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Maher E. Soliman
213 880-6288
Professional CV
June 1983, California State University Northridge, BA
Bachelor in Business (Organization Communications)
Major academic courses highlights: Company IT Property Management; Economics;
May 1997, University of California, Los Angeles, CA
John Anderson School of Management
Emphasis--- Accounting (Investment
2005 ---- 2005 Gbersen Lebman New York, NY
Sub Prime Sector Analyst
o Analyst's duties include coverage of the sub prime sector, and
o Reporting on major markets trading activities for performance, investment
rationale. past performance and markets sustenance.
o Analysis for related capital markets activities ineluding new industry sector
markets, channels of distribution and sector application research for registrants
acting as
o Collect and publishjinancial reporting data and competitor information analysis.
October 20021 Independent Consultant
Sub Prime Markets Analyst
o FOImed an investment de novo with Carl leahn
o leahn had taken interest in the evidence provided by Soliman for the onset of the
inevitable collapse of the mortgage backed securities market.
o Personally provided the business model and basis for establishing a risk weighted
acquisition group determined to capitalize inevitable "Bail out" he predicated
based on the irrational exuberance and unethical behavior of major lenders seen
driven by economics for offering securities versus adherence to regulatolY
conditions affects the rights of the consumer and American homeowner
• !cahn has a record of substantial or controlling positions in various industries
and corporations including: RJR Nabisco, TW4, Texaco, Phillips Petroleum,
Western Union, Gulf& Western. ViacolII, Unirovai, Dan River, Marshall Field,
E-1I (Culligan and San/soni/e), American Can, USx. Marvel Cn1l7ics, Revlon,
Imelone, Federal-Mogul, Fairmont Hotels, blockbuster, Kerr-McGee, Time
Warner and Motorola. Recently, leahn was shown to be interested in the takeover
/11. Jo/;mtVt
Professional CV
of Yahoo! and the ousting of Jeny Yangji-om his current position as CEO to
allow Microsoft to purchase the web company. Ref I
July 1998 ---2002 / Mortgage Guarantee Inc., Norwalk CA
Director for Whole Loan Acquisitions and Subservicing
o Second Market's utilize whole loan market facilitates transactions in a wide
variety of residential, commercial and wecialty loan types.
o Adding to the capabilities and resources of the MBS Market, Secondary Markets
now transacts in both pelf arming and non-pelf arming individual loans as well as
entire loan portfolios.
o As financial institutions COnIinue to try to de-lever their balance sheets, and the
securitization market remains at a slandstill, one way to generate cash from loans
has been through negotiated transactions in the highly fragmented secondary
o OrganizationfacWtates trading in a wide variety of loan types including
residential mortgages (including prime Oumbo), subpri",e, all-A, option ARMs,
HELOCs and closed end 2nd liens} and construction loans.
o July 1996 / Priority Bancorp Co., Nonvalk CA
Co Director for Warehouse Lending
I leahn sold his Clsino interests in Ne"ada-on 21 February 2008. They included the Stratosphere, Arizona Ch:trlic's BOllldc(,
Arizona Ch:lllic's Dec<ltur, and Aquarius Casino Resort which are operated through AmeriC<'.n El1Icrtaimncnt PmJ}erlics. u
s:Jbsidiary oflcahn's major company. ltahn Enterprises. The sale price ors 1.3 billion was roughly $1 biltion more than he paid
ror the properties. leahn made an nncmpled a major shareholder of Time W"mer owning about 3.3% oflhe company
valued at billions of dollars. He has been a;tively attempting to influence the direction ofTime Warner, often in conflict with ils
fonner ChiefE.xecutive.. Richard Pnrsons. Although Time VI:!r:lcr recently sold 5% of its AOL division, has been pressing
fOT additioffill action to increase shi1rcholdcr vnlue. On Fcbruary 7, 2C06, n eroup led by kahn and l.m.ard Freres CEO Bruce
unveiled n343-page propostll colling for lh: breakup into four companies I11\d siock buybncks
totnlinc tpproximo.lely $10 billion. On FebMry 17, 2006, the leaho-Ied group agreed with Time Warner to not contest the re-
election ofTW's slale ofbontd members at th!l2006 meeting. In c)(cbmgc fOf the leahn Jrcup's cooperation,
Warner will buy bad:. up $20 biB ion of stock, nominate more independent mcmbm to the board of directors. cut 51 billi()n of
costs by 2007, Ilnd continue discussio:l$ with the leahn group over their proposal, particularly on the fUM!: ofCablc.. Icnlm's
hedge funds currently cwn 5.6%ofbioteclmology company Biogen Idee. BeGinning in 2007, Ieahn has 5teadily increased his
Si.3i:e in Biogrn, seeking \0 possibly .!lequire. break-up, and/or sell off various parIS of tile organizalion.[6} Asof June, 2009.
