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April 15-17, 2011



Sea Otter Classic SRAM Ladies Lounge Report

First Stop: SRAM Gold Rusch Tour

I felt intimidated to enter the booth with all those women in there!
Anon. Male Rider

MONTEREY, CA- The 21st annual Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA is what has be-

come a four-day Celebration of Cycling for athletes, spectators and enthusiasts. With that in mind, Rebecca Rusch created the SRAM Ladies Lounge; a place where women of varying age and cycling ability could spend time within the SRAM booth learning riding, nutrition, and training techniques from SRAM professional female athletes. EVENT GOALS: To create a festive, welcoming female focused section in the SRAM booth that would encourage interaction with the pros and teach simple bike education with SRAM products. To provide a supportive atmosphere where female riders of any age could feel comfortable to ask questions and gain insight on how to take their riding to the next level. ACTIVITIES: 1. Q & A forum lead by Rebecca Rusch, Lindsey Voreis where attendees were able to ask the female athletes questions ranging from training and equipment to why did they start riding. 2. Product giveaway in the form of free SRAM Ladies Lounge logod t-shirts, Hammer

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April 15-17, 2011 | Sea Otter Classic - SRAM Ladies Lounge Report First Stop - SRAM Gold Rusch Tour - Monterey, CA

Nutrition samples, and Beyond Coastal sunscreen. 3. Poster and t-shirt signings with female SRAM professional riders 4.Daily raffle items from SRAM, Hydrapak, Smith Optics, and Hammer Nutrition. 5.Ongoing hands-on tech tips from a female mechanic, Arleigh Jenkins ( Topics were open to anything, but focused on drive train maintenance and trailside repairs. EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: 1.Over 250 female attendees over the span of 3 days of the SRAM Ladies Lounge. 2.Strong female SRAM professional rider participation with the following athletes: Rebecca Rusch, Lindsey Voreis, Katie Holden, Heather Irmiger, Lea Davison, Krista Park, Kelli Emmett, Meredith Miller, Jennifer Wheeler, Sam Schneider, Kendall Ryan, Teal Stetson-Lee, Emily Batty, Caroline Mani. 3.The Salinas High girls mountain bike team receiving parental permission to get out of school on Thursday afternoon to attend Ladies Lounge. 4.Approximately 25 Little Bellas in attendance Saturday afternoon after watching and cheering at the Womens Pro XCT. They were able to see the winning racers and ask questions. 5.Social media hits and interactions on Twitter, Facebook and web. MEDIA LINKS San Francisco Examiner

L ESSONS LEARNED Women want to ask questions and appreciate a conversational, personal approach. The vibe must be casual and non-intimidating. The most prevalent questions for the athletes focused on nutrition, training and overcoming fears while riding. The most prevalent tech questions revolved around simple drive train maintenance and shifting adjustment, suspension set up and 2x10 benefits. ( contd )

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April 15-17, 2011 | Sea Otter Classic - SRAM Ladies Lounge Report First Stop - SRAM Gold Rusch Tour - Monterey, CA

Women want to learn the simple mechanic skills to care for their bikes and do trailside repairs, but they are generally intimidated to ask at a shop or stand in line at the SRAM tech tent at Sea Otter. A less formal, more relaxed, hands on approach is appealing to them. SUMMARY This first stop in the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour was extremely well received by SRAM pros as well as SRAM staff, media, other vendors and attending riders. There was overwhelming support from the public and attendance was high each day. The Ladies Lounge loudly communicated the message that SRAM is supportive of their female athletes and welcoming to riders of all abilities. This was a giant positive step toward creating a dedicated marketing campaign focused on educating and empowering women to take control of their ride.

NEXT STOP Beti Bike Bash Lakewood, Colorado June 11-12

Rusch Relations PO Box 7241 Ketchum, ID 83340 |

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