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Volume 2, Issue 3 Remembrance parade

November 2008 Remembrance weekend of the best attended by ing Corps who had at-
was a busy one for Mar- the Unit in recent history. tend the Unit twice over
low Unit. Firstly on Satur- the preceding weeks to
It was a big day for Lead-
day 8 November, 14 learn Sea Cadet rifle
ing Cadet Murray who
cadets from the Unit drill. They also formed a
undertook her first duty
went to Thorpe Park. Guard of Honour for the
as Lord Lieutenant's
This day out was organ- Deputy Lieutenant dur-
Cadet for Buckingham-
ised in recognition of the ing the march past.
shire, assisting the Dep-
hard work that all of the
uty Lieutenant and Guest Finally Cadet Beazley
cadets had put in prepar-
of Honour, Lieutenant had a very important
ing for both the Trafalgar
Colonel Simon Wilkinson role, reading the names
and Remembrance Pa-
TD DL. of the fallen while the
wreaths were being laid
Able Cadets Smith and
Even though this was the on the war memorial.
Lindsay-Carlin also had
last weekend before the
duties, forming part of a All cadets, not just those
park closed for the win-
Cenotaph Guard (with mentioned above, were
ter, almost all of the
Able Cadet Smith as very smart in both uni-
rides were still open and
Guard Commander). form and drill, and every-
many of the cadets went
Apollo Review

They were joined by ca- one who attended was a

on the dead-defying Co-
lossus and Nemesis In- dets from the Army Ca- credit to the Unit!
det Force and Air Train-
The cadets and staff

then stayed at the Unit

overnight allowing time
to watch a DVD and put
the finishing touches to
uniforms before Remem-
brance Sunday the fol-
lowing day.
Those cadets who went
to Thorpe Park were
joined by a few others,
making the 2009 Re-
membrance Parade one

Pier Cellars Summer Camp

Shortly after the last ous training was a par- The week was rounded
newsletter, from Thurs- ticular favourite amongst off with a chance for the
day 24 to Wednesday 30 the cadets, giving them cadets to show off their
July, two cadets (Cadet the opportunity to learn dramatic/comical sides
Rhodes and New Entry how to move stealthily as with a SODS opera which
Hughes) and the Com- a group and then storm had to put a nautical
manding Officer at- buildings. theme on a well known
tended a Summer Camp fairytale.
There was also plenty of
Forthcoming events at Pier Cellars in Corn-
wall. In total this camp time for relaxation with a The cadets and staff had
• 26 November: Unit Management day at the beach in Looe, an excellent time and
was made up of 44 ca-
Committee Meeting (Parents and a visit to Meet the Navy hopefully the Unit can be
Supporters welcome) dets from various Units
in Portsmouth and some represented in even
• 12 December: Cadet Mess Dinner around the country
(letters to follow shortly) (including Caterham, shore leave in Plymouth. greater numbers at the
• 13-14 December: District Training
Ashington,Gosforth and camp next year!
Course (Cook/Steward, Writers/
Stores - applications to PO White) Horsham).
• 19 December: Last parade of
2008 The cadets took part in
• 9 January: First parade of 2009 Information about newsletter
numerous adventurous
• 30 January: Swimming for all If you have any comments or articles for the newsletter, please email
cadets at Handy Cross
activities, including
them to
climbing, adventurous
For more forthcoming events see training, swimming and This newsletter is published by Marlow Sea Cadets. No part of this publi- cation may be reproduced without permission of the editor. Information
activities taking part in a night was correct at time of going to print. Articles reflect the opinions of the
exercise. The adventur- writers and not necessarily those of the Marine Society and Sea Cadets.
Enrolments, promotions & qualifications
Since the last newsletter tions that they have eighteen month proba-
in July there have been a completed over recent tion at the Unit in which
number of awards for months with four getting time she has completed
the Ship's Company. badges for Communica- important courses in
tions 3rd Class and two child protection, lesson
MARLOW SEA CADETS Firstly New Entries
achieving their 3rd Good delivery and first aid.
Hughes, Roberts-Moore
Commanding Officer: S Lt (SCC) Nick Jones RNR Conduct Badges, signify-
and Beazley have been Over these eighteen
Wethered Road ing 3 years service in the
enrolled as Cadets. All months Petty Officer
Sea Cadets.
Buckinghamshire three wore their best White has taken on addi-
SL7 3TZ uniforms for the first Last but by no means tional responsibilities,
Tel: 07952 922836 time and swore the Sea least, Probationary Petty not least becoming the
Email: Cadet Promise in front of Officer Chloé White was Unit’s Training Officer,
Website: promoted to Petty Offi- responsible for organis-
Charity number: 300299
the entire Unit.
cer. This marks the end ing an interesting and
Secondly a number of
Interested in joining? of Petty Officer White's challenging training pro-
cadets gained qualifica-
Please contact us! gramme for all of the
cadets at the Unit. She
has also helped organise
training courses with
Lord Lieutenant’s other Unit’s from around
Cadet for Bucks the county, including a
fieldwork and shooting
weekend with cadets
On Tuesday 11 November, Lead- from Milton Keynes.
ing Cadet Murray attended the Well done to all those
presentation ceremony to offi- mentioned, particularly
cially be recognised as the Lord Petty Officer White.
Lieutenant's Cadet for Bucking-
This is an exceptional achieve-
ment, recognising her as the best
Sea Cadet in the county and this
Join us!
is the first time that a cadet from We are currently recruit-
Marlow has received this award ing cadets, members of staff and Unit
since 2002/03. Management Committee members at
Marlow Unit.
In this role, Leading Cadet Murray
will be given the opportunity to Boys and girls aged between 10 and
assist the Lord Lieutenant (the 18 are welcome to join the Unit as
Queen's representative in Buck- cadets and will get an opportunity to
inghamshire) and his Deputies at take part in the many activities we
engagements (particularly any have to offer.
major royal visits) throughout the If you are too old to join as a cadet
next year. but still wish to get involved in these
Leading Cadet Murray is well de- activities you could consider volun-
serving of this award following her teering as a member of the instruc-
hard work at the Unit, not least in tional staff. If you have specialist ex-
helping to instruct the New En- pertise which you can pass on to the
Leading Cadet Murray with cadets from the other cadet cadets that is excellent but if you
tries. forces receiving their awards from the Lord Lieutenant
don’t then we can provide you with
training to instruct a variety of sub-
jects. No previous experience is re-
Oxon Bucks District Trafalgar Parade quired to join our staff.
Finally our Unit Management Commit-
tee is looking for volunteers to help
Sunday 12 October saw the Oxon Bucks District Trafalgar Parade held in Aylesbury. with the crucial fundraising required
Cadets from all eight Units in the District were represented, including six from Mar- to keep the Unit afloat. Any DIY skills
low. Sub Lieutenant Jones and Petty Officer White also formed part of the Guard for would also be much appreciated here
the Guest of Honour, with S Lt Jones as the Colour Officer and PO White as a Petty as there is always work to be done
Officer of the Guard. around the building.
Trafalgar Day occurs annually on 21 October, the anniversary of the Battle of Trafal- If you are interested please contact
gar where Vice Admiral Nelson defeated Napoleon's French and Spanish fleets. the Commanding Officer using the
Oxon Bucks District Sea Cadets hold a parade each year to mark this date rotating details at the top left of this page.
around the different towns in the two counties.