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Fake Kia Ad Gets 5 Brazilian Creatives Banned From 2012 Cannes Festival

July 22, 2011 by Alvin Saldanha

Rate This Social Media Outrage at Hint of Pedophilia Prompted Closer Scrutiny of Moma Propaganda’s Entry By: Laurel Wentz, Claudia Penteado Published: July 21, 2011 [+] Share | Email| Reprints| Print| For the first time, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is banning agency creatives from next year’s festival after stripping independent Brazilian shop Moma Propaganda of two Lions won at the Cannes awards for apparently fake ads for Kia Motors Brazil. After the June festival, a firestorm of bad publicity swept social media, criticizing the campaign for overtones of lust and pedophilia. Automotive News, Ad Age’s sibling publication, described the two print and outdoor ads, intended to promote the Kia Sportage’s dual-zone hot-and-cold climate control feature, as comic strip-style scenarios with family-friendly images on one side, juxtaposed with racy, adult fantasies on the other, including a male teacher helping an elementary school girl. When Kia denied approving the ads, the festival investigated. "The Cannes Lions rules state clearly that if requested, proof must be provided that campaigns ran and were legitimately created for a fee-paying client," festival CEO Philip Thomas said in a statement. "Despite many conversations, Moma Propaganda have not provided the proof we require and therefore the Lions have been withdrawn." Although the Cannes festival has stripped agencies of their prizes before when ads have turned out to be fakes created to win awards, this is the first time the creatives responsible have been banned from entering future work at Cannes. The one-year ban covering the 2012 festival applies to individuals listed on the credits and affects five people at Moma Propaganda, a festival spokeswoman said.

The two awards rescinded by Cannes are a Silver Lion in the print category and a Bronze Lion in outdoor. The campaign featured two ads, "Teacher," in which a male teacher fantasizes about a little girl, and "Princess," juxtaposing the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale with an X-rated version. A Kia Motors Brazil public relations exec said the company had no comment because the marketer had not approved the campaign. At Moma Propaganda, a medium-size Sao Paulo agency owned by Rodolfo Sampaio and Fico Meirelles, neither partner returned calls, and Mr. Sampaio’s office said he was on vacation. Although Brazilians’ irresistible compulsion to create fake ads to win awards has blown up again, it’s not always an unforgivable offense in that Cannes-crazy country. Although the agency had to send back two Lions, in typical Brazilian fashion Kia Motors’ Brazilian distributor is still on Moma’s client list, along with Sherwin Williams, a shopping mall called Center Norte, Herbalife and local home furnishings store Camicado.

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July 15, 2011 by Alvin Saldanha

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The REAL India.
July 15, 2011 by Alvin Saldanha

Rate This Science and technology


Online crisis management
A web of support
Jul 14th 2011, 9:54 by A.A.K. | MUMBAI

addresses and phone numbers of people offering their houses as a refuge to those left stranded. set about creating adisaster tracker map (see picture). on social networks. Mr Sagar’s was one among many similar efforts in a country famous for its legions of computersavvy citizens. Users on Twitter." Mr Sagar recalls. meanwhile. Even before the blasts torrential rain meant that roads were clogged. but most were getting lost in the Twitter timeline. 1. a software engineer on a vacation in his hometown of Lucknow.200km to the north-east of Mumbai. exchanged important real-time updates. Facebook doubled up as a discussion forum (and sometimes got philosophical). it allows users to crowdsource crisis information. The document was created by Nitin Sagar. Barely 30 minutes after the blastAjay Kumar. which registered more than 430 entries. It carried names. many Mumbaikars turned to a familiar alternative: they posted their whereabouts.AT 6:54 pm the first bomb went off at Zaveri Bazaar. With telephone lines jammed. Ushahidi was set up by a group of software enthusiasts with the intension of collecting eye-witness accounts of election violence in Kenya and place them on a map of the country. a link to an editable Google Docs spreadsheet was circulated frantically on the microblogging site. a crowded marketplace in South Mumbai. and sought those of their close ones. 1. primarily from Twitter. The attacks added to the confusion just as millions of people were returning home from work. but it showed that online response to a crisis can be highly disciplined. In the next 12 minutes two more followed in different locations in the city. Moments after the explosions. an IT engineer in Delhi. How many people used it is unclear. The service was also used during the earthquakes in . This was re-tweeted to help funnel missed phone numbers from Twitter messages onto a single page.200km (720 miles) away. "I saw that phone numbers started pouring in at about 7:30 pm. Built on a free open-source web and mobile platform called Ushahidi. So he aggregated some of the names and phone numbers of people volunteering to help in a spreadsheet.

tweets sent at 9:30 pm about roadblocks and traffic jams were still being retweeted hours later. besides the odd vituperative tweet that Indian politicians should be shot for allowing such a dastardly act of terrorism to take place. Soon. it appears. (Ironically. which has a stand-by task force with primary focus on such calamities. hospital phone numbers and the like. Mr Kumar says that. a Wikipedia entry giving a detailed account of the incident was also up. . Replete with references.) But the online furore illustrates that people are prepared to go to great lengths collectively to ensure that information available via social media is reliable. focusing instead on re-tweeting important information. Instead. Still. #needhelp and #MumbaiBlasts. a problem that. for instance. others were helping him sift through all the tweets. social platforms have shown just how much good can be achieved. death toll. including ten people in America. a national newspaper confirmed thatthis was a hoax. indicating where people were stranded. one might think. the page caused a stir when it claimed that the blast coincided with the birthday of Ajmal Kasab. The biggest problem is telling accurate and timely information from the unverified and outdated sort. he makes sure that such information does not make it on the map. most users were content to keep their opinions to themselves. links and quotes. blood donors. when people use them prudently. including reactions from international leaders. Based on hashtags such as #here2help. And. An eager Twitter user posted a copy of the enquiry form of India’s Anti-Terrorist Squad which allegedly mentions Mr Kasab’s date of birth as 13th July 2011. the same newspaper had claimed otherwise in an article a day before. Clicking on the colour-coded dots on the map opens up a page with links to useful reports and alerts such as traffic updates." Overwhelmed by “insane traffic”. All content tagged on the page is moderated with the hope of providing useful information. Early on July 14th. Indian Express. Bloggers and users of social media set about trying to ascertain the veracity of this information. Mr Kumar flagged the map of Mumbai. is only exacerbated by the likes of Twitter. Mr Kumar contacted other volunteers from Ushahidi. This flies in the face of Mark Twain’s fear that a lie can travel halfway around the world while truth is putting on its shoes. the only Pakistani terrorist to be caught during the Mumbai attacks of 2008. Less than an hour after the blasts. or where they could seek shelter. responsible netizens co-operate to stop rumours in their tracks.Haiti and Chile in 2010. often in less than 140 characters. As the tragedy unfolded. "We read the time stamp of the information tweeted and decide if it’s stale or whether it should form part of our page.

What’s in a logo? April 17. 2011 by Alvin Saldanha Rate This The picture is of the Apollo16 Lunar Module The current generation of iPhones and Android phones have processors that are about 500 times faster than the computer onboard the Apollo Lunar Module (with the added benefit of not weighing 70 pounds). 2011 by Alvin Saldanha Rate This Slate’s article on the hoohaa over US presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s logo throws up the interesting information that the shape of the Aquafresh logo is called a ‘nurdle’. .Hello? Moon speaking? July 8.

