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Yesterday I had a conversation with the ONE. The ONE who's held me in a dream this life-time. To let go a bit.

So I could complete what HE's asking of me. I see it all now. My whole life. Back to the beginning. I've just not known and perfectly so. I had to forget. We all do. My hair has become a matted web whispering. Its like the energy waves I drawn over and over again. And you know what? I'm happy I even ignored HIM at times too. For all this had to come through, in the way it is doing. Thank you my friends for listening to me when I was still uncertain of that which is me. Thank you inspiring for me. When you showed that the Universe will provide, I was placed out in the distant galaxies again. The first day I saw you some of you I saw the warriors that which you have been before and are now. Power comes with responsibility. Trust your heart. And the voice of truth. Too much power can be intoxicating. As I'm seeing now for the first time, why I've been high most of my life. I just didn't see it in my body. More in my heart. So I've floated. You are amazing. And I look forward to the unraveling that is happening. Magic and mystery and wonder awaited, as it does now. Mother Maia. Your visions have landed in me over and over. As they are to land fully in you too. With freedom and choice. You are beautiful. All of you. That is one. All of you that is many. We have lived parallel lives it seems. For we were always meant to. There is little I think about most days. It seems for a while I had to think about things in a way I don't usually feel them out to get an insight into what was asking me to look at it. I thank you for that. For I have loved all I have seen. Thank you for all the loving energy you sent me when I never once asked for it. I felt it. There is much to come. Your love for truth and freedom has been a catalyst in where we are now. The stars out in the cosmos thank you for that. To love without condition is possibly the one and only guidance I offer you or anyone else, and you show that your propensity to love is limitless. Enjoy the room you are in. It is filled with the love of so many children who like dreamed of simply dreaming. I look forward to seeing what you dream of in that room of rainbows.

I look forward to reading your book of life that amazes and enthralls me. You're soaring and flying and fluttering too. A gift. Thank you for trusting me that day your heart wanted to offer comfort. It opened something. Now youre playing. As we all are remembering ourselves to be. Children. With the boys who need a bit more time to spread their wings and soar. When we said yes to Simunye, we said yes to Africa. Something that I've wished the world would do my whole life. Oh! You will fall in love constantly. The people, the animals the trees, the wild oceans. The fire that rages in me is inspired by the beauty of Africa. I wish to share that with you one day. Mother Maia. Though you may have been younger in years, I entered into your space, submitting to be a child in many ways to you. Thank you for your patience, your questions, your eagerness and most of all your honesty. I looked to you to see how I was showing up. I waited, not really thinking about why. I listened. For I saw what you dreamt of and wished to nurture that. Surrender is something we all know we should do and yet the knowing of it, sometimes gives us so much reason not to. Thank you for all the guidance you give me. I'm a jumper. I've always been. I just fall into things. And out of them too. These days of looking back at my life, I see what it all had to be so. I had to forget all I knew to be present each day. Thank you to the Sun for being my teacher of this. Weve written to each other in ways that I didnt even know we had done. I look at it now and see how easy it is to just allow the person speaking to you to somehow just be allowed to BE that which they already are without much effort. Communion. I knew things had shifted recently. I didnt really know what. Ive always lived my life the way you teach others to. That said, I looked at you and knew there was much to learn. We are all gurus and all are our own guru. This has been my practice without it actually being one I thought of doing. It was always so. As it is for all, and one in all. Youve taught me more about me than I knew before. Simply by looking at me. Thats all. Thats it. For this I am grateful. Some look for gurus, some for escape, some for freedom, some for love. The art of living is then to not look at all, for it seems that when we do, we dont look at what is within or before us. Im changing. Into so many things. By simply remembering what I decided to forget. What I set as a clear intention unfolds in ways I receive as and when the rain falls from the heavens.

I seem to be plugged into a mainframe. Somewhat on the brink of madness or intelligence. Seeing interconnections of things that span the globe, the cosmos and mostly, just this life. IT IS WRITTEN. Was what my poetry book ended with. BEING HUMAN IS DIVINE. And here I am, looking at the words that wrote itself in my books. And the drawings that drew itself. The blogs that built themselves. The designs that designed themselves. I just allowed it. As I choose to, in a self-sacrificial or self affirming manner, it may be perceived. The truth is, I actually spend most of the time feeling everyone else. Its like for the first time, Ive stopped and just felt ME. What it actually means to have chosen the life I have chosen. Fulfilling the contract even before the mission was received. Perhaps if Id said what Id known and remembered as a child, I would have been sent to an ashram and would not be here unfolding it alongside you, as you unfold it all in you.

Its strange. It choose be in this house at a computer undergoing this process. Shouldnt I be with a guru? At an ashram? On a dry fast? In constant meditation? I am. I have always been. Walking around my life in reverence of the Gods and Goddesses who have stood before, whether they remembered that in themselves or not. I made a choice. And these choices are appearing before me now. All at once. Yesterday I said Its like Ive been blind my whole life. Walking through it, not really thinking about all the things that happened. Somehow I that is body forgot, each time, and in so doing, remembered more and more each time.

There is so much I could tell you now. Ahhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaa Africa. Ive been in communion with Africa through all the people who looked at me years ago. Wondering where and how I was. And now they seeing, as I see in them, equally, that some of WHO I AM, is WHO THEY REALLY ARE. The stories are being taken back. Back to Africa. Through all who love me, simply accepting the love I give them now, as I appear in their lives, again after so long.

Look! This was the day South Africa played France. 40 911 people in the stadium. 50 miiiion people across the land. It was a joyous day. We sang, we danced and loved every single person we looked at. We lost the beautiful game and we WON more in losing and allowing ourselves to fall in love and beat as ONE HEART.
Area Population 30,221,532 km2 (11,668,599 sq mi) 1,022,234,000[1] (2010, 2n

ALL SHOUTING, SINGING, CRYING, PRAYING, LAUGHING, FALLING, FALLING FALLING SIMUNYE. WE ARE ONE. SHOSHOLOZA. The train leads back to Africa. Sowing seeds of Infinite Love. Falling in love Juanita Naidoo

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