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I am knitting scarves for the homeless. N/A N/A I do not have a specific program to go through. I plan on going to a Broward shelter and personally giving the scarves to the homeless. They will be wrapped and in gift boxes. 5. I would like to have a minimum of 100 scarves. There is no maximum amount. The more the better. 6. I would like to have 100 scarves finished by December 1,2013 7. Making scarves for those who have a scarce amount of clothing and are on the streets during the cold winter months would make a difference. It will keep them warm and give them a personal treasure to remind them that people still care about their wellbeing and want to help. 8. It makes me feel like Im a big world changer though Im doing such a small act of kindness. 9. Besides improving the dexterity in my fingers (thank you Mr. Rhodes) knitting has certainly made me a more focused and disciplined student, especially when it comes to school work, applying for scholarships, and meeting deadlines. 10. My mom is the only family member that knows of my plans. She is very supportive and gives advice that comes in handy. Most acquaintances I hang around have very little faith in my project and it sometimes discourages me, but I ignore it and move on, 11. AP classes; play piano; plays volleyball and runs track: involved in many clubs- Bible club/FFEA/Helping Hands Club(she made it)/Inklings(VP)/Debate club; A B student; determined, has clear, focused goals for the future. 12. Some of the money for the yarn to knit the scarves has come out of my own money, but I have asked Michaels and Jo-Ann

fabrics for donations. I am still waiting for a reply. P.s donations would be gladly accepted. 13. Due to my rigorous courses and extra-curricular, it takes me at least three to four days to finish a scarf start to finish. Over the weekends, if I dont have a lot of things to do, it takes 2 to three days because I take it everywhere - to the store, my brothers soccer practice basically everywhere. 14. It is worth all the effort because in the end Im helping the less fortunate. 15. and are my best friends. 16. Helping Hands Club is a committee under FFEA that helps children with special needs, outside of the school system, by executing community service projects like donating school supplies to a center that houses special needs children to volunteering at the Joe DiMaggio Hospital. 17. I made Helping Hands Club because I live with a special need child. My brother is speech delayed and probably has aspergers, though the diagnosis is not definite. I got tired of seeing other children not talk to my brother because they had trouble understanding and excluding him out of games and conversations. Volunteering at Broward Childrens Center last summer with children with Down syndrome, autism, and other health/social challenges, also motivated me to start HHC. At the center I got to see how they were treated as aliens in a human world. The goal of my club is to soften the hardened hearts of the ignorantly blinded, and show them that special needs child have a chance of being something great no matter would obstacle stands in their way. 18. My favorite part of giving back is seeing the happiness and sincerity of those I help. Thank you is word that is not expected

when I do something kind. It would be nice to hear, but I do my kind acts JUST BECAUSE. 19. In the future I would like to become a criminal lawyer. (persecutor) 20. Knitting (of course), baking, scrapbooking, volleyball, piano, singing, writing music ,and spending time with family.

Momma Carter-

1. I strongly believe that MayaAngelou is and has always been a caring individual, who almost always puts others feelings and needs above her own. With every stitch of the knitting needle, goes lots of love and dedication.

2. When MayaAngelou first approached me about her plans to knit scarves for the homeless, I rolled my eyes and thought, there she goes again! My only concern was that she would become so obsessed with every stitch being so perfect that she would never complete the first scarf. However, with persuasive speech and dedication to knitting, even when she had other things to do, she has won not only my respect, but also my support.

3. As Ive stated earlier, MayaAngelou is a giving person. Never have I seen her focus on a project of this magnitude, but she has been lending a helping hand whether it is volunteering for special needs children or

making necessary adjustments to forego a much needed thing to support her brother. She is an extended hand for all of her endeavors. 4. To say that MayaAngelou does this or anything for notoriety or selfgratification would be an injustice for her unique character. She willingly does so much for people without asking for anything in return. Just knowing that someone has a need compels her to take proactive steps to brightening the lives of others. 5. I have always said, She is everything that I wish I were at her age. She has a drive unlike anyone Ive seen and I am so proud of her. I truly believe that the sky is the limit for MayaAngelou. Whatever she puts her mind to will be successfully accomplished. Without a shadow of doubt, I see MayaAngelou souring to greater heights, but most importantly, the trait of GODLY character is paramount.

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