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Lian Patterson Senior Finance Director Doreen Brown Deputy Secretary Regional Planning and Transportation Geoff Allister Chief Executive Roads Service Brendan Devlin Corporate Services Unit Anne Armstrong Principle Information Officer Nigel McCormick Finance Director (For item 1 only) Roger Downey Finance Division (For item 1 only) Alan Doherty CMB (minutes) ITEM 1. 1.1 FINANACE Executive Response to the Financial Situation Paul Priestly briefed WBR and Finance Division officials on the Executives proposals to consider measures which might be taken to address the impact of the economic downturn. Paul requested Finance Division to commission an exercise to enable the Department to respond to DFP by 25 November 2008 and to note the timeline for associated meetings of the Executive. Nigel McCormick DISCUSSION ACTION Apologies: Lynne McElhinney Private Secretary


December Monitoring WBR discussed the content of the Departments draft response to December Monitoring, the timeline of which had been foreshortened to parallel the timescale for the Executives exercise mentioned above. WBR suggested a number of amendments and requested Finance Division to investigate these before making any amendments to the draft return.

Nigel McCormick


MINUTES The minutes of the last meeting held on 14 November were agreed.


MATTERS ARISING All matters arising were discussed and noted.

4. 4.1

PSG/SECRETARYS ISSUES Political Situation Paul updated WBR on the latest political situation regarding yesterdays meeting of the Executive.


Review of Section 75 Issues Paul advised WBR that Bob Collins, Chief Executive of the Equality Commission made a presentation to PSG on a Review of Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. Paul explained that when undertaking Human Rights Act Screening analysis emphasis should be given to outcomes rather than the process. Paul said that Bob would undertake to review the Commissions procedures and guidance to ensure that this was emphasised.


MINISTERIAL ISSUES WBR discussed and noted the content of the Ministers forthcoming schedule.


REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT (RD) COMMITTEE/EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE/NSMC Regional Development Committee Alan Doherty informed WBR of the Committees next agenda which involved the participation of officials from PPTD.



Executive Committee Paul reported that the Executive had approved nineteen papers at yesterdays meeting. Alan Doherty advised Doreen, that Executive Secretariat had indicated that Rapid Transit might be taken at the meeting scheduled for 27 November 2008. Doreen Brown to note


NSMC Issues Alan Doherty reported that no Transport Sectorals were scheduled for the near future.

7. 7.1

EMERGING ISSUES Gateway Zero Reviews Doreen Brown reported that Gateway Zero Reviews had been conducted on the Rapid Transit and New Trains projects - both had achieved green light status. Doreen said the Review Team had congratulated officials led by Mike Thompson on the case presented. Paul added that he too had been made aware of this positive outcome and congratulated those involved.


On Street Parking Geoff Allister updated WBR on the possible suspension of parking enforcement in certain parts of Belfast City Centre. Geoff added that he was liaising with Information Office regarding an associated press release.


EFQM Presentation Geoff said he was happy to make a presentation to the Departmental Board on Roads Services participation in EFQM assessment. He undertook to liaise with CMB regarding the timing of the presentation.


NI Direct Geoff updated WBR on the continuing roll out of services by NI Direct. Planning was the latest area of Government business to be initiated and a number of issues had arisen. Lian added that officials in DFP had indicated some concerns they had with the migration of NI Water (NIW) and Lian undertook to raise these with the acting Chief Executive of NIW, Chris Mellor. Lian Patterson


Water Reform Lian Patterson advised WBR that departmental officials were meeting their DFP counterparts to discuss a range of issues under this heading.


Information Office Anne Armstrong updated WBR on the latest media interest which included. the Ministers interviews regarding the Executive decision to defer water charges; the recent publication of the Regulators report.

Anne said that she expected some interest following the forthcoming publication of the Drinking Water Inspectors Report and the Ministers meeting with the Lord Mayor regarding City Centre traffic management issues. On a related issue, Paul undertook to speak to Stephen Peover (Permanent Secretary, DOE) regarding the re-establishment of the Belfast Strategy Group. Before leaving this item, Anne commended Simon Richardsons interviews regarding the publication of Parking Enforcement statistics. 8. PERSONNEL Lian updated WBR on forthcoming competitions for the filling of a number of Director (Grade 5) posts in the Department. 9 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION WBR discussed the latest return and Paul reminded IMU that he still wanted to see those requests which impacted on the Minister, his Specials Adviser and the Departments staff. 10. 10.1 ANY OTHER BUSINESS Rathlin Enquiry Paul said he had sought clarification on a number of timing issues associated with this issue. 11 NEXT MEETING There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting and reminded members the next meeting would be held on Friday 5 December 2008. Paul Priestly

Alan Doherty 27 November 2008

WEEKLY BUSINESS REVIEW: ACTION POINTS MONDAY 27 FEBRUARY 2012 Present: David Orr Geoff Allister Barney McGahan Barry Jordan Brendan Devlin Ann Williamson Philip Robinson Stewart Matthews (item 8 only) Alan Doherty

Apologies: Agenda Item No. 2. Action Required Officer Responsible David Orr


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PSG/Secretaries Issues: Presentation by Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) regarding Getting People into Work. David Orr undertook to contact Colm Boyle (DEL) about the Social Clauses in Roads Service procurement. Ministerial Issues: Alan Doherty was asked to raise a number of issues with Private Office regarding the Ministers schedule. Ministerial Issues: Philip Robinson undertook to speak to the Minster about Rathlin. Committee for Regional Development: Alan was requested to see if there was any Departmental Business which could be taken by the Committee at their meetings on 7 and 14 March 2012. Emerging Issues: Departmental Branding - Geoff Allister undertook to investigate the branding of future Capital Schemes and Ann Williamson was asked to clarify if this extended to existing projects. AOB: Programme for Government (PFG) Stewart Matthews advised WBR members that he would be circulating revisions to the PFG document and would be seeking urgent comments.

Alan Doherty

Philip Robinson Alan Doherty

Geoff Allister & Ann Williamson Stewart Matthews

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