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Yes, MERRY CHRIS†MAS, but Jesus74 was born on 17/4/747 AUC

Why is this truth important? It’s a proof40/70 of G7od4 – the Grand Architect of the Universe

I love Christmas and its traditions. Here in Miami, we don’t have the snow and ‘winter wonderland’ that many associate with this
season, but they didn’t have snow at the Nativity either! I love Christmas music. As a professional musician, in the last two
weeks I’ve performed The Nutcracker with a ballet company and Christmas programs at 1st Presbyterian of Margate and 1st
Presbyterian of Ft. Lauderdale. Day before yesterday, I played a Holiday74 concert with the Palm Beach Pops that included some
Hanukkah music and tomorrow I’ll perform a Christmas pageant at Unity of Hollywood including a steel drum solo of the ‘Little
Drumme74r Boy’. I’ll play at St. Rose of Lima Catholic (Miami Shores) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. I love this time
of year - it’s ‘season #174’ - and yet, December 25 is not and never was Jesus74’ birthday! It’s really important to recognize
historical truth whenever we get the chance, but especially in regards to the correct birth date of (Hebrew:) Y’shua74 ben
Josef40/Joshua74 son of Joseph58. Acknowledging the 17th of April, 6 BC (747 Roman Calendar [AUC]) as the correct birthday of
the Jewish74 Messiah74 is nothing less than discovering the simple74 bridge between ancient religion74 and the latest science58!

The 8-day festival of Hanukkah8 has just passed. It commemorates the victory of the Maccabees (who returned Jewish indepen-
dence to Israel around 164 BC) and the rededication of the 2nd Jerusalem Temple after it had been defiled by the Hellenist king
of Syria, who on app. Dec. 25 (a pagan holy-day) in 168 BC had the temple dedicated to the Greek god Zeus. (For the first time
since 1959, the sun and moon aligned on 12/25/05: the first day of Hanukkah. The last day of the festival fell on January 1.) The
miracle of the lamp burning for 8 days in the Temple when there was only enough oil for one day is why Hanukkah is celebrated
for 8 days. You’d think this story would be in the Bible, but it’s not. (John 10:22 mentions the “Dedication Festival at winter.”) The
Roman conquest of the Judeans74 in 63 BC is not documented either, nor is the anti-Roman Zealot movement mentioned prior to
Judas Iscariot – who is made out as a ‘villainous betrayer’. Is this coincidence or Roman propaganda? “The victors write history.”

Julius Caesar established the solar calendar as we know it in 45 BC (708 AUC). This Julian calendar fixed the normal year at
365 days and ‘leap year’ every fourth year. Julius also established the order of the months and the days of the week as they
exist today. He changed the name of the month Quintilis to Julius (July) in 44 BC. Sextilis was renamed Augustus (August) by
the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus, who also became Pontifex Maximus (‘chief priest’ in control of religion). Some scholars
believe that Augustus established the length of the months we use today.* Jesus was born during the reign (27 BC - 14 AD) of
Augustus. (The Julian year was 11 min 14 sec longer than the solar year. This discrepancy accumulated until by 1582 the vernal
equinox occurred 10 days early and church holidays didn’t occur in the appropriate seasons. Pope Gregory XIII dropped 10
days from the calendar and adjusted leap years to keep this alignment. Most of the world now uses the Gregorian calendar.)
Emperor Aurelian (270-275 AD) combined the festival of Saturnalia (Saturn: god of agriculture) with winter solstice and the
birth/rebirth celebrations (since the time of Babel) of savior gods (Mithras, Osiris, Tammuz, Adonis, Dionysus, Zeus) from other
pagan religions into a single holi-day: Dec. 25. In the interest of unity and politics, Constantine I (324-337 AD) legally sanctioned
Christian worship and deliberately chose to fuse and blur its distinctions with Mithraism/Sol Invictus: the sun god worshipers. In
325, Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea which set the dates of the Christian festivals. After much argument, the devel-
oping Christian church adopted 25/12 (12/25) as Christmas: the birthday of ‘the son of God’: Jesus. The people of the Roman
Empire were accustomed to celebrating the birth of a god on that day 30, so it was relatively easy for the Church to divert people’s
attention to the Nazarene’s birth. The early Christians weren’t sure of Jesus’ actual birth date and this messianic holiday, coin-
ciding with both the increased light of day (winter solstice) and the Roman New Year, would further separate Christians from any
Messianic Judaism association. Along with Sun-day becoming ‘Sabbath’ (3/7/321) and a solar calendar, there’s actually a lot of
sun-god worship intertwined with Son-of-God worship! In ~523, Dionysius Exiguus fixed Jesus’ birth on Dec. 25, 1 AD (753 AUC
[ab urbe condita {‘since the founding of Roma47’}]). But for 2000 years, many have wondered when was Jesus’ true birth date30?!

