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Job Description of Nursing Superintendent The nursing superintendent, who is also called the director of nursing, is responsible for

the running and supervision of a nursing department. Nursing superintendents generally report to the hospital director or medical director of their facility

Below lies the Job analysis of the nursing superintendent Supervise nursing staff: The top priority of a nursing superintendent is to ensure that the nursing staff members are providing the best care for patients. She makes sure that individual nurses and nurses aides are carrying out care plans and ensures that communication between shifts happens smoothly and thoroughly. The superintendent also monitors stock and supplies to make sure that nurses have the equipment they need to provide quality care. Overseeing the staff, hiring and training : The nursing superintendent is Involved in Manpower calculations &manpower planning, Recruitment of new staff, Monitoring. She must search for nurses that complement the existing team, design training programs and make sure that nursing instructors and trainers are adequately preparing new staff for the workplace. Often this includes hearing an evaluation of new nurses from the floor staff during the training period. She is also responsible for promoting the nurses for Service development, Continuing education, In-service Education Patient care : Although the nursing superintendent does not have a high level of direct patient care, she is responsible for the well-being of patients at the facility. This means that the superintendent must monitor nurses' care and the attitude and health of the patients. In cases where the family requests alternate care, the nursing superintendent must hear the request and make the final decision. Create work schedules : Each pay period, the nursing superintendent is responsible for setting the work schedules for the entire department. She must take into account holidays, hear requests for time off, and create a schedule that gives the appropriate number of hours to each nurse. As part of the process, the nursing superintendent assigns duties and floor responsibilities to each nurse. Make disciplinary decisions : In situations where a nurse, nurse's aide, or other staff member is involved in a dispute, the nursing superintendent must handle disciplinary actions. In extreme cases like patient abuse or staff coming to work under the influence, the nursing superintendent is responsible for terminating contracts as needed. Manage other departments: In a large facility, the nursing superintendent may be responsible for directing the activities of the housekeeping, linen, and kitchen facilities. She must handle any problems that arise, communicate with department leaders, and address any supply issues. Negotiate with vendors: Because the nursing superintendent is responsible for the supply of equipment and medical necessities, she often negotiates with vendors for the new contracts. In large facilities, a purchasing manager may handle these duties and report to the superintendent

19. 3. Quality Council. 5. 11. 4. She will attend hospital/intra hospital meetings and conferences. The job description of nursing superintendent would be as follows: 1. 7. She will educate nursing staff of all categories by conducting awareness programme on universal Precautions. 14. Ethics Committee. She will recommend personnel and material requirement for nursing various nursing service departments of the hospital. Breast feeding promotion committee. or Addl. Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. She will investigate all complaints regarding nursing care and personnel. New Staff Orientation Committee. She will assist the CNO in formulation of hospital policy. She will be responsible for counseling and quidance of sub-ordinate staff. 12. She will be a member of various condemnation boards for linen and other hospital stores. 10. She will periodically interact with clinical heads to discuss problems in patient care. . 16. 9. and take suitable corrective action. 2. She will initiate and encourage research in nursing services. MS or Chief of Centres in recruiting nursing staff. She will carry out regular rounds of the hospital. She will prepare budgets for nursing services. MS or chief of Centres of the hospital or centre as the case may be. 20. She will accompany MS/Addl. 18. 15. Blood Transfusion Committee. also nursing dept meeting. clinical dept meetings. Mortality and Morbidity Committee. She will officiate as CNO in the absence of CNO (The senior most amongst the NS will do so). She will ensure safe and efficient care rendered to patients in various wards etc. She will evaluate confidential reports of her sub-ordinate staff and recommend for promotion. 17. 13. Infection Control Committee. She will be responsible and overall In-charge of Nursing Services in a hospital or specialized centres irrespective of the number of beds. MS while making hospital rounds.The nursing superintendent is also responsible to make sure that the nurses participate in various hospital committees such as Hospital Management Committee. particularly concerning nursing services. higher studies etc. 6. She will maintain cordial relations with patients and Medical Social workers. She will be responsible to the Medical Supdt. 8. She will assist MS/Addl. She will be responsible for implementing hospital/centre policies amongst various nursing units.