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About UC We hire User Centric because of their results, but more importantly they care as much about the product as we do.
Fortune 100 client
User Centric is a global user experience research and design consulting firm that has focused on improving the user experience since 1999. We apply our knowledge and experience to create solutions that address your immediate needs. As each client need is unique, we tailor our approach to ensure that goals, budget, and timelines are met. We often combine multiple services to better evaluate products. No matter where you are in the design stage, we work with you to determine the research method and tools best suited for your project. If design is needed, our extensive experience with mobile, web and application design coupled with research-driven principles, business best practices, and aesthetic creativity make us the ideal firm to create powerful, intuitive, and memorable products.

In the last 12 years... 22,500 1,200

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OUr servICes InClUde:

design projects

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User-Centered design
Increase the success of your product, service, or application through user-centered design. We have extensive experience designing for desktop, web, and mobile applications. User needs and workflow analysis, wireframing, icon design, prototyping, and interaction design are our key design strengths. Identify usability issues with products and interfaces through analysis of user behavior. Users are observed using your products in a controlled lab setting. Gain insights into the strengths and potential improvement areas for your products with an expert evaluation. Capture users gaze activity and understand their thought processes as they interact with your product or application. Break down the barriers of a lab environment by going on-site and shadowing users as they go about their daily tasks. Assess users responses and feedback from their own computers. Rely on one point of contact as user testing is conducted seamlessly around the world with strategically placed global partners of our international alliance.

User Centric consultants

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Fortune 500 clients

Usability Testing

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times on Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List (2007-present)

point of contact for global user research and design

User Centric consultants have both the educational background and practical experience to yield client satisfaction. While all hold advanced degrees, it is the continued enthusiasm for the field of usability that provides a fresh approach to each project.

exPerTIse by IndUsTry/AreA
AUTO / vehICles GPS device UI In-vehicle navigation and entertainment Marketing websites Automotive e-commerce sites COnsUMer eleCTrOnICs E-commerce websites Tablets Hand-held GPS devices Garage door openers IPTV Product packaging FInAnCIAl & InsUrAnCe Informational websites Retirement services Banking applications Reference materials for consumer electronics Competitive benchmarking GOvernMenT Websites for the general public Websites for domain experts MedIA & PUblICATIOns Media and information websites, web pages and wireframes Information architecture for media and information websites Traditional & digital news agencies Internal agency applications TeleCOM / COMMUnICATIOns Mobile devices MedICAl Electronic Health Records (EHR) Personal Health Records (PHR) Medical and pharmaceutical devices and applications TrAvel Airline websites E-commerce travel sites Informational travel sites Patient reference materials Professional reference materials Drug dispensing devices Patient-oriented and physician-oriented websites Medication labeling and packaging Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Bluetooth technologies Call center software Cable/satellite television provider information Various websites, wireframes & paper prototypes Video help and assistance for mobile devices Paper bill and statements Support and e-service websites reTAIl E-commerce Point of service Registers enTerPrIse resOUrCe PlAnnInG Human Resources Financial Systems Customer relationship management Supply chain management

We are happy to provide references and/or industry specific experience information upon request.

Testing Facilities

User Centrics facilities have flexibility unmatched by our competitors. Our test rooms and technology can be configured for usability testing, eye tracking, focus groups, or hybrid focus group/user research.

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User Centrics facilities were built and designed for user testing: our downtown Chicago facility is the largest dedicated usability testing studio among North American consulting firms.

OUr rOOMs Are desIGned TO FACIlITATe COMFOrTAble InTerACTIOn WITh Any TyPe OF devICe Or servICe. 1. ChICAGO
Observation room, User Centric, Us

2. OAkbrOOk TerrACe

Client ante room, User Centric, Us

Although we have access to over 400 testing facilities worldwide, we also manage state-of-theart facilities in two Chicago area locations. Opened August 1, 2011, our Chicago studio, with 6,000 sq. ft., boasts 6 test labs with 4 large observation rooms. These rooms also function as focus group areas. Custom-built for usability research, our labs enable on-site observation as well as live video streaming across the globe.

Oakbrook Terrace, IL, home of our corporate office, is a 9,000 sq. ft. facility with a user research wing that provides four test rooms with two large observation rooms that also can be used for group testing. Located in Chicagos west suburbs, our location is easily accessible from OHare airport as well a convenient, central point in Chicagoland for participants.

