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Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

By Svein Engelstad Oslo, 1996

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

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This bibliography is based on my research in the following libraries: University of Oslo, Library, Institute du Monde Arabe - Paris, American University of Cairo, Cairo University Library, Ain Shams University Library - Cairo, Birzeit University Library - Ramallah, Great Cairo Library and in different colleges of art and art-education under Helwan University in Cairo. I am indebted for the generous help and support I have received from the staff of these institutions. I have the following limitations to my work: This bibliography will reflect only the major works published in this field. I have not included any unpublished theses, I have not included articles and reviews neither from magazines nor newspapers. I have only to a very limited degree included exhibition catalogues. Smaller books or pamphlets are included only if they are of any substancial importance. I hope this short bibliography will be useful for students and researchers who wish to study the culture, art and society in the Middle East. Hopefully it can also be useful for others than art historians. The titles of Arabic books have been translated to English by me. Subtitles and spelling of names in different languages have been rendered as they appear. Titles that appear only in a European language reflect the language of the actual book. The text is in Arabic if the tittle is given in Arabic unless nothing else is stated in the notes. The names of the authors and artists may often appear in many different transliterations. I have chosen the most commonly used form, and tried to render it as correct as possible. The letter - ghayn is transliterated as gh, not as g, which also may bee used. A dot under the letter is used to mark the emphatic consonants and a bar over a vowel is used to mark a long vowel-sound. Some anomalies from traditional transliteration may occur on proper names: is often transcribed as g - not j - in Egypt, and is often transcribed as g - not q - in the Maghreb countries. Intial with fatha like in are placed under a, with kasra under i or e.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

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Abd-Allah, Muhammad Al . - Index of plastic art - al-Dawhah, Qatar : al-Jamiyah, 1986 Surview of pictorial art from Qatar Abou Ghazi, Badr Eddin - Mahmoud Said Cairo, 1972, 124 p. A short biography of the famous Alexandrian artist Mahmoud Said. Abou Ghazi, Badr Eddin - Yousef Kamal Cairo, 1972 & 1982, 124 p. Richly illustrated biography of the romantic impressionistic painter Yousef Kamal. Abou Ghazi, Badr Eddin - Pioneers of plastic arts Cairo: Dar al-Hill, 23 + 451 ,5891, p. , ill. ISBN: 977-118163-7 The pioneers of Egyptian modern art. Abou Ghazi, Badr Eddin - Ramsees Younan - Cairo, 1978, Organisation Egyptienne General du Livre, 021 , p. Biography of the Egyptian surrealistic painter Ramsees Younan, with texts in French and Arabic. Abou Ghazi, Badr Eddin - The fine art of Egypt : a generation of pioneers

Cairo, Society of friends of arts, 1975, 265 p. : ill. The pioneers of Egyptian modern art. Abou Ghazi, Badr Eddin - Mouktar : His life and art. - : Cairo, 1988, 180 p. ill. ISBN: 977-01-1667-x, The life and works of the Egyptian sculptor Mahmoud Moukhtar.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

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L'affiche palestinienne (Collection de Ezzeddine Kalak) - Paris, 1979, ditions Le Sycomore, (unpag.) ill., ISBN: 2-86262-039-4 Presentation of a great number of political posters. Ahmad, Fathi - The Egyptian Graphic Art - Cairo, 1985, 484 p. ISBN: 977-01-557-0 Presentation of all the major Egyptian graphic artists, with preface in English. Ahmad Sabri - Cairo, State Information Service, 1984, 76 p. ill. Biography of the Egyptian pioneer portrait artist. Alaoui, Brahim (ed.) Art contemporain arabe: collection du Musee - Paris : Institut du monde arabe, 1988, 240 p. : ill. ISBN: 2906062081 Presentation of the main works of the collection of IMA, with an introductory essay. Texts in Arabic and French. Ali, Ftma - Hmid Nad Cairo, State Information Service, 1989, 56 p. ill. ISBN: 902-000000-x Short monography of the Egypian painter Hamid Nada. al-Aly, Nagi - Nagi Al-Aly in Cairo: caricatures - : Cairo, 1993, 168 p. ISBN 977-5406-00-5, \ Presentation of the cartoons of Nagi Al-Aly (1937-1987). Mainly political issues, the Arab world vs. the West and Israel. Some critical works on Egyptian issues, eg. poverty. Ali, Wijdan Contemporary Art from the Islamic World London, Scorpion Publishing Ltd., 1989, 288 p. ill., ISBN: 0-905906-802 General survey of the modern & contemporary art of the entire Islamic world.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