Colloquial Editorial Note: The use of nurdle to describe the amount of toothpaste one should put on a toothbrush was probably popularized as part of an organized campaign by the American Dental Association. both which can only be explained after beers. especially as part of a large quantity (such as foam kernels used as packing material). Subjects: English. at least two ridiculous British games called nurdling. a thing of unknown name (doodad. technical moniker inside Coca-Cola for the round logo is: “roundel”. granule. apparently. thingamajig. or other small piece of a material. There are also. “ Which reminded me of the fact that the correct. . etc. pellet. Also nerdle. (in pronunciation-based spellings) a nodule. a quantity of a gel or semi-solid.What on earth is a nurdle? The Double-Tongued Dictionary offers us an explanation: ” nurdle n. A nurdle is also a play in the game of tiddlywinks and a type of batting in cricket.). a grain.

Slate’s article directs you to this delightful little flickr post: Ayn Rand called industrial trademarks the “modern coats of arms”. . I suppose because it resembles the plectrum usually employed to pluck at guitar strings. there is the matter of President Barack Obama’s campaign logo supposedly resembling the Pepsi logo.The gsk logo is. I believe. and the fact that the Pepsi logo changed after the successful presidential campaign. As the presidential gladiators ride out to battle for the most important kingdom in the world. it is interesting to see what they want you to see when you see their coats of arms. Lest I digress. known as the “plectrum”.

a senior gentleman. 2011 by Alvin Saldanha Rate This I direct your attention to Shaziya Khan’s wonderful post. April 13. with all the pride with which he usually tells me about some fabulous new thing he has acquired. I have been a Madras Cafe connoisseur for the last 45 years. pristine and flawless. and the coffee is served to us in little plastic cups. where Samta’s mum is waiting for us at the door of Madras Cafe. not sold. And what is Pervez’s bright idea? “Lets have filter coffee at Madras Cafe”. He withdraws the bill. I take matters into my hands and yank the bill from the waiter’s hand. The waiter has an expression so severe and disapproving. 2. and shoots a glance at Samta’s mum. a mere 10 minute walk from Madras Cafe. is unimpressed with the fact that I order in Tulu. and I sip at perfect South Indian coffee. a Dadar Parsi Colony boy and a Don Bosco Matunga boy …. I picked up a good friend. He knows her. but then I am South Indian and am defenceless against all idlis. and the coffee that is a world of meaning beyond its immaculate taste. from way back at HTA. So we glide over. Samta’s mum says no. I am free to admit that I have always had a soft spot for Shaziya. I am a South Indian from Matunga. you’d think I yanked the bill from Samta’s mum’s hand. as she flew in from Shanghai. so in sheer agreement with Shazia’s blog about brands being bought. the waiter. it is about Madras Cafe. featured inCampaign India. Now that I am old and Shaziya is wiser. Pervez has a bright idea. We get a seat immediately. she plans to treat us. and immediately? She wants to go straight to Madras Cafe and eat idlis. . When the bill arrives.An idli by any other name …. here are two personal stories to tell. “I got myself a filter coffee maker from Madras Cafe”. Samta Lalan. To turn a phrase she is the quintessential idli: pure. I reach for it. 1. But a couple of months ago. (Samta lives in the lane opposite to Madras Cafe). And what does the very idli grade Samta want to do. So we drive to Matunga from Sahar. And there we are. But this is not about Shaziya. I know Shaziya from many years. Being a student of Don Bosco. we order the idlis. All going to prove that Madras Cafe is a brand in the classic sense of the word: down to the minutest personal interaction. On the way back from the BMW X Series launch. But he has a broad smile for Samta’s mum. telling myself that sipping Madras Cafe filter coffee from a little plastic cup in the back seat of a top-of-the-line Mercedes is a experience that is difficult to describe adequately. and very territorial about Madras Cafe. Pervez tells me. so you are justified in saying that this is a moot point. ensconced in Parvez Damania’s S Class Mercedes. Now I love Parvez’s bright ideas: the man is a incorrigible connoisseur of the finest things in life. white. it is a relationship.

don’t give a damn about who you are. down-to-earth. Discomforts of heat. Our cup runneth over. even on Sunday mornings for this . If I ever hear a Madras cafe waiter shimmy up to me and ask that horrible question: “Is everything to your satisfaction. And it’s bought. 2011 by Alvin Saldanha Rate This . The service is there to give you want you want and leave you alone. A brusque nod. I’ll buy you a kapi at Madras Cafe anytime. no special treatment. And people queue up early. be a man – has a branding equivalent. In a word – authentic to the last. they are elevated as a unique experience! That sense of identity determines whether a brand is bought or sold. Cafe Madras GETS its own brand. Sir?” I’d complain. Shaziya. April 4. The whole take-it-or-leave-it attitude underscores their unique promise.The point I want to make is. undeniable way? Or are we building an idle brand that needs to be hard sold? That universal and unisex directive of standing tall and strong for your values – C’mon. The question to ask is are we creating an idli brand that goes about being true to itself in an in-your. and the bills with even more punctuality. at no time have I ever experienced the smothering. The waiting is on the road. no fuss. C’mon be an idli!” Salaam. no sweet nothings exchanged to make the wait pleasant. saccharine service that one expects from a ‘great restaurant brand’. brusque and brisk service are not only overlooked. crowds. It does not dilute its Café-Madras-ness. The waiters at Madras Cafe are borderline surly. Madras Cafe is for connoisseurs who want Madras Cafe. never one for conversation. Here is a direct quote: “ Stoic. simple. but will bring the food on time. not service. a quick note of the numbers. Shaziya describes it all. With joy.face. hard seats. They call you in when they can and do not entertain any urgings. and I could never do better.

Dhoni just gifted Pepsi a desperately needed shot in the arm. It just occurred to me that we are about to be deluged with a tsunami of ‘cupping’ in Indian advertising and marketing.Dency Alannah Serrao of SIES has just uploaded this charming picture of a themed rickshaw running around in Bandra. brilliant and all-too-real triumph of the World Cup is squarely in Dhoni’s …. the clean. I watched the World Cup finals from the first moment to the last with a particularly different fascination. I have nothing against the game. So yesterday. I watched as an ‘outsider’. i am not your cracker-bursting dance-in-the-streets kind of fan. . what I watched was India. on Indian soil that too. patiently. beautiful and true note. but I can’t resist: a Indian bra brand should quickly go global with a impossible-to-deny brand line: There aren’t too many with two world cups. India passed judgement on India. And I watched as India passed judgement on India. April 3. Just about everyone I know is the diehard fanatic. Jokes aside. but there it is. and Pepsi’s hands. for the semis) Yesterday. Given that Coke takes the all things bright. It may be late enough for my brain to be addled enough. But. my friend Krishnan providing explanations and commentary (Like Ram did. A hell of an admission to make at a time like this. you could put it down to a personal thing. 2011 by Alvin Saldanha Rate This I am not a cricket fanatic. I can sit and watch hypnotised for hours and I get as boisterously excited as anyone else when India wins anything cricket.

