be Brandon? Guest_Xayola: yes Zalenae: Lilli told me you wanted to meet me. Guest_Xayola: yes, she told me about you Zalenae: Good things I hope? Guest_Xayola: yes Guest_Xayola: i am happy because you prtect her in your way Zalenae: I do what I can. Guest_Xayola: yeah, i cant protect her all the time Guest_Xayola: somethimes she is very stubborn Zalenae: Its a girl thing. Guest_Xayola: jealous and stubborn? Zalenae: Stubborn yes, jealous sometimes. Guest_Xayola: she is very jealous Zalenae: That only means she likes you more than you thought. Guest_Xayola: well, i know what i know because i am her boyfriend, she is jealou s, but she will dont have reasons Zalenae: No girl trusts fully though. That takes time. We don't need a reason to get jealous, we just are sometimes. Guest_Xayola: i know because i was her best friend, i saw her in bra before rela tionship, just because she trusts in me Zalenae: Which is a good thing. You just never take advantage of that trust she has in you, and all will work out. Guest_Xayola: well, i just love her but sometimes i pretend i am indiferent just because she gets mad and she is cute when she is mad Zalenae: Be careful with that, you know what shes been through. That will confus e her if you do it too much. Guest_Xayola: she just so shy and cute and sexy, when she gets mad she knows i j ust like this and i am just jokin Zalenae: She was worried that you really meant it before you two got together. Zalenae: Thats something she talked about with me. Guest_Xayola: oh Zalenae: She was not sure if she ought to tell you she loved you or not because of it. Guest_Xayola: well, i were broked hearted by so many girls because i said no to sex because we just had 3 days, now i will not care for somedays if she loves me , i will just love her and will care when its the time Zalenae: I think you will be fine. Zalenae: Just respect her, and take care of her. Zalenae: And know that if you break her heart, I have a valid passport and I wil l come looking to hurt you. Guest_Xayola: hope is just not like other girls Guest_Xayola: i am not stupid to broke a perfect girl Zalenae: Good. Guest_Xayola: god, i love her Zalenae: Shes an amazing girl, and I'd keep her to myself if I could, but she lo ves you. Zalenae: So you better make her happy. Guest_Xayola: wait, she told me you have boyfriend Zalenae: I'm married. Zalenae: That doesn't mean I'm not allowed to like a woman. Zalenae: My husband and I have an agreement. Guest_Xayola: agreement? Guest_Xayola: like youu can like other and he can too? Zalenae: We are allowed to have another girl, IF we both like her. Zalenae: He has not met Lilli. Guest_Xayola: oh, but you dont want him to meet Lillium ? Zalenae: I would have liked that, but she has you, and I won't come between it.

Guest_Xayola: lol, is ok if she will wants broke me... its ok now because i dont know if she loves me Zalenae: She told me she fell for you. Are you unsure because of me? Guest_Xayola: well, she can tells what she want Zalenae: I just don't want to get between her and you, I think its normal. Guest_Xayola: nee, it sok Guest_Xayola: its ok Guest_Xayola: ok, i will leave now. nice to meet you, zal Zalenae: It was nice chatting with you. Guest_Xayola: I am baaack ^ ^ Zalenae: Welcome back ^^ Guest_Xayola: Ty Miss Guest_Xayola: mrow Zalenae: ::pets softly:: Zalenae: Why are you thanking me silly? Guest_Xayola: )B Guest_Xayola: Thanking? Zalenae: You said Ty Zalenae: :p Guest_Xayola: for welcome back Zalenae: I see. Zalenae: Well, we talked. Zalenae: I don't know if he is feeling better, or if that was what you wanted, b ut we talked. Guest_Xayola: ... what you mean ' dont know if he is feeling better ' ? Zalenae: As in, I don't know if I cleared up why he wanted to talk. Zalenae: Its hard to explain. Guest_Xayola: He probably wants to see what kind of person are you Guest_Xayola: I told him you are very c ute and you help me a lot ^ < ^ Zalenae: Thats what he told me. Guest_Xayola: Whatever :3 Zalenae: ::hugs:: Zalenae: How are you feeling? Guest_Xayola: I feel like something will happen Zalenae: I hope it is something good. Guest_Xayola: Mhm Guest_Xayola: I think I am too happy now to happen something bad Zalenae: Thats a good thing ^^ Guest_Xayola: I just read what you talked with Brandon x3 Zalenae: Is that good or bad? Guest_Xayola: Idk -gigglesZalenae: Well I hope it isn't bad. Zalenae: ::pets her hair:: Guest_Xayola: purrr Zalenae: What are you up to dear? Guest_Xayola: idk