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Alleaume, Ghislaine & Farida Gad El-Hakk Essayons d'en rire : Carricatures publies dans la presse gyptienne. Cairo, 1982, CEDEJ, Dossier No. 5, 160 p. ill. Art of Sami Mohamed - Kuwait, 1995, 375 p. ill. Autobiographic account of the life and art of the Kuwaiti artist Sami Mohamed. L'art contemporain en Iraq : Livre premier - La peinture Lausanne, 1977, Sartec, 250 p. ill. A brief presentation of modern Iraqi painting. al-Atr, Moukhtr - The art and modernism : between yesterday and today -

Cairo, 1991, Etudes no. 1, 120 p. ill. ISBN: 977-01-3110-5 Essays about the conditions of modern art in Egypt Al-Atr, Moukhtr - The fine Arts: Between pleasure and use - : Cairo, 1994, Etudes no. 7, 188 p. ill. ISBN: 977-01-3792-8 Contemporary Egyptian art. Ateya, Naim -

The loving eye, positions of seven Egyptian painters Cairo, 1976, 198 p., ill., ISBN: 977-201-028-3 Essay about contemporary Egyptian painters. Ateya, Naim - Injy Efflatoun Cairo, State Information Service, 1986, 78 p. ill. Biography of the first outstanding woman artist of Egypt.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

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Ateya, Naim -

The concept of space: in modern Egyptian pictorial Art (Etudes No. 4) - (4) Cairo, 1993, 144 p. ISBN 977-01-3394-9, Presenting different aspects of the modern Egyptian pictorial art. Awad, Lus - Taheya Halim - Cairo, State Information Service, 1989, 80 p. ill. Short monography of the popular Egyptian painter Taheya Halim. Azar, Aim L'Eveil de la Conscience Picturale en Egypte (Le Group de l'Art Contemporain) 1954, Le Caire, Imprimerie Franaise, 82 p. ill. About the first rebellious modern artists in Egypt. Azar, Aim Femmes Peintres d'Egypte 1953, Le Caire, Imprimerie Franaise, 69 p. ill. The first book about women artists in Egypt Azar, Aim La peinture Moderne en Egypte Cairo, Les Editiones Nouvelles, 1961, 400 p. The first serious, book on modern Egyptian Painting. Aziza, Mohamed L'Image et l'Islam : l'image dans la societe arabe contemporaine Paris : A. Michel, 1978 190 p. Series: Presence du monde arabe, ISBN: 2226006672 Discussing the representation of images in Islamic art. Baccor, Taoufik - Mahmoud Sehili - Tunis, Crs Productions, 1986, 72 p. ill., ISBN: 2-85703-026-6 Short presentation of the expressionistic Tunisan artist Mahmoud Sehili. Texts in Arabic and French.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

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Bahnassi, Afif - The Pioneers of modern Art in the Arab countries -

