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||Shree Gurubhyo Namah|| Enlightened Citizens, Constitution Experts and Responsible People of State Administration, It is not difficult to understand

the recent Media misbehaviour in the Karnataka State capital city, Bangaluru which is brought to fore in and through the media! Two or three people might have brought disgrace to the honourable State Assembly by their questionable conduct. However, the esteemed Assembly is and always respected by all. The individuals who happen to get an entry there are not permanent. Since around 65 years the Vidhana Sowdha has been the Temple of Democracy of proud, enlightened citizens of Karnataka. Just because a few MLAs insulted the sanctity of this Temple, the media should not give denigrating statements in effect about the Vidhana Sowdha. That would be a serious offence. The moral responsibility of upholding its dignity is the burden of the elected members of the Legislative Assembly and not of the media. When the representatives of the media were invited for the meeting of the Legislative Committee to enquire about the mobile-pornscandal, they did not cooperate with the committee at all. Is this not an example of arrogance? This cannot be tolerated on any ground! And the very next day that is on 02-03-2012 the episode of Media V/S Advocates is certainly the consequence of insulting the common citizens Temple of Democracy. Just think about this. Punishable are those persons who are involved in the above mentioned incident. But note what the media are up to. Not a single statement of any servant of Law is highlighted by them; across the State the media has the hold to propagate provocative news and views without any chance for any other angle of view. The obvious reason being the fact that the media belong to the media! What will be the result? If the entire society revolts without any knowledge of actual/factual information what would be the plight? This is a dangerous trend. If the private media and the servants of Law remain poles apart, at logger heads, and if one of the groups keep projecting visuals, news and statements to prove and establish that they are right, it warrants loud and serious thinking by those who have constitution awareness. It is known to all that the post Godhra riots happened due to undue and untrue media propaganda. It is a matter of pity that in our country provocative public speeches and open one sided criticism are legally punishable. Then why not put such restriction to the media also in order that justice will be met with? Once judicial enquiry on a given matter is ordered/ commenced is not mandatory that any public discussion and expression of opinion amounts to contempt of Law? Why it is that the stand and argument of the advocates are not published or telecast? That the servants of Law do not have their own channel cannot make them the accused. The media has no constitutional rights to pass judgement upon them. If the private media which are only one of the four limbs of the Constitution the other three being the Administration [shasakanga], Law and Order [nyayanga], and Public Service [karyanga] how they can be expected to be upright and do justice without considering the balanced view of the other limbs? The media may claim to be the mouth of the people though this need not be and is not an authentic fact. If the irresponsible media claim to be people the real people will have only downward direction, fall! Please join with me and all those who have signed below who are ordinary citizens of India that is Bharatam with an Oath to protect the constitutional esteem and to put an end to the mad media game of provocative news cast which misguide and misdirect the people. Sri. K.S Nithyananda, Founder, Veda Vijnana Mandira, Srinivasanagara, Rampura P.O. Chikkamagalur 577 133.

Protect the constitutional self-esteem by propagating this movement.