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SEMINAR TOPICS Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a course of engineering that requires a proper understanding of core concepts like mechanics, thermodynamics, kinematics, structural analysis, and materials science. Mechanical Engineers usually use all these core principles together with tools like aircraft, robotics, watercraft, product lifecycle management to design, computer-aided engineering, transport systems, heating & cooling systems, Industrial Equipment & Machinery, and more. Overall Mechanical Engineering applies the principles of physics & material science for analysis, designing, maintenance, and manufacturing. Here, you can find several seminar topics on different concepts of Mechanical Engineering

Micro-Electromechanical Systems Fluid Flow Visualization Aerodynamics Aircraft Hydraulic System Solar Power Satellites (SPS) Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) Transmission Hand free Driving Bio Diesel Stealth Fighter Noise Control in I.C Engines Military Radars Pistonless Pump for Rockets Smart Bombs Solar Thermal Power Plant Fractal Robots Non-Conventional I.C Engines Hydro Drive Analysis of Residual Stresses in Main Crankshaft Bearings After Induction Surface Head And Neck Support (HANS) Ductile Mixed-mode Fracture Criterion Development and Crack Growth Simulations Green Engine Written-Pole Technology F1 Track Design and Safety Wireless Factories Design, Analysis, Fabrication and Testing of a Composite Leaf Spring Wind Diesel System Cryogenic Grinding Water Rocket Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Virtual Manufacturing System

Space Shuttles and its Advancements Vehicle Dynamics Skid Steer Loader and Multiterrain Loader Valvetronic Engine Technology Computer Aided Process Planning Variable Compression Ratio Engine Biomechatronic Hand Underwater Windmill Underwater Welding Air Powered Cars Turbine Technology in Automobile Welding Robots Tribology of IC Engine Total Productive Maintenance Trenchless Technology Thermal Shock on Interfacial Adhesion of Thermally Conditioned Touch Trigger Probes Supercavitation Thread less Couplings Space Elevator Thing Vacuum Conveyors Variable Valve Timing in I.C Engines Tip Tronic Gear Transmission Vacuum Braking System Tidal Technology Two Stroke Engine Using Reed Valves Thermoacoustic Refrigerator Solar-Powered Vehicles Thermal Conductivity of Poros Material Thermal Barrier Coatings The Hy-wire Car Tension Control Brake Ultrasonic Metal Welding Synthetic Aperture Radar Solar Sails Sustainable Engineering Turbofan Engine Super case Hardening Process Transit Mixer & Concrete Pump Stratified Charge Engine Sidewinder Missile Stealth Technology Robots in Radioactive Environments Special Materials for Ultra Low Temperature Applications Quality Function Deployment Snake Robots

Methanol Fueled Marine Diesel Engine Smart Materials Predictive Maintenance Using Thermal Imaging Smart Fluids in Automotive Devices Overall Equipment Effectiveness Smart Auto reeling Mechanism Mine Detection Using Radar Bullets Self Repairing Composites MEMS for Space Scuderi Split Cycle Engine Quality Improvement Tool Poka Yoke Scramjet Engine Lean Manufacturing Rocket Powered Aircraft Just In Time Manufacturing Robotic Roller Coasters Friction Stir Welding Robot Driven Cars Apache Helicopter Reusable Launch Vehicles Cylinder Deactivation Regenerative Fuel Cells Selective Laser Sintering Rapid Re-usable Tooling Fuel Energizer Random Vibrations Aeroplane Propulsion System Pump Noise Level Reduction Methods Infrared Curing & Convection Curing Pulse Detonation Engine Hovercraft Probabilistic Design of Mechanical Components Effect of Pressure on Arc Welding Process Porous Burner Technology Effect of Preload on Stability and Performance of a Two-Lobe Journal Bearing Perpetual Motion Machines Distribution Side Management for Urban Electric Utilities in India Permanent Magnate Generator Development of an AGV Material Development of High performance Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Development in Arc Welding Performance Using Robot New Trends in Automobile Design Cummins Diesel Fuel System Miller Cycle Gas Engine Cryogenic Processing of Wear Control Micro Scale Regenerative Heat Exchanger

Crop Harvesting Machine Mass Rapid Transit System (MPTS) Cost Effective Safety Instrumented Systems Magneto Abrasive Flow Machining Condition Monitoring Through Vibration Measurement Liquid Injection Thrust Vectoring Condition Monitoring of Bearings Jelly Filled Telephone Cables Computer Integrated Manufacturing Building The Factory Of Future Intelligent Vehicles and Automated Highways Clutch Lining Testing Machine Hydraulic Railway Recovery Systems Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearing Hybrid Wind Electrolysis System Biomass as an Alternate Fuel for Diesel Engine Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) Pneumatic Bike The Future Bike High Performance Heat Sink Based On Screen-Fin Technology Automobile AC by Utilizing Waste Heat & Gases Full Color 3D Modeling Using Rapid Prototyping Aqua Silencer A Noise & Emission Controller Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) Applications of Micro-Controller in Automobile Electronic Multipoint Air Suspension System Application of Laser Machining in Diamond Processing Eco-Friendly Surface Treatments An Expert System Based Design of 3D of Robot Dynamics of Cutting Viscoelastics Materials A Study of a Displacement Amplifier Digital Manufacturing Using STEP NC A Hypersonic Hybrid Vehicle E-Gas Laminated Object Manufacturing Design of an Active Car Chassis Frame Incorporating Magneto Rheological Fluid Motors without Mechanical Transmissions Damage Identification in Aging Aircraft Structures with Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors Symmetrical All Wheel Drive Cryogenic Rocket Engine & Their Propellants Micro air Nozzles for Precision Computer Aided Production Engineering