Beirut, Lebanon : Dar al-Raid al-Arabi, 1985, 279 p. ill. (Tunis, 1980, 222 p.) Survey of modern art in the Arab world Balta, Paul Jamil Hamoudi : Precurser - Paris, 1986, Editions de l'A.D.E.I.A.D., 116 p. ill. ISBN: 2-906-267-007 Biography of the Iraqi painter and sculptor Jamil Hamoudi (b. 1924). Semi-cubistic style. Baqshsh, Mahmoud - The modern Egyptian sculpture - Cairo, ( Etudes No. 3) ,1992, 112 p. ill., ISBN 977-01-3321-3 Introduction to modern Egyptian sculpture. Baqshsh, Mahmoud - The search national features - Cairo, Dar al-Hilal, 1989, 185 p. : ill. ; 17 cm. ISBN: 977-118383-4 Essay about national aspects in modern Egyptian art. Basiouni, Frouq - Gazbeia Sirri - Cairo, State Information Service, 46 ,4891 , p. ill. Biography of the outstanding Egyptian female painter Gazbeia Sirry. Binzagr, Safeya Arabie Soudite : Peintures Rcentes d'un temps rvolu. Lausanne, 1979, Editions des trois Continents, 145 p. ill., ISBN: 2-88001-077-2 Presentation of Binzagr's works and an introduction to Saudi Arabian history and culture. Boutaleb, Abdelsalam La Peinture nave au Maroc Paris, 1985, Les ditions de Jaguar, 128 p. ill. Short presentation of navistic painting from Marocco.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 8

Botrus, Fikr - Alexandrian artists - Alexandria, 1964, 542 p. ill. Presentation of 8 different artist from Alexandria, from Mohammed Said to Ibrahim Shatta, from 1910 to 1960. Brin, Morik Peintres et Sculteures de l'Egypte Contemporaine Cairo, Les Amis de la Culture, 1935, 150 p. The first survey of modern Egyptian art. Cabrera, Hashim Ibrahim Islam y Arte Contemporneo Granada, 1994, Junta Islamica, (unpag.) ISBN: 84-604-9352-0 This book discusses modern art in the light of Islam. Cairo in 1000 years: 979-1979 - - Cairo 1969, Dar al-Ktib al-Arabi, 064 , p. ill. A broad outline of Cairo's history, with many examples of modern Egyptian art. Also available in English and German. Cent Ans d'Art Plastique au Liban 1880 - 1980 One Hundred years of Plastic Art in Lebanon 1880 - 1980

Beyrouth, 1982, Editions R.A. Chahine, 2 vol. ill. Presentation of all the important artists of the periode. Chakhtoura, Maria Liban 1975 - 1978 : La Guerre de Grafitti Beyrouth, 1978, ditions Dar An-Nahar, 190p. ill. Documentation of grafitti during the wars of Lebanon. La culture et les Arts en Iraq. Baghdad, 1978, 170 p. ill. Ministre de la Culture Covers all aspects of Iraqi arts and culture

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

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Dghar, Shurbal - The Arabic Calligraphy: The Art and the identity - : Beirut, 1990, 196 p. About the use of calligraphy in modern Arab art el-Dn, Ali Kmal & al-Alaf, Abou Sleh - Badr El-Din Abou Ghazi 1920-1983 - Cairo, 1990, 160 p. ill, Portrait of the important Egyptian artist and writer Badr El-Din Abou Ghazi. Directory of Iraqi artists - Baghdad, 1973, Ministre de la Culture, 8811 , p. ill. Short presentation of 180 Iraqi artists (in Arabic). la Duke, Betty Africa through the eyes of women artists Trenton, N.J., Africa World Press, 1991, 148 p. : ill. ISBN: 0865431981 North-African women artists. Duviguand, Jean Jallal Ben Abdallah : Une Memoire Tunisienne. Tunis, Crs Productions, 983, ISBN: 2-85703-014-2, 92 p. ill. Idyllic portraits and figures, mostly women. Ettillici, Mohammed - Mohammed Hajii : Drawings from Libya - : Tripoli, 1984, 052 , p. ill. Short introduction to M.Hajii's art, richly illustrated, with texts in Arabic and English. Fars, Muhammad Sad - The story of art in Jeddah - Jeddah, Dar al-Bilad lil-Tibaah wa-al-Nashr, 1989, 333 p. ill. Presentation of contemporary Saudi Arabian Art.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 10