stabilise themselves. through B L Ochman’s brilliant post (see March 27 post below) I found Howard Rheingold’s brilliant article. run by glorious run. The real India. the India that can effortlessly take its place in any global council. Now. and. This is India at it best. broadsided by a potentially catastrophic loss of key wickets. Yesterday we saw an India that shamed the India we have been forced to see for many months now. Yesterday we saw the fibre of an India that no other nation on Earth can find fault with and every other nation on Earth can feel an envious admiration for. Crap Detection 101 March 28. and I don’t mean the stadiums. so pristine.India is awesome. an India that sticks its chin out at a challenge and has the intelligence and strength and gumption to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. Rheingold’s links at the end of his post . 2011 by Alvin Saldanha Rate This I first came across this concept somewhere in early 2000 at McCann when Santosh Desai was briefing us on the insight into the target audience for Sprite: teens who didn’t care for the cola hoohaa and trusted their “inbuilt bullshit detector”. It was astounding to see our doughty band of players. exultant India sent out a powerful message to the men and their minions who have blackened our headlines for months now. India has the sprezzatura to finish the match with a soaring six. I mean that not one of the 3 teams were … er … white. cheering. an India that arrives at the finals summarily dispatching Pakistan. appeared proudly to take its rightful place at the head of the global cricket council. politics and dishonesty. The winning. fighting. Yesterday we saw a First World India has been the real reason why despite the encrusted barnacles of unprincipled leaders. a sporting India. greedy ass (SriLanka when the first two wickets went down) from here till the end of the boundary and just so you don’t forget. It was ever so satisfying to see that this “World” Cup”’s final matches were fought in this part of the world. and that message was loud and clear: this is who we Indians really are. and YOU are the cancer. 1 billion two hundred million people in India alone craning their neck to watch the arc of the ball burn our name into the inky night sky. No goras running around on the pitch as if to subliminally insinuate that a real reckoning would be bereft of authenticity if white skin wasn’t showing. collect their forces. so glorious that you would never be able find the faintest trace of scams. India can make your jaw drop right to the floor. India is world-class. Did you see our coach gambolling about on the field in true Indian style? Bhaisaab. India is much more than “exotic” or “East” or “software”. pichle janam mein yeh Bharatiya tha! Yesterday we saw a clean India. India can whup your little gloating. give the world a run for its money. India the country has its place in the world today. Yesterday we saw an India that is so shining. and taking on SriLanka.

We are indeed inundated by online noise pollution. A few years later. financial information. But when you enter words into a search engine. The good stuff is out there if you know how to find and verify it. or deliberate deception. The issue of info pollution has been on my mind since at least 1994. It’s not even algebra. Becoming acquainted with the fundamentals of web credibility testing is easier than learning the multiplication tables. scams. educational resources. but the problem is soluble. I sat down in front of the circa-1999 computer with my daughter and explained that most of the books she could get from the library could be counted on to be factually accurate. The hard part. At that point. is the best protection for the knowledge commons: A sufficient portion of critical consumers among the online population can become a strong defense against the noise-death of the Internet. as always. 1954 The answer to almost any question is available within seconds.” I warned her. . and hoaxes. Learning to be a critical consumer of Webinfo is not rocket science. inept communication. I fear for the future of the Internet as a useful source of credible news. I disagree.make for a delightful look at the variety of devices available to us on the web to ascertain the beliefworthiness of what our searches throw up. now that the automation of crapcasting has generated its own word: “spamming. Basic information literacy. courtesy of the invention that has altered how we discover knowledge – the search engine. a technical term I use for information tainted by ignorance. there is no guarantee that your search will lead you to accurate information. The first thing we all need to know about information online is how to detect crap. urban legends. “You have to do some investigation before you accept anything you find online. disinfo. “Crap detection. Materializing answers from the air turns out to be the easy part – the part a machine can do. widely distributed. I personally confronted the importance of teaching information literacy to 14 year olds when I watched my daughter come of age at the same time online search engines became available. Crap Detection 101 “Every man should have a built-in automatic crap detector operating inside him. medical advice. The real difficulty kicks in when you click down into your search results. is the exercise of flabby think-for-yourself muscles.” as Hemingway called it half a century ago. Some critics argue that a tsunami of hogwash has already rendered the Web useless. when I wrote “The Tragedy of the Electronic Commons” about the infamous Canter and Siegel – the first Internet spammers. spam.” Unless a great many people learn the basics of online crap detection and begin applying their critical faculties en masse and very soon. scholarly and scientific research.” Ernest Hemingway. it’s up to you to sort the accurate bits from the misinfo. is more important than ever before.

but you wouldn’t know that at first glance. and what happens when you search on the names of the authors of those sources? Have others linked to this page. “Who is the author?” is the root question. Another. and judging for yourself. for example. .” is what I told her when she asked me how to go about investigating. If the author provides a way to ask questions.orgonce duped the Center for International Legal Studies into believing it was the Web site of the World Trade Organization. Today. tools are far more powerful today than they were a decade ago. I started collecting rules of thumb. Take the website’s design into account – professional design should not be seen as a certain indicator of accurate content. And use easywhois. but visibly amateurish design is sometimes an indicator that the “Institute of Such-and-Such” might be an obsessive loner. See if the source has been bookmarked on a social bookmarking service likeDelicious or to find out who owns the site if there is no author listed. When you identify an author. search on the author’s name in order to evaluate what others think of the author – and don’t turn off your critical stance when you assess as an example with my students today – it’s not owned by admirers of the late civil rights leader. copying and pasting. Again.“Ask a few questions and use available tools to see if you can find answers. tools – especially free and easy to use ones – for sorting the goodinfo from the badinfo. particularly when a website asks you to download something to your own computer. is “might somebody be trying to put one over on me?” When I began teaching my daughter how to evaluate the credibility of web pages. If you don’t find If so. just as it was back then. You aren’t paranoid if you suspect that some sites might even deliberately try to deceive you. In recent years. the association arranged for someone from the parody site to speak at its annual conference. as so many more people have started to rely on the web for such vitally important forms of information as news. the number of people who bookmark a source can furnish clues to its credibility. although it shouldn’t be treated as a completely trustworthy measurement. If it helps. a few years ago. and the fiasco later culminated in the faked death of the speaker/imposter.” A good question to ask yourself. Some sites insidiously cloak their real bias. More good questions to use as credibility probes: Does the author provide sources for factual claims. Accordingly. The speaker – an imposter from an activist group known as the Yes Men – offended several attendees with racist remarks. A staged piethrowing incident followed the presentation. All the mechanics of doing this kind of checking take only a few seconds of clicking. communicate. strategies. and if so. turn up the credibility a notch. turn your skepticism meter to the top of the dial. Who are these other people whose opinions you are trusting? Is the site a . who are they (use the search term “link: http://…” and Google shows you every link to a specified page). the part that requires the most work is learning to do your own judging. turn up the credibility meter and dial back the or . or add comments. searching. I use martinlutherking. less sinister but equally sobering teaching story: “The parody site Gatt. the bad news is that too many people don’t know about them. Fortunately. envision actual meters and dials in your mind’s eye – or a thermometer or speedometer.

