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The Master's Words...

"Discover that you are bliss! We are by nature blissful Beings! Our thoughts are mere
bubbles that rise and fall at random without a linear relation between them. But we
continuously link our thoughts to form a shaft of pain or pleasure. This process is the root
cause for all our suffering. If we can un-clutch ourselves from forming this shaft and allow
the bubbles of thoughts to naturally rise and fall, we will discover that our suffering is purely
our own making, and our true nature is pure bliss!"

Be un-clutched, be blissful!

Your entire belief in rationality and logic is based on the premise that your thinking is
sequential and it follows a pattern. This is a lie.

Buddhists say mind is a monkey. That's very true. Your thoughts are not sequential. Your
thoughts are independent of each other. They are not connected. They are illogical and
irrational. They are like the bubbles in a fish tank which appear connected; but there is no
connection between one bubble and another. They are all independent.

Just try this. For a few minutes, truthfully, write down all your thoughts as they occur to you.
When you read what you have written again, it will appear to you that what you have written
is a madman's diary. Nothing will be connected, nothing will seem logical. You would have
jumped from past to present, from future to past, all with no logical connection whatsoever.

It is only when you link thoughts to one another, when you try and provide a logical and
rational sequence to thoughts with the help of your mind, you invite suffering. The
pleasurable experiences or painful experiences that you have 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 2
years ago and yesterday and today are all independent of each other. They are
unconnected. Yet you try and fit them in a pattern and then expect that pattern to repeat.
This expectation leads to disappointment and all suffering.

Each thought that you have comes after another only when you have renounced the first
one. Unless you renounce the thought of sitting, you cannot stand up. Unless you renounce
the thought of standing, you cannot walk. This tendency to link thoughts and form a pattern
is what creates your value systems and beliefs, your samskaras, the root cause of all your

It is this pattern woven by the mind and not the ground reality that you experience, which
drives your life. Connected thoughts are the foundation of all illusions and suffering. Once
you drop the connection between thoughts, you can go to the source of thoughts, the truth
of who you are, where you come from.

When you drop the connection between thoughts, you will then realize the futility of that
connection except in causing you suffering. When you realize that thoughts arise in you at
random and not in any sequence and are always unconnected, you then drop into the
present. You become unclutched, you become free. You then regain your Self.
Bliss attracts Fortune!

The very title, Bliss attracts Fortune is so beautiful. You may wonder: ‘Fortune can bring us
bliss; how can bliss bring us fortune?!’

In India, when any new thing is started, be it a business or a construction or something to do

with education, the first thing that we do is, sit down for a few moments, close our eyes and
be in a meditative mood; we try to bring about some kind of an Energy play or
transformation inside us. Of course, over the years, this has become a prayer and a ritual;
that is a different issue. But the first thing that we try to do is, sit down and try to kindle the
Energy flow in us.

When the Energy flow in us becomes fulfilling, it has the property of influencing the outer
world incidents. Whether you believe it or not, accept it or not, like it or not, want it or not,
you are deeply connected to Existence; you are an integral part of Existence, not an
independent island as you think. Every subtle movement or subtle thought in one part of the
Universe causes a counter-effect at that same moment else where in the Universe.

Our thoughts and Energy flow have the capacity to create and attract incidents and people
of the same nature. It has been proven by a scientist in Japan that our thoughts can affect
the chemical structure of a mere glass of water. Then just imagine, how much our thoughts
can affect our body and mind, which is made up of blood? Our thoughts have the capacity to
affect the seas. Be very clear: All the so-called natural calamities are nothing but the effects
of global negative thoughts.

From young, we have been trained in ‘Mathematics logic’, never in ‘Existential logic’.
Mathematics logic is very straightforward and should be applied only to things where it is
appropriate. In matters concerning life and relationships, mathematics logic will cause only
chaos. With it, we will always look to conclude with a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ judgment. There is
something beyond and more deep than this and that is Existential logic. This comes with a
deep understanding and flowering from within.

Your thoughts and Energy directly affect your body, your cell structure, your decisions, your
capacity to fulfill your decisions, the outer world incidents, even accidents. Currently, you
are always centered in either greed or fear. Every action that you do is out of either desire or
fear. It becomes very easy for others to exploit you because of this; you become very
vulnerable. You create a mental setup that creates and attracts similar incidents to you. You
also corrupt your Energy flow with this.

