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Light Armoured Troop Carrier

* Jointly

Tata LPA 713

designed & developed with DRDO

Insurgency is a major threat to the unity and territorial integrity of many nations today. Insurgents resort to sustained guerilla warfare to destabilise a nation. Weeding out these anti-national elements calls for a quick and effective response. Now with the versatile Tata LPA 713 Light Armoured Troop Carrier, you can crack down on insurgents with greater efficacy. It moves quickly on its 4x4 all-wheel drive to penetrate insurgent territory. Its air-conditioned interior ensures cool comfort for upto 8 troopers plus driver and co-driver. And its rotating gun turret enables you to mount a 3600 offensive against the enemy. The Tata LPA 713 Light Armoured Troop Carrier. Rain or shine, jungles or open countryside, it's the mobile fortress that cracks down on insurgent activity with deadly accuracy.

The Tata LPA 713 is a protected carrier that moves troops efficiently during counter-insurgency operations.

Capacity to carry 8 troopers + driver and co-driver Bullet-proof vehicle with protection from 7.62 SLR & AK47 fire from 10 m distance Windscreen with 50 mm BP glass 125 HP BSII engine High payload of 800 kg 4x4 all-wheel drive Air-conditioned interiors Maximum speed 75 kmph Monocoque body 2 doors one in front, one in rear Available in front-facing or suspended seating options

Underbelly protection against 2xHE36 hand grenades (50 gm of TNT) NIJ Level III protection all-round, including glasses, fuel tank & radiator Splinter-proof & bullet-proof glass Explosion suppression materials in fuel tank Suspended seats take the peak of explosion

The Tata LPA 713 Light Armoured Troop Carrier comes with airconditioning as a standard feature. So, even while temperatures are as high as 550C outside, temperature inside the troop shelter remains controlled, thereby reducing troop fatigue considerably.

AC Unit The Run Flat Tyre system is a standard on the Tata LPA 713. The system enables the vehicle to move on, inspite of flat tyres or hostile small arms fire hitting one or more wheels. It ensures that your troops move on and out of the danger area without stopping.

No explosion or violent fire in the fuel tank, even when hit by a bullet Works on the principle that by dissipating heat faster than building it up, the container never reaches flashpoint The material occupies only 1.7% volume in a full tank. Being wear-free, it maintains its capability perpetually. It also negates the 'slosh' effect in the tank Prevents corrosion in fuel tank through electrolysis Even if fuel tank is punctured, fuel does not flow out freely Welding repair can be done with fuel drainage Material tested and certified by world renowned laboratories & defence laboratories in India and abroad

Run Flat System

Suspended or front-facing seats available

TATA 713 (2.5T) Truck/GS/4X4/Armoured

1. Role 2. Load carrying capacity Combat weight (GVW) Crew 3. Overall dimensions Length Width Wheel base Ground clearance Turning circle diameter 4. Performance @ GVW Engine HP Max. speed on road Side slope Range Step 5. Transmission Manual/Auto 6. Suspension Front Rear 7. Brakes Service brake Parking brake Engine exhaust brake 8. Electrical system System voltage Alternator capacity Battery 9. Towing capability 10. PTO 11. Protection level a) Steel armour: NIJ Level III protection against 7.62 mm SLR caliber bullet at 15 m distance, NATO ball ammunition & AK 47 fired from 10 m distance at 900 b) Glass armour: NIJ Level III protection c) Floor protection: Protection against two hand grenades HE 36 d) Defensive action: Six firing ports and weapon mount on cupola ring 12. Additional standard features a) A/C d) Cold start device b) Power steering c) Blackout equipment e) Suspended or front-facing seats available : 12 volts : 135 amps : 12 volts, 180 Ah capacity : The vehicle can tow light trailers/guns with a GVW not exceeding 5 tonnes : PTO provision provided on gear box and transfer case : Dual air over hydraulic system : Hand operated, spring actuated acting on rear wheels : Pneumatically operated, interlinked with service brake : Semi elliptical leaf spring : Semi elliptical leaf spring : Manual No. of gears : Five : 125 HP : 75 kmph : 30% in the vehicles : 250 mm depth Torque Gradeability Fording : 400 Nm : 70% : 650 mm : 6240 mm : 2260 mm : 3225 mm : 315 mm : 13900 mm : 8150 kg : Driver + 9 : Armoured Troop Carrier

: 600 km on highways, exclusive of the spare fuel carried

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