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2011 Global Academic Challenge Invitation Open Source Workforce.

Your Countrys immediate Challenge to re-engage & maintain the employment potential of their workforces
Considerable numbers of workforces have been made redundant by the global economic crisis, in countries all around the world. These people are of any age, gender, and job role/career and are putting pressure on Government Welfare. This situation is also causing considerable issues with those who are 45-50+ who find themselves too expensive for the market, or their careers redundant. Those who are nearing retirement, this diminishing prospect of work is putting pressure on drawing on their pension or superannuation schemes, a really tough outcome for their families. The Client for the 2011 MAA Worldwide Academic Challenge is the Government of your Country and the task for each Promotion Marketing Team is to plan how you would develop a no cost online marketing service which would offer out of work workforces a chance to get back into the workforce again, in their own career, or a new one, in full time employ or part time employ, which may suit a new set of family circumstances in the city/town where the workers currently live, or perhaps in a new city or town in partnership with the local town/city council. Your Team will need to give this Open Source Workforce online concept a Project name, and develop and execute a Promotion Marketing plan for year 1. Your Proposal must incorporate at least 5 of the following elements:

Information and advice on how to look for the other jobs in their own career, or what new jobs are there which are worth considering in complimentary or totally new careers. How to establish & run a self managed new business. What are the new vocations which werent around 10 years ago? Even those which could service existing workforces. (Like providing home help, or supporting local businesses). An online Linked-in style network so members of the Project can keep in touch, asking questions and sharing information or success stories. Recognizing successful Case Studies. How to work from home and/or work to different hours. You may wish to create a totally new employment paradigm for workforces over 50, or those nearing retirement. Or you could develop a new performance system for younger workers or for women who have decided to have children and work from home part time. Or work with the Council or Governing body of a Town or City outside the City who might offer incentives for workforces to relocate to work in that Town or City. Totally new Industries could even be established in these locations. Including education and mentoring opportunities. In every Country there are successful business people, willing to put back by helping others.

How media partners (TV, Press, Magazines, Radio) could share the news of the Program via Promotion. A Cable TV network has agreed to donate a TV channel for this Project. How would you involve them? Apple has agreed to promote an App on their iPhones. How would you present & maximize this facility? How Corporate Partners like search Engines like Google or Yahoo, Online Recruitment portals like Seek or Monster & a Telco could become involved to spread the word and help distribute information. How would you involve social marketing tool & techniques to promote the concept & involve participants? Unemployment can involve Governments in the form of reduced company & personal taxation and unemployment benefits. Can this concept provoke, or even a even radical involvement by Government?

Your Promotion Marketing Team doesnt have a budget and you are not expected to provide market research or results. You may wish to include some creative for a Project logo but the quality of any artwork wont be scored. The Judges will need to see how your Team captures the concept of Open Source Workforce and how your team will develop, market and maintain involvement in the concept, by your audiences in year one addressing an overall target of a significant increase in full time employment in your country. Your final task involves your Teams actual Presentation to the International MAA Worldwide Judging Panel. News of the success of the Open Source Workforce Project has spread globally, and your Government Client has asked your team to prepare a Proposal which it will present to other Countries with a view to exporting the concept. So your Proposal needs to present and sell your Project. The Prize A Member of the Winning Team, selected by the team, will be invited as a guest of MAA Worldwide to present their Teams concept to Members of MAA Worldwide during the 2011 Fall Conference in Rio De Janeiro in October 2011, during which they will be presented the GLOBE.

Terms & Conditions

(i) Who is eligible to enter Students currently studying any Marketing subject in Universities and Business Schools in any Country. There is no cost of entry. Students can enter in teams of 3 or more. Entries are not permitted from individuals.

Entries can be received from more than one Team in any participating University or Business School, but only one entry is permitted from each Team. (ii) Parameters upon which your entry will be judged You are not expected to provide results, but your entry will be judged for:

Your Promotion Strategy - 30 points Your Marketing Concept, your ideas, your creativity in addressing the brief 40 points How your Team will execute the Promotion and evaluate the results - 30 points

Teams may provide artwork to support their concept, but this material will not be judged on quality. (iii) Entry specifications Each Team will enter as a Promotion Marketing Agency and will need to provide their Agency Name on the entry form. Each response will need to be prepared in English and in a PDF format. Audio or Visual elements are not needed. An online entry form must be completed for each Promotion Marketing Agency. The copyright of all entries will remain the property of each Entrant. MAA Worldwide reserves the right to publish all or any part of any entry. (iv) Closing date All entries need to be lodged on the MAA Worldwide Academic Challenge website: before 5pm (local time in each entrants country) on 31 July 2011.