If you can change your mental setup from this type, to one of Bliss, or Ananda, then your
Energy flow will start brimming and your thoughts will be much clearer and more in the
present. When you do this, you have every power to control the outer world incidents
because you and Existence have a very deep connection at the Energy level. This is the
thread that you need to catch in order to understand that Bliss attracts fortune. When you
are blissful, when your mental setup is not one of worry, fear and greed but one that is in the
present, always joyful, you will automatically attract all good things to yourself.
Let you understand this and be one, in, with and radiate Nithyananda, Eternal

Drop the goal, enjoy the path!

Guru Poornima is the day when we offer our gratitude to all the Enlightened Masters who
have lived on Planet Earth. Guru is one who dispels the darkness that is your ego and brings
in light. Gu is darkness and ru means dispeller.

What is ego? According to the Upanishads, as long as you work with ego, you will think that
life has got a purpose and run behind the purpose. When you realize the beauty of the
purposelessness of life, you have dropped your ego. Guru is the one who makes you
understand the purposelessness of life. Whatever you think as worthy now, are not the real
worthy things. A man with ego searches with purposes and misses reality. He misses the
beauty of Brahman or Existence.

Death clearly shows that whatever mind you lived with has no real existence. When you
realize the purposelessness of life, a new Consciousness will start blossoming in you. The
moment you experience that there is nothing to be achieved and that the diamonds you are
protecting are not diamonds but mere stones, and that all your great things in life are mere
toys, you will understand the purposelessness of life. You should understand that money is
not the bliss represented by the thousand-petalled lotus.

The real purpose of life cannot be understood by ego. When the ego is dropped, you will
understand the Divine purpose of life, the Leelas or the Divine play. You will then enjoy the
whole drama! If you keep thinking that life has a purpose and wait to achieve something,
you will miss life itself. Life itself is the path, not the goal. When you have a goal, you will run
and when you run, your feet will not touch the ground and you will miss the beauty of
Existence or nature. When you drop the goal, the emphasis will be on the path.

When you understand the purposelessness of life, you understand the meaning of living.
Until then, you are just living dead. A person in coma lies in the hospital bed. A person who
walks on the road is also in coma but walking, that’s all. Both of them live without the proper
Consciousness. Guru is the one who makes you realize this Truth or state of yours. The
meaning of 'living' is the meaning of life or Existence.

A scientist is a man who creates a formula to reproduce something that he has discovered in
the outer world for others also to experience. A Master is a man who creates a formula to
reproduce something that He experienced in the inner world for others to experience inside
them. He creates a formula for others to experience the Bliss or the Eternal Truth that He
experienced in His own Consciousness.

Sacrificing one’s life for the sake of the goal is not the way to live. If you live this way, only
the payday will be sweet. Life has to be lived with satisfaction every moment. Else every
time you achieve any goal, you will only repent that you have wasted life on something
insignificant. Drop the goal and enjoy life. Also, add the flavour of meditation and service to
your life. Meditate on this teaching again and again. The Truth will dawn on you and the
Nithyananda (Eternal Bliss) state will flower in you - the state which is the very meaning of

My love and blessings to you to reach the state of Nithyananda or Eternal Bliss!

Responsibility - the way to expand!

When you live with the attitude that you are responsible for everything, your whole life will
change. When you take up responsiblity for everything that happens around you, you will
start expanding.

Expansion is the only growth; contraction is death. The more responsibility you take up, the
more you will expand and grow. You will become a leader. Most of us wait for the status
to come and then take up the responsibility. Be very clear - Only if we take up the
responsibility, the status will come! People who wait for the status will not take up
responsibility even after they get it. They will simply find another reason or excuse, that's
all. An ordinary sweeper in an organization who takes up responsibility and performs his
tasks can inspire an entire organization into becoming more responsible. The person who
passes the buck and relaxes will never progress significantly in life.

Responsibility is a Consciousness. The moment you feel responsible for what is happening
around you, that moment the Divine Energy will rush into you! These are all basic secrets of
Life that I am giving you.