and awards. the stakes in this detective game are high. don’t trust just one source. download a free copy of Publish or Perish software. I got good strategy advice from John McManus. As more people get their news online. and use the literacy resources atfactchecked. and more people at the site of newsworthy events have Web-linked cameras and video cameras. Use the following methods and tools to protect yourself from toxic badinfo. enter the author’s name in the scholarly productivity but I wouldn’t subtract points from uncredentialed people whose expertise seems authentic.D. In the case of people who stake their health on online medical information from a virtual community. or Ph. grants. Bill Gates won’t send you $5 for forwarding this chain e-mail. researches claims from all political factions. you could Google the author’s name. the productivity index. we’ll see more situations like the 250. revealing all the still images and videos coming in from amateur chroniclers during . making it possible to search for images tagged with those key words. the lack of general education in critical consumption of information found online is turning into a public danger. That scurrilous rumor about the political candidate that never makes the mainstream media but circulates as email and blog posts probably isn’t true. Nor would I stop at simply verifying that the claim to be a professor is valid. their economic well-being on online financial information.” Think of tools like search engines. 2009.. Broadcast and on the Wild Web”.000 “tweets” per hour that passed through Twitter during the Iranian political demonstrations of June. author of “Detecting Bull: How to Identify Bias and Junk Journalism in to triangulate a source. Although the Web undermines authority. an authentic M. like Sherlock Holmes’ magnifying glass or the crime scene investigator’s fingerprint kit. (Factchecked. For example. No. the usefulness of authority as another clue to credibility hasn’t entirely disappeared. pass them along to others. or YouTube. which analyzes scientific citations from Google Scholar according to multiple criteria. their political liberty on the news they get from Twitter. citations by other scholars. investment advice. The data you are pasting into your memo or term paper may well be totally fabricated. online services like Flickr and YouTube enabled users to “tag” photographs and video with key words.medical information. scholarly research. I would add credibility points if a source is a verified professor at a known institution of higher learning. hoax debunking sites like Snopes. Triangulation is what detectives do – try to find three different ways to test a source’s credibility. who told me “you have think like a detective. The next step: use the scholarly productivity indexthat derives a score from the scholar’s publications. and others I will mention later as forensic instruments. and the widow of the deceased African dictator is definitely not going to transfer millions of dollars to your bank account. Triangulate. The tools are only useful as the means to sleuthing out a mystery.) Know how to use online filters. Promote the notion that more info-literacy is a practical answer to growing infopollution. the medical advice you get in a chat room isn’t necessarily better than what your doctor tells’s sister site. If you want to get even more serious. Before Twitter came on the scene. Use them. honors. Again.D.

a now-famous “hashtag” – #iranelection – and for a few days flooded the world with riveting images that will probably win Pulitzers. At the height of the Iran demonstrations. then filter. The biases of trusted sources like newspapers and television need to be examined critically. As Clay Shirky has noted. thinking like an intelligence analyst is a strategy for trying to gauge the credibility of online reports about breaking news events. Although they did not start as a filter for fast-breaking news. Newstrust is trying to crowdsource the filter for mainstream as well as alternative news . alerted via Twitter. looking for patterns in the geographic location of sources (but warns against assuming that everything that resembles a pattern really is one). Ambinder recommends watching for disinformation. use Twitter’s reply feature to engage the twitterer directly. bogus rumors. apparent disinformation. some experts started talking about“crowdsourcing the filter” by growing populations of trusted editors who would collectively identify the good stuff. and automatically subscribing to that search through“RSS”means you can continue to see visual reports stream in as others upload them – in real time. people began to put together filters for doing that – and human tools for sorting the more trustworthy information. people in Iran and around the world used the Twitter equivalent of a Flickr or YouTube tag. Twitter Journalism (“Where News and Tweets Converge”). When the Iran demonstrations happened. examining your assumptions and looking for sources that contradict them. “Follow the developments in Iran like a CIA analyst. published a series of steps to take to verify a tweet. among many other tips. tweets are authentic. checking the history of past tweets by a person to see what context you might find before the claim about a news event was tweeted. Using the search facility on Flickr or YouTube enables you to see a stream of images or videos. and porn spam.CNN was displaying videos posted to YouTube. CNN introduced the images with the disclaimer that they were as-yet unverified. it’s up to the consumer of the information to decide which images. being wary of news tweets from someone with very few previous tweets or who joined very recently. checking the bio of twitterer who makes a claim. American Public Media’s Public Insight Network is moving in the direction of a crowdsourced filter. I’ve been collecting links for journalism students who want to understand the journalistic requirements of good Twitter practice from the production side. as always. As always happens when there is a high demand for separating signal from noise. along with shocking and politically inflammatory event. After the terrorist attacks in Mumbai provided both noteworthy on-the-scene reports and outright rumors.” Again. as well as those that come in from what are increasingly called “social media.” Questioning Video is all about understanding the vocabulary of visual deception that can be used to distort television news. including. torrents of contradictory reports. Marc Ambinder wrote an astute article in The Atlantic. Quite properly. As the Iran events unfolded. both informed and ignorant political arguments and. we’re in the age of “publish. The San Diego Union-Tribune called publicly for citizen reporters to use the same tags for their images of the 2007 wildfire. porn.” Just as thinking like a detective is a strategy for trying to determine the credibility of webinfo. videos.

believing or forwarding badinfo can be unhealthy or fatal. the discovery and use of knowledge might be at stake. I believe that what people know – and how many people know – matters. the issue of information literacy could be even more important than the health or education of some individuals. Nobody knows how this clash will play out. But the noise death of the Internet is something we can take on and win. Fairspin‘s community votes on stories in order for the community’s aggregate judgements to identify opinion disguised as fact and reflect the degree of political bias detected in stories from both the left and right.sources by growing a bipartisan virtual community of critical news filterers who use the same set of criteria for evaluating whether a news story exhibits bias. TheHealth on the Net Foundation has been a steady source of finding reliable/credible health information online. but the one costeffective measure that the participative have in their contest with central control is know-how. or even the whole human race. An astute medical student wrote a guide to how to check quality of medical information online. D. Intel labs’ Dispute Finder Firefox Extension “highlights disputed claims on web pages you browse and shows you evidence for alternative points of view. How much work is it to check three links before believing or passing along health information you find online? Simply Googling the name of the Dr. To me. presents more than one interpretation of events. when it comes to the shape of online media. immediatelyraises questions for those who are considering aiming lasers at their own retinas. Digital media and networked publics are only the infrastructure for participation – the cables and chips do no good unless people know how to use them. just as when it comes to information that affects political liberty. outright quackery.” The good news about the pace of medical research is also the bad news – few medical specialists can keep up with the rate of new discoveries. Berlin and Washington. When it comes to medical information. along with the latest word on cutting-edge drug trials are unsubstantiated claims. Some of the biggest problems facing the world today seem to be far beyond the ability of any individual or community. Again. find. That means that it’s possible for the collective intelligence of a committed community – and there is nothing as committed as people who are suffering from a disease – to stay ahead of all but those most dedicated individual specialists. Fundamental aspects of democracy. They even have a browser plug-in that enables you to check health information on any website against HON’s database. rumors. economic production. And the lack of know-how among the population is an asset to those who seek to put the lid back on their – our – power of expression. who tried to sell do-it-yourself eye surgery kits. for example. Resources: (Please suggest resources in comments. The collision of newly participative populations with authoritarian control is taking place every day in Teheran and Beijing. Science Direct has guest access. and I will add them below as I receive. Although large forces are at work. the critical consumer of online medical advice has a number of triangulation tools at hand. and vet them) Teachable moment: Crap Detecting Assessing the Credibility of Online Sources . And on the cutting edge of community-based filtering tools. For scientific articles. to tackle. However. makes factual claims that can or cannot be verified.C.