Our facilities offer the latest in high-quality eye tracking and testing equipment that supports customized configurations, is non-intrusive for participants, and features digital recording capability. We offer digital projection to observation rooms, full digital recording of all test sessions, specialized cameras for testing of handheld devices, paper documents, and physical products, real-time translation of test sessions and streaming of translated audio to the observation room.

3. ATlAnTA

4. GlObAl FACIlITIes

Observation room, serco, Uk

Observation room, Jackson Assoc., Atlanta, Us

Our relationship with Jackson Associates in Atlanta, Georgia ensures clients needing to test in the Southeast have preferred pricing on three trendy, sophisticated studios that boast the latest in technology. Intimate and warm, this sophisticated space is just twelve miles from the Atlanta airport.

User Centric can meet any multi-country project challenge with confidence as we have over 50 international test rooms within the UXalliance (our global network). The UXalliance offers professional simultaneous interpretation during sessions as well as local cultural knowledge. User Centric consultants have tested in these facilities many times and can stand behind their consistent high quality of service and results.

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With constant requests for testing iPhone and iPad applications and simulators, we decided to take our years of experience with mobile device testing and create a comprehensive lab setup that would provide clients with unsurpassed capability, capture every interaction, reflect the onthe-go nature of the devices and can be set up anywhere world wide. (

senior Consultants
User Centric consultants have advanced degrees in behavioral sciences, human factors, and human-computer interaction. We are a dynamic organization with a team approach to projects and all senior staff members (including directors) are heavily involved in project details. Gavin lew, MA, Managing director
Prior to founding User Centric in 1999, Gavin had over 20 years of experience in corporate and academic environments, leading usability and design teams responsible for customer satisfaction of mobile devices, software interfaces, voice messaging systems, and web applications. As a former president of an Internet start-up, Principal at a Web development company, member of Ameritechs human factors group, and Director at Human Factors International, Gavin brings the variety of experience necessary to meet clients needs and build teams unique to each project. He is an adjunct faculty member at the DePaul University and a frequent presenter at conferences. He is also the lead inventor of several patents. Gavin has an MA in Experimental Psychology from Loyola University.

robert schumacher, Phd, Managing director

Bob has more than 25 years of experience applying usability within corporate and academic environments. He has extensive management-level experience and has worked in telecommunications and travel-related companies. Bob has written standards for graphical user interfaces, invented a patent for a browser (with several more pending) and published dozens of technical and industry articles. He lectures frequently on user interface design. Bob has particular expertise in developing metrics for user performance and applying these metrics to financial models and business cases. He holds a PhD in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

shailesh Manga, director

Shailesh has a diverse background that allows him to offer a wide range of skills. Before arriving in the US in 2011, Shailesh was a Director of the largest User Experience consultancy in New Zealand. Most of his time was spent interacting with clients from a wide range of industries and helping them transform their organizations to deliver world-class customer experiences. Shailesh enjoys being creative with methodologies, and taking on the challenge of multi-channel customer experiences. Having a commercial focus, Shailesh welcomes the challenge of coming up with pragmatic approaches that drive tangible business benefits for clients. Shailesh holds a Bachelor of Technology (Optoelectronics) First Class Honors.

rick Omanson, Phd, director

Rick has both an academic and industry background. He has over 25 years of experience in industry, over five years of experience in consulting, and five years as a research fellow at the University of Pittsburgh. He holds several patents, and has written a number of journal articles, book chapters, and conference papers on a variety of topics including human factors, instruction, artificial intelligence, and cognitive psychology. Rick is currently an adjunct faculty member of DePaul University and North Central College, where he teaches courses on human-computer interaction and developmental psychology. Rick holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Minnesota.

Aga bojko, Ms, Associate director

Since joining User Centric in 2003, Aga has been responsible for developing the eye tracking practice at the company, led numerous multinational user research projects, and conducted studies involving medical devices and packaging, mobile phones, software applications, websites, and physical work spaces. Aga has been published in books and professional journals, and presented at national and international conferences. She is an Associate Managing Editor of the User Experience Magazine and an adjunct faculty member at DePaul University, where she teaches a graduate-level class on Usability Evaluation Methods. Aga holds an MS in Human Factors from the University of Illinois and an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University.

