Pre-Camp Meeting - Thursday 22nd March @ 3pm All parents who will be attending camp will need

to come to this meeting, or arrange to see me during the day on Thursday. Thanks. Hall Committee Meeting - Wednesday 21st March @ 7.30pm At the Hall, all are welcome. This will be a debrief of the Horse Trek and additional organisation for the Bike Ride. Rural Swimming Sports - Friday 9th March Please let me know if your child needs transport, I have plenty of room. A sausage sizzle will be available on the day. The will need to attend the swimming sports in their uniforms. In a zip-able bag they will their lunch, morning tea and snacks and a filled drink bottle, their togs, goggles, a couple of towels and warm clothes for between races. UTIKU OLD GIRLS NETBALL FRIDAY 9th March @ UTIKU RUGBY CLUBROOMS 6.30PM START $50 Per Table – 4 people per table (20 Tables available) There will be prizes for the winner of each round and 1st prize for the overall winner. Supper will be provided and the bar will be open (cash only) To Register contact: Hina on 3880029 or Stacey on 0211428372 Taihape Junior Soccer Incorporated Registration Day. This is for boys and girls 6-13years old. We will have a sausage sizzle and will be kicking some balls around. When: Saturday 17th March 10am – 12noon. Where: St Joseph’s School field. For further information contact Toby Schweikert on 388 0608 or Ka kite ano, Marama and Carol

Thursday 8th March

“I am learning to learn for life!”

No. 4

Contact Details: Marama's eMail: Office eMail: School Phone Number: 388 0529 Up and Coming Dates: Term Four: Wednesday 1st February - Thursday 5th April Rural Schools’ Swimming Sports - Friday 9th March Inter-school Swimming - Friday 16th March Hall Committee Meeting - Wednesday 21st March Pre-Camp Meeting - Thursday 22nd March @ 3pm School Camp - Sunday 1st - 5th April Pukeokahu District Bike Ride - Saturday 21st March From Marama Wow, what a weekend! I have started putting up pictures on our Pukeokahu School Facebook Page of our awesome Horse Trek. If you have any other photos we can add, please email them to me or bring your camera up to school. Thanks. We all had an amazing weekend, even with the looming “Weather Bomb”. I must say a huge thank you to Jack Roberts who hosted us at Timahanga Station, and Kevin Pye who made this event possible. As usual events like this really do highlight the fantastic support we have in our district. Thank you for all of the amazing donations of food and supplies for the weekend; the wonderful cleaning fairies, the Pukeokahu Playgroup, who prepared the shearers quarters; and the steadfast weekend Tristin on top of the Range with crew who stayed out at his horse Jimmy. T imahanga the whole

weekend cooking, cleaning and making this well run event possible. And finally, a big thank you to all of our trekkers, many of which who come year after year. I must say, of the three years that I have been attending, this lot definitely had the sweetest dance moves - I hear rumors that Claire and Maryanne want to start up a Pukeokahu Line Dancers Support Group, though Maryanne’s skill with a broom and a Boney M tune should not be over looked. Worthy Mentions From the Horse Trek: Carol Gilbert - For giving Mary Poppins a run for her money. Jock Stratton - For almost causing Carol to fly to Napier via tent. Stacey Buchanan - For Soup Brilliance Maryanne Mallalieu - For her extraordinary skills with a broom. Claire Law - For her dedication to the dance floor. Jenny Stevens - For attempting to dance-nap my husband and chasing him out the door. Cody Stewart - For refusing to dance with Jenny. Kevin Pye - For giving in to Jenny twice! Clint Overton - For sacrificing his reputation, and showing us the real men do dance. Clifford Boreham - For monitoring the weather and Kevin’s couch on Saturday afternoon. Tina Boreham - For letting Clifford buy a horse, posttransaction. Geoff Mallalieu - For making sure I was informed of any and all breaches of conduct. Marama Stewart - For being the only one who needed medical attention all weekend And Jock Stratton’s Pants - For taking one for the team. Pukeokahu School Timeline - School Families Just a reminder, we would appreciate it if you could send in a family photo with your child (which I will scan and return) and the date when your family arrived in Pukeokahu District.

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