Teaching English for Young Learners Using Games

Game is an activity done with a certain rule (Khan: 1991) Characteristic of Games o There must be interaction among the players o The players must understand about the rule of the game o The game has a certain purpose and context o The players must be involved actively in the game Why Using Games? o Games are fun thus it can loosen the tension in the classroom o Games make the students to be active in the classroom o Games can motivate the students to learn more o Games can be used in any language teaching situations and with all skill areas (reading, writing, speaking or listening) Example of Games o Simon Says o Question-Answer o Word Challenge o Role Play Simon Says o It‟s a game that involves the students to say “Simon says”. A command starting with "Simon says" means the players must obey that command. o A command without the beginning "Simon says" means do not do this action. o Anyone who breaks one of these two rules is eliminated from the remainder of the game. o It is also often played that anyone who talks is eliminated. o It is considered cheating to give impossible commands.

then point will not be given  The team with most point wins Word Challenge It‟s a game in which the students are given a word then tries to write it correctly on the board. If the same person answered another question.” . To make it fun.At that command.This command is considered impossible. scissors Winner says a word and opponent tries to write the word correctly . Question-Answer Game This game is as simple as asking questions then get the answers from the students.  “Arms up. Command that indicate the students to go out of the classroom is also prohibited.At that command. paper. the students must touch their nose to indicate that they understood the command. the one who says it will be eliminated. touch your nose.” . the students must not lift their arms up because the command did not start with “Simon says”  "Simon says lift both of your legs up and keep them there!” . the teacher can do these following steps:  Make cards with questions written on it  Divide the students into two teams  Teacher reads one card  Whomever answers the question will earn his or her team one point  Then one person from the winning team gets one different card then he/she read it in front of the class  Every student only gets one chance (read one card or answer one question) for the point to be given. the teacher can do these following steps: › › › Divide the students into two teams One person from each team does rock. To make it fun. Example:  “Simon says.

o Role play is usually performed according to a script contains dialogues. o Role play is used to measure students‟ speaking ability. the teacher can provide the script and for the next performance students should use their own script to be performed. . their team gets a point If they get it wrong. the person who said the word can write it out for a point for their team Have another person from each team play 'Word Challenge„ The team with most point wins Role Play o Role play is a game of pretending to be someone else or something to simulate an experience. o For the first simulation.› › › › If they get it right. usually interacting with others doing the same.

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