As long as you are self-centered, you will be nothing more than a blocked bamboo stick that
serves only to carry the corpse. When you shed your ego and stand up with responsibility,
you will become the hollow bamboo that serves as a flute! Like how the air that enters the
flute leaves it as music, the air that enters you will flow as Energy! A cognitive shift will
happen in you. Your mental setup will change.

When you work with no feelings of responsibility, you will work and feel like a slave. When
you work with responsibility, your capacity will expand and you will flower and radiate
Energy. Your worries and sorrows will dissolve and all unfinished work will get finished.
Umpteen excuses can be given for dodging responsibility, but they will remain poor excuses.

With responsibility, a new kind of joy will engulf you. You will become a natural leader and
life will become a celebration! There is a beautiful story on Buddha: It is said that when
Buddha goes to beg, he would appear as a King and the kings who gave him alms would
appear as beggars! Seeming like a beggar or a king is not in the property that you hold but
in the state that is within you. When you take up responsibility for the entire Cosmos, you
will expand and look like a leader!

Feeling that you are responsible is the greatest quality you can possess. When you stand up
with a sense of responsibility, a new intelligence will awaken in you!

My love and blessings to you to reach the state of Nithyananda or Eternal Bliss!

Surrender - The ultimate technique

There was once a bank manager who used to take all the cash to his home everyday and
bring it back with him the next day morning. He did this for a month and could not do it any
more. He found himself trembling all the way while driving back home and was not able to
sleep at home with all the money in his custody. He finally wrote a letter to the higher
authorities asking to be relieved of the job, citing the reasons for the same. The authorities
wrote back saying that even if the money was lost, he would not be blamed and that he
could continue with his job. The manager slept peacefully from that day onwards. What is
the difference in him now? He is doing the same job, but why is the fear and the sorrow not
there any more? It is because responsibility has shifted to the higher authorities, that’s all.
This is what is Surrender. Do your duty, leaving the responsibility to Existence.

You need not surrender to God or to any Guru. There is a Life Force conducting this world. It
is this Life Force that is causing the breath that goes into you to come out and the food that
you eat to digest in your system. Simply surrender to this Life Force. The work that you do in
your lifetime for your survival is lesser than the work required to convert a handful of food
into blood inside your body. A research was once conducted to simulate the conversion of
‘one piece of bread into blood’. They found that the machinery required for it led the
industry to extend to 3 kilometers! Now do you understand the kind of mechanism inside
you? Do you think that the Life Force that sustains this mechanism cannot sustain your life?
It very well can. Only we don’t have faith.

A seed has to surrender to the soil to blossom as a tree. It has to have faith in the soil and
allow itself to die or to rupture in order to blossom as a tree. In the same way, we have to
place our faith in Existence and surrender ourselves so that a new life, a life of Nithyananda
(Eternal Bliss) with good health can blossom. How do we do it? Should we spend long hours
at the temple? No. Every time you feel heavy in the heart or mind, just tell yourself that the
Life Force that runs the world will take care of you also and move on, that’s enough. You will
see that all your depression and worries disappear and creativity blossoms in you. Surrender
is your shortcut to God! It is the ultimate technique to merge with Existence.

My love and blessings to you to reach the state of Nithyananda (Eternal Bliss)!

Feel Gratitude and only that.

Man is born out of Divine Energy. Man is made up of 5 major elements, namely Earth
(Prithvi), Water (Jala), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu) and Ether (Akasha). Man emerges from these 5
elements, lives in these elements and goes back to them – the original source. Cosmos or
Existence or Prapanja is made up of these 5 elements. All the 5 elements are different forms
of the same Energy called God or Self or Atman. Muslims call it Allah, Hindus call it Brahman,
Christians call it God and so on. If we consciously feel a sense of continued gratitude
towards this Cosmic Energy, we will be able to feel ourselves being taken care of in its very
lap. We will feel ourselves being cradled by this Energy, like a child is by the Mother.

Our prayer should be one of heart-felt gratitude and nothing else. Life itself is a gift
to us from God. Did we work for God day and night and earn this Life? No! We tell God that
we want a diamond ring, but don’t thank him for giving us a finger to wear it. While asking,
we ask in a very detailed fashion, but while thanking, we thank very superfluously. We
always feel that something that we don’t have is as big as a mountain without which we
cannot survive, but when we actually get it, somehow it becomes too small a thing to thank
God for. We simply take it for granted. After every gift that we receive, the mind says ‘What
next?’ We have no faith in or gratitude towards the Cosmic Energy that is actually taking
care of us every minute.

