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Issue 41

The official newsletter of HUNT Real Estate Corporation

March 2012

Distinguishing Ourselves
A message from Peter F. Hunt, Chairman & CEO
Over the last five issues of HUNT Since 1911, my articles have focused on the five attributes that separate the successful from the notso-successful real estate agents. Just to remind you, successful real estate agents distinguish themselves by 1) constantly seeking to educate and train themselves; 2) knowing the value of good customer relations; 3) investing in their careers; 4) anticipating market trends; 5) building their book of business. This is far from an all-inclusive list, but it does represent what I have found to be consistent among the elite of our industry. It is my dream that every HUNT agent can rightfully claim to be part of this superior group. Our Company sees these five behaviors of the industrys best as a mutual effort and a true reflection of the very real partnership that exists between our agents and the company. This partnership is an integral part of our Mission as we seek to develop truly successful, highly productive sales professionals that can stand toe-to-toe with any professional. Along these lines, the Company is busy distinguishing ourselves as the experts on everything real estate. How can and will this be accomplished? By providing regular updates on internal activities at our Company; Through accurate market data presented and interpreted for our agents and customers;
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The Changing Face of Consumers

one talking, texting or browsing the internet on their mobile phone. Todays Internet consumer wants it now and wants it fast; not 1G, not 3G, not even 4G. They want it as soon as they are ready, and very importantly, they want it with anonymity. This is no different in the real estate industry. Our consumer has changed, and we have to change with them! If we do not provide todays consumer with the information that they want when they want it, and communicate with them in the method they prefer we will lose them. Its that simple. They wanted more photos and detailed descriptions of listings, so we gave it to them. They started to visit different websites for real estate information, so we put our listings in more places. They wanted to view this information on their phones, so we built a mobile website. So, in the olden days, they walked into our office and we sat down and looked at a book. Today, they drive around online, then get into their cars and drive neighborhoods, then stop in front of a sign and what? Call us? If they are an Internet consumer, then they want to view listing details on their phone and text us for more information or an appointment. What they want, when and where they want it, and with anonymity! Are we there on the other end of that text to answer them? Wed better be, or they will simply text someone else! (Think about this: if you like to shop for things online clothes, books, etc. do you wait if an item is on back order, or do you find another website that can get it to you right away? We rest our case!) The soon-to-be-launched HUNT HOME HOTLINE will provide our consumer what they want when they want it, and place YOU the agent - at the new point of sale: in front of the house!

Remember the MLS Book? That Sears & Roebuck-type catalogue with all the information about current listings? And, the hot sheets received every 48 hours with the latest updates to the book? Now that was speedy information delivery! Years ago, REALTORS were in fear of the elimination of the MLS Book - because we fear change. The book was eliminated because our consumers were granted access to all the listing information on the Internet. Our fear was that the Internet would replace the REALTOR, keeper of the secret book of listed properties. How would we ever be able to attract buyers and secure their loyalty if we were no longer the Gatekeepers of Information? Fast-forward to the 21st Century. The Internet has not been the demise of the REALTOR - quite the opposite. NAR tells us that over 85% of buyers today not only use a REALTOR, but they actually find us on the Internet! Consumers wanted access to the information, and our industry changed to give it to them. And were still here! Fast forward again, to right now: What does the new Mobile buyer, who is accustomed to using the Internet for information, want? This is an important question we need to address. Because change IS inevitable (except, maybe, from a vending machine.) You cant go anywhere today without seeing some-

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Leaders Circle Honorees

See who was honored for this award and will be recognized at the 2012 ERA IBC in March!

Meet the Team!

Meet the newest members of HUNT Corporate: Jack Manley, Carley Mealey, Jillian Suttell and Brian Mullen.

Recognizing our Top Sales Agents of the Month

January 2012
Buffalo/Niagara Amherst / Kathy Anderson East Aurora / Steve Starke Hamburg / Lou Ann Spaulding KenTon / Marsha McCarthy Lancaster / Barbara Hoy Lockport / Larissa McKenna Metropolitan / Ellen Daly Orchard Park / Anna Marie Falkner West Seneca / Jan Doktor Wheatfield / John Fox Williamsville-Clarence / Barbara Baker Williamsville Village / Beth Stablewski Rochester Brighton-Pittsford / Peter Palermo Canandaigua / Sandi VanCamp Greece / Esther LaFontaine Perinton / John Denniston Webster / Jeff Pastorella Syracuse / Carthage-Watertown Camillus / Beth Losty Cazenovia / Chary Griffin Cicero / Lisa Lidell Fayetteville-DeWitt / Team Litz-Manning Liverpool / Lynn Cifonelli Manlius / Robin Tody Oneida / Jim Lenahan Carthage-Watertown / Larry Boliver Capital District Loudonville / Jaime McCarthy S. Glens Falls / Jennifer Ball Saratoga Springs / Felicia Cervera Arizona Phoenix / Tammy Hammerich