Farouk Hosny - Cairo, Dar al-Mustaqbal al-Arabi, 1995, 96 p. ill. Essays about the works of the present Egyptian Minster of Culture. With text in Arabic and English. Fateh al-Mudarres - Paris, 1995, (IMA) Institut du Monde Arabe & Gallerie Atassi, Damascus, 152 p. ill. Big exhibition catalogue for the retrospective exhibition (14/11-95 - 14/1-96) of the Syrian expressive painter (b. 1922). With texts in French and Arabic. Filali, Yasmin Fulgurances Gharbaoui Paris, Fondations ONA, 1993, (unpag.) ISBN: 2-9981-88-1 Biography and presentation of the paintings of Jilali Gharbaoui from Marocco. Ghn, Salh - Salh Ghn , the cartoons - Cairo, 1988, 282 p. ISBN: 977-442-082-9, Egyptian cartoonist dealing mostly with domestic themes. al-Gabkhangy, Mohammed Sadiqi -

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Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 11

Georges Sabbagh Paris, ditions de l'Albaron, 1990, 143 p. ill. ISBN: 2-908528-09-6 Biography of the Egyptian-French orientalistic, romantic painter Sabbagh (1887-1951) Gharieb, Samir - The Surrealism in Egypt Cairo, 1986, 276 p. ill. ISBN: 977-01-0979-7, Analysis of the surrealist movement in Egypt in the 30'ies and 40'ies. Also available in English and French. Gharieb, Samir Surrealism in Egypt and plastic arts Cairo, Ministry of Culture, Foreign Cultural Relations, 1986, 106 p. : ill. Prism art series ; 3. Analysis of the surrealist movement in Egypt in the 30'ies and 40'ies. English edition. Gharieb, Samir Le Surralisme en Egypte et les Arts Plastiques Cairo, Foreign Cultural Information Service, 1988, 98 p. ill. Prism art series ; 3. Analysis of the surrealist movement in Egypt in the 30'ies and 40'ies. French edition. Goujon, Jean Hattim ElMekki, ou la Traditon du pch Tunis, 1980, Crs Productions, 144 p. ill. ISBN: 2-85-703-007-x Biography of the Tunisian artist Hatim ElMekki Grafik der Revolution - Burhan Karkutli - Ein palstinensischer Knstler Frankrfurt, R.G. Fischer Verlag, 1981, (unpag.) ISBN: 3-88323-303-x Graphic works with political motifs. Guiga, Tahar - Abdelaziz Gorgi - Tunis, Crs Productions, 1985, 72 p. ill., ISBN: 2-85703-017-7 Short presentation of the Tunisian artist A. Gorgi. L'Image dans le Monde Arabe, (G. Beaug et J.F. Clment eds.) Paris, 1995 CNRS Editions, 323 p. ill. ISBN: 2-271-05305-6 25 essays about the use of pictures or images in the Arab world through the years.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 12

Iskandar, Rushdi - Adham Wanly - Cairo, Organisme Gnral de l'Information, 1984, 78 p. ill. Short biography of Adham Wanly, available in both Arabic and French Iskandar, Rushdi - Fifty years with the art. Cairo, 1962, 275 p. ill. Comprehensive history of modern Egyptian painting Iskandar, Rushdi - Eighty years with the art Cairo, 1991, 320 p. ill. ISBN: 977-01-2587-3 Comprehensive history of modern Egyptian painting, extention of the 1962 edition. Issan el Said : Artist and Scholar London, 1989, 120 p. ill, ISBN: 0-951541706 Presentation of the paintings and calligraphy of the Iraqi artist Issan el-Said (1938-1988) Jabra, Jabra Ibrahm - Contemporary art in Iraq - Baghdad, 1970, Biography of the important Iraqi artist Jawad Salim. Illustrated in colour and black/white. Jabra, Jabra Ibrahm - Jawd Salm - Baghdad, Ministery of Education, 042 ,4791 , p. Biography of the important Iraqi artist Jawad Salim. Illustrated in colour and black/white. Kaml , Abd al-Red Ahmad -

: :
Abd al-Red Ahmad Kaml : cartoons : my brush in the center Kuwait, 1984, 380 p. (Publ. by the artist) Cartoons with mainly domestic issues, but some comments on international politics.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 13

