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Research Notes – Telecom sector update; reduce Coal India (17 Feb.

Telecom sector update          

The new telecom policy (NTP) is largely positive to the telecom sector. Plus points are: It has relaxed M&A policy. Tower companies are not covered in license fee computation. Operators are allowed to bid for spectrum above a prescribed limit. Regulatory clarity emerging. It seems that charges for excess spectrum and spectrum renewal could be linked to the auction determined price. License cancellation of new entrants, enabling consolidation of the sector without the pain of expensive acquisition. This may also improve spectrum availability and spectrum price may come down to more reasonable level to the incumbents who need spectrum and can pay for it. Spectrum availability has increased by about 25 Mhz per circle. So spectrum price should decline from artificial levels created by the 3G spectrum auction. This would reduce excess spectrum and spectrum renewal charges. Negatives of the policy: Not allowing 3G roaming and surrender of excess spectrum on renewal. Retain positive outlook on the sector and Idea Cellular continues to be the top pick, as the company is the fastest growing operator in the sector. Bharti Airtel has also been rated as ‘buy’ while RCom is rated to ‘hold’

Reiterate ‘reduce’ on Coal India – TP Rs.296   Prime Minister’s office said that Coal India would sign FSA (fuel supply agreement) with power plants with 80% trigger level for disincentives. In case of shortfalls, Coal India should arrange for supply through import or other alternatives. It seems that Coal India’s production is inadequate to supply coal to all power plants. This raises doubts whether the company would reduce its e-auction volume (10% of total volume) that fetches higher price and contributes 40-45% EBITDA. Reduction in e-auction volume would impact margins and profitability of the company. ‘Reduce’ rating on the stock is reiterated with the target price of Rs.296 over one year.

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