We need to adopt a life of nothing but gratitude. Thanking God does not mean visualizing
empty space and thanking it in a jiffy! You need to start from thanking the people who built
the hospital in which you were delivered from your mother’s womb! People, plants and
animals are all a part of God or Cosmos. If you feel only gratitude, there will be only
happiness in your life. When there is true happiness in your life, good fortune will prevail.
True Happiness or Ananda has the property of attracting good fortune.

My love and blessings to you to reach the state of Nithyananda (Eternal Bliss)!

Dont Worry, be happy!

What is worry? Either of the 2 things happens all the time in us – Speaking outside as in a
conversation or speaking inside us that is thoughts. Some of these thoughts irritate or dis-
ease us. This is what is called worry. If the cause for the worry lies outside, there should be
at least one man free from worry? No! Worry seems to be a universal quality in man. One
man says “I am worried because I am not blessed with a child” while another man says “I
am worried because of my child!"

A survey was conducted on the internet to determine the most commonly found disease of
this century. The results showed that the disease was not cancer or aids but was depression
or worry. Anything from outside can be said as the quantity of your life while anything from
inside is the quality of your life. The chatter that goes on inside you sometimes disturbs you
and this is worry. The ‘uneasiness’ due to some of these words inside you becomes a
‘disease’ in you.

You are able to control the words that you speak outside is it not? If you don’t control your
words, society will control them! Why then are we not able to control the words spoken
inside us? When words that have volume can be controlled why cant words without volume
be controlled? If you tell yourself that nothing can be done about the worries in you, it is
again another set of words spoken inside you which becomes a worry.
Words are very powerful. When I utter the word ‘cow’, immediately, a figure with 4 legs, 2
horns and one tail appears in your mind. A simple 3-letter word can bring a whole image to
your mind. Words are that powerful. When we don’t respect words and use them
wrongly inside us, the inner chatter starts and worry takes root.

How to change worries is the question now. Follow this technique: Watch the words that you
speak inside yourself (in other words, watch the inner chatter). Whenever the same words
don’t seem appropriate enough to be spoken outside, simply break them and throw them
apart. Every time you remember this technique, start practicing it that very moment! Your
worries will slowly disappear.

My love and blessings to you to reach the state of Nithyananda (Eternal Bliss)!

Dance your way to God!

Enlightenment is nothing but breaking all our conditionings and getting in touch with the
innocence that we have lost in the process of growing up. The path to Enlightenment or to
the Divine is not difficult like how it is made out to be. First of all, the Divine is not a goal as
is understood by most of us. If we look at it as a goal, we are in effect robbing it of its joy.
The path itself is Divine!

There are several meditation techniques to fall in tune with the Divine. One such technique
is Dance, in the literal sense of the word and even otherwise! Quantum physics has proven
that the atom is made up of elements that are static and moving at the same time. A picture
taken of this phenomenon reveals the resemblance it bears to the dancing deity - Nataraja.
The whole of Cosmos is actually dancing with joy! Enjoying and celebrating every moment!
Only man is still holding on to his prestige and ego, which are nothing but the labels stuck
on him by society. Dance is the ultimate technique to break free of the ego, to break free
from the identity that man holds close to his heart. Dance is the outward expression of the
inner joy when you fall into the joyous path. Just like when you clap your hands and the birds
fly off from the trees, so also, when you sing and dance in the name of the Divine, your
karmas (past unfulfilled actions) fly away from you; you are liberated from them. Children
need not be taught to dance, they already are that way! Their inner intelligence knows how
to balance their Energy on the centre of their Being and that is why they are so joyful all the
time. But we are unable to handle them in that state and so we suppress them and make
them dull.

Society tries you to put you either on the path of fear or on the path of greed. When in fear,
you walk your way to God; when in greed, you drive or run your way to God; when in joy or
bliss, you dance your way to God! The path becomes ecstatic. Every moment and every
breath becomes a joyful meditation. Don't forego the path for the goal! Music and dance are
the simplest meditation techniques that take you to the state of Nithyananda - Eternal Bliss.

