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EL LTEK Inte ernationa Laborat al tories

Driven b Result by t

End of Life Te r d L ester

Ap pparatu Man us nual

Designed and Built by

Ali Jaghar J
St. Charl Missou Octobe 16, 2011 les, uri, er
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1 Introdu 1uction
T End life Tester is an apparatu that test if the insu The e a us ts ulation of a system co onstitutes o of cond ducting material (s) an insulating material (s).It is the final stage of the IEEE Standard test nd g ( E proc cedure for evaluation of insulating materials for random e o g m-wound AC electrical machinery (i.e. C y IEEE Std 117). In this pas E ss/fail test th apparatu technicia subdues the specim he us an s mens to a c certain volta and for certain period of time The teste specimen fails if the breaker tr age r e. ed n e rips due to upsu urge of curr rent betwee the cond en ducting mat terials throu the faulting insulat ugh ting materia . als 2 Design Approach & feature 2es The new machine is designed to be saf argonom simple to operate and to do t job w i d fe, mic, the raison dtre . Its dime ensions are chosen to fit the hight and hand spane of m colleage I also a a e my es. add sliding plate to redu unsafe body bend p uce ding and str retching. 2.1- Enc closure

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The machine enclosure made by Schaefer's Electrical Enclosures 2.3- Balance of System Components 1. Type of Wire and Size: for the performance and reliability the correct size and type of wire is chosen. We choose copper wires for their high electrical conductivity 6.30107 S.m at 20C. Although aluminum wire is less expensive, we voted against it because of its narrow limitation. Four colors are chosen to match machine four test lead. The total current carrying capability of the wire must be considered along with the fuses used to protect the conductors. This information is essential because if the current level is exceeded, overheating, insulation breakdown and fires may occur. Other factors that should be considered before selecting a wire include the voltage drop and power loss. Both of these factors are dependent on the resistance of the wire, the amount of current and the length of the wire. Our Goal is 0.1% voltage drop at most form source to loads. Taking all this in consideration, we Estimate length of wire needed at about 400 feet. The size of the wire is calculated to be of gauge #14. 2. Switches and Fuses: Fuses are used to provide overcurrent protection when ground faults occur and switches are used to manually interrupt power in case of emergency or maintenance. We install a 20 Amp fuse directly connected to the source; this fuse will ensure the protection of the apparatus from overcurrent should a ground fault occur. The total short-circuit current multiplied by a factor of 1.25 is generally used to size the fuse. 3. Connections: Poor connections are responsible for many problems. Poor connections may result to losses in system efficiency, system failure, and costly troubleshooting and repairs. System connections must be secure and able to withstand the harshest conditions reining the lab. Connections must also be protected from vibration, and corrosion. As a result we choose to use a variety of connectors such insulted quick connectors, ring terminal connectors. However, due to havy use of banana jacks we decide to solder the hook up wires to the banana jacks.



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4. Breakers Heinemann breakers will hold up to 0.5 Amps, and will trip between 0.51 and 0.625 Amps, from 0.80 to 6.4 seconds 5. Surge protector It suppresses induced transientsdue to lightning, spikes and over-voltage. Also it minimizes electrical noise. It will limit the continuous operating voltage at 175V and will clamp maximum at 455V (at 100Amp)

6. Voltmeter The voltmeter from Laurel can measure True RMS with crest factor of 3.0 at FS. Its display has 4 digits- enough for the 1200V with an accuracy of 0.1%. The response time is less than 17 msec fast enough to be ignored in errors calculations.

7. Control switch A11C USD547-600*E (on tandem with A11C USD548*E) This rotary switch connects the Hot form power transformer output terminals via 10 breakers and the Neutral (or LOW) to 30 terminal contacts thus, it is 11P30T type. With four positions (OFF, T-T, P-P, P-G) at 45 from each either.



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OFF All open

T-T L-G1 L-G2 L-G3 L-G4 L-G5 L-G6 L-G7 L-G8 L-G9 L-G10 L-W1 L-W2 L-W3 L-W4 L-W5 L-W6 L-W7 L-W8 L-W9 L-W10 H1-R1

P-P L-R1 L-R2 L-R3 L-R4 L-R5 L-R6 L-R7 L-R8 L-R9 L-R10 L-W1 L-W2 L-W3 L-W4 L-W5 L-W6 L-W7 L-W8 L-W9 L-W10 H1-G1

P-G H1-G1-R1-W1 H2-G2-R2-W2 H3-G3-R3-W3 H4-G4-R4-W4 H5-G5-R5-W5 H6-G6-R6-W6 H7-G7-R7-W7 H8-G8-R8-W8 H9-G9-R9-W9 H10-G10-R10-W10 L = LOW H = HIGH G = GREEN R = RED W = WHITE T-T = Turn to turn


