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The club was a club designed for only the elite.

It seems that from the four stories, the limousines filled with socialites, athletes, and people of numerous questionable backgrounds this club was the safe haven for those above the average. I wore a dress, bandaged and black, constricting on my entire body that emphasized my womanly curves. My shoes were five inches long, pointed, sharp, deadly, I balanced on top of them, like an acrobat on a tight rope. It was not my type of typical Friday evening, going to night clubs; I normally read articles and drank tea while relearning facts about Astrology. I decided, however, tonight I would allow myself to step into the world. The night club was the best one in Californias Bay Area. As you walked down the mirrored glass hallway and entered the belly of the club, faces of the previous elite that let go of all sense and logic had graffiti their individual signatures to the wall. From the center a marble spiral staircase swiveled to the top of the clubs rooftop. Glass elevators invisibly ran from the top to bottom, bottom to top within seconds. I looked around me and was surrounded by men, women, and the like smoking cigarettes, chatting loudly, one man even racing his hand up the skirt of a woman who was not awake. This was a night where all things went; there were no laws that the outside world influenced the inner working of this club, no rules. Have you ever experienced being inside a place, where you were engulfed by thousands of people, and yet you realized you were truly alone? An offbeat, melodically, syrupy slow mix of a rap song boomed over the speakers that I could not detect where it actually the location of the speakers. In the heart of the club behind the marble stair case was a grand stage, with a D.J booth and D.J. I headed toward the main show. The path to the main stage was not as easy as a stroll in the park on a Sunday afternoon, walking through the field of intoxicated spoiled adults was as difficult as answering a test of questions in a language you never knew while riding a bicycle without ever learning to ride a bicycle, while playing a video game against the person who had more

experience than you had ever had. Women tried grabbing my arm and pulling me into their chest, men grinding on my backside to lure me into a maniac-tic dance; it was all a melting pot of men, women, high fashion and things of that sort. My goal however was obviously clear to me. Reaching the D.J booth finally, I stepped next to the D.J and stood next to him quietly observing his skill on the turn tables. Each black disk turned simtanloulsly, but under the control of the D.J. the black discs speed were manipulated to move slower, and faster, changing the beat and sound one instance. He broke his concentration and looked up at me, his eyes screening me as like a lion would before an important kill, he said, Hey hows it going grinning from ear to ear. As my eyes looked into his eyes unblinkingly he began to get nervous and jumble unintelligible words to create what was almost a sentence. I replied to him, I would like if you taught me something. He smiled even bigger showing all his teeth gold incrusted. As he handed over his headphones and prepared to step-by-step teach me how to become a novelist D.J, a tall shadow joined us at the booth. From the corner of my eye I recognized the D.J transform from a skilled artist to an adorable fifteen year old girl, with giggles, squeals, and silly grins to match. I shut the two out. I put my left hand and right hand on the discs. Up down wiggle I moved my fingers, speeding up the discs and reversing them all at once. I looked up to my left to smile to the D.J, but he was replaced. No longer was the D.J next to me. Rather, who stood next to me was the tall shadow that had joined us earlier, that tall shadowy creature was the countrys best selling rapper and platinum recording artist, Drake. My natural instinct was to become a screamer, and grin and smile, (Oh, that is why the D.J was suddenly a teen-age girl I thought) and beg for his autograph, fortunately my higher self responded and I gave him a silent head nod and focused on creating a tune on the turntables. I could not bring myself from not running my fingers up and down faster and faster against the

clockwise movement of each disc, hypnotically, I flowed with the sound discovering new ways to make a beat longer; it then abruptly ended, four minutes into it, my song was over. I studied the tables for a final time and turned away, vowing to myself to remember to visit as soon as possible. The next minute I was being pulled by hand towards Drake. I admit being confused, and excited, and telling my heart to slow down and relax and have no emotion- I really do not show my emotions and I did not think it would be appropriate to begin to display them in front of Drake, the D.J and now the thousand pairs of eyes watching us below. He gazed at me, and I gazed back, I hoped he would say the next few words so I did not have to blurt something silly out along the lines of Arent you a Scorpio I was saved when he spoke. His voice loud and direct, demanding respect yet smooth and slow, greeted me with a You look good. I observed his stare, and returned it. His eyes were brown and dark containing information about many things and wisdom about numerous topics, I decided I liked him within that moment. While maintaining my aloof coolness, I told him, I appreciate it then he began to bombard me with questions. Meanwhile the club began to halt to just watch us converse, it was like we were on stage, literally and figuratively, performing. I answered each of his questions, clearly and slow not leaving out details. Do you work? Not until next week. He took me by my hand when I gave him the answer and he led me to the edge of the stage. We began to dance. Just right there, in front of everyone, carelessly. All around the club we moved along. It seemed that we were two people who realized they were the only people in a sea of thousands, reuniting together to become more than what we had originally become. His face was

so close to mine when we moved along the people I was almost sure he and I were going to kiss. Everyones eyes were glued right on us, while we were together, twelve beautiful women smiled and watched us more intensely than anyone else in approval. As our final minutes together began to come to a slow end, we too began to stop moving. Drake beckoned the twelve women, and they came to his call, encircling us. For the first time that night, his dark eyebrows lifted his brown dark eyes sizzled down their intensity, and his cheeks revealed dimples while he smiled. I was admiring. He pulled my body closely to his and whispered into my ear, Take Care, and impulsively I kissed the side of his beautiful malotto skin and we broke apart. Drake was gone. I watched him walk away. There were two other instances in my life where I had the sensation of wondering what exactly was going to happen next after the person evaporated like smoke. The first experience w as when my father walked away from my thirteen year old self; in retrospect, if it had occurred to me that the last time I was every going to see his smile or be locked within those bear like arms again, I would imagine I would say something he would always remember me , at that time, in life, as. The second time was when my best friend, or to put it properly, my last friend of my early young adult hood disappeared without saying he was leaving, in both recollections I recall wishing I had just a few minutes for the to continuously have me in their memories. Drake leaving was the third time. Unlike the multiple times precedent to this, I did not have the time to dwell in sorrow, because the beautiful girls who watched us received me momentarily. This pack of super model esque perfected army of implanted Barbies had a leader; a queen bee that was apparent. She physically only stood at an unusual five feet, two inches, but by presence alone it was as if her height was rivaled the tallest NBA basketball player in the league; each honey chestnut colored strand of hair, curled and bent loosely in a wave of unison makeup flawless, nose Anglo Saxon, and underneath her blue eyes rose perfectly arched

eyebrows that seemed to nearly be tattooed perfectly to her face. Her smile that was the home of perfectly white teeth beamed with welcome first, before the rest of the group did. By standing within their circle it was clear I was participating in an initiation. The queen Bee led the pack, including me, to a part of the club that I did not notice before first entering. The walls dcor had dozens of picture frames decorating it, and a Hollywood red carpet that ended at the only part of the wall deprived of picture frames. The leader put in a code into a touchpad and the wall became the door to an entrance of V.I.P.