Martin ho, MA, Associate director

Martins experience and expertise supports his passion for developing effective, efficient, and satisfying design solutions. With a strong focus on leveraging user research for information architecture and interaction design, Martin has developed successful design solutions for websites, intranets and web portals, complex web applications, and touch-screen devices, including Point-of-Sale terminals, kiosks, and handheld devices. His recent engagements have been with retail, supply chain, finance, telecom, and B2B organizations. Martin also has a strong background in research methodology, interviewing techniques, and quantitative analysis. He received his MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver and BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Virginia.

senior Consultants
korey Johnson, Ms, Associate director
Koreys Background is in research design, methodology and analysis. He has worked with clients in a variety of industries on projects related to medical packaging, mobile device UI, IVR design, and website / web application UI design. Korey has an MS in Psychology with an emphasis in Human Factors from University of Idaho and BA in Psychology from Lewis and Clark College.

Mike Murphy, Associate director

Mike enjoys intertwining the efforts of user experience, visual design, and development teams, so that each can make the most of the others. He has designed numerous Web sites and applications, and a variety of other products including small-screen applications and packaging. He enjoys any challenge to present deep, complex information in an elegant and approachable way. In the past, Mike worked with Time Warner Cables Road Runner, co-founded the design company Scout Productions, and designed a podcasting Web community. Mikes BA in Computer Science and Visual Art is from Rutgers University.

heather rakauskas, Ms, Associate director

Heather focuses on usability testing, heuristic evaluations, and user research. Her primary interest lies in the usability of handheld products with limited screen size, especially mobile and medical devices. She has led a variety of user research projects that have focused on mobile device interfaces, applications, and accessories, handheld medical devices, touch screen interfaces, websites, and interactive voice response systems. Heather has an MS in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in Human Factors from Clemson University.

Jessica buttimer, Ms, senior User experience specialist

Jess has extensive experience in synthesizing user and business needs with technology to create satisfying and effective interfaces. She has applied usability evaluation and interaction design methodology to a variety of projects, including intranet and e-commerce sites, cellular phones, and customer-relationship management applications. Jess has an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University and a BA in Organizational Behavior from Millikin University.

Piyatida buranatum haerr, Ms, senior User experience specialist

Piya has a solid background in computer science, usability testing and user research. Her main areas of interest center on mobile technology, e-learning environments and navigation systems. Piya has a MS in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University, BS in Computer Science with a Minor in Art from Northeastern Illinois University.

Melinda Mcelheny Jamil, Ms, senior User experience specialist

Melinda has experience in many areas of human factors and ergonomics including office environment design, aviation human factors, and surface transportation research. Melinda has participated in a wide range of healthcare projects at User Centric in including the shadowing of hospital staff, focus groups, medication label and device instruction booklet design, and usability testing of devices, websites, and software. Melinda has a BS with Honors in Design and Environmental Analysis with a concentration in HFE from Cornell University, MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering (HFE Program) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Jared Jeffers, MA, senior User experience specialist

Jareds background in ethnographic methods has provided him with a wide range of skills that can be applied to user experience research and he tries to incorporate culture into the analysis whenever it is applicable. Jared has been involved in studies related to digital cameras and televisions, medical devices, cell phones and other mobile devices, enterprise applications, storage management systems, and websites. Jared has a BA in Social Anthropology from University of Michigan, MA in Social Science with a focus on Anthropology from University of Chicago. The remaining User Centric team is comprised of 27 talented and experienced usability specialists. All bring advanced degrees and a variety of experience. We create teams unique to each project, matching the strengths and skills of our consultants to your needs. We offer fluency in French, German, Polish, Spanish (business fluency), and Mandarin. For a complete list of our team bios, please visit

International research
User Centric is a founding member of the User Experience Alliance (UXalliance). The UXalliance is a partnership of 24 user experience companies across the globe. A network of like-minded user experience professionals, whose purpose is to provide superior value to clients by facilitating global user testing using consistent, standardized methodologies and project management.

The global network for user experience

User Centric wrote the first book focused on international user testing, the Handbook of Global User Research. Edited by Robert Schumacher, the Handbook draws on more than 50 contributors from over 20 countries, seven from User Centric. This Handbook serves as an important marker in the development of the field of user research. Buy Now!

The UxAllIAnCe PrOvIdes OrGAnIzATIOns WITh: Global resources - A team of over 300 usability experts worldwide and 50+ dedicated usability labs experience - Unprecedented international user experience research with more than 15,000 participants interviewed during global projects in more than 30 countries standard Methodologies - Comparable results between countries through the use of standardized test and reporting methods by all UXalliance partners Consistent Quality - All partners adhere to quality guidelines developed with the client in mind One Point of Contact - Multi-country testing is made easy as there is one UXalliance partner who is responsible for the management of the entire project in all countries involved

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