Karim Bennani : Trente Annes de Peinture Rabat, 1992, KBP Editions (unpag.) Autobiography of Bannani and presentation of his works. Karnouk, Liliane Modern Egyptian Art: The Emergence of a National Style Cairo, AUC Press, 1988, 89 p., ill. ISBN 977-424-176-2 The first modern treatment of the pioneer generation in English. Karnouk, Liliane Contemporary Egyptian Art Cairo, AUC Press, 1995, 140 p. ill., ISBN: 977- 424-324-2 With focus on the years after the 1952-revolution. Kesraoui, Jellal Peintres Nafs Tunisiens Tunis, 1978, Crs Productions, 122 p. ill. Presentation of 5 navistic painters from Tunis. al-Kharat, Edward - The artist Ahmad Morsi 1969 9491 Cairo, undated, 75 p. ill. Essay about Morsi's art, reproductions of som of his paintings and some of Morsi's poems. Khl, Sad - Injy Efflatoun Cairo 1993, 312 p. ISBN: 977-5344-90-5, A comprehensive biography of the Egyptian female pioneer artist Injy Efflatoun. al-Labad, Mohy al-Din - Hassan Fouad - The stream of art and life Cairo 1987, 195 p. ill. - Richly illustrated biography of the Egyptian artist Hassan Fouad.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 14

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Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 15

M'Rabet, Khalil Peinture et Identit, L'experience Marocaine. Paris, 1987, Editions l'Habermattan, 172 p. ill. ISBN: 2-85802-808-7 Presents a background for understanding Islamic and Marocon art towards culture, religion and identity. Madkur, Nazli - The women of Egypt and the devotion for art - Cairo, Dar Tadamun al-Marah al-Arabiyah, 1989, 91 p. : ill. The most important book focusing on the situation for women artists in Egypt. al-Mallkh, Kaml - The brothers Seif and Adham Wnly - Cairo, 1984, 120 p., ill., ISBN: 977-010271-7 Biography of the Wanly-brothers from Alexandria. Mallakh, Kamal & Seguini, Gamal Gamal Es-Seguini Cairo, Organisme general de l'information, 1985, 75 p. . ill. Series: Decouverte de l'Egypte contemporaine - travers les arts plastiques Biography of Gamal Es-Seguini, in French. El-Maleh, Edmound Amram La Peinture de Ahmed Cherkaoui - Casablanca, SHOOF Publications, 1976, 202 p. ill. Biography and presentation of his works, with texts in Arabic, English and French. El-Maleh, Edmound Amram & Moraini, Toni &

La Peinture Marocaine au rendez-vous de l'histoire. Rabat, 1988, Editions Espace Wfaank, 160 p. ill. Three essays in French and Arabic discussing the role of painting in the culture and history of Marocco, with presentation of the most important artists of Marocco.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 16

Mardoukh, Ibrahm - The attractive contemporary plastic art movement

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Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 17

The Museum of Modern Egyptian Art - Cairo, Ministery of Culture - 541 ,2991 , p. ill. Catalogue of the highlights from the museum's collection of the works of art by Egyptian pioneer artists of this century. Naef, Silvia L'Art de l'Ecriture Arabe : pass et prsent Genve, Editions Slatkine, 1992, 73 p. ill., ISBN: 2-05-1012241-5 Essay about the use of calligraphy in classic and contemporary Arab art. Naef, Silvia A la recherche d'une modernit arabe Genve, Editions Slatkine, 1996, 450 p. ill., ISBN: 2-05-101376-4 This book treats very thoroughly the development of modern and contemporary art in Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon. Naguib, Ezz El-Din The Dawn of Egyptian Painting Cairo, Foreign Cultural Information Department, 1992, 184 p. ill. Prism Art Series No. 6 ISBN 977-235-064-5 Egyptian Painting in the first half of this century. Naguib, Ezz El-Din & Abou Ghazi, Badr El-Din -

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Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 18

Omar Onsi : Le jardinier des apparences : The gardener of epiphanies. Beyrouth, CREE, 1985, 112 p. ill. Presentation of the Lebaneese artist Omar Onsi (1901-1969). His works is in a mixture of impressionistic and orientalistic style. Parinaud, Andr & Rizk, Joseph Abou Wajih Nahl : Pour un nouveau graphisme arabe 1952 - 1977. Beyrouth, (undated) Editions W. Asnar, 280 p. ill. Biography of W. Nahl (b. 1932). He is using modern expressionistic calligraphy in paintings, inspired by Hartung and Soulages. La peinture par les Mots Muse National des Beaux-Arts d'Alger, 1994, 184 p. ill. Essays on different aspects of painting in Algeria. La Peinture en Tunise des Origines a nos Jours.

