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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. - The First Amendment to the United States Constitution

Times Columnist

Father/daughter dance a success

By Mike Scinto


s I sat down to write this column, just in the few minutes it took to power up my laptop, open the software program and begin typing, I heard three alarmingly hateful TV commercials in the family room adjacent to my home office. I had to go turn off the TV Those ads were . expensive and have been running for weeks now. They were attack ads with one Republican, or conservative Super Pac, attacking other Republicans. The only one not participating in the vitriol on either the giving or receiving end is Ron Paul; and Im sure thats either because he doesnt have the money, Super Pac support or realizes he has no chance of winning anything. Because of printing, and deadline reasons, this column is actually being penned hours before this weeks selection process in Ohio and the rest of the Super Tuesday states. The outcome truly doesnt matter though. As I have been warning for months now, the GOP has drifted so far apart as a result of the different, and determined factions within its ranks, that Im sad to say my once positive hope I had for a Republican, any Republican moving into the White House next January has all but faded. As Ive mentioned several times before in this campaign, my first Republican presidential vote was cast for Richard M. Nixon in 1972 and hasnt wavered from the Grand Old Party since. Four short years later, in the Ford/Carter contest I not only voted but began over three decades of active coverage of presidential campaigns, for a short time as a journalist, then as a talk show host. I have NEVER seen this party as divided, as hate-filled or as stubbornly unwilling to compromise as this year. Oh wait, thats right! Compromise is now a terrible political term in the eyes of some in the fold. There are those who tell me this happens every campaign. Just look at Hillary and Barack, they suggest. And I tell them this is more like the infamous comparison of apples to oranges. This one is for keeps. I believe it may have caused an irreparable split(s) in the party in this crucial year that could cost some Congressional seats as well, not to mention allowing a President who is openly socialistic to remain in office and change our nation, as was his plan from the beginning. I dont know what to suggest at this point. I thought conservatives had the mindset of Anybody BUT Obama but that somehow morphed in the translation to Anybody BUT My Primary Opponent. Weve given Obama a bit of a breather. Hes remained out of the headlines, collecting sound bites from GOP speeches to use against us and rounding up big bucks for the battle this fall. The economy is turning around. Housing is coming back. We may start pulling out of Afghanistan a bit sooner I predict. Unemployment numbers are coming down. And Republicans are pulverizing each other. Could it get any better for the community organizer from Chicago? I hope we can salvage this. I never say never. This roller coaster ride from here until November will change the course of American history drastically. I just hope that change will be a real change we can believe in! Mike Scinto is a 35 year veteran talk show host serving locally, statewide and nationally behind the microphone. For the past dozen years he has authored this award-winning column. You may have also seen him offering his unique insights of Fox News Channel. Friend Mike at or visit

The partys great divide A

ast Saturday night 131 attendees had an awesome time at South West Churchs first annual Father/Daughter Dance. It was open to all ages and dads were not required to take dancing lessons ahead of time to keep up with their daughters. The oldest dad with daughter was 75, and the youngest daughter with dad was just two weeks old. Daughters and dads enjoyed great appetizers and refreshments, had their pictures taken by a professional photographer which they received with a beautiful frame at the end of the evening and had the time of their lives dancing the night away. Slow dancing to I Loved Her First by Heartland, Daughters by John Mayer, My Little Girl by Tim McGraw and then kicking their heels up to YMCA, the Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, Party Rock Anthem, Moves Like Jagger, the Chicken Dance and many more. There was the Father/Daughter game for under 12 and a second round for 12 to 17 to see how much daughter knew about dad and dad knew about daughter. It was crazy fun. Some dads had more than one daughter which multiplied the excitement. On Sunday morning it was the Grand Opening of SW Church with over 600 attending between the 9:30 and 11:00 services. Mayor

A scene from Saturdays father/daughter dance. John Agenbroad delivered a proclamation naming March 4, 2012 South West Church day in Springboro. Lucy and I were in attendance for the celebration to honor Pastor, Roger Hendricks, his staff and congregation for their service to God and our community. It all started 14 years ago meeting in each others homes and slowly growing to where it stands today a mission of Love, Service, and Sharing. The First Annual Springboro Optimist Club Pancake Breakfast with Strings Attached is this Saturday at Max & Ermas at Lytle Five Points and SR 741. One hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit the strings program in the Springboro Schools. Adults can eat as many pancakes as they want with butter and syrup, enjoy bacon, orange juice, and coffee for a mere $6 (no tax) The first seating is at 7:30 a.m. and the second seating 8:30. No one will be seated after 9:30 because the restaurant has to begin their lunch prep at 10:15. Servers will include Springboro Optimists including Mayor John Agenbroad, myself and Lucy along with many others including parents and violinists. Each half hour will feature a 5 minute performance by strings students from the elementary, Jr. High and High School. Hundreds of tickets have been presold for the two different seatings but tickets will be available at the door for $8. If you purchase in advance theyre only $6 for adults and $4 for kids 2 to 6. Pick up your tickets at That Music Place in the Springboro Point Shopping Center on SR 73 near Marcos Pizza and Roosters or email me now and I will get them delivered to you tomorrow. Two weeks from this Saturday That Spring Thing Hometown Expo 2012 will be happening at the high school from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Over 190 exhibitors, 25 non profits, 14 food vendors, 20 exhibitors that provide services and products to children in the Kids Zone (new this year) a full slate of entertainment in the commons while you munch and crunch on your favorite foods, close to 250 door prizes to be given away and then the Grand Prizes will be announced in the commons at 4 p.m. A 50 inch flat screen HD TV will be given away and that includes, installation, delivery and a 5 year warranty and for the children 4 great prizes including one week at Camp Kern this summer. Its our 12th year and its bigger and better than ever. Additional parking is now available at Dennis Elementary behind the high school with shuttle service to and from the high school. Watch for signs.

