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E-Marketing Plan

UCSI University

Introduction of E-Marketing

Whatever business affairs or Government affairs which in the high level of rely on internet in recent years, particularly like Alibaba the business platform successful publicity in the modern e-marketing that bring new model to us. How to find opportunity via internet? How to use e-marketing model for expansion? Large factory and large machine¶s era was gone.

Objective of E-Marketing

With the development of internet¶s globalization, the level of using internet resource became a key of the company¶s survival and development. Although UCSI University has the owned website but e-marketing just set up in a short time and the e-marketing strategy and plan still get a room to improve. Thus it needed according to the characteristics of internet and special target group to engineer an efficiency e-marketing plan for blend traditional and modern new technology closely.

Analyze of E-Marketing environment

Marketing environment is a company¶s process of survival and development impacted by external element. Whether company¶s business success depends on the impact of e-marketing during the process but the elements of impact are viable.

. Education is one of the most important issues faced by many countries around the world. PHEIs are non-government aided institutions that are fully funded by the private sector. six private universities and over 500 Public Higher Educational Institutions (PHEIs) providing undergraduate and postgraduate studies. world competitive is growing extremely fast which results in the increasing demand for talents all over the world. and are open to all races in Malaysia as well as foreign students. management and operation of private educational institutions. Recently. a statutory body responsible for governing the standard and qua1ity of higher education provided by the PHEIs. The private institutions are well guided by laws on the establishment. one international university. which became a really important part of education institution. Malaysia¶s government has noticed that improving education industry is necessary in order to strong the country. and plays a vital role in the establishment of minimum standards and accreditation of courses. LAN is committed to uphold the highest academic standards. to ensure quality education and to safe-guard the interests of the students. Malaysia¶s private education company has been developed dramatically. All private educational institutions are required to register with the Ministry of Education. In Malaysia there are ten local public universities. PHEIs that are approved by the Minister of Education are constantly under the scrutiny of the National Accreditation Board (NAB) or Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (LAN).Market environment analysis At present. PHEIs complement and supplement the government's efforts in education development.

badminton court. engineering laboratory. computer laboratories and applied science laboratory. academic building and student Residence. current university students more than 7000 people. teaching equipment. also is the oldest private universities. large-scale cultural and sports and teaching experimental sites. other students from more than 60 countries and regions worldwide. consulting building.Image of UCSI University University College Sedaya International University is approved by the Malaysia Ministry of education and it is one of the three private universities. a stadium. volleyball court. and indoor basketball court. Chinese students more than 400 people. while UCSI university also is the first by China Ministry of education degree recognition private university. speech. In these 20 years in the process of the school of Malaysia UCSI university history which is not the type of university independent of other schools joint diplomas to attract students. it is a truly international university. pharmaceutical laboratories. a large conference room. The campus has a large comprehensive building. In 2003 UCSI became the first by the national Ministry of Education approved the creation of medical courses in private universities. . library. campus are equipped with up to one thousand beds of the UCSI University Hospital in order to let students learning safety and comfortable. is the only one with a plurality of MA course in private university UCSI University located in the capital Kuala Lumpur. music room. student activity center.

but also in the thought of running a school that is always at the forefront of the industry. UCSI university is the first university in Malaysia which developed credit recognition of University. it also is the only one that can be exempted 12compulsory courses in 16 by ICSA (chartered company secretarial and administrative Association). .Competitive advantage Ministry of Education approved Malaysia UCSI University not only in academic quality has been obtained a huge success.the private university of petroleum exploration project. and in 2002 became the first by the Ministry of Education approved the implementation of the international student working institution in UCSI University. is the only one that can be exempted 9 compulsory courses in 14 by ACCA (International Association of Certified Public Accountants). and in in 2008 UCSI become the first university to set up the international and national precious energy . university students developed a school-wide wireless Internet system and carry out up to now. Globalization of recognition of ACCA UCSI University in the international field.

respectively: management department. UCSI University awarded by China and the world recognized undergraduate and master's degree can transfer credits or higher level of education. Australian. Department of Applied Science. medicine. engineering. making too many to count the students smoothly to the foreign famous universities continue to learn higher degree. current students more than 3000. has 8 faculties. First-class private university UCSI University is the first certified first-class private university. UCSI University was established in 1986. UCSI University began to long-term working with the United States and Canada. At the same time. students from more than 10 countries and regions of the nearly 1000 students¶ enrolled. which is the relatively large size of the school.Transfer credits Twenty years UCSI University has been emphasis on quality education made its business department. the school has awarded the university with bachelor's and master's degree qualifications. is China's Ministry of Education announced that one of the overseas university. engineering department and health department known throughout the Malaysia. called a" garden university " reputation. It is these paved a high transfer rate of the road. it provided more than 20 kinds of . UCSI University in the annual college competition always have the award. Department of information technology. New Zealand and the UK and other famous university began to transfer credits course and it always in front in the academic circles. music. Every year. literature and Applied Sciences and university preparatory department.

