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November 15, 2011 Together of my classmates and Mr.

Alan Daet our adviser we went to Bicol University Polangui Campus, to meet our critic teacher. I was little nervous at the same time excited to faced the last challenge in my 4th years being a student. I consider this one of my dream come true, to teach students specially the freshmen who taking up P.E 2. I was excited to hear that one of my students soon calling me maam or madam. I know Im going too busy in the following day to come; to teach and preparing my lesson plan aside of that finally for being a teacher primarily students teacher. I know in this period there is lot of challenge I need to face to lean from my students and to teach them so that they will also learn from me , I really do my best to achieve my goal to share my talent and knowledge to my future students. It rainy days because of the typhoon in primary and secondary level is already declared no class because of rain and flood. First together of my classmate and Mr. Daet come the office of the Dean for sinning some papers and finally we meet Mrs. Mary Joy B. Catangui. The first time I lead my eyes to her my heart skip a beats because she was really beautiful and yet sexy. I feel in my heart that she is a kind hearted woman she gave some instruction and divide the class to my co students teacher. She has 13 classes and my classmate got two and me got 3 classes should be attended, she get our contact number and she said we will come back on November 28 because she need to come together of athletes of BUPC in Regional SCUAA. November 28, 29 December 1- 2 2011
It is said that man makes his own destiny, so walk with purpose and confidence through the barriers and challenges of life and find your dreams along the way.

Today is the day that I waiting for so long to meet my new family here in Bicol University Polangui Campus where Im going to have my practice teaching. I was so happy for having our coordinating teacher Prof. Mary Joy B. Catangui, she is very energetic and a kind hearted person that I ever meet. Together of my classmate also having practice teaching here, we meet our classes that respectively assigned to us, we also thankful to all students for the warm welcome that giving to us is an honor to teach someone like them they are nice, kind and also very energized to participation in the discussion. My classmate and I have same feeling this day a little nervous and at the same time excited, madam Catangui let us introduce our self in front of her class. I saw from there eyes of excitement maybe for the task were going to give to them some are confuse maybe they are surprise for having student teacher and the most is the sweet smile of the students makes my breath back to normal. Every time the class started we introduce our self and madam Catangui started the lesson from collecting the assignments she gave last week and get the attendance and the discussion it

all about rhythm, dancing and dance. Phases of the dance program, formations commonly used in rhythmic activities and fundamental dance position. The last lesson give excitement to all students because of the step was confusing need to focus always alert. They are happy after the practical test they have perfect scores they clapping there hand and enjoying the moments. Im happy for the new experience, I know soon I will loved this also I promise to give my 100% hardworking and my best to learn my students more. Im sure they will enjoy this subject. To all of us, classmate who conducting there practice teaching, I know we can make it! I do believe that no matter what happened god give to us lot of challenge to our life just follow your dream, hold on and keep trust to our self and to our God we can see our self in top. December 5-9, 2011 This is it! Finally its our time to teach our students because last week as what Madam Catangui said she will be the one who will teach first and the next lesson is the double counting of hand and feet fundamental dance position with music. Our music entitled leron leron sinta having the 2/4 time signature. First I demonstrate to them and next they do alone and execute the steps of double counting the procedure is the hands position, feet position and next the combination and after several practice with music, I told them to practice together of their group mates and after 10 mins. We will have the practical test. When everybody is done in practical of double counting, I gave some instruction so that they will know our next lesson. I gave assignments about folk dance Cariosa to research the literature. December 12-16 2011 In this whole week I exist more effort to teach because I discuss the history and literature of the folkdance, which is the Cariosa. I discuss the literature, time signature definition, costume and materials used in this dance and also the basic step. Every figure in this dance has name, when I demonstrate the figure I always telling the name of the figure so that in written examination they can answer the question because is part in mid-term examination. After they catch up the step with counting I continue it with music. After the 7 figures done and the students already memorized the step because they are fast learner and Im happy to see that they are also enjoying the class activity that Im giving to them. at the end of the discussion I told them to bring next meeting he materials used in this dance which is fan, cord and handkerchief.

January 3-6 2012 Its a long time vacation some of my students are not around. I prepare to recall the figures of Cariosa and one of my students ask to practice first because they are not yet ready at the same time they are not organized because their partners are absent. I decide to extend the practical exam in Cariosa next to give consideration to the students still in vacation I know two weeks is not enough to spend their time together of their love ones. January 9-13 I have some observation to my students who been absent on last meeting they are not performing well and not execute the step well they forget the step. I decide to dance with them together so that they will recall the steps. When we come to the practical exam I get the names by group and started the practical test. I notice somebody also performing the dance in the corner some are memorizing the figure and the performer are too serious to doing the task because they know that half of their grades in practical is part in midterm. January 16-20 Examination week.. I am the one who prepared the test questions and ask to my coordinating teacher for some corrections. On the day of exam I was so early to come in school to arrange the chair. When they are in their proper seat I get the test permit and told them to keep their studying materials so that we can start the examination. The exam is very easy if the student listens in the past discussion, if they memorized and study the lesson, for the first time the gymnasium is very silent and calm, they are so busy to answer and analyzed the test questions. When the examination is done, I told them I am going to discuss about ballroom dances the fist is Swing, I introduce the historical background of swing and teach the basic steps and the figures, the step was so easy and they so enjoy to dance. After I already done to teach the all figure, I told them to practice in their free time because they have practical exam next meeting. January 24-27 In this day our activity is to have the practical examination in swing I start the class to check their attendance and told the score in written examination, some got high scores are so

happy while the average score are not. I encourage them to be serious in practical in swing so that they can still have a high grades. I see in the eyes of my student the perseverance to get a high grade in practical test they do their best to do not make a mistake in dancing. January 30 February 3 Today the presentation of Cha cha, I experience difficulty to teach to my students because they are so noisy aside of that our environment, we are in open place so I need to louder my voice so that, I can get the attention of the student specially the people at the back. I feel any time I can lost my self control to do not get angry to my students, I focus my mind to teach to some students even they are not really good in dancing but they are trying there best to catch up the step and thats make me feel bitter. After I present the all figures I told them again to practice at home because next meeting we have the practical test again. February 6-10 This is the day to have the practical test in cha cha. They practice first to recall the steps and afterwards they will perform the dance with grades. So far some students perform the dance while the other are not because they are not ready to have practical test this day, but they have no choose I teach them in my whole efforts to them to learn. I observe to the other class about the attitude of the students, there are some dancing well and other are not, they are just watching and setting at the back, when Im ask them why they are no performing? They said, they didnt know how to execute the dance they and also said the step is so difficult. i said to them, just try and practice so that they will learn the step later on I motivate them to dance like others do.

February 13-17 At last we are now in last topic in P.E 2 which is the Tango my first class they are done in memorizing the figures but sadly we still dont have the music. Monday afternoon we already have the music entitled La Cumparasita and madam catangui wants is Hernandos Hidaway. So far our lesson still is going good. February 20-24 Practical in Tango students are really fast learner because in just one demonstration they can dance without our help, maybe because the basic step of Tango is just like normal walking.

After the several practice I told them to have the practical examination I divide the class into 5 groups and they dance the Tango with ease and confidence.

Prepared by: Aiza O. Pantua