“The ancients precisely aligned their monuments with the stars.” 7 Wonders of the World (History Channel) Orion41/71 Apollo41/71
Most have heard of the “Star of Bethlehem.” When one reads the biblical account, you learn that only the Magi30 – the “wise men
from the East” – had seen this ‘star58’, and only they have interpreted the ‘sign’ of its appearance as marking the birth of a great
king! This understanding is very important; besides, there is no record of a comet or nova around the year 1. The Bible 30 also
tells us that the Magi met with King Herod I – who was an abominable74, non-Jewish villain appointed by Roma47 - and that after-
ward, Herod had all the male babies killed to prevent this one baby30 from threatening his power. (This mirrors Pharaoh’s actions
at the time of the birth of a previous Hebrew Messiah: Moses [ark 30]. Consider that Fuhrer6 Adolph6 Hitler6 attempted to kill all the
Jews, yet his number 174 nemesis – Albert58 Einstein – just barely escaped! If it weren’t for the famous letter that Einstein sent to
Pres.58 Franklin Roosevelt encouraging him and the United States to prevent Germany from developing the atomic bomb and for
the US to develop it first; World War II may have ended quite differently! E5instein8 - the Jews’ #158 - can be regarded as a
messiah.) Fact30: scholars agree that Herod died in 4 BC / 749 AUC. The ‘Prince of Peace30’ must have been born prior to 4 BC.

Since at least 1987, scientists have known of 7 possible dates – 3 between 7 & 6 BC and 4 between 3 & 2 BC that planetary
‘meetings’ would have produced a ‘Star’ of Bethlehem! Johann Kepler, the German astronomer, was the first (1604) to theorize
that the Star of Bethlehem was actually a triple conjunction (coming together) of planets that occurs only once every 805 years!
Astronomer Dr. Michael Molner** observed that on April 17, 6 BC / 747 AUC, Jupiter – known as ‘The King of Planets’ – passed
through Aries the Ram which symbolized King Herod’s kingdom (Judea and Samaria). Astrologers especially watched Aries for a
sign of the prophesized Messiah. Besides Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun also passed through Aries. Then before dawn (a symbol
of birth), the Moon eclipsed Jupiter. Molner states, “On that day, Jupiter emerged as a morning star… These (events) collectively
indicated the birth of a super-king, if you will a Messiah!” The early astronomers/astrologists/scientists of Jesus’ time, or wise
men (Magi), would have recognized the earthly significance of these occurrences in the heavens74 over Judea! Until the latter
20th Century’s scientific breakthroughs, we hadn’t been able to ‘go back in time’ to confirm these astrological events. Jack
Horkheimer, known nationally as the astronomer-host of the PBS show: Star Gazer, and known here in S. FL. as the Director of
the Miami Museum of Science Planetarium, discovered these 7 possible dates of the Star of Bethlehem using computers and
the planetarium. In 1987, he comprised this into both a planetarium show and short video-documentary entitled: The Star of
Bethle-hem – A Mystery Revealed. Although Jack gave the viewer 7 choices, he favored May 8th, 2 BC. This was the 3rd
conjunction (destiny always comes in 3s) of Jupiter with the star Regulus of the constellation Leo. The Bible implies that Jesus
was born in the spring: Luke 2:8 “shepherds…keeping watch over their flock by night.”_Shepherds would only do this in the
spring when lambs are being born and Jesus is considered the “Lamb of God.”*** Regulus was/is a ‘regal star’ in a ‘kingly
constellation’: Leo – symbolizing the power and regalia of the lion. 9 months earlier – 8/12/3 BC ‘in Leo’ – Jesus (?) was
conceived during a con-junction between Jupiter and Venus. But Venus has always been a ‘goddess!’ And Herod died in 4 BC.
So what Jack (& I) act-ually discovered was that a great queen was born on 5/8/2 BC / 751 AUC – Mary4 of Magdala7/
Magdalean58/ Mariamne74!

