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Technology Background - JEE

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Architecture Pattern

Layering MVC

JEE Architecture

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Concept: Layering

Grouping of classes and packages Organized so that one layer calls upon services of other layer Higher layer calls upon lower layer ( some cases several lower layers)
Typical layers include
Presentation Logic Layer ( UI Interface)

Business Logic Layer

Data Access Logic

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MVC Model View Controller

Model-View-Controller is a frequently used design pattern that defines a separation of application code into three layers

Model layer defines and validates the data used by the application. It includes code to validate business rules and to communicate data to and from the database.

The View layer provides the user interface that displays data from the Model layer Code in the Controller layer determines what happens after a user event occurs in the View layer. It determines of what the View layer will render what changes to data the Model layer will make, after a certain data or user event.
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Concepts - MVC Architecture

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What is JEE ( formerly called J2EE)

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is a set of standards and specifications (called a platform) that defines the environment for running software written using the Java language. Java EE is not a product. Instead, vendors create Java EE compliant products by implementing the Java EE specifications.

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JEE Architecture Model

Client Tier - User interface code runs on this tier Web Tier - The Web Tier runs user interface code on a Java EE server - often referred to as a web server or application server Business Logic Tier runs validation and business logic code, The EIS Tier represents the database (or other data source) for business data.
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Java EE Containers

Java EE services called containers provide the ability for the code in a component to run on a Java EE server.

Example: Oracle Application Server or Oracle WebLogic Server

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HTTP Communication

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A Servlet is a program (java) that extends the capabilities of a server Servlets are written in Java, run in a container (JVM) on the server, and output HTML to the browser


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JSPs Java Server Pages

A JSP page is a web client file that is written in a combination of HTML and JSP tags


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Java Server Faces

JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology is another Java EE component that provides user interface and control functionality to Java EE applications. The JSF tag libraries offer user interface components (also just called components) that contain a rich set of properties and events that manage user interactions and the state of the data inside the component.


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N-tier Based on JEE ( specs ) Oracle Developed Framework based on JEE Used for Oracle Fusion Applications