Distinguishing Ourselves (Continued from cover)

Through internally-generated data on customer behavior that analyzes advertising and other responses to marketing efforts; Through data on the effectiveness of marketing in terms of what properties are being shown and why, by analyzing data generated by ProShow; And through the most effective public display and distribution of the most complete and authoritative real estate industry data and interpretation of that data. There is another important source of datathose of you active in the market each and every day. As many of you know, I have been visiting our branches (over 20 in the last few months) and meeting on a monthly basis with representatives of each branch (our Senior Advisors) seeking your input on market conditions, customer behavior, our internal business processes, best practices among our most successful branches and teams, and anything else you deem to be important. This process has been enlighteningand invigorating for me. Among my findings so far: Some of our regions still are experiencing price depreciation, mostly in the high-end; Newer homes and those in better condition (even staged) are far more likely to sell quickly; Although most of our regions (Arizona excepted) never experienced significant price declines, ALL have been psychologically affected by the constant barrage of negative media attention to the housing market; Deals are tough to make and sometimes even tougher to keep together; Our better performing branches are characterized by agents using the office, attending branch meetings and even going on tour (caravan), building collegiality and social ties. Again, this is not an exhaustive list and I still have a bunch more branches to visit (and then start over again), but this process has been extremely helpful as we plan for our future together and our mutual professional needs. In addition to these findings, much has been revealed to me in terms of how you see many aspects of our business operations, marketing, even our physical surroundings. EVERYONE is invited to continue this process with me. Please offer your input to your Agent Advisors, our other executives as they visit your branches, directly to your Broker Consultant, and/or to me personally. We want this company to always be THE place to be in the industry which can only happen with your involvement. In the meantime, please take advantage of the best combination of market conditions I have ever seen and the favorable weather, distinguish yourselves among all competitors, and make this Spring Market your best ever!

HUNT Real Estate ERA Reaches Platinum Level Again!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that HUNT Real Estate ERA has once again been named a Platinum level firm by the Cartus Broker Network! Platinum is the highest of the Excellence Award recognition levels presented to qualifying principal brokers. Only 17 percent of the Networks principal brokers received Excellence Award recognition for 2012. Platinum level recognition is based on performance results related to a wide variety of goals including customer service, cost management, and accuracy on the Broker Market Analysis. Congratulations to us!

Once again ... we are so glad Network Title is available to save a deal!
The ability to have ultra short title exams done in super super quick fashion has again enabled a deal that otherwise would not have been possible. We need to close in 2 weeks for an unexpected cash buyer on a sale and Network has again delivered in a few dayswhen other Title Companies would have taken way way longer to do. HUNT agents that just let the attorney pick a title company other than Network may be OK in general when the need is minimal ... but Network always the best price & superb service is absolutely the only 100% dependable choice in a time crunch. If the seller's lawyer had picked another company ... forget about it ... deal would not have happened! Feel free to pass this on to our fellow HUNT agents, who may not fully realize what an extraordinary advantage exists for them when using our own Network Title. This is the 3rd deal you have made possible when others title companies just could not or would notdeliver. Thanks again Michelle,

