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Experience Summary • 3+ years of experience in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence technologies. Having extensive experience in Business Intelligence tools using Business Objects XI Designer, Extensively used Calculations, Variables, @Functions, Breaks, Sections, Sorts, hyperlinks, and Designed and developed reports from universes, personal data files and free hand SQL Experience in creating customized and complex reports using Business Objects Involved in performing export, import through import wizard and also scheduling Experience in report wizard to convert desi reports to web Extensive experience working in Oracle, SQL 2008, TOAD Having good Knowledge on Crystal Reports Extensive experience working in Informatica Experience in creating Technical Specification Documents and Unit Test Cases Documents.

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Webi, Desi ,Import Wizard and CMC Filters for creating the reports.

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Professional Experience

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Working in choice software ltd, Hyderabad from Jun 09 to till date. Working in vcentric technologies Hyderabad from Jun 08 to Apr 09.

Educational Profile • B. Tech from J.N.T. University.

Technical Skills

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Olap Tool Etl Tool Databases Tools Operating Systems

: Sap Business Objects XIR3 : Informatica 8.x : Oracle 9i, 10g, Sql server : Toad, Data loader : Windows-2003 Server, windows xp

Resume: Rakesh.M

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By reducing these costs. 10g :windows server. Organized data in the report by Inserting Report Filters and Query filters. Crystal reports based on the client's requirements we have created data marts for each source system and then integrated all the data marts to make it as Enterprise Data ware house System.M Page 2 of 5 . Created reports with the crystal reports using select expert. aka HERC. • • • • • • • • • Resume: Rakesh. Created local variables to perform calculations. Crystal reports based on the client's requirements Roles and Responsibilities: • Created Technical Specification Documents (TSD).1 • • • • • Description : Client Duration Technologies RDBMS Operating system : Hertz Car Sales : Feb11– till date : Business Objects : Oracle 9i.Project . Business Objects XIR3 and Crystal Reports. sections. Created reports with the features like filters. Created the Complex reports using Combined Queries and Sub Queries. This Project involves Oracle database. Hertz also maintains a heavy equipment rental division known as the Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation. Created Reports using tables. charts. etc. crosstab etc. Created Unit Test Case Documents (UTCD) and performed Unit Testing. breaks and Ranking. windows xp Hertz Car Sales has simplified the used car buying experience by eliminating the middleman and protecting you from the haggle process. Generated reports using Merged Dimensions feature. We have developed Web Reports. HERC has more than 300 branches throughout the United States. We have developed Web Reports. hyperlink. Designed reports with scope of analysis in improving the performance of drilled report.

Joins and Aliases for resolving Loops and checked the Integrity Created charts to display summary of the data. highlighting of the Universes. Users access the reports from central repository using business objects client as well as Web Intelligence. quarterly etc. Contexts. Health care. Roles and Responsibilities: • • • • • • • Collecting user requirements and specifications for project development Involved in the designing and Building of Universes. credit cards and Retail banking services. Auto finance. Classes and objects. BANK OF MONTREAL serves customers with different products like Directing home loans. based on individual products with respective line of business and Business objects XIR2 suite is used as a reporting solutions. Created Cardinalities. Used Drill Up/Down operations done for different aspects of client business. Resume: Rakesh. prompts. Personnel.M Page 3 of 5 . The reports are generated directly from Data Warehousing tables. Developed various crystal reports using source as oracle database Expertise in developing reports which involves functionalities like filters. expert and alerts.10g : Windows server.2 • • • • Client Duration Technologies RDBMS : Bank of Montreal. The reports are like weekly. xp • Operating system Description: BANK OF MONTREAL is one of leading bank in CANADA. CANADA : May 09 – Feb 11 : Business objects : Oracle 9i. monthly.Project . The data is stored in various source systems with different formats and Informatica is used to clean and load the data into Data Warehouse. The Data Analysis reporting system provides the information to business users to analyze the data.

M Page 4 of 5 . Documentation of unit test cases and system test cases. Project – 3 • • • • Client Duration Technologies RDBMS : TRW HONGKONG : Jun 08 – Apr 09 : Business objects : Oracle 9i. Month. Grouped List. Generating various types of reports like Simple List. This company is the market leader as the world’s number one producer of light weight vehicle and commercial steering systems and break components. Master/Detail. indicating cardinalities. and Analyzing and enhancing the existing BO Reports as per new requirements. Conditions. Grouped Cross Tab and Charts. contexts to resolve • • • • • Drill down Report. TRW Automotive started this project with a vision of Better Analysis of their sales. Calculations etc. Cross Tab. Week. xp • Operating system Description: TRW Automotive is a worldwide leading developer and supplier of auto parts and serves all major vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. and Geographic Reports. Resume: Rakesh. Customized Reports are created for better analysis Used filters. Roles and Responsibilities: • • Designing the universe by creating join tables.• Created various Reports by pulling the OLAP data from Data Warehouse like By Region wise and Reports Based on time like Year. Generating reports from various data sources by clubbing different data providers. Quarter. creating aliases and the loops and perform the integrity checks. Exporting and importing universes to and from repository.10g : Windows server.

Resume: Rakesh.M Page 5 of 5 .

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