Meat-eaters: have claws Herbivores: no claws Humans: no claws Meat-eaters: have no skin pores and perspire through the tongue Herbivores: perspire through skin pores . shows that fruit and succulent vegetables constitute his natural food. The American Dietetic Association notes that "most of mankind for most of human history has lived on vegetarian or near-vegetarian diets. Humans are clearly not designed to digest and ingest meat. When you look at the comparison between herbivores and humans. Even on most industrialized countries.htm Although some historians and anthropologists say that man is historically Why humans are not physically created to eat meat March 25. we compare much more closely to herbivores than meat eating animals. But even with the twentieth century. external and internal. and digestive system favors a fleshless Carl Sagan’s “Baloney Detection Kit” Read more: http://www." The chart below compares the anatomy of man with that of carnivorous and herbivorous animals. the love affair with meat is less than a hundred years old.celestialhealing. The prominent Swedish scientist Karl von Linne states. "Man’s It started with the refrigerator car and the twentieth-century consumer society." And much of the world still lives that way. 2011 by Alvin Saldanha Rate This http://www. compared with that of the other animals. jaws. man’s body hasn’t adapted to eating meat.The CRAP Test Urban Legends Check quality of backlinks (links TO a site) Newstrust guide to finding good journalism online Museum of Hoaxes Urban Legends (About. our anatomical equipment teeth.sfgate.

"In the wild. but flat rear molars for grinding Meat-eaters: have intestinal tract that is only 3 times their body length so that rapidly decaying meat can pass through quickly Herbivores: have intestinal tract 10-12 times their body length. "If we weren’t supposed to eat meat than why do we?". Also. grains and fruits Meat-eaters: have acid saliva with no enzyme ptyalin to pre-digest grains Herbivores: have alkaline saliva with ptyalin to pre-digest grains Humans: have alkaline saliva with ptyalin to pre-digest grains Based on a chart by A. It’s nature. Secondly. Humans: have intestinal tract 10-12 times their body length. but flat rear molars for grinding Humans: no sharp front teeth. Herbivores: well-developed salivary glands which are necessary to pre-digest grains and fruits Humans: well-developed salivary glands. Fit Food for Men. the ADA (American Dietetic Association) tells us that "most of mankind for most of human history has lived on a vegetarian or Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. It is because we are conditioned to eat meat. Many people ask me. Andrews. animals kill other animals for food." First of all. we can easily live without eating meat and . we are not in the wild. 1970) Clearly if humans were meant to eat meat we wouldn’t have so many crucial ingestive/digestive similarities with animals that are herbivores. A popular statement that meat eaters say is. Meat-eaters: have strong hydrochloric acid in stomach to digest meat Herbivores: have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a meat-eater Humans: have stomach acid that is 20 times weaker than that of a meat-eater Meat-eaters: salivary glands in mouth not needed to pre-digest grains and fruits. with no flat molar teeth for grinding Herbivores: no sharp front teeth.Humans: perspire through skin pores Meat-eaters: have sharp front teeth for tearing.D. which are necessary to pre-digest. (Chicago: American Hygiene Society.

these animals eat just about everything and notice how unhealthy these animals look. Even circus lions have to be feed raw meat so that they will not starve to death. elephants. as I have already shown. intestine. we weren’t meant to eat meat. Animal rights issues is only one of the reasons why people decide to go on a vegetarian diet. If humans were truly meant to eat meat. the reaction of saliva in humans is more alkaline. The Chinese believe that the chi or life force in your body . a carnivorous animal will NOT eat its flesh. Therefore. rhinoceroses and so on are all vegetarians (herbivores) but look at how tough these animals are. the main reason why people go on vegetarian diet is because of health benefits. This is especially true if you eat red meat. Just imagine that cows. However. If you look at the chicken and vulture (carnivores). it is clearly acidic. Furthermore. etc.killing. The final point I would like to make on how we as humans were not meant to eat meat is this. gorillas. cooking our meat and seasoning it with salt. Meat is not good for you as it clogs your thinking. white meat has less fat compared to red meat. However. liver. While eating the stomach. If a deer is burned in a forest fire.. then we would eat all of our meat raw and bloody. The alkaline saliva does not act properly on meat. Excessive intake of fats into your body can result in having a high level of cholesterol. Overall advantages of vegetarianism You can indeed reap a lot of benefits by being a vegetarian and people have become more aware of the health benefits of being a vegetarian. Meat and seafood putrefies within 4 hours after consumption and the remnants cling to the walls of the stomach and intestines for 3-4 days or longer than if a person is constipated. we must cook it and season it to buffer the taste of flesh. If we are true carnivores or omnivores. the lion laps the blood in the process of eating the dead animals flesh. or tabasco sauce would disguise and we as humans would refuse to eat our meat in this form. And finally. not to mention their life span which is longer compared to the carnivores (meat eating animals). it tears right into the stomach area to eat the organs that are filled with blood (nutrients). When a lion kills an herbivore for food. This is my point on how we as humans are conditioned to believe that animal flesh is good for us and that we were meant to consume it for survival and health purposes. eating raw or bloody meat disgust us as humans. whereas in the case of flesh-eating or preying animals. Even bears that are omnivores eat salmon raw. If you think that not eating meat is going to make you look scrawny or unhealthy please think again. not to mention we’d be healthier. People are beginning to care more about the environment. The thought of eating such meat makes one’s stomach turn. All omnivorous and carnivorous animals eat their meat raw. goats. ketchup.