Will you try UCSI¶s newly promoted products (example: new flavor of tea)? . UCSI¶s teaching experience. If you frequently in USCI website. active and responsible working. Do you find UCSI is interest? 3. How frequent are you searching the UCSI website? and diploma courses. what contributes to the factor that it is good to you? 4. Vision We aspire to be the leading online learning courses institution with global emphasis. and can transfer credits to Anglo-American ANZ and further education. high quality the staff. Critical Issues It¶s a very normal that every product/services does have its own weaknesses and the risks of it were 1. Are you satisfied UCSI website in term of service or system compared to other college? 6. available any time through broadband Internet access. The medium of instruction is English. it become the first batch certified to provide a wide range of courses for the mainstream of comprehensive university in 2003. How do you rate your satisfaction level on UCSI website system that you encountered? 7. for those who can learn at their own pace. What do you think of Lipton¶s current market price? 5. teaching quality. Objectives Mission To provide a range of interactive online learning courses.

career services and so on that can search in UCSI website. need and want of visitors which can achieve their expectations by the UCSI website. The position press given of electronic communications technology Now days. educational institutions to have a good quality website is constantly improvement or increasing as online technologies/services become a bigger part of the education services. Our target market which are:  current students  other academic departments  parents  other colleges and universities  other administrative offices  alumni . This saves their time. Consumers need for convenience and Time-saving services b. students habits have made convenience in electronic communication technology which is example as UCSI academy. UCSI website is better and quicker customer service for students that because the UCSI website can gives students direct to their personal account online. For the last decade. which are who are will visit the website? What are the students needs and want? How does the website provide? How can we add value? How do we become the first choice? We should know about the interests. the need for college.Behavior segmentation The UCSI website produces service and system that can be attributed to two major factors: The Lipton company produce a tea drink in the tea industry can be attributed to two major factors: a. Target marketing Who will visit your website? The five questions we should know. media hub. and as students and prospective students turn to the network for their education information.

cleanliness. it also had put some bulleted lists to draw attention to important ideas and give each web page a primary headline to look more vivid. UCSI website have put Extra features Photo Galleries UCSI website that photographs can be uploaded. captioned and arranged into galleries by administrators. white is look purity. Red is hot. These two colors which are represents that UCSI College is love. Graphic. Example. Selecting a photograph will show a larger version with caption. virginity and trustful. the UCSI website should be professionally designed ±which is easy-to-use content management system and easy to identify the resources of UCSI process.Marketing strategy Improve the powerful package To be more attracted. in perfect balance and harmony. . warm. Site visitors can select a gallery to view thumbnails of all photographs in that gallery. The color¶s theme is also very important to look pages consistent. Next. it seemingly emotion from passionate love and powerful. our UCSI themes color is red and white.

Email Newsletter This is a facility which allows the college to generate email newsletters branded with the college¶s website identity and send them out to a mailing list through the website server. student¶s activities and recreation. This facility is providing UCSI University students effective their opportunities to handle academic well and enhance university experience. Visitors can choose to be kept up to date on college life by supplying their email addresses to be added to the newsletter mailing list. international university collaboration centre. co-operative education and career services.Attachments this facility is just available documents. audio or video to be attached within pages to locate to site visitor website. student council. which is control by the administrators. international office. student development and counseling. Student support The student support facilities provide accommodation. . Administrators can create email newsletters by editing content within a template-based design and send them to subscribers at will.