My love and blessings to you to reach the state of Nithyananda or Eternal Bliss

The Five elements - an Understanding

Existence or Cosmos is made up of the five elements that are – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and
Ether. All these elements are different forms of the same Existential Energy which we call
God or Jesus Christ or Krishna or Allah and so on.

The basic thirst of man is to find a connection with this Existential Energy. All religions have
been born with the idea of finding a connection with Existence through the five elements.
Let me explain how this is achieved:

Take the first element – the Earth element. Idol worship is nothing but trying to find a
connection with the Existential Energy through the Earth element. Idols are made up of
earth or clay. Through worshipping idols, we are actually trying to find a connection through
the Earth element.

Here, one point has to be clearly understood: We are not worshipping the idols; we are
worshipping through the idols. If this point is understood, there will not be so much of fight
and fanaticism over forms and idols. The Energy that everyone is worshipping is one and the
same. This has to be very clearly understood.

Next, we come to the water element. It is a spiritual practice to take bath in sacred rivers.
This is actually a technique to try to realize the Existential Energy through the water

Next, we perform so many fire rituals at our homes and temples. This practice is to realize
the Existential Energy through the fire element.

The next element is the air element. Chanting mantras is nothing but trying to connect to
the Cosmic Energy through the air element. When we chant, we are playing with our breath,
which is nothing but the air element.

Finally, we come to the element which is the subtlest form of the Existential Energy – the
Ether element. Meditation is nothing but trying to connect to Existence through the ether

The earth element is the first plane of tuning ourselves to the Energy and ether is the final
plane of tuning. We can start with the earth element – idol worship, but we tend to get stuck
there and there starts the problem. You can start education by going to kindergarten school,
but you cannot stay in kindergarten, is it not?! In the same way, you can start with idol
worship so that you have something tangible when you try to connect to the Cosmic Energy,
but you have to ultimately graduate from it and start meditating to fine tune yourself with

Once you start doing this and experiencing the joys of meditation, you will find yourself
expanding and exploding in 360 degrees. Ritualistic worship always draws tight boundaries
around you. It keeps you in a closed circle. But once you have had a taste of meditation, you
will start becoming an expanse. Then, when you go back to rituals, you will look at them
from a different dimension and enjoy them even more! When this happens, growth has
happened in you.

If you understand the underlying concept of the five elements, you will be able to enjoy
Existence continuously instead of getting stuck in different forms of worship. So, just try to
understand this and start resonating with Existence! Be Blissful!

Words-Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Imagine for a moment that the first half of this column is empty. Imagine that the
tape you are listening to is silent and has no content for just two minutes. What

Your mind races. Thoughts flood you. What has happened, you wonder, what has
gone wrong? Why are there no words?

Nothing has gone wrong, nothing at all. Your mind cannot tolerate silence; that is all.
Thoughts and words are a call of your Consciousness telling you that your center is

There are two kinds of people. One kind is the people who follow words and seek
meaning behind the words. Another kind is those people who ignore the meaning
and seek the source of thoughts. The first kind is the Commissar and the second
kind is the Yogi.

Seeking words and thoughts cannot fulfill you. When you seek words you move into
the outer world. You move into the space of sense objects, which results in pain or
pleasure. However many times you may experience the physical or sensual
pleasure led by your thoughts, you still keep seeking the same pleasure. What one
calls karma, is really the effect of these unfulfilled desires.

The meaning of thoughts and words is not to provoke movement towards these
external experiences that can never be fulfilled but to move towards the center, the
core of your being. Only there you will find the comfort in silence.

Words soothe your superficial mind the same way as scratching an itch seems to
provide some comfort. In actual fact it makes the problem worse. It is the same with
words. More words you use more confused you are. Be careful of all these scholars
and philosophers who use highly complex language and words to propound their
theories. They themselves do not understand what they are saying, so they are
forced to confuse others by using complexity as a tool.

Whenever you ask questions, more questions arise. This is seen as the measure of
intelligence in our system of education. When one really understands, one realizes
two things. Firstly, one realizes that questions and answers do no lead to any
understanding at all. Secondly, one realizes that understanding happens when
thoughts cease.

This stillness, this silence leads to fulfillment.

Truth resides in silence. Truth resides in contemplation. As you move inwards

towards the source of words and thoughts, mind become still in simplicity.