the same science that sometimes attempts to ignore the existence of a force higher than man also has proved. Vegetarian food sources (plants) tend to be higher sources of most micronutrients. that aggression levels are much higher in meat eaters than non-meat eaters! The animal instincts become more powerful every time you eat meat. if they eat a variety of fruits. grains and legumes. they still had a balanced diet. and physical (nutritional). Most spiritual people believe auras. Vegetarians get a lot of protein. leafy ones. There are a lot of misconceptions about being a vegetarian. Meat eating inhibits this. and are part of the dead carcass that goes on to the food store. which are . It is not the purpose of my dissertation to force a specific moral behavior on anyone. and fat. vegetables. fear and aggression enzymes are shot into their cells from their glands and other organs. is a slogan that I love to use to show the mental aspect of vegetarianism. everyone has their own mores which they must determine for themselves. less when you consume meat and so do the Indians with their ancient yogic principles. The three issues to consider in regard to vegetarianism are: spiritual. their life force was called prana. Another myth that needs to be clarified is the so-called lack of calcium among vegetarians. just as in humans. Fruits and vegetables have a higher vibrational aura than animal products. It is not my intention to force people to become vegetarians. Many vegetables. protein is one of the main topics of debate as a lot of people think that you can only get protein from meat. The great Tai Chi masters of China were adept at preserving their chi. However. in the laboratory. When animals are slaughtered. Kirilian photography shows us that a force field remains around dead or amputated tissue. protein. The spiritually aspiring person attempts to work on his/her self. Another spiritual aspect of being a meat eater is when one must question the necessity and the method as well as the karma of killing animals. What vegetarians don’t get is the excess protein of traditional American diet. have a good supply of calcium. They remain in the meat until the consumer ingests those same enzymes. The truth is that vegetarians suffer less from osteoporosis (a deficiency of calcium that leads to weak bones). excess that leads to kidney overload and mineral deficiency diseases. You adopt that animal aura when you eat a dead animal. vegetarianism is my answer to complete health and wholeness. The purpose of spiritual growth is to move away from the animal nature into the more human nature that God intended for us to have. It has now been scientifically proven that a balanced vegetarian diet is better compared to a diet that is taken with meat. “You are what you eat”. Again. even if some of the masters were not vegetarians. A lot of people also think that a vegetarian diet is not a balanced diet. especially green. Is it not personal evolution that the spiritual candidate is interested in? If so. However. which are complex carbohydrates. meat eating is urgently prohibited. Vegetarian diets have a proportion of three macronutrients.

which is twenty feet long. The same cannot be said for meat. the building blocks of protein. when the blood ketone level is too high. More usable protein is found in one tablespoon of tofu or soybeans than the average serving of meat! Have you ever seen what happens to a piece of meat that stays in the sun for three days? Meat can stay in the warmth of the intestine for at least four days until it is digested. when they are picked they do not release any emotions cells prior to digestion. thus indicating that meat remains undigested there for a long time. Many meat eaters believe that meat is the sole source of protein. the prime cause of it is overburdening the kidneys. Colon cancer is rampant! This is caused by the slow evacuation and the putrefaction in the colon of the remains of meat. Nutritionally. The reason for this is that there are fewer ketones (protein-digestive substances) formed when vegetable protein is digested. called acidosis. Studies show that the average American gets five times the amount of protein needed. the greatest of which is meat. breaking down the kidney cells called nephrons. compacted into a small area like the human intestine. Often. . the very thing the body needs to live a long disease and pain free life. This condition is called nephritis. the taste buds tolerate less. Most Americans who eat the wrong type of carbohydrates never recognize the high amount of complex carbohydrates required to overthrow this condition. However. Lifelong vegetarians never suffer from such an illness. Fruits and vegetables do not have emotions. it usually stays there for much longer. It does nothing but wait for passage. therefore. Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients. layer over layer. ketones cause a trace amount of nausea which one normally interprets as a decreased desire for food due to this uncomfortable and slight degree of queasiness. the quality of this protein is so poor that little of it can ever be utilized by humans because it is incomplete and lacks the correct combination of amino acids. It is a common medical fact that excess protein is dangerous. not twisted and turned. Also. Also. their intestines are in a straight run of about five feet long. Although the body calls for more food. it results in abnormally acidic blood. This abnormally high level of ketones is called ketosis and refers to the state of starvation that the body incurs due to the inability of the appetite to call for nutrition. the prime danger being that uric acid (the waste product produced in the process of digesting protein) attacks the kidneys. Occasionally this has been documented in twenty-year vegetarians! Some vegetarians claim they are more satisfied after they eat. Our Hydrochloric Acid isn’t strong enough to fully digest meat. traces remaining for up to several months.molecularly very similar to those found in humans. the alkaline-based digestive system of humans will not properly break down substantial acid substances. Tigers or lions who eat meat and grow strong on it have acid-based digestive systems. The enzymes within fruits and vegetables supply the body with sufficient nutrients that will always uphold a healthy state of mind. For many. Colonic therapists always see meat passing through in people who have been vegetarians for several years. This is the danger of the popular high-protein diet substances on the market.

And insert pics from my computer into my blog. Spanish. As a meat eater. etc. tired. This is almost unavoidable. From my past experience and research. When one removes meat from his or her diet. going vegetarian is the best thing anyone can do for their mind. Additionally. Chinese. most frozen meat is thawed and refrozen many times. including different appetizing types of wheat. and overweight. 2010 by Alvin Saldanha Rate This Thanks to Lifehacker I realised that Windows Live Writer does a great job of helping me post to my blog. out-of-sorts. had diarrhea. I am healthy. Due to the fact that I was raised on meat. Some meat (especially poultry) is frozen up to two years. and seeds. Indian. there are far more benefits to becoming a vegetarian then there are becoming or staying a meat eater. Windows Live writer to the rescue!!! August 20. French. a whole new world of eating opens up. Meat is costly and it is the most wasteful source of resources. Because I wish the best for myself. There are excellent. Meat eaters suffer more frequently from various types of food poisoning than vegetarian eaters. one can enjoy many other foods that he has never tasted because of the meat craze. When you’ve felt ill. as it is shipped and stored. I love being a vegetarian and it shows. And they can be prepared very creatively! In my opinion. so much so that statistics show that every American has had food poisoning on at least one occasion. Worse than this. Most consumers have eaten no more than five or six varieties of beans and legumes — less than 10% of what is available and grains. and maintaining a perfect weight. I have the wonderful experiences from both worlds. body and spirit. and easy to prepare vegetarian dishes that are Italian. something Scribefire won’t do in Safari and Chrome! . nutritious.Meats are frozen for a long period of times. full of energy. Mid-Eastern. Cooking and preparing vegetarian style is no more time consuming than cooking meat. As a vegetarian. or were just a little sick to your stomach. nuts. Cold temperatures do not kill all species of bacteria. I was constantly sick. no doubt you had not the slightest idea that you had been poisoned by scavengers living off the dead carcass you just ate. It costs less than half as much to eat vegetarian as it does to eat meat. it’s just second nature to want the best for others.

TEACHER: Maria. TEACHER: Winnie. ____________________________________________ 4. why do you always get so dirty? GLEN: Well. TEACHER: Millie. ' . name one important thing we have today that we didn't have ten years ago. go to the map and find North America . why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor? JOHN: You told me to do it without using tables. __________________________________ 5. how do you spell 'crocodile?' GLENN: K-R-O-K-O-D-I-A-L' TEACHER: No. who discovered America ? cl-ass: Maria.Children Are Quick ____________________________________ 1. what is the chemical formula for water? DONALD: H I J K L M N O. TEACHER: Glen. MARIA: Here it is. TEACHER: What are you talking about? DONALD: Yesterday you said it's H to O. Now cl-ass. TEACHER: Donald. I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are. _______________________________________ 7. __________________________________________ 3. WINNIE: Me! __________________________________________ 6. but you asked me how I spell it. TEACHER: Correct.TEACHER: John. give me a sentence starting with ' I. TEACHER: Glenn. ____________________________________ 2. that's wrong GLENN: Maybe it is wrong.

