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Primary Windows Server: Secondary Windows Server: 1.

There is 1GB data LUN created from EVA-4_BB_PR and assign to primary serve r and some files have been presented in the server. 2. The Vdisk name called as g1\testing of ca 3. See now how to create CA nothing but Data replication. -------------------------------------------------4. Select the tab Create data replication group 5. Give the data replication group name as ca of testing_ca 6. Select the Destination system name as EVA-5_BB_DR . This is the primary EVA 7. In the Source Vdisk see all the LUN listed here and the LUN have selecte d which was created before g1\testing of ca . 8. There are options for Write mode Synchronous or Asynchronous 9. The destination disk group selected as Default disk group 10. Destination redundancy set as Same as source this is for will get a same f older name and Vdisk name which was created in primary EVA 11.=====Failsafe mode set as Disabled always because if we select Enabled replicat ion fails for any one DR group then the replication will stop for all the DR group, if we select Disabled if any one replication failed then t he remaining Dr group will run without any issue===== 12. Once it is set as disabled will get the below warning message 13. The Source log disk group and Destination log disk group set as Select au tomatically 14. Everything looks good now click tab Create 15. Note: The free space on the destination disk group should be greater tha n primary EVA LUN 16. See the below snap for all the tab 17. In the connections tab we can see the destination system 18. The Destination system is EVA-5_BB_DR 19. See the below unallocated space by 1GB and will make as a new disk and a dded some files here. 20. Go to DR EVA EVA-5_BB_DR 21. Go to Data replication and automatically one Dr group created ca of testi ng_ca 22. In the connections tab the source system as EVA-4_BB_PR 23. The Vdisk has created automatically and the folder name and the Vdisk na me as same 24. The LUN have presented to the secondary server 25. See the Data Replication tab as below 26. Login into the server and assign the drive letter as S 27. See here will get the folders which was created in the primary server 28. here an option called Fail over it will show only on Destination system. If the option will select the Destination DR Group become a Source DR Group and Source DR Group becomes a Destination DR Group. See the following snap 29. After I selected Fail over Destination system set as EVA-4_BB_PR before i t was source system and now it is converted to destination 30. Source Vdisk set as EVA-5_BB_DR