UCSI website have show the academy have provide by UCSI. we must fully propagandize and introduce of the UCSI University. This is a very all-around website what provides related information to convenient people browsing use. facilities. We are design an Information Website. .Education resource strategies This strategy is improving student performance for their knowledgeable. UCSI will try to provide the resource will full detail for the student. It can understanding what student really need and want. Website Introduction The network has walked into our life. In this web site you can find a lot of information about the inside of the school. library resources. so we are very serious and hard to make an accord with UCSI University web site to adapt to the modern society. It also can create customer relationship in well. A good website for each one of us is very important we can get what we want information through it and operate it in the house such as work or study. such as technical problems news and subjects. and provide an exchange platform to let more people know about this university. We will display characteristics of university. customer services and so on. For a university. All the relevant information about university. improve the value of the university. the website but also plays a significant role. you can find out all the available information you need it from the web site. Through this website.

in the new website. you can enter the exclusive your page. after all this is an international school. A lot of people think the old website is too trivial. it links to help you understand not only is described. and it is more real to study. it cannot let everyone know the specific details. To upgrade the old one. . convenient for people around the world to use. Also there is a quick search bar. In addition. teachers. Old web site often use simply description. the school characteristics. contact the school. Through these to let more people know about the school and trust school. now you don't have to worry about it. as long as you enter the keywords. the screen can appear all you need and all kinds of information. every subjects have related video and article. when you enter the curriculum information inside. all of the expression have various language can switch according to the circumstance.Characteristics Our website has these characteristics. when you enter your ID number. first we divided into use the population. curriculum information. The more interesting thing is individual experiment course. For the teachers and the students of our school. The web site most distinctive part is our course information. the new type web site has a lot of change. it will be the most commonly used of the several programs. the school and the authority to school of scientific research. parents and some want to know the school. you can see clearly labeled with pictures of courses. it easy to cause a lot of uncertainty by us. you can also optional edit your menu bar to make convenient using next time. including school situation and history. we according to everyone's need to design. the school geographical location. users can in the Internet virtual operation. when you enter the homepage you can see a lot of menu. If you want to know the school. because our special designing of the school teacher and students into the column. generally are students. it helps you to save time.

the biggest advantage is novelty. Nowadays the students have their own proud work. the color is fresher and clearer. Everyone can know more friends in the corner and also can learn more knowledge.we added the many small animations to show the information. it is really interesting. To release all sorts of teaching and education information article and comprehensive support static page . you can write down your words in the bottom "Advice Column". it is difficult to attract users serious browsing. In the format. announcement content provide HTML editor. I think the most popular advantage is that we set up an English corner. the webpage is plate single and information is very boring. We will use a simple way of novel published. Perhaps one day you will get the chance. The old website have some disadvantages. can press and public announcement of good management. announcement With a powerful announcement system. teaching and education information release with a powerful content management function. but we will not be regular change of the website information and put the latest international news on the webpage. I believe that everyone will like our new website. we will treat seriously in order to perfect our web site to make it better. Education resources plan Campus news. Of course. Especially in the main Information Bar .Advantages & disadvantages In the site theme above. you can talk everything about your thinking like is academic exchange or life in here. let the user can get more information in the work or study. We also have a part called Technology Showing. the information also abundant the pattern will make consumer have administrative levels feeling. in here. if you have any good suggestions or want to say something to us. we also bold use the latest technology and make the webpage more stereo vivid. you can upload your work and show you work to appreciate and communication.

teachers. etc) to carry on the management. online submissions. and the results of the survey also support the way to chart visual check. Online survey & online submissions The built-in questionnaire management system can face the general public or students. The system can also in the content editor to upload pictures in word document. Teaching resource collection can will other websites useful teaching resources ( generated. . teachers. images. save the administrator's work time. Image of UCSI University Welcome images of the scheme to picture information module can be good management. and set a timing acquisition. images. convenient to various formats teaching resources (text. etc) batch collected. students and campus activities and all kinds of style. more staff saves the work time. In addition. improve the working efficiency. and the system supports multiple images and batch upload. survey system can also be used to submit various application forms. Can show. carry out online knowledge competition. parents and so on the different web sites released the questionnaire different object to collect all kinds of feedback. Teaching resources download Learning system provides a powerful download function module. and so on. to avoid the administrator of the manual add big workload. pictures.

Student management system Student status as a result of the students' status as a unique management performance management module. can be easily teachers. and to better meet the information demand of the school portal website. The message board. can better cooperate with school teacher education work for students. guestbook. the school staff or teachers in the system the background can be convenient for curriculum arrangement. Online course arrangement The front desk schedule inquires schedule inquiry system. perfect error check function. can the student status information to students and performance information for good system management. proposals and speech. simple student information change/remove operations. support "message board" and "discussion forum" two messages displayed. parents and students' free of published opinions. . and students and the teachers can of their schedule at the front desk for the quick inquires at any time and place. fast and convenient student information query function. has the very human students information recorded function. and can be set to leave a message to the administrator audit in the foreground to show.