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Artist Name: Sebastian Portillo Style: Mainstream Pop with Funk, Soul and Dance Influences Similar Artists

: Jamiroquai, James Blunt, Morcheeba, Lenny Kravitz, Jason Mraz, Marvin Gaye Album Title: From Here to the Stars Album Description From Here to the Stars is the second studio album recorded by Sebastian Portillo. It's a musical journey to the stars told on two separate records with distinct sonic characters. Planet Earth contains mainly songs of a popular genre influenced by the 90's and 70's where the piano and the electric guitars are dominating. Deep Space starts with an atmospheric rock ballad and is more electric and experimental. It is dominated by percussive and rythmic forms while introducing analog synth lead sounds inspired by the 70's and early 80's. Track List: Planet Earth (Disc 1) Deep Space (Disc 2) 1. Just a Goodbye 1. At the Border of 2. Unbreakable the Universe 3. When In Love You 2. DNA Learn To Hate 3. Alpha Mission 4. Connected 4. With the Dinosaurs 5. Could You Be the 5. Galactic Empire One 6. Space Ship 6. Back Home 7. Thoughts In the 7. Time For Love Moon 8. On the News 8. Butterflies Instrumentation: Male high mid range main vocals, piano, rhodes, electric and acoustic guitar, backing voices, percussions, strings, analog synths, talkbox Tourdates: Friday, February 10, 2012 Mahogany Hall (CD Release Party) Klösterlistutz 18, Bern (Switzerland) Thursday, April 19, 2012 Goodbye Blue Monday 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY (United States) Saturday, April 21, 2012 The Groove 125 MacDougal St., New York, NY (United States)

Technical Information:
TrackName Thoughts In the Moon Butterflies Galactic Empire Space Ship Alpha Mission With the Dinosaurs At the Border of the Universe DNA Time For Love On the News Could You Be the One (Album Version) Back Home ISRC CH6531100018 CH6531100019 CH6531100016 CH6531100017 CH6531100014 CH6531100015 CH6531100012 CH6531100013 CH6531100010 CH6531100011 CH6531100002 CH6531100009

When In Love You Learn To Hate CH6531100006 Connected Just a Goodbye Unbreakable CH6531100007 CH6531100004 CH6531100005

Mastering The album was mastered by Geoff Pesche (Gorillaz, Kylie Minogue, Radiohead and many more) at Abbey Road Studios in London. Ultra Dynamic Recording™ From Here to the Stars is an Ultra Dynamic Recording™ (UDR™). It is a form of recording which does not use overcompression, tape or tube saturation during the mixing process to obtain more loudness. It is the latest response to the ongoing “Loudness War”. It ofers you a more dynamic resolution in terms of audio information. This means that the difference between loud and quiet parts during a song will be much bigger. It will carry more power when broadcasted with high limiting and is better suited for the new loudness metering introduced in Europe in 2012. UDR™ was developed by Sebastian and Portillo Entertainment™ in the past 18 months. Label: Portillo Records (CH-635)