Tunis, Muse d'Art Moderne le Belvedere (undated), 108 p. ill. Presentation of Tunisian painting since the beginning of this century. Pintores do Magreb Santiago de Compostela, (undated), Consocio Cidade de Santiago, 201. p. ill. Presentation of contemporary art from Maghreb. Pioneers of the Plastic Art Movement in Bahrain Bahrain, Contemporary Arts Association, 1984, 178 p., ill. Contemporary art from Bahrain, with texts in Arabic and English. Pocock, Ludmilla Arabesque an artist's perspective : Leyla al-Aql Farra - London, 1984, Immel Publishing, 112 p. ill., ISBN: 0-907-151-140 Presentation of Farra's paintings and pastels in a romantic and orientalistic style. Farra is born in Lebanon, but she has lived in Saudi Arabia since 1968. Pontcharra, Nicole de Cris ecrits : Rachid Korachi Bruxelles, 1991, ditions de Lassa, (unpag.) ill. Presentation of of the paintings and the works of the Tunisian artist R. Korachi. Premiere rencontre de la jeune peinture morocaine

Rabat, 1989, Editions Espace Wafabank, (unpag.) ill. Short presentation in French and Arabic about the contemporary artists of Marocco.

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 19

al-Qatmy, Badr Jsim - The figurative artist Badr Jsim Al-Qatmy - : Kuwait 1988, 70 p. Presentation of the works of the figurative Kuwaitian painter Badr Jsim Al-Qatmy. al-Rab, Shawkat -

: 5891 - 5881
The history of modern plastic art in the Arab World, 1885-1985. Baghdad, 1986, 270 p. : Ministery of culture and science. A brief history of modern art in the Arab world. al-Rab, Shawkat -

5891 - 5881 :
Modern plastic art in the Arab World, 1885-1985. Cairo, 1988, 280 p. ill., ISBN 977-01-1666-1, A brief history of modern art in the Arab world. Rachid Wehbi : Painter of the Human and Nature - Beirut, 1982, Dar al-Afaq al Jadidah, 204 p. ill. Biography of Wehbi (b. 1917). Mostly landscapes, portraits and figures. Raghib Ayyad Cairo, State Information Service, 1984, 56 p.. ill. Short monography of Ragheb Ayad, inspirator for generations of later Egyptian artists.

Red , Sleh - Features and issues in contemporary plastic art

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Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 20

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Mohamed Naghi (1888-1956): Un Impressioniste Egyptien Cairo, Les Cahiers de Chabramant, 1992, 134 p. ill., ISBN: 977-239-002-7 A very good monography of the outstanding Egyptian pioneer painter and politican Mohamed Nagi. With texts in Arabic and French. Sadq, Mohammed Rtab - My experiences with the art and life Cairo, (undated), 232 p. ill. ISBN: 977- 01-2038-3 Personal essays about Egyptian art and culture.

al-Sadr, Sad Hmid - The sculptor Ahmad Uthmn : his life and his work
Cairo, 1985, 70 p. ill. ISBN: 977-01-0553-7, The life and works of the Egyptian sculptor Ahmad Uthmn. Safa, Khall - Adham Isml : Reading in three dimensions

Damascus, 1991, 243 p. ill. Biography of the Syrian artist Adham Isml .

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 21

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Beginning of a journey of plastic art from Kuwait Kuwait, 1974, 160 p. ill. Presentation of many contemporary Kuwaiti artists

Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 22

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Short Bibliography of Modern Arab Art

Page: 23

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