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PRAYATNA ‘12 EVENTS LIST Online Events: 1. Online Programming Contest – Xecute
A set of algorithm based questions will be posted online and contestants are expected to code for it with any of the languages supported by the contest system. The rank is decided by the accuracy and fastness of correct submissions. ORGANISER SUBRAMANIA JEEVA .K CHANDRASEKAR .N CONTACT NO +91-9791420430 +91-9003288062

2. Desparado
This event will be a multiple level based hackfest. It will contain various tasks ranging from beginner difficulty till master difficulty. Sometimes one might have to look for vulnerabilities in the web based app and crack them to find the clue. ORGANISER SOUNDAR V ARAVIND .J CONTACT NO +91-9566010460 +91-9600674616

The toughness of the question increases as the level increases. ANNA UNIVERSITY.S. The questions may vary on puzzle and programming. the participant will be posted with a single question. Crack the Codex This event tests the participants’ logical reasoning skills online.C PRAKASH . Mobile App Development – FoneFrenzyy A nation-wide talent hunt for every Java Application Developer.A. ORGANISER AJIL CHARLES .S SUSHANTH CONTACT NO +91-9840226324 +91-9790832251 4.V SATHISH . CHENNAI 3. ORGANISER PRASHANTH . ORGANISER SHYAM . At each level.ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGISTS DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY MIT.Butter and Brain Online Code Hunt is a technical event in which the participants are expected to move through a sequence of levels to reach a final level.K CONTACT NO +91-9962181916 +91-9003201190 .D CONTACT NO +91-9840502565 +91-9840231513 5. provided with the theme. Bread .

Olympiact It is an online math programming event with various levels of difficulties. creativity to innovate and fluency in coding in any of the provided languages in an online programming environment. Debugging This event tests one’s ability to fix the logical and syntactical bugs in a given piece of code and make the code perform its desired function. ANNA UNIVERSITY. Onsite Programming Contest This event tests one’s knowledge of various algorithms. ORGANISER PREMANANDH . ORGANISER ARUL MURUGAN .M GANESH . . CHENNAI 6.M CONTACT NO +91-9442743968 +91-9791516449 Onsite Events -> Technical Events: 1.S CONTACT NO +91-9626758321 +91-9791081160 2.ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGISTS DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY MIT.J HARI KANNAN .

Euclid’s Desk This is a math programming event. . Participants will be assigned a scenario and will be given the task of designing a network for the scenario given.A CONTACT NO +91-9790834924 +91-9941458294 4.N CONTACT NO +91-9790058262 +91-9789897449 3.ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGISTS DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY MIT. ORGANISER ARUL MURUGAN . Select * This event will test participants’ ability to efficiently fetch data from the relational tables of a Database. ORGANISER RAJ KUMAR . CHENNAI ORGANISER LOKESH . Entangled This is an event based on computer networks. ANNA UNIVERSITY.C PRABAKARAN .M SIVA VIGNESH CONTACT NO +91-9442743968 +91-9003465037 5.R KARTHIKEYAN .

M PRAKASH . Coffee with Java This event is to prove one’s ability to design a mobile application within given short span of time using Java. Filtered papers have to be presented onsite on the day of event. CHENNAI ORGANISER ARAVIND .K JOY ARUNRAJ CONTACT NO +91-9791420430 +91-8870999683 7.S CONTACT NO +91-9788616411 +91-9003344751 . ORGANISER SANTHOSH KUMAR .V CONTACT NO +91-9840180478 +91-9940575531 6. ORGANISER SUBRAMANIA JEEVA .K. Paper Presentation Domains or topics for presenting papers will be posted. Participants will have to submit their papers or synopsis online. ANNA UNIVERSITY.R HARISH .ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGISTS DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY MIT.

Java.A SUSHANTH CONTACT NO +91-9790511065 +91-9790832251 2. DBMS.H CONTACT NO +91-8122215491 +91-9884283979 3.A YOGESHWARAN . Participant has to prove their talent in using Photoshop (Image Editing Tool). . FotoBUZZ This is all creativity. CHENNAI Onsite Events -> Creative Events 1. Networks and become an ubergeek. Hamiltonian Orienteering This is an event of exploring the technical clues to solve the puzzles. ANNA UNIVERSITY. C++. ORGANISER RAJESH KUMAR . ORGANISER SADAM HUSSAIN .ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGISTS DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY MIT. UGeek It is an event where the individual can expose their technical knowledge on basic subjects like C.

Bingo This is an event of fun. Participants have to find the exact keyword that would give the image given to them as the search result on google/bing.C VIMALESH . ORGANISER SHIKAR GOEL PRASANA KUMAR CONTACT NO +91-9840865297 +91-9003673936 6.R SATHIYAPRAKASH .K CONTACT NO +91-9790058262 +91-9626343271 5.ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGISTS DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY MIT. . ANNA UNIVERSITY. ORGANISER LOKESH .S CONTACT NO +91-9710401976 +91-9600166354 4. Crack the WHIP This is an event to explore Linux/Windows operating system. CHENNAI ORGANISER PREMADHASAN . The Bottom Line This is a techno-management event.

CHENNAI ORGANISER ARAVIND .B CONTACT NO +91-9677586118 +91-9940365925 9. Gaming Lan Gaming.M CONTACT NO +91-9791262117 +91-9789825961 8.J ADITHYA . TechZAP Participants has to prove their ability to market application software we assign them. Cyber Enterpreanur This is the platform to share your business ideas.ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGISTS DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY MIT.R RAMESH .R MADHUPALAN . . Think you can create a business empire? All you need is just a spark and a correct plan to follow your dream. ORGANISER VENKATESH . Participants compete to win here. ANNA UNIVERSITY.R CONTACT NO +91-9840180478 +91-9941818348 7. ORGANISER DEEPAKRAJ .

CHENNAI ORGANISER HARISH .ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGISTS DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY MIT.J INBASAGAR CONTACT NO +91-9952978245 +91-9677289122 . ORGANISER PRABHU .R SHIKAR GOEL CONTACT NO +91-9841608603 +91-9840865297 10. MarkUp Mania This is the web designing event which tests participants’ creativity and designing skills. ANNA UNIVERSITY.