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Dear sir/Madam, This questionnaire is part of a market study being conducted by me. The aim of the study is to analyze Brand Awareness Of Britannia product in Gumidipoondi. Any information provided would be used only for academic purpose. Customer name ____________________________________________________ Address Contact No Age Marital status Education Occupation ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _____________ yrs Married Unmarried

__________________________________________ Private Company Govt. company Housewife Public company Business Others (specify)__________ – 10,000 20,000 30,000

Monthly Income:

- Rs. 5,000 - Rs 11,000 - Rs 21,000

- Rs 30,000 above Family size : (in no.) Children (below 12yrs) Others

How much do you spend (in Rupees) for consuming the brand of biscuits per month? 6. Name the brand of biscuits that you consume ? • Britannia • ITC (Sun feast) • price • package • • taste quality • availability • • Parle G Others(specify)____________ 2. How often do you consume this brand of biscuits? • daily • twise a week •<50 •50-100 •100-150 • weekly once • monthly •>150 5.1. Please rate the factors for your most prefred brand of biscuits BEST GOOD NORMAL BAD WORST PRICE QUALITY TASTE CRISPY PACKAGING AVAILABILITY 4. How many biscuits do you consume at a time? •2 biscuits •5 biscuits •5-7 biscuits •one full packet . Who influence you to buy this brand? •children •family •relatives & friends • others (specify) ___________ 7. Which factor that influence you to choose this brand? 3.

Do you agree that the availability of your brand of buiscuits are nearer to your location? •yes •no 9.If no how long do you go for acquiring the busicuits? • 1/2km • 1km • 2kms • more than 2kms 10.Are you satisfied with choosing the brand of biscuits? •highly satisfied •satisfied •neutral •dissatisfied •highly dissatisfied satisfied netural dissatisfied highly dissatisfid . If yes from which media have you seen? •television •postures • magazines •others (specify) __________ 12.How many times you encounter Britannia ads per day? •<3 times •3-5 times •5-7times •>7times 13. Have you seen the Britannia ads? •Yes •no 11.Effectiveness of Britannia ads : Highlysatisfied Attractiveness Informative Creativity reliable 14.8.

If Britannia product fulfill your expectation will you buy britannia? •definetly buy •probe to buy •not sure •probe not to buy •definetly not to buy What improvements would you suggest for the Britannia Brand? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Date: Place: Signature . Have you consumed the Britannia products earlier? •yes •no 2. •one •two •three •four 6.For what reason you are not choosing the Britannia products? •high price •non availability •low taste •others(specify)_______ 5. are you aware of various products from Britannia? •Yes •no 4.(specify)_____________ 3. If no.For non users of Britannia: 1. If yes. reasons for shifting from Britannia products? • price •taste •availability •others.Rate the position of Britannia as alternate choice of your brand.

For Britannia users: 1.if no what do you expect in change in Britannia? •price •gift •quantity •taste What improvements would you suggest for the Britannia Brand? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Date: Place: Signature .Which type of biscuits do you like most? •tea biscuits •cream biscuits •cookies •others(specify)________ 2.Which varieties of the britannia biscuits have you consumed the most? •Britannia marie gold • britannia tiger • britannia50-50 •britannia milk bikies •britannia good day •britannia timwe pass •britannia nutrichoise • Britannia treat 3. Do you agree that Britannia products are fulfilling your expectation? •Yes •no 4.