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Christine Bernard - Lauren DiZazzo - Callina Patterson - Ean Williams MK315-03 - Consumer Culture & Subculture Immersion

College Football Fans

Baseball Tavern
Pre-Game, Obsessive College Paraphernalia Set-Up Brings Own Music Excessive Celebrations for Every Point Same Crowds & Same Spots

Harvard vs Bucknell Game

Traditional Family Elements Clean-Cut & All-American CRIMSON College Football Fans follow other Pro Football Teams Frequent Concession Purchases

Harvard vs Bucknell Game

Primary Research: The Interviews

Interviewed 5 Female & 3 Male College Football Fans: One Female Alumni Two Fans not attending their Teams School Two Male & Three Female Fans Support their Schools Team

The Teams

ECU Pirates

University of Florida Gators (Misplaced Fans)

Michigan Wolverines

BC Eagles Ole Miss Rebels LSU Tigers (Alumni)

Clemson Tigers

What to wear?
Three out of the 7 interviewed dress formally in school colors for the games
All 3 attended their Teams school and were Female

All the others sport their colleges apparel and casual wear to games.


[We] buy a lot of alcohol and solo cups, and get food from the supermarket to grill... the purchases are pretty planned out.

- Male BC Fan

Ole Miss Rebels

In terms of BC, tailgating is probably the best part because we suck at football. - Male BC Fan

Every college football fan interviewed admitted to attending and enjoying tailgating
Experienced with Family and Friends Both Before and after games.

Aspect valued the most.

Tailgating Tailgating/Family Bonding Family Bonding
25% 38%


Where to get your gear?

Shops in Town Free Handouts Online ( Receive as Gifts Schools Bookstore

How do you view the game?



Most who live at the Teams school will attempt to attend all home games.



Typical Game-Day Purchases Water

Sports Drinks Snacks Alcohol Merchandise

*We discovered these purchases are mostly: Habitual *Females who attended their Teams college were also less likely to purchase more than water as a bare necessity (the rest was provided)

Outside of the Games

Perusing a college degree Has already graduated and has become a professional

Spend their spare time:

(Nursing Programs high amongst Females who attend their Teams school)

Socializing with Friends (Sporting Events & Communal Locations) Dinning Out (much more common vs cooking) Shopping (In-Store) Online (Social Media) Watching TV & Reading
(less frequent/unied than other spare time functions) **We were surprised to nd that only 2 participants participated in greek life.**

Secondary Research
According to MRI+ Mediamark Reporter (2010),
18-24 year olds are: average population

43% more likely to buy sport clothing under $100 than the

Making the majority of College Football Fans an even more promising target for sports clothing industry

42% more likely to attend a college football game and 7% less

likely to watch college football on TV

Solidies the importance of pre- and post-game traditions Opportunity for increased focus more on advertising at games (e.g. promo teams, guerilla marketing, sponsorships) and less on TV advertisements

Secondary Research
Of the 18+ year old demographic, 56%
of students search online for coupons for stores they shop at

Illustrates an oppurtunity for marketers to offer

coupons on sporting good sites (e.g. that College Football Fans Frequent


While avid College Football Fans can be found nation-wide, the strength (in numbers) of the fan base of a team determines how recognized and inuential a fan base is Strong Tradition Recognition and Habitual Decision Making are common amongst College Football Fans Two opportunistic areas that marketers can focus are:

Male Football Fans, who do more purchasing for pre- and post-game functions Penetrating the media that those who arent able to attend their Teams games use to view the games (e.g. various TV viewing methods)

Most actions (e.g. clothing choices) & purchases (e.g. gear, food, beverages) made by College Football Fans are to fulll a Love/ Belonging Need or Physiological Need


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