David & Diana Nathan

Licensed Associate Real Estate Brokers

Orchard Park Office

Managing Exceptions
A message from Jack Manley, Chief Operating Officer This being my first written correspondence to the entire company, I want to thank Peter for the opportunity to be part of this great company, and all of you who have been so open minded and helpful with our change initiatives thus far. I value your trust, understand change is oftentimes uncomfortable, and look forward to managing exceptions together. Personally, I will consider my efforts as Chief Operating Officer at HUNT a success when my efforts are focused entirely on strategic issues in pursuit of our Mission, particularly our commitment to provide "the highest quality of service available in the markets we serve". To do this we will improve every aspect of this company and provide the best working environment for our employees and agents. Day by day, we will then be effectively managing exceptions, as opposed to jumping from crisis to crisis. Most issues which may then arise will often simply resolve themselves. By establishing efficient policies, procedures and practices, all of our efforts become easier, and our victories become more numerous and collectively much greater. During my first four months at HUNT, we have begun a number of major initiatives, all of which are well on their way to success. Among these initiatives is the establishment of a finance and accounting group committed to excellence. If you visit our Administration you will see some new faces among our veteran group who together are in the final stages of a full accounting systems conversion which will become the essential backbone our group needs to provide a platform for the efficient, consistent delivery of accurate, timely reporting and analysis. Once the conversion is completed, our finance group will be managing exceptions. Another major initiative is the restructuring of the technological backbone of the company. In addition to our own IT group led by VP and CTO Carlos Pegado, we have contracted with an exceptional group of professionals ("EMCS") to assist in all Regions with our entire system of connectivity, including our phone system, our hardware and software. We have established a long-term plan consistent with our technology Vision and are now in the process of implementing the details of that plan. In time, we will see significant benefits in the context of a more efficient system, thus allowing each of us the ability to more easily manage exceptions. Over the next several months, I will be updating you on these and other initiatives now or soon to be underway. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you as we together build an operating system that will be the envy of the industry.

News Around Our Regions Buffalo

There have been some exciting new leadership moves in the Buffalo region! Congratulations to: John Rummel has been appointed Broker Consultant for the Hamburg Branch. John has been in leadership with our firm for over 15 years, and has successfully held several different positions in both the Rochester and Buffalo Niagara Regions. John will remain Broker Consultant for the Met Branch. John Schmelzinger will assume the Broker Consultant role in KenTon, while continuing to lead our Niagara County Branches as well. To support the company's growth initiatives, Patrick Stanchak is broadening his responsibilities as Business Development Manager to cover KenTon, WilliamsvilleClarence as well as Niagara County.

Charles F. Hunt, Director of Corporate Relations, has recently taken on the role of General Manager for our Columbus Division. Our company was founded on the belief that superior customer service, innovative tools and the best trained agents in the business are what savvy buyers and sellers are looking for, and having lasted 101 years so far proves that we were right. Rochester in particular is an area of growth opportunity for us, and I am looking forward helping build this region even further while ensuring that our leadership team, staff and agents have everything they need to serve this important marketplace better than any company in the area. - Charlie Hunt

United Way Success: With the help of the Buffalo Regions hard working and dedicated Broker Consultants, Agents and Staff, we were able to raise over $35,000 for this important cause! Thank you to all who got involved you emulate our companys mission of always giving back to the communities we serve! Thank you to agents and staff from the following departments for your contributions! Head Office: Administration, Accounting, Relocation, Customer Support Center, Marketing and IT HUNT Mortgage & HUNT Commercial Offices: Orchard Park, Williamsville Village, Hamburg, Williamsville-Clarence, KenTon, The Met, Lancaster, and Amherst

News Around Our Regions (Continued) Syracuse

Congratulations to Domenick Losurdo, the Camillus offices Rookie of the Year 2011, for being selected to appear in an upcoming episode of HGTV's "House Hunters. Be sure to keep an eye out for the specific episode details so we can all watch our real estate star in action! Congratulations and best wishes to Cicero Broker Consultant Cheri Horan on her recent wedding to Gregory Scicchitano (one of our valued Realty Club Attorneys). The Syracuse region is buzzing with activity in all areas at the start of 2012! Our hardworking agents have taken 346 new listings (1st Quarter, FY 11/12) Weve sold (under contract) 390 of our listings so far this year (1st Quarter, FY 11/12) Fiscal YTD per agent productivity = 3.3 Fiscal YTD Average commission (one side) = 3.4% Fiscal YTD Market share = 27.4% (Onandaga and Madison Cty)

Business Leaders Meeting

Randall Standard, CEO of VoicePad, will be the guest presenter at the Business Leaders Meeting! VoicePad provides the real estate industry's only integrated mobile solution that generates leads using all three mobile technologies-Call Capture, Text and Mobile Web. In the past year, VoicePad generated and delivered over two-and-ahalf million qualified leads from motivated buyers, instantly connecting them to a real estate professional. Are you getting your share of mobile leads? Attend this session and find out how to make the most of this leading-edge mobile technology! Tuesday, March 20 Buffalo/Niagara Region Millenium Hotel 2040 Walden Avenue Cheektowaga, New York 14225 8:30am Coffee | 9am Meeting Tuesday, March 20 Rochester Region Eagle Vale Golf Club 4344 Nine Mile Point Road Fairport, New York 14450 1:00pm Coffee | 1:30pm Meeting Wednesday, March 21 Syracuse Region Craftsman Inn 7300 East Genesee Street Fayetteville, New York 13066 9:30am Coffee | 10:00am Meeting

