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Department of Commerce Corporate Organisational Charts

Current at 31 March 2011 Please notify changes to the Office of the Director General


Regional & Primary Industