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GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT INTO LOVE What is love? Love is a basic need or drive from childhood to old age.

With love,one grows and develops naturally and happily.With it the individual may become frustrated and un happy.Children must receive love in order to give it.if thye child is accepted and his individually is respected,he/she learns to love.If h/she neglected,excluded,or repulsed,he/she attempts to depend himself/herself protecting his/her ego,but remains dissatisfied.Satisfaction may come later through affection from friends and love ones. Love is more than possessiveness.It is not making another person into ones image.It is not dependency,nor is it self-sacrifice,though love usually requires sacrifice. Love is a communication to another person.It is ones deep involvememnt in that persons welfare and ones profound interest in him/her as a person.It is demonstrated by acts as a support,stimulates,and contribute to the realization of his/her potentialities. Stages of love development Love has several stages and significant experiences tha the individual goes through various stagies determinethe kind of love and relationship he/she leading to. Self love.It covers the period from birth to two years old.It is characterized as selfish,dependent,possessive,and jealous.The feeling of rejection and neglect may lead to extreme love for oneself.It is also known as narcissim.Parents are expected to show a tender loving care in order for the child to feel wantend,develop the capacity to love others in return. Filial love.It covers the period from three years to six years.It is the love for parents.Over-attachment to parents causes fixations such us Oedipus complex and Electra complex.It is very significant for children to have a proper role models.Over-protection of parents may also occur during this stage;thus,it is necessary for parents to express their love in the idea of moderation. Peer love.The 6-to-12 years old child tends to cxonsidre peers as significant others in their lives especially those of the same sex.This is the stage when the child learns to socialize and learn to deal with others.He start to enjoy the company of other children and shares the affection and love learned at home.Towards the end of this stage ,he/she also shows interest in the opposite sex although the feeling may not be intense and serious. Romantic love.It blooms at the onset of puberty.It is the feeling towards the opposite sex characterized by passion and strong phisycal attraction.It is always considered thrilling and exciting.It is a type of love popular in modern songs,mvies,radio programs, and television shows.It is based on the premised that ones I deal mate excist and will appear at the right time;that the love is the mysterios attraction of two peoplefor each other;that the future success of the marriage is assured by finding ones ideal mate , the one and only ; and nothing

should standin the way of love ,not evewn wealth,position,education,or religion or radical differences. It is essential to keep in mind that romantic love is only one phase of love nessary forSuccessful marital adjustment. Conjugal Love . it is the love shared by husband and wife who decided to bind themselves by Marriage . it is said to be more complete and more enduring for it provides security and personal worth for both partners It is a total love based on the realities of everday living.