♫“Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little lamb…”♫ Mary←=Y ram?
While the Jews were in bondage in Babylon7 (Iraq4), they learned astrology. The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm that they were still us-
ing it and were awaiting a messiah around 6 BC. The ‘chosen one’ being an Aries the Ram is significant! A ram is a male sheep.
Young sheep are ***lambs. Sheep herding has always been equated with the ancient Hebrews going back to Abraham 744. There
were shepherds (‘sheep-herds’) at the Nativity and possibly an actual lamb! Sheep is the first animal mentioned in the Bible.
They were used for sacrifice; otherwise slain only for feasts and for guests. Jesus’ Last Supper was a seder where lamb was
served and he was crucified the next day: the first day of Passover8. He became the ‘sacrificial lamb’! “The sound of the shofar
(ram’s horn) is very powerful!” – Exodus 19:16. A ram’s horn is shaped by the golden mean / divine proportion. It’s hard to
imagine Jes-us74 not being an Aries! But is there a scientific/mathematical model – a proof41/71 - for a messiah74 born on 17/4/747
AUC? Yes!

God = Good = Gooooooood = G-d = 7,4 (G is the 7th letter & d the 4th. Circles are considered divine by all cultures; they have
no beginning or end. O represents the 15th letter or zerO. This is known as Simple674 English774 Gematria874 est. in London74.)
In science58, this is recognized as chaos theory (fractal), which states: simple equations, when inserted into a chaotic system, create
order and the appearance of randomness. Yet, there is sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Chaos theory bridges simplicity and com-
plexity. Consider that 74% of this universe is dark energy. 74% of this universe’s mass and stars’/the Sun’s mass is hydrogen.
We can imagine58 that when the Creator first thought about this planet, G-d had to plan it – there is a design58! Earth has 7 con-
tinents & 4 seasons/‘4 corners’, ‘7 seas’ & 4 oceans, ~74% of the surface is water, 74% of the brain is water, the moon has 4
phases of 7.4 days, 4 weeks = a ‘moonth’, *our Gregorian solar calendar evolved from a lunar calendar to have 7 months with 31
days & 4 w/ 30 + Feb.’s 28 (7×4), 7 days & 24 hrs, July 4th=7/4 (Free4masonry7 G ). 7/4 is not only US Independence Day, it’s
also aphelion: the farthest point from the Sun in Earth’s annual elliptical orbit. 7/4 is also the hottest day globally! 74°F is ideally
comfortable. The distance from Earth to the Sun – 93,000,000 miles - is known as 1 Astronomical Unit (AU). The distance from
Venus to the Sun is .7 AU & Mercury .4 AU. Osiris 74, occult74, tarot74. G. Washington (DC) & Thomas Jefferson were 74” tall.
Jefferson & John47 Adams both died on 7/4/1826. “4 score and 7 years ago” – Abraham744 Lincoln764 (+ Mary4 Todd4). Music’s G
Clef & 4/4, composer74, melody74, tour74. The speed of sound is 742.5 mph, 1 horsepower = 746 watts, a tropical storm becomes
a hurricane at 74 mph. (Hurri.74 Katrina74 reached 174 mph!) Physics: String Theory’s 7 dimensions of ultra-subatomic hyper-
space + the common 4, there are 7 aspects of regular time47 + 4 aspects of hypertime. The United Nations is located in New
York7 City4, is at 40˚N 74°W, and across the street are both the US Mission to the UN and the UN Church Center: 777 UN Drive
– which is E. 44th St. NYC had 7.4 million people in 2000. A UFO crashed on 7/4/47 74 miles from Roswell7 Air Base4. Heav-
ens74, 747s. The Dow Jones hit a ‘bottom’ twice in the last 6 years of 7400. The Soviet Union lasted 74 years and Josef Stalin
died at 74. Werner Heisenberg – discoverer of the Uncertainty Principle: probability exists in much of quantum physics - died at 74.
Nixon resigned and Aaron broke Ruth’s 714 HR in ’74. In Genesis7 4:1-11 “brother” appears 7× & Cain27+Abel20=47, burning7
bush4, the 7th Egyptian plague was hail4, the 4th Commandment: “Keep the Sabbath7 (7th Day) holē40,” Moses5, Aaron5, Nadab5,
Abihu5, and 70 elders were invited on Mt. Sinai (the only discrepancy in the Dead Sea Scrolls). Ruler74 Sargon74 II first used
gematria74. Jericho’s #7 4×, Daniel 7’s 4 Beasts & “mene, mene74”. The musical directive “selah” & “song(s)74” both appear 74× in
the Hebrew scriptures. Martha 7 & Mary 4 years younger than Jesus. King Herod I built ‘Temple 3’74 in Jerusalem 174 ft tall.
‘Herod’s temple’ was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD – 74 years after Herod’s death! God showed74 his displeasure at the
Judeans74 for worshiping at a temple built by one who was clearly unworthy! Western7 Wall4/ Wailing7 Wall4. 4 Gospel74s7: Mat-
thew7, Mark4, Luke4, & John447. Yakov74, Apostle7 Paul4, Revelation’s “7 seals & 4 creatures.” Nuclear74 energy74, Son-God74.
(Although He told them not to eat of it,) The Lord God75 gavest74 - did provide74 - the fruit74 that made them wiser74 forever74. (tempt74)
†HE KEY74 to the ‘Three Covenants’ - Program 174
Yehowah7 YHWH4 Noah’s Ark & Solomon’s Temple were 50 cubits74 or 74 feet wide (cubit = 17.76 inches 7/4/1776)
17/4 = 1 God, Jesus74/Y’shua74/Joshua74/(Latin) Iesvs74/(Greek) Iesous I74 was born on 17.4.747 AUC / 4.17.6 BC (July 4, 1776)
Many of the US ‘Founding Fathers777’ were Masons including Ben Franklin (died 4/17/1790) & G. Washington (died 12/14/1799)

