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CUES SUBJECTIVE: “ Wala pa yung dalaw ko.. naghahanap pa kasi siya ng pambili ng gamut ko..” “andami na naming gastos..

tapos inoperahan pa ako.. mas lalaong dumagdag sa gastusin..” OBJECTIVES: • Emotionally stressed. • Facial grimace • Narrowed focus • V/S taken as follows: BP: 120/80

NURSING DIAGNOSIS Situational low selfesteem related to perceived failure at a life event verbalization of negative feelings about self in situation (e.g helplessness, shame/guilt), evaluates self as unable to handle situation, difficulty making decisions.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES General objectives: After 2 days of nursing interventions, the client will be able to verbalize understanding of individual factors that precipitated current situation. Specific objectives: After 1 day of nursing interventions the client will be able to: Discuss concerns related to his condition. Express positive self-appraisal



EVALUATION After 2days of nursing intervention client verbalized understanding of individual factor that precipitate current condition or situation. And expressed positive self appraisal.

Member of family Determine client’s may have an emotional response to her emotional reaction to condition. the surgical intervention. An operation may have a Determine client’s level negative effect of anxiety and source of on the client’s selfconcern. esteem, leaving her feeling that she is inadequate. Encourage client to verbalize unmet needs Her condition may be and expectations. Provide viewed by the client/ information regarding the as a failure at a life normalcy of such event, and this may feelings have a negative impact on her lifestyle process. Encourage presence/participation of the family menber in all that is going on. Provides emotional support; may encourage verbalization of concerns

Client who is unable to resolve grief or negative feelings may need further professional help. reduces feelings of inadequacy.:36. Fantasies caused by lack of information or misunderstanding may increase sense of helplessness/loss of control. . Provide accurate information about client status. COLLABORATIVE: Refer client for professional counselling if reactions are maladaptive.RR:21 PR:76 TEMP.8 Helps facilitate positive adaptation to new role.

Angelica L.Nursing Care Plan Pinca. BSN 128 GROUP 111-A .