What can bring Islamic radicals to heel?

he riots in Afghanistan and murders of allied advisers, supposedly over the careless burning of copies of the Quran by American troops, are a poisonous brew to American public opinion on two fronts. One is whether we can, or want to sustain our effort to build a prosperous and peaceful society on the western model. The second is how Americans view the Islamic minority in this country. The murder of American advisers dedicated to sustaining something better than a Talibanstyle government hit hard here locally with the death of Lt. Col. John D. Loftis, 44, a 2003 graduate of the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson AFB. He was attacked at the Interior Ministry in Kabul in one of those incidents where people you trust and work with suddenly show they are a deadly enemy. Col. Loftis, a resident of Paducah, Ky., was assigned to the 866th Air Expeditionary Squadron. What are Americans to make

By William H. Wild
Local Columnist
of all this? Perhaps some helpful insights will come from a March 22 event at the University of Dayton: The Arab Spring One Year On: Islamists and Democratic Governance. It will be in UDs Kennedy Union Ballroom 7:30 to 9 p.m. It is open to the public and is cosponsored by the Dayton Council on World Affairs, UDs Department of Political Science and the Dayton Mercy Society. The keynote address at the event will be given by Dr. Maher Hathout, a senior adviser for the Muslim Public Affairs Council and a leading spokesman for the American Muslim Community. Then there will be a panel discussion by Dr. Eli al-Hindi of Notre Dame University in Beirut, Dr. Randa

Slim of the New American Foundation and Middle East Institute, and Dr, Margaret Karns, UD professor emeritus as moderator. This might be a good time to find out if there is any awareness of the dreadful damage that the latest terror attacks do to the Islamic religion in western society and especially here in the United States. One looks in vain for apologies from American Muslims for the radical riots and murders of Americans who have put their lives on the line for a better, freer life for a Muslim society. Excuses wont cut it. This country was attacked in the name of radical Islam and the American people ask only that such attacks be stopped and peaceful societies rise in their place. Perhaps it is the goal of the radicals to give all Muslims a bad name in the west. The death threats against author Salman Rushdie for The Satanic Verses are a disgrace to western values and have cost lives, though the author is alive and in hiding. True peace-loving

Muslims and the American Muslim community, especially, better start fighting back, denouncing the terror and actively teaching that Islam can take its place in the American religious community as an institution of proud and patriotic citizens dedicated to the principles on which this country was founded. Is this a fair statement? Or should we follow the Ron Paul plan of washing our hands of all this overseas business, wall off Muslim society in the U.S. and hope the radicals stick to killing just their fellow citizens, not us? I hope not. Ron Pauls incredibly bad idea suggests he must be a reincarnation of the late Sen. Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota whose isolationism helped get the world into World War II. So if we want some answers and some understanding in place of hatred and revenge, come to UD on the 22nd and ask to be heard. But please, no rioting. William H. Wild is a columnist for Times Community Newspapers.

Stealing our state parks is a crime

By Jim Hightower "Sorry, we're closed." In one of the saddest signs of the times, this message is popping up all across the country as governors and legislators are cutting off funds (and shutting off access) to one of the finest, most popular assets owned by the people of our country: state parks. More than 6,600 of these jewels draw some 700 million visitors a year to their grand vistas, historic sites, wildlife, campgrounds, educational centers, and lodges. Parks are a tangible expression of America's democratic ideals: common ground for every man, woman, and child to enjoy and experience. For the middle class and the poor who can't jet off to luxury resorts for a getaway these spaces offer a form of real wealth, something that each of us literally "owns," knitting us together as a community and nation. Y too many spiritually shriveled, et small-minded, and short-sighted state officials are snuffing out this uniting social force, stupidly treating parks as nothing but a budget number or worse a piece of the "nanny state" to be axed in the name of ideological purity. As Woody Guthrie said of outlaws, "Some'll rob you with a six gun/Some with a fountain pen." Shutting parks is theft by "in-laws." Political insiders are stealing the people's property stealing from America itself.

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