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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. - The First Amendment to the United States Constitution

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The climate is, well, arrogant

he Wall Street Journal printed a lengthy commentary on Jan. 27 that asked readers not to panic about global warming. It was signed by 16 scientists of various disciplines including meteorology, atmospheric sciences, and related climate research. The background of this, of course, is the multi-year struggle between those who insist climate change (warming, anyway) is caused by mankind and is a major problem, and those who say the doomsayers are mixing global politics into their global warmBy William H. Wild ing calculations.Y may reou member Al Gore whose errorfilled book on global warming established that the Nobel Times Prize awards have more to do Columnist with politics than science. The Jan. 27 commentary brought forth a letter published Feb. 1 from Kevin Trenberth listed as distinguished senior scientist in the Climate Analysis Section, National Center for Atmospheric Research, La Jolla, California.Y get the idea ou he was steamed by some of the opening sentences: ou Y [The Wall Street Journal] published No Need to Panic About Global Warmingon climate change by the climate-science equivalent of dentists practicing cardiology adding haughtily that most of these authors have no expertise in climate science. If that wasnt a good enough put-down there was this one: And it is instructive to recall that a few scientists continued to state that smoking did not cause cancer, long after that was settled science. Y could hardly ask for a better example of an entrenched bureauou crat defending his turf and the comfortable life that it represents. Trenberth goes on to claim that 97% of scientists actively publishing in the field agree that climate change is real and human caused. It is more than a little interesting that he does not mention the scandal caused by the release of e-mails between climate scientists in Europe and the U.S. showing how data was quite unscientifically fudged and grievous errors covered up. It turned out that the United Nations report on climate change wasnt worth (scientifically) the paper it was printed on. All this Trenberth ignores as well as the earlier articles account of what happened to a scientist who dared publish a politically incorrect, but factual, article questioning the international warming establishments views. Disagreement is expected in scientific research, but not revenge. Any fair-minded observer reading articles on both sides of the issue (and many in the middle!) can only conclude there is so much we dont know about our climate and its history that no one can claim (as Al Gore does) that warming is settled science. Long before anyone was around driving SUVs belching carbon dioxide, much of Ohio was under half a mile of ice. Somehow it melted. Now are we supposed to believe that we have to abandon our biggest electric generation plants and much of our industrial system as one of the worlds most developed economies? The Environmental Protection Agency is even now on that course for Ohio and its neighbors. Thats why this debate matters to our everyday lives. We need also to be concerned about how vast infusions of government and private money into climate research can distort and perhaps even corrupt pure science. And we can do without the kind of Ruling Class arrogance exhibited by Kevin Trenberth who needs to get his nose back in joint so he can get it into real science for a change. *** William Wild retired from Cox Publishing and a 40-year journalism career in 1990. He has followed the climate debate ever since the scientific consensus was global cooling, not warming.


Texting C I like it
he art of texting is really unique. Dont ever text while youre driving, walking or doing anything mobile. There are two main categories of texters. You have the creative writer texter thats fun to read, humorous, use of great adjectives, verbs, nouns and words in general. I like this type. Then you have the exact opposite. Those that answer with one word. I know several people that dont speak one word of Spanish but because Si means yes in Spanish and you can use C to mean the same thing thats what you get. I text, Hey Bob R U going to the game tonight? His response, C. Thats it. Then theres my favorite answer to this question: I will bring the money for the tickets tomorrow. Response: K. Not OK that takes touching the O key too and that would mean wear and tear on the keyboard plus an extra second of valuable time. Other abbreviations used frequently are: R (are) U (you) LOL (laughing out loud) B (be, bee) C (see, sea) Y (why, Coffman Family) and Z (sleep). Then theres a bunch of acronyms for words we wont mention here. For quick answers texting is great. Honey did I

By Don Wright

Times Columnist
leave my checkbook at home on my desk? She responds, C. If I had called her I might have got involved in a 20 minute conversation about what shes making for the Sunday Valentines party, what should she wear, can you stop later and pick up some cheese, ham slices, DLM bread anddo you like my hair or should I get it colored before the partyand one of the kids called and wants to know Back five years ago I was sitting in a room with six guys I knew for a televised marketing 3 hour conference. We all had each others cell phone numbers. The event started and went from boring to dead in less than 3 minutes. All of a sudden my phones vibrating, a text message reads This sucks, were not going to get anything out of this boring, stupid presentation, how do we get out of here? Im AADD, I wont make it 3 hours. It went to all of us in the room, answers came flying in from all corners. I