Free4masonry7 evolved through the centuries as skilled craftsman and artisans formed guilds so as to promote, develop, and
protect their special services. The Mason-nobles Knights Templar brought much additional heretical knowledge into the lodges47.
They acquired this information from Judeans74 (Jewish74) and Arabian contact, and when they excavated both King4 Solo-
mon758’s Temple mount and the Jesus Family Tomb (tallest7 hill4 in East4 Talpiot7 [Jerusalem]) between 1118-1127. They unear-
thed the greatest Christian relic possible: Jesus’ skull and bones! (Hence, the Jolly74 Roger and Skull75 and Bones74 secret so-
ciety at Yale Univ. Both 2004 US presidential candidates: George Bush Jr. & John Kerry were/are Skull & Bones.) The Templars
also discovered scrolls of the Zoehar58 and records of Jesus & Magdalean58’s birthdates, marriage and child! A Mason47 can
come from different religious beliefs and define God in many ways, but will distinctly view God as the Grand Architect of the
Universe (G.A.O.T.U.). Masonic Temples display their Bibles in a most revered fashion and they are often kept open to John 1:1.
Why? Because any good architect (engineer, composer74, artist, designer, militarist, etc.) will conceptualize, then plan first…
“In the beginning was †he Word, and †he Word was with the God and †he Word was God.”
There Are No Coincidences – there is synchronism (‘on a clock74’). Jesus the preacher74 began in Matthew7 4:17, “Repent, for
the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” (Also Mt 3:2, Mt 10:7 & Mark 1:15.) In Genasis74 17:4, God tells Abram, “You’re ‘it!’” Abraham
Lincoln – in his first Inaugural Address – said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” He quoted Matt4 12:25 (12/25). In
1717, 4 London74 Mason47 lodges47 formed the 1st Grand Lodge. Empire State Building 417 yards high, 1 World Trade Center 417
meters high. John4 F.1 Kennedy7, Bay of Pigs on 4/17/61, Nikita Khrushchev born on 4/17, Alan4 B.1 Shepard7, Apollo 13
miraculously landed on 4/17/70. The “#7” occurs 287 times (41×7) and “7th” 98 times (7×14) in the Old Testament, etc.
I attended the National Treasure’s (’04) Book of Secrets debut 12/21/07. “Masons built clues into everything.” The first code that
was cracked in the movie was a home security code: 74---. In the Book of Secrets, p. 47 was very important and not disclosed!
11/26/05 17:14 MT 12/23/07 UN $417 mil for ---, Herald 21A. 12/25/07 22:30 CBS’s Mystery of Christmas **promoted 4/17/6BC t 1/18/08 12:47