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Corporate Communication Portfolio Cssia Ayres



Companys Profile Kora is a mixed capital company whose main project is construction, development, and real estate of 40,000 housing units throughout the country under the project "My Dream My House" created by the Government of Angola to provide access to housing to the lower income society. My services Press Officer for launching stage held in February in six provincies of the country. Communications Consultant for marketing purposes in the post-launching.

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Semanrio Econmico

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O Pas

Semanrio Econmico

Profile Brazilian-based multinational company that operates in diverse sectors such as engineering and construction, real estate, oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, biofuels, and Defense and Technology. In Angola, this company has existed for more than 25 years, is recognized for its stand on important works of infrastructure projects to rebuild the country after the civil war. My services Coordinator of several campaigns of real state projects for class A income customers, acting as planner, account manager, and producer.


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Health News

Center for Health and Work Safety

Companys profile:
The CSST is the first center in Angola that provides services to both public and private companies for all profiles. Acting in the early diagnosis of clinical health problems, they detect the occupational risk factors and advise effective treatment for diseases identified. My services:

Press officer in launch and maintance stages.


Rural School for Arts and Crafts Companys profile Rural School for arts and crafts aims to offer integral training for youth people between 14 to 18 years old who live in a risky socialeconomical situation in order to re-insert them into society. It is a model that combines essencial pillars to develop the individuals through social interaction, formal and vocational education. This can turn children, who before had no future, into transformed citizens. My services Communication coordinator which includes, adversiting campaign and press officer for launch held in November 2010.

Profile: Portuguese based company that has been operating in the education field in Angola since 1998. Lusis is in charge of developing RETEP, a program created in partneship with the Education Ministery which aims to rehabilitate 51 technical training institutes all over Angola. The work consists of reformimng the national curriculum, creation of didactic material and training hundreds of teachers in Portugal and Angola. My services Press officer and public relations

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Companys profile The company provides agro/industrial solutions for construction and rehabilitation farm projects. They supply materials, training for employees and managing skills for agro-businesses.

My services Public relations, press officer and advertising consultant.

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Company Profile Net One Telecom aims to popularize broadband internet access in Angola through affordable plans and esay-to-use equipment. The innovative product, Net Kuya, has WiMax 4G Techology, and was the pioneer in Angolas market. My services: Campaign coodinator of Net Kuya launch. Press officer in several released events.

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Companys Profile Orion provides IT solutions for different types of businesses such as education, health and industry. The services include data center management, system administration, security services and helpdesk. The company operates in all stages of the IT project cycle, from the development, installation, operation of the system, training the team, and the final evaluation. My services Coordination of event of servicess launch.

Economy Newspaper

Companyss Profile An Angolan-Israeli based company whose product, Motortrax, provides satellite tracking systems for vehicles that allows safe transportation of valuable cargo such as diamonds, oli and money.

My Services

Annual exhibition fair coordinator and press officer in maintenance stage.

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Jornal de Angola

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Companys profile LRD has been a strategic partner of the Ministry of Defense in Angola since 1991. The company operates, in projects offering techinical support, equipment and training.

Some of the most important projects are border security, training of National Police, Information Security and reconstruction of the criminal lab.

Performed Activities Press officer in all the projects launch and press conference organizer.

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O Pas

Sem. Angolense


Art and Culture Foundation

Company s profile Created in 2006 by LR Group, the Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to develop the Angolan community through projects in culture, education for art and health for child, adolecents, women and local artists.

My Services Coordinator and advertising creator for institutional campaigns and fundrising activities. Official spokesperson in all events released. Editorial coordinator of Annual Report 2010 Coordinator of 1st Conference of Corporate Socail Responsability in Angola.

O Pas

Revista Vida

Jornal de Angola


Jornal de Angola

Factual, Angolense, O Pas

1st Summit of Corporate Social Responsability Angola 12.09.11

The United Nation Found for Children has been working in special programs with Angola Government such as the 11 compromises with children and the Milenium Development Goals
The aim is to ensure that all children can have their basics rights and improve quality of life.

My Services
Coordination of advertisment campaing partership with Goverment for the two goals mentioned before for radio, TV, ads and instruction books.


Angolan Government
The reconstruction process, after the civil war in 2002, has required a special effort from the Angolan Government in rehabilitating infrastructures that can offer a better quality of life to all Angolan citzens.

My Services
Coordination of advertising campaign for the Ministry of Administration, Employment and Social Security, Ministry of Commerce and Provincial Government of Luanda, some of them done in partership with Odebrecht.


Companys profile: The African Bank of Investments BAI is Angolas largest bank, with 98 branches, and a net surplus of US $83,383 million. The company has been highlighted for its diversification of its services and the proximity of its customers. (microcredit)

Created in 2006, the International Business Bank BNI was the first one directed to national and international corporate investors. In the last three years, the bank started activities in retail market and has created the Rede Expresso 24 to accomodate individual customers. My services BAI Coordinator in media and production campaign of new products launch and international investments campaign. BNI Planning and cordinating campaigns launch of service Rede Expresso 24

Opinion maker and Volunteer

Born in 1977, graduated in Social Communication in Catholic University of Salvador, Cssia Ayres has more than 13 years of experience in corporate communication for private, non-profit and public sectors in Brazil and Angola . The work experience includes volunteering in Foundation Art and Culture, NGOs and Association for Journalists.

Extra Activities
Author of articles on the subject of Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability published by Jornal de Angola, O Pas and Exame Angola Magazine. Oppinion maker for press and radio/TV media regarding the subjects of childrens rights and cultural market. Educator volunteer for Art and Culture Fundation and for AJOSA Association of Journalists for Health in Angola.

Jornal de Angola - Newspapper

Factual newspapper

Exame Magazine


Coordinator of Viver Group. That aims to improve quality of life for people living with HIV AIDS Angola - 2008


Coordinator of Kamba Verde Project That aims to develop environmental awerness in children Angola 2011


E:mail cassiayres / Twitter Facebook Linked In - Skype Tel: (244) 934 76 37 74 Angola (55 ) 71 3233-0597 - Brazil