Capital District
The greater Glens Falls region is off to a stellar start for 2012, with lots of office activity. In a comparison between 2010 and 2011, there were key indicators that change was in the air. At first glance, 2011 did not fare well against 2010 as we actually saw fewer sales and a modest5% increase in sale price as well as median price. The real indicators of change were the drop in active listings and our absorption rate dropping from 19 months to 12, making it a somewhat weaker buyers market. This resulted in a surge of realism finally reaching the listed sellers, enabling them to either lower their price or get out of the market! January 2012 statistics in our region show a 28% increase in inventory and a 50% increase in sales so far. Our agents can feel the momentum! Our own Jen Ball, our leading performer in the Glens Falls office, has doubled her volume this year as well as doubling her transactions. She has been leading the way with a great winning attitude and sets the benchmark for the office. In other Capital news, Joe Woutersz, Broker Consultant for the S. Glans Falls office, was recently appointed President of the Warren County MLS. In this position, Joe will be assisting the Warren County Board in examining current policy and coordinating improvements within the MLS with the goal of assisting the board's agents with technological advancements. Other duties will be guiding the board and its 600 members through the maze of internet issues facing all real estate brokerages today. Congratulations Joe! This just in Forbes' annual list of Best Cities for Jobs ranked the Albany-Schenectady area fourth on the list of 100 top metropolitan areas!

Meet the Team!

Meet the newest members of HUNT Corporate: Jack Manley, Carley Mealey, Jillian Suttell and Brian Muller! Jack Manley joined us on November 1, 2011 as the Chief Operating Officer for HUNT Real Estate Corp. and its related companies. In conjunction with Peter Hunt, Jack is responsible for overall corporate planning and strategies and the day-to-day operations of the HUNT companies. He is also a founder and the President of Turning Point Capital Inc. Jack has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry and was the founder and President of U.S. Appraisal, Inc. (USA), a real estate valuation company, so he is certainly well versed in our industry! Jack is a certified public accountant (CPA) and received his bachelors degree in accounting from Niagara University. Carley Mealey joined HUNT as Corporate Controller on December 12, 2011. She is responsible for all accounting, cash management, employee benefits and human resource functions. In addition, she also manages HUNTs Customer Service Center (CSC). Carley has over 15 years of experience in various financial capacities including public accounting and forensic accounting, and has performed many business valuations. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with licenses in NY and Virginia and she is also a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). Carley is a graduate of Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. Jillian Suttell joined HUNT as a Senior Accountant on February 9, 2012. She will be assisting with general accounting responsibilities and will oversee some of HUNTs subsidiary accounting functions. Prior to joining HUNT, Jillian gained extensive financial and accounting experience at HSBC Mortgage and Citigroup. She graduated magna cum laude with a Masters degree of Business Administration from Medaille College. Brian Muller joined HUNT as Closing Coordinator on December 27, 2011. He is responsible for data entry related to closings, settlements, and escrow. Brian was previously a construction consultant for companies based in New York State

Welcome to HUNT!

We would like to welcome the following agents from across the company: Wendy Naylon from Amherst, Virginia Fiero from Brighton-Pittsford, Kathleen Brotz from Lancaster, Nick Banta and Susan McNamara from Liverpool, Annie Yensan from Lockport, Amanda Hernandez, Patrick Ireland and Jamal Jamali from Tempe, Nancy Reynolds and Andrew Cieslilca from West Seneca, Jason Doxbeck from Wheatfield, and Bradley Marshall from Williamsville Village.