Our Midwest neighbor is now Right to Work

oming off the heels of the recent defeat of Senate Bill 5 in Ohio, the state of Indiana is now a right to work state after the recent passage last week of the law. The move made Indiana the first Midwest state to be a right to work and the 23rd in the nation. Right to work prohibits contracts requiring all workers to pay mandatory union dues and bars unions from imposing mandatory fees on members. So what specifically is right to work? Basically, the concept was created under Section By Rob Scott 14(b) of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) that allows a state to enact a law proTimes hibiting union security clauses in union contracts. The security Columnist clause requires all workers who receive benefits of a collective bargaining agreement to share the costs of the administration of that agreement, allows for unions to charge fees for membership, and in most contracts requires mandatory membership. Why is it significant that Indiana is a right to work state? Whether you agree or not with the right to work concept, Indiana has sent a very strong signal to Ohio businesses and other businesses in surrounding states that Indiana is becoming more business friendly. Right to work states are viewed by the business community as better to do business in from a practical standpoint and typically have better tax and regulatory structure. Case in point is a March 3, 2008 article by the Wall Street Journal comparing the state of Texas and Ohio. The conclusion was while Ohio lost 10,400 jobs, Texas gained 1.6 million jobs. The piece proposed several reasons such as Texas economic expansion under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), having no state income tax, and right to work. Indiana as a right to work state will have a major impact on the Miami Valley in the coming years if Ohio does not respond with significant reforms. A large portion of the Ohio-Indiana border is in the Miami Valley. Companies located in and around the Miami Valley that operate with unions or the perspective of having unions may consider relocating to cities close to the border such as Richmond, Indiana. Ohios state and regional leaders need to respond in order to prevent the possible purge of jobs to Indiana. The main question is how and with what do they respond with? Be sure to read next weeks column.

looked around and was totally amazed that everyone was texting and no one was watching the presentation. I should have kept their messages they would have made for a great book on how to have fun, laugh and enjoy life while stuck in a boring presentation. Texting today sure beats passing notes across or under the table like when I was young. The ground hog that comes out once a year on February 2nd, looks to see if he has a shadow, then disappears just doesnt cut it anymore. Were in the age of Super Bowls and multi billion dollar bank failures. (Didnt the Romans do this too?) I think we need to build a bear cave with a large fenced in parking area and grand stands. The bear comes out at 10:45 a.m. the crowd chants and cheers, the bear looks to the north, east, south and west hoping to catch her shadow. If she catches it she stops, the crowd goes crazy, a local pizza vendor (sponsor) invites everyone down to the holding area for free pizza and soft drinks. Music plays, the bear dances, nobody goes back to work. Its a celebration that lasts until dark. We could have the bear arrive in a hot bear balloon, on a Harley, in the back of a huge pickup. Top pop

groups, The Blackeyed Peas, Adele, Lady Gaga, and others take the stage, fans go crazy, the bear dances and eats pizza non stop. And Springboro becomes the greatest place in the world for determining whether were going to have 6 more weeks of winter or if its time to get Spring started immediately. The Springboro Black Bear is ready to sign contracts and do promotional tours and Im ready for a couple slices of pizza. I cant say the following enough. Always wear youre seat belt when youre driving or riding in a vehicle. Every year thousands of people die because they werent wearing a seat belt. Todays automobiles are much safer then they were 25 years ago which means your chances of surviving an accident are much greater are wearing a seat belt. Between Thanksgiving and New Years we lost several people in Warren county that would be alive today if they had been wearing their seat belts. It only take a few seconds to buckle up. Young or old, front seat, back seat, morning, afternoon, evening, lots of traffic, no traffic, wear your seatbelt. They save lives.

How about Super Saturday next year?

ll 46 of the Super Bowls have been played on Sunday. All (that I can recall) have been early evening kickoff times. And I just dont get it! Back in the day (no not Jurassic Park days) when Kathy and I could burn the candle at both ends, stay up late, didnt have to hire a babysitter, could sample a few brews and still make it to work on time Monday morning it was no problem. But as we baby boomers advance in years, Sunday night parties just dont cut it! I know, advertisers dont want to spend 3 million bucks on a thirty second commercial thats only seen by some rowdy drunks at a bar or house party who can call every play better than the head coach or quarterback. But in this Internet age, there are multiple sites where the big budget commercial productions can be seen over and over again on demand. And most folks who missed them during the game will check them out on line. One of the biggest sponsors, if not THE biggest, is breweries. Do you think more folks watching the commercials will pop just one more on a Sunday night at home or on a Saturday night at a Super Bowl party? When you multiply the pop top tabs flying off the beer by mil-

By Mike Scinto


Times Columnist
lions that translates into huge sales. I heard it said that Sunday night is more amenable to families sitting down and watching the game. And that may very well be true until Mom sees the first commercial, then its off to bed for Junior. Actually Junior doesnt go to bed though. He gets on his laptop and goes to the site to check out the rest of the story. I think they should just try a Saturday night. I know the television ratings numbers are lower on Saturday night but, with as many people as tune in the Super Bowl, that could be just the shot in the arm the network carrying the big game needs! While Super Bowl XLVI was a great game, it was certainly regional in nature and I cant think of two teams Id care less about cheering for. Well Maybe the Browns and the Cowboys, but what are the chances of THAT actually happening? The only real fun I had in watching the

game last night was seeing Chad Ocho Turncoat and his big ego hugging the Patriot bench. Although with a couple of more beers, and the attendees at a party to entertain, that might have even been a bit more fun. I suppose theres always Super Bowl XLVII to look forward to and the Bengals third trip to the big game! Anybody want to buy some great swamp land in Florida?

*** Mike Scinto is a 35 year veteran talk show host serving locally, statewide and nationally behind the microphone. For the past dozen years he has authored this award-winning column.You may have also seen him offering his unique insights of Fox News Channel. Friend Mike at or visit

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