P-P =Phase to phase P-G =phase to ground



H2-R2 H3-R3 H4-R4 H5-R5 H6-R6 H7-R7 H8-R8 H9-R9 H10-R10 H2-G2 H3-G3 H4-G4 H5-G5 H6-G6 H7-G7 H8-G8 H9-G9 H10-G10

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8. Time Series 650 timer from Diehl is microprosessor based interval switch. Provide accurate countdown timing. When it reaches timeout, a 15 amp relay switches off


and an 80 dB beeping follows for 6 seconds. The time unit (hour, minute, second) is selected by using the MODE button The time length is adjusted using the key pads UP or DOWN

9. Power transformers Two custom made and very transformers 120:1200 rated at 2kVA connected in parallel to bust the current. Since the machine is used inside the labs there is no need for the transformers to be encased in an insulting enclosure or encapsulated in dielectric resin.



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10. Potential transformer In order for the voltage meter display to receive the signal (current) the voltage from the power transformer should be steeped down to a lower value in the meter range. Since the meter input maxed at 200V and the voltage to be measured can be as high as 1200V a 6:1 step down transformer is needed. However, the closest ratio that we find was 1:20 form Flex Core.

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Potential Variable

Transformer 20:1 voltage


20A Fuse





Black Green


White Control Switch Power Transformer 120:1200

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item discription # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 ControlSwitch Powertransformer Potentialtransformer circuitbreaker indiclightLEDRedIDEC voltageclamper120VAC 30kAmp wire wire wire wire wire16awgblack wire16awggreen wire16awgwhite Illum.RockerSwitch Green variable Transformer1.8kVA timer Voltagemeterdispl blockterminal blockterminaljumper fuseholder fuse(5c)20A bananaplugred bananaplugBlack bananaplugwhite Qty price ($)/ea 1 2 1 22 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 60 1 1 40 40 40 1,148.05 390.09 766.00 23.10 19.53 168.00 51.60 51.60 51.60 51.60 5.15 5.15 5.15 7.84 418.59 140.80 255.00 25.74 0.36 8.94 12.13 1.31 1.31 1.31 total price($) $1,148.05 780.18 766.00 508.20 39.06 168.00 51.60 51.60 51.60 51.60 5.15 5.15 5.15 7.84 418.59 140.80 255.00 102.96 21.60 8.94 12.13 52.40 52.40 52.40 Vendor Kraus&Naimer PACFICTRANS flexcore Heinemann Newark Circ. Components Newark Newark Newark Newark Lowe's Lowe's Lowe's Newark newark Borggeneral Newark Newark Newark Newark Grainger Newark Newark Newark codeName CA11BA261620E pantran#33583 PT3145242F P/NCD1A3AEW 0.5600AC 30B9603 SPPT120A 313146 313145 313142 41T5382 74M8545 SERIE650TA4180 84K0378 65F1231 65F1314 63K9400 1BX46 79K5004 79K5007 79K4856


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25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 45

bananapluggreen bananajackW bananajackR bananajackB conduitcordconnector bananajackG Powerswitch Ins.Fem.Disconnect MachineScrews1/4"20 WireMarker10/Book VinylIns.RingTerminal #8 DrawerSlide20"L,20 53/64" nonmetalCablestrain relief VinylIns.RingTerminal #1/4 Cabelties(100c) AdhesivecableTie Mount(10c) Enclosure Enclosurecabinet plexiglass1/4" 610x1220mm pipekit1/8SLS

40 15 15 15 1 15 1 100 50 1 100 1 1

1.31 0.80 0.80 0.80 3.32 0.87 7.84 0.30 0.51 24.96 0.05 60.07 1.58

52.40 12.00 12.00 12.00 3.32 13.05 7.84 29.60 25.70 24.96 5.00 60.07 1.58 5.00 10.42 18.70

Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Newark Grainger Grainger Grainger SCElectric

79K4875 81N1227 81N1228 81N1229 35B1042 81N1230 41T5382 3NLW4 3AWR2 3TP19 WA128SP

McMasterCarr 15765A14 SCElectric SCElectric Lowe's Lowe's Schaefer Schaefer Lowe's

C050X047 WA1214SP 76023 292684

100 0.05 2 10 1 1 3 1

5.21 1.87

2761.00 2761.00 594.26 594.26 53.9 161.70 96.02






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5M MachineDe escription Con ntrolpanelfrontview w

Mainswitch V Voltmeter d display
Black Breakers (10pc.)


Co ontrol
sw witch

Safety light Red d Brea akers (10p pc.)

ainfuse Ma

Variable transformer knob b ntrolpanelinsidewir ring Con

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