Northampton High School Internship Program Eligibility, Requirements and Expectations

The internship program is designed to give students an opportunity to connect work experiences with career and academic studies to which they have already been exposed in the classroom. Students will receive a grade (F-Fail, P-Pass) based on overall work performance as documented by the student’s mentor, weekly attendance and student reflection paper. Students applying for an internship are expected to do the following:  Make sure contract has been submitted and approved by all necessary parties.

Submit weekly attendance records (please carefully review attendance policy in high school course catalog; same policy is applicable to internship site).

 Mentors must submit Monthly Reports evaluating student’s overall performance and whether or not objectives and requirements of the contract are being met.

Students are required to submit a Reflection Paper at the end of their internship which should address the following questions: 1. What progress did you make towards your established objectives? Give specific examples and activities. 2. How would you describe your working relationship with your mentor and others at the internship site? 3. In terms of the work you have done, what impact or contributions do you think you have made to the internship site? 4. What did you learn through the internship about the relationship between knowledge gained in the classroom and practical experience? In what ways do they relate and in what ways do they fail to relate? 5. Do you feel that your overall academic program at the high school prepared you well for this opportunity and would you recommend it to other students? 6. What is the most significant thing you learned about yourself?

 Students are required to provide their own transportation to and from the site.  Open to Seniors only; course graduation requirements have been met (exception may be Senior English).

Monthly Report for: ______________________
(Student Name)

(Month and Year)

Overall Objectives of the program which the mentor will evaluate the student. (please use the following key): 1=Consistently 2=Frequently 3=Inconsistently 4=Rarely 5=Not yet N/A= Not Applicable
JOB SEEKING 1. Student can apply basic academic skills to the workplace 2. Student plans and prepares for current and future career options based on personal qualities and interests JOB GETTING 1. Student demonstrates a positive work ethic 2. Student exhibits ability to adapt, cope, and change 3. Student understands the need to maintain physical and mental health and fitness necessary to perform in the workplace. 4. Student selects, applies, and maintains tools and technologies when needed 5. Student identifies the need for continued learning JOB KEEPING 1. Student listens effectively 2. Student communicates effectively 3. Student prioritizes time 4. Student gathers, interprets, and evaluates information 5. Student maintains a positive attitude 6. Student participates effectively in production work groups 7. Student works in harmony with a culturally diverse workforce and community 8. Student plans activities to meet goals and objectives 9. Student maintains a safe and healthy work environment 10. Student produces expected quality and quantity of work 11. Student demonstrates ability to generate innovative and practical solutions 12. Student is developing positive customer/client relationships 13. Student is reliable and never/seldom late Additional Comments:____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Student Signature:___________________________ Mentor Signature:____________________________ Mentors must submit Monthly Reports evaluating student’s overall performance based on above criteria and contracted objectives and requirements. Reports are due by the last day of each month.



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