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Section : Kherson Shipyard Working Area: Suction Anchors JSA Performed by: Roman Shalko

Doc. N° OD-PRO-HSE-035 Form N° OD-HSE-026
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Date : Project : CPC Expansion Project

Operation / Activity description: Lifting and transportation operations Operation / Activity Stage
Use overhead crane

Possible Hazardous Situations
Overloading the crane

Indicate Necessary Measures to be Taken
Crane operator to be trained and qualified Crane must not be left unattended while the load is lifted Spooling speed to be reduced while coming out on surface Routine inspection/maintenance of a crane Training personnel on method to pick up weight by hands Training of personnel on methods of slinging Only appropriate and certified lifting equipment should be used Condition of slings, shackles, etc. must be regularly inspected for damage Never carry a load which blocks your view Never hurry or run when carrying a load Do not climb steps with heavy load While crane is working, a supervision is necessary around the loading/unloading and along the crane travel area A crane operator must always give a periodical warning signal during the work

To be Verified by
Site Manager Kherson HSE Engineer Saipem HSE Engineer

Lifting a load the wrong way Lifting operations Appropriate lifting equipment

Crane operator

Carrying a load so that it blocks your view

Absence of supervision / warning signals

Welding Team Leader: Kherson Safety Officer: Saipem Safety Officer: Crane operator: