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Professional Services

Full Lifecycle Implementation provides comprehensive installation. configuration and deployment of all modules. establishment of best practices for use on future projects. .Reach your implementation and rollout goals with Primavera Professional Services. The successful integration of tools. and portfolio management experience. better use of resources and measurable business results. we will help you achieve new standards of productivity and higher levels of effectiveness. we also have relationships with more than 100 world-class systems integrators. we have precisely the services that will help you do it. resource. So. Many of them are certified Project Management Professionals with years of project. They transfer as much of that knowledge as possible to your organization. If you’re serious about making project and portfolio management a competitive advantage at your organization. and processes allows us to help you extract the maximum return on investment in the shortest period of time. Our highly developed. We’ve learned even more about establishing a project portfolio management environment that increases adoption across your organization and is tuned for success. we’ve learned some very important lessons about the realities of implementing resource and project management systems in a corporate environment. proven methodologies ensure proper upfront planning and smooth implementation. Our targeted Value Impact Programs deliver the most rapid ROI. people. roll out and use a Primavera solution for maximum results than we are. To make sure you get the most comprehensive skills and technology in every instance. All of them meet the exacting standards we set for ourselves. Primavera offers a full range of services that will help you achieve the results you need — accelerate time to value. reduce risk during implementation and reduce disruption. We offer three different implementation options from which you can choose. Teaming with Primavera will result in greater project ROI. from the start of your implementation to the finish and beyond. consulting firms and value-added resellers. In our more than two decades of experience. Our Value Impact Programs (VIPs) deliver actionable results in just 25 business days. so your personnel can smoothly pick up where our team leaves off. Our services staff uses that experience to your benefit. No one is better qualified to help you implement. Rapid Prototyping deploys specific areas or items of functionality through multiple “releases” beginning with your core team.

The entire process can be tuned to meet your specific needs. Our staff has worked in nearly every industry. and perform custom integrations when needed. They’re designed to address the most common organizational needs we’ve seen in our more than two decades of experience. Ge t re s u lt s f a s t e r w i t h V I P pr ogr ams Our Value Impact Programs (VIPs) deliver actionable results in just 25 business days. e-mail support. Tr a i n i n g Whether your people are at a basic or advanced level. Have a crunch coming on? We can assign personnel to augment your staff. and in a wide variety of technical environments. with experience ranging from short-term support to full-scale. VIPs are built for speed. it’s vital to know where your organization currently stands. Many are certified Project Management Professionals. Whether you need to get a handle on all of the projects at your company. In short. Primavera offers standard classroom and Web-based training courses — some of which allow participants to earn CEUs and PDUs toward their Project Management Professional (PMP) status. on nearly every type of project. processes and systems. We’ll evaluate current projects. I m p r o v e P M e f fectiveness No one is better qualified to help you implement change. a VIP can help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. When you’re a Primavera customer. If none of those packages meet your needs. I m p l e m e n t t h e P r i m a v e r a s olution We know our software better than anyone else. document your reporting requirements. and help you put processes and structures in place for the quickest possible return on your investment. we can provide it. We can integrate Primavera with ERP and other critical systems using our proven APIs and toolkits. All of our consultants and partners also complete rigorous product and industry training that continues throughout their association with Primavera. and install the Primavera solution in a test environment. telephone hot line — so you can resolve your technical issues quickly. if you need it. increase adoption of project and portfolio management and establish a more effective PPM environment. Our consultants and authorized solution providers have years of project management experience. instant Web chat. We can customize training and educational workshops to match your organization’s and users’ needs. Our implementation packages leverage our proven methodology and help you meet critical managerial and enterprise factors that are essential to success. or gain visibility into the work being done. tailoring our standard workshops to your own project data and terminology. to make sure your rollout goes quickly and smoothly. and use our proven templates and best practices as a starting point. we’ll help you move quickly — and with less risk — to repeatable. We make sure everything is ready for implementation before your implementation begins. .As s e s s y o u r s i t u a t i o n To pave the way for a successful implementation. define implementation goals and objectives. We’ll work with you to determine the reach of programs and projects included. global rollouts at Fortune 100 companies. Just ask. so we can get your system up and running faster. we can create a custom implementation based on your specific requirements. We can also monitor your Primavera installation and conduct periodic health checks to make sure it’s working as intended. enterprise-wide project success. G e t h e l p w h e n you need it We have a variety of technical support options to choose from — online product knowledge base. Our experts can assess both your technology systems and the project management maturity of your organization.

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