tcnhn has II13naged 10 scat tWO of his allies on Biogen's board with the app3rent gOll of splitting thc company into two entities
il.nd possibly repillcing CEO Jarr.1.:5 C. Mullen, of whom he has been highly critica.I.[7] In 1008, Icolm /ofl/lcht!ti 17lt /culm
Rt!pDrl w/liell campaigns/oT .manllo/tnr rigllt.f. It hoSiJ United Slrarellalders nf America where illdMtillol iltV/!Sfors con sig" lip
alld lakeport. As 0[2007, lcahn alld his offiliates ctlrrcmlly olVlllllojorityposirions infinus il/dudillg . .fCF h,dllsrrit!s, American
Roilcor Indllslries, XO C<>!mmrn;mliOlls, Philip Services, ond NYSE-llsted /cohn /£11f{!I"priscs,/ormerly kn01l'1I cu American Real
£Slalf! Pm111crs.lcaJm is a director oJ Blockbrlltl!r IIIC., and (Itt! Chairmall of Imelolle, IcahlJ Enterprists LP . .\'0
Commw,;coliollS IlIc, We.tlPoillt 1[0111(1 Inc., CCid/ls, and Americall !Wileor Industries. Also ile is 0 OIt'IIt!f o[ Ac/l.'fU/lrx
PhtJI"/IlQulllicals IIIC, [lecror Group Ltd and has had significant holdings in Time Wamer inc. leahn has nlso tried to Illke over
Marvel Comics, coming into conflict wilh Avi ,'ro.d, Ron Perelman, and Ike Perlm:mer.[S]
b 2004, rcalm purc11ased a large block ofst(ld: in a pharm:lccutica( concern, Myl;ln L,bomtorics. after Mylan had n
C-!3! tn aequire another company in that market, King Plklmlaccuticals, of Bristol, Tcm:csscc. leahn thrcatened .1 proxy over
the acquisition, saying that th: contmct required Mylan to over-ply. He also conle:lded tha. Mylan's chief executive. Robell J.
Coury WllS significantly oVCl"comI'enslltcd lind that Mylan's corporate governance was olherwise badly flawed.
In early 2005, Mylan gave up its efforts to acquire King, but man;"lgement said this was a result of its ongoing monitoring of
rdevnnt fnc1s, not due to prtSSlJrc from Mr. lcalm.ln 20061c.ahn sold his stake in KT&.G (KOt::3 Tobacco & Ginseng) for a
substanti:ll profit.
Professional CV
o June 1993/ FCFG Wholesale Lenders Culver City, CA
Director for Whole loan Originations
o February 1989/ CFG Investment Banking, Century City, CA
VP for commercial lending and Joint Venture financing
Solicitor for transactions arranged through FSLIC institutional thrifts.
o February 19841 TOPA Management & Holdings
Traincd in Compliance and lawful foreclosure procedures under owner Billionaire
John Andersen (UCLA Graduate School)
Bank Lending Offi"er for Topa Savings Bank and Bel Air Savings and Loan.
o Soliman is considered an. industry expert whose predication of the coming sub
prime markets col/apse in 2002 was lacking only in timing as Jar accuracy Jar the
devastating effict the sectors participants would cause the US economy.
o Development oJthe application marketed as MiNUTE i3 ™ as a state-of the-art
trading platform established in advance oj ils lime as a transparent, centralized
marketplace Jar buyers and sellers oJwhole loans andJor adding whole loan
transaction resources and capabilities.
Foreign Languages:
Spoken fluency in French.
Computer Skills:
Level III Certificate. (Database Network Communication)
C++, VBA, Provision, JM?, AutoCAD,
Data base management and development of a Quality Control risk weighted evaluation
software for tracking delinquency and credit quality risk based factors.