The Changing Face of Consumers (Continued)

The point of sale used to be the kitchen table. Buyers would leaf through print ads, eliminate the homes that didnt interest them and then call or visit the office that had the listings they wanted to see. Then, the point of sale moved online. Buyers would surf websites, eliminate homes and e-mail the listing agent when they wanted more information or a chance to see the home. The new Mobile buyer has changed the point of sale yet again! It has moved to the curb. A large percentage of the buyers that are driving through neighborhoods want to see more information on the homes that interest them right then in front of the property. And for them, a brochure box flyer is not enough. The HUNT HOME HOTLINE puts you at the curb with the consumer, to turn an anonymous looker into an interested buyer! It will allow them to get the information they want in the method they prefer, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It places you at the curb with them, while they are interested in the home, and allows them to contact you in the manner they are comfortable with. They can call, text, search or connect directly with you (during business hours of course), the listing agent. You will know the moment someone shows interest in your listing from anywhere - even in front of the house! So, are you ready for more leads? Are you ready to meet your buyers at the new point of sale? Be at the Business Leaders Meeting in your area March 20 or 21st and well make it happen for you!

We would also like to welcome Todd Aichinger to HUNT. Todd will be working out of the East Aurora Branch. Todd was previously with Coldwell Banker for about 3 years. Welcome to the team Todd! HUNT would also like to welcome Ben Gernatt to the Hamburg Office. Ben works for both sellers and buyers and specializes in single family homes, multi-family, commercial, and vacant land as well. He trained at Cusack Center for Professional Development and received his real estate license in 2008. Please give Ben Gernatt a warm welcome!

Always Accepting Applications

A message from Linda Mallia, President of HUNT Mortgage This can make you wonder why anyone would put up with going almost two months without even getting a phone call returned, when they can visit another lender and close on their mortgage in that same amount of time. HUNT Mortgage is always welcoming new customers, whether they are looking to refinance or purchase a new home. Our staff is ready and available to give the highest standard of service possible to all of our customers. Mortgages are all we do, meaning our processors and underwriters are focused on nothing other than guiding the customer through the process and closing the loan. While your customer waits to hear back from one of the larger lenders, have them talk to us. We promise we can do a whole lot more in 60 days than return a phone call. Remember, were not one of the big guys, were one of the good guys!

Featured Realty Club Vendors

DCR Properties Inc.
DCR Property Management PO Box 228 West Seneca, NY 14224

Dominic C. Russo Cell: 716.444.8643 Fax: 716.656.2223 Email:

It is hard to believe that any company would be in a position to turn away business, but apparently this is happening in the mortgage industry. Recently an article was published by American Banker, stating that Bank of America is telling some customers it could take up to 60 days to get their initial phone call returned. This is due to the high volume of calls they are receiving from customers who are interested in the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). As we all know, a lot can happen in 60 days with regards to interest rates.

3892 Transit Rd Orchard Park, NY 14127 716-440-0890

NYS License 16000010323

90 Pearce Ave. Tonawanda, New York 14150 Phone: (716) 505-1140

Congratulations ERA Leader's Circle honorees for your 2011 production!

Congratulations to the following honorees who will be recognized at the 2012 ERA IBC in March! Top producers are recognized in the following categories: Total Units Closed (65+) Total AGC ($200,000+) Top 10 Total Commercial/Non-Residential Units Closed (20+) Top 10 Total Commercial/Non-Residential AGC ($150,000+) Top 3 Closings with the ERA Home Protection Plan (with a minimum of 30 home warranties funded) Recognition Includes: Induction into the ERA Leaders' Circle ERA Leadership Team Award Leaders' Circle Promotional Kit Leaders' Circle Lapel Pin (a diamond is added for each additional year of membership on the Leadership Team) Special VIP Treatment at the International Business Conference Congratulations to everyone who made the list!

Good & Fair Carting & Moving Co.

300 Woodward Avenue Kenmore, New York 14217 Phone: 716.876.6067 Fax: 716.876.3385

Barbara Baker - Williamsville-Clarence Michael Burke - Williamsville-Clarence Bonnie Clement - Williamsville Village Sarah Collins - Liverpool The Crocker Team - Camillus Meghan Dabulweicz - Dewitt John Denniston - Perinton Sharon Frisicaro - Williamsville-Clarence Steve Frisicaro - Williamsville-Clarence Elizabeth Gaulin - Manlius James Hoffman - Williamsville-Clarence Amy Mayfield - Williamsville-Clarence Jean Nicholas - Liverpool Autumn Starr - Liverpool Joseph Trifilo - Williamsville Village Sandi Van Camp - Canandaigua

Mike Pastore NYS License 16000006173 (716) 825-4614

1661 Schoelkopf Road | Hamburg, NY 14085

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