com/article/global-news/fake-kia-ad-5-brazilian-creatives-banned-cannes/228855/ Social Media Outrage at Hint of Pedophilia Prompted Closer Scrutiny of Moma Propaganda's Entry By: Laurel Wentz. ______________________________________ 9. your composition on 'My Dog' is exactly the same as your brother's.. 2011 [+] Share | Email| Reprints| Print| For the first time.' ________________________________ 8. 'I am.. Louie. ______________________________ 9.. my Mom is a good cook. intended to promote the Kia Sportage's dual-zone hot-and-cold climate control feature. do you say prayers before eating? SIMON: No sir. Always say. Automotive News. It's the same dog.. but also admitted it.. ___________________________________ 10. Ad Age's sibling publication. 2011 at 4:56 PM | Categories: Advertising | URL: http://wp. Millie.. Claudia Penteado Published: July 21. TEACHER: No. do you know why his father didn't punish him? LOUIS: Because George still had the axe in his hand.' MILLIE: All right. criticizing the campaign for overtones of lust and pedophilia. TEACHER: George Washington not only chopped down his father's cherry tree. Now. Simon .. . a firestorm of bad publicity swept social media. tell me frankly.MILLIE: I is. I don't have to. the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is banning agency creatives from next year's festival after stripping independent Brazilian shop Moma Propaganda of two Lions won at the Cannes awards for apparently fake ads for Kia Motors Brazil. Did you copy his? CLYDE : No. described the two print and outdoor http://adage... After the June festival. TEACHER: Now.TEACHER: Harold. what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested? HAROLD: A teacher __________________________________ Fake Kia Ad Gets 5 Brazilian Creatives Banned From 2012 Canne Festival Alvin Saldanha | July 22. 'I am the ninth letter of the alphabet. sir.. TEACHER: Clyde ..

A Kia Motors Brazil public relations exec said the company had no comment because the marketer had not approved the comic strip-style scenarios with family-friendly images on one side. but are the two sexes really that far apart when it comes to what online advertisements they both view? Surprisingly. You can draw your own conclusions. according to EyeTrackShop. proof must be provided that campaigns ran and were legitimately created for a fee-paying client. "The Cannes Lions rules state clearly that if requested. Sampaio's office said he was on vacation. creators of the world’s first eye tracking technology. adult fantasies on the other. When Kia denied approving the ads. Although Brazilians' irresistible compulsion to create fake ads to win awards has blown up again." festival CEO Philip Thomas said in a statement. the festival investigated. Reebok and Saab in hopes of finally answering. Herbalife and local home furnishings store Camicado. Moma Propaganda have not provided the proof we require and therefore the Lions have been withdrawn. neither partner returned calls. both sexes look at various online ads in the same manner. along with Sherwin Williams. using test ads from the H&M website." in which a male teacher fantasizes about a little girl. The one-year ban covering the 2012 festival applies to individuals listed on the credits and affects five people at Moma Propaganda. "Teacher. “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. in typical Brazilian fashion Kia Motors' Brazilian distributor is still on Moma's client list. including a male teacher helping an elementary school girl. At Moma Propaganda. . packages and other stimuli. Although the agency had to send back two Lions. this is the first time the creatives responsible have been banned from entering future work at Cannes. EyeTrackShop enlisted 100 participants. does gender play a significant role in the way consumers look at ads. a festival spokeswoman said. The campaign featured two ads." Although the Cannes festival has stripped agencies of their prizes before when ads have turned out to be fakes created to win awards. The two awards rescinded by Cannes are a Silver Lion in the print category and a Bronze Lion in outdoor. "Despite many conversations. Below." juxtaposing the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale with an X-rated version. find EyeTrackShop’s visual attention patterns and visual fixation order for the H&M website test. In a recent study conducted in Norway. it's not always an unforgivable offense in that Cannes-crazy country. and "Princess. with only a few differentials. Does gender really play a role in the way consumers view online ads? We all know the old saying. juxtaposed with racy. a shopping mall called Center Norte. a medium-size Sao Paulo agency owned by Rodolfo Sampaio and Fico Meirelles. and Mr. over 2 days.

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2011 So you want to work in an ad agency? I sometimes get notes and phone calls from BYU kids that heard from someone that I work at CP+B.any external agent(brother or father of the gal) comes into play and break the legs of the boy. XXXXX XXXXXX wrote: Dove ruins kitty’s nap. Of course. I was on a role and just wrote this latest kid a novella. Moving on. 2011 at 6:16 PM | Categories: Aha! | URL: http://wp. WARNING: if this doesn't make you go to sleep then you may need to go into advertising.swf . second law: the rate of change of intensity of love of a girl towards a boy is directly proportional to the instantaneous bank balance of the boy and the direction of this love is same to as increment or decrement of the bank balance.** On 06/01/11 3:31 **Note: This post and blog is my own personal thingamabob. third law: the force applied while proposing a girl by a boy is equal and opposite to the force applied by the girl while using her sandals AQ Working in an ad agency Alvin Saldanha | July 8. since I can't sleep tonight anyway. Thought it might make for a blog post if you're having trouble sleeping too.yimg. Not CP+B official communication of any sorts. 2011 at 5:51 PM | Categories: Aha! | URL: http://wp. Alvin Saldanha | July 8. From Yahoo eric forsyth's posting place June 1.

because. it makes sense. chlorophyll brand & communications consultancy. 000 hours. We need not question how he arrived at the figure. explains his reasoning in this month’s blog 10. As human beings.000 hours of | Thanks for flying with WordPress! Manage Subscriptions | Unsubscribe | Reach out to your own subscribers with WordPress. 2011 (2 days ago) filed under Advertising. mind or spirit (though they are not water-tight compartments by any Kiran Khalap’s Blog: The secret ingredient in brands? A four-letter-word By Kiran Khalap on Jul 4. there are three arenas where we can strive to be masters: in body.) . co-founder. India Kiran Khalap. if we apply common sense. Malcolm Gladwell estimated that to master any field you needed 10. In his book “Outliers: The Story of Success”.Add a comment to this post WordPress.

Time.. Harley Davidson) versus the brands we dig (Apple. Born 1903. “I can’t draw badly even if I wanted to. perform kapalbhaati or praanaayaam in front of the TV and get rid of its diabetes/cancer/asthma. Ditto the business world: we want our businesses to become brands. That is.time is no longer an ingredient of success...overnight (Miracle!). “What do you find unscientific about spiritual practice? To become a physicist you have to study objects for 25 years. Apple. you are so out of sync. By a strange quirk of fate. Mumbai. The great Indian middle-class wants to follow Babas. if you wish to define success in market cap (35 years after birth.” Hmmm.maan. the more desperate our search for miracles (described as a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency).. explains the difference between scientism and science to dogmatic scientists (my interpretation). In one case you use electron microscopes. but that ridiculous and laughable notion we will deal with some other time.. overnight (Miracle!). look at the brands you dig (Absolut. the master said I must practise each judo throw 1..) . (This impatience includes human beings attempting to become brands.. Harley Davidson... so that the body no longer asked the brain how to do it. Overtook Microsoft in market cap in 2010.. Born 1879. The body must do Ippon Sio Nage (Stomach Throw) as naturally as it breathed. Zara.” Unforgettable! Ken Wilber.At the dojo I went to in become a seer you have to study your self for the same number of years. Francis Newton Souza. First advertised 1981.” I can hear the young readers say. the enfant terrible of Indian modern art. in another you use your own awareness.both life and business are changing.” Stands to reason. The faster our lives get. probably the greatest living spiritual interpreter. Khalap. 000 hours. happened to spend his last Christmas evening at my home in Colaba. you old fogey. Diesel).. Born 1976.. “maan.000 times. The four-letter-word everybody wants to transcend and/or leap over/bypass and/or wish away in life and in business. no? 10. hold IPOs and make megabucks..drawing is now part of my metabolism. Absolut. Kiran.) “Oh come on. Ours are not brands that took too many years..

India (36 years after birth). A journalist called Matt Haig wrote two books called Brand Success and Brand Failures in 2004. we will forgive him his confused understanding of brands per se: he regularly mistakes Cause and Effect. Of what. In 2011. Ten. Born 1978. in 80 countries. it admits it has and carries on. its new Indian editions are out in 2011. Unchanged by time. It does not cheat. but it's one that everyone creates and consumes frequently and it's not as boring as it sounds. For instance. To make the best use of the text you encounter and generate on your own. not a cause. By Adam Dachis Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Text Text isn't the most glamorous type of media on your computer. In Spain. . exactly? Of following your heart in the same way for many years: that is what a brand is.Zara. to be exact. Trust in brands is an effect. it keeps innovating to satisfy its loyal customers. That’s how human beings transcend themselves. Not by looking for miracles. including Delhi. all around the world.(33 years after birth. Born 1975. even if it stumbles. In Italy. In 2011. That’s how great brands transcend time. including India. Diesel. consumers and their sons and daughters and their grand children and great grand children become loyal to the brand because it is loyal to itself. 200 stores.) I guess that is more than twice the number of average years of its target audience. Since he is not a brand specialist. there some tips and tricks you should know. it pursues its vision over decades. Over time.

) 8. PDFTextOnline will just give you the plain text you're looking for. too. Windows users can try Text Mining Tool. andPlainClip will get the job done on Mac (although there are more expensive.10. Text Scrubber is a good option for Windows. (And you might pick up a couple of other handy tricks along the way. Clean Up Unwanted Formatting Copying and pasting text gets to be problematic when that text is styled even slightly. Text cleaners can remedy that problem. You copy a quote from a web site and suddenly it's twice the size of the text in the document you're writing. All you need to do is upload a file and wait. but it ends up in your clipboard a little bit mangled (which is probably not what you were hoping for). but when the time comes when you need to rename a whole bunch of files you don't want to be doing it manually. Alternatively. more robust options like CleanText and TextSoap). Whitson's automation guides for Mac andWindows will get you up and renaming without writing a single line of code. 9. this is often annoying. While you may want to copy the style from time to time. . While there are plenty of downloadable tools that are designed for batch-renaming of files. Batch-Rename Files You may not have to do it often. Easily Pull Text from PDFs PDFs generally have text you can copy.

Finding and replacing text across multiple documents (or just one). The problem is. . but if you're just looking for a font used for text on a web page you should grab a handy bookmarklet called WhatFont. Identify Unknown Fonts Text is sometimes just text. take a look around Snipt. but with the right font it can be beautiful. managing your to-do list. Tools likeWhatFontIs. Identifont. 6. If you want to find more. emptying a text file.7. taking notes. a public repository of handy coding and command line text snippets. Make Quick Formatting Changes and Alterations via the Command Line Standard desktop applications and webapps are all well and good for basic text operations. unless you have a database of fonts in your head you're not going to know what's what. more complex changes on a large scale you're going to want to turn to the command line. andWhatTheFont can help you find an answer when your text in question is an image. are just a few of the many ways the command line can help you work better and faster with text. but when it comes to making serious.

If you want to be somewhat practical you can also make an ASCII flow chart. or art made out of plain ASCII text. Sometimes you find text in an image. but last year we took a look at thefive best text-recognition toolsand voted ABBYY FineReader as the winner. . Add Some Security and Have a Little Fun with ASCII ASCII is a type of text character encoding. image. or even a Quicktime movie. If you want to get in on the fun. But ASCII isn't just for fun. making manipulation difficult. Recognize Text That Isn't Exactly Text Not all text comes in an easily copy-able format. 4. if you just need to be able to search text in an image you can do that and manage all your notes with Evernote. You can also use it to hide your email address from spam bots or even beef up your passwords. Alternatively. but you're probably more used to hearing about it in terms of ASCII Art. there are plenty of online tools tomake an ASCII portrait. There are plenty of options out there from translating image-based text into actual text.5. and that's where optical character recognition can help.

if all you want to do is read you'll want to start using one of these services. and it's even built in to some RSS readers (like Reeder). a desktop. iPhone. As far as your text goes. there are several syncing note-takers for Mac. and a smartphone.3. Readability can simplify just about any page to make it more readable. Of course. Well. However you go about it. Make Web Page Text More Readable You may like the content on a particular web site but not all the images and ads. Services likeInstapaper and ReadItLaterprovide similar functionality. 2. we're particularly fond of Simplenote as it makes text capture and synchronization really easy. there are plenty of tools to help you out. Keep Your Notes in Sync Across Multiple Machines and Devices You have a laptop. a tablet. That poses a data problem. syncing your text files ensures you always have them and they're backed up by virtue of being in the cloud and on several of your devices. When all you're really after is the text. Windows. but it's not uncommon these days to use multiple machines and devices productively. . andAndroid. Whatever you use. maybe you don't have all of those or maybe you have more. in that you have to keep said data in sync on everything you use.

Whether you type a lot or a little. be sure to read our comprehensive text expansion guide. Refer a Friend and EARN Rs. or just want some really good tips. implementing text expansion is an enormous productivity booster that you won't be able to believe you ever lived without. the author of this post. on Twitter and Facebook. like ". Got any other awesome text manipulation tips and tricks? Share 'em in the comments! You can follow Adam Dachis. Twitter's the best way to contact to your adressbook. Text Expansion Text expansion is a simple concept: you type something small.1. Newsletter not displayed correctly? Here is the online version. If you're new to the concept. like "Lifehacker". 100 Refer A friend Today's Deal Vote for Deals How it Works (55% Off) Rs. Worli (Rs. Please add contact@newsletter. too.sosasta. There's pretty much no other trick that'll save you more time or from more mistakes.280 Value) .125 for a 4D Movie Experience at Orama 4D Theatre.lh" and it automatically expands to something larger.

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ANA pilots. ANA's maintenance crews will perform typical ground servicing Sincerely. fit checks of airplane jacks and maintenance hangar stands. The week-long service ready operational validation (SROV) will simulate in-service operations across several airports in Boeing .youtube.for the 787 Dreamliner's entry into service. We've also updated the 787 Design Highlights and launched a new feature with photos and video of the 747-8 Freighter's visit to Cargolux in Luxembourg. Check out the official Boeing YouTube Channel at:http://www.twitter. will fly a 787 on actual airline routes in Japan using airline dispatch and flight rules.newairplane. Check out all of this new content athttp://www. See highlights of the 787's service readiness validation at http://www. towing and refueling the airplane and other routine maintenance This marks the 787 Dreamliner's first visit to Asia and is an important milestone for the airplane as it gets closer to first delivery.newairplane. together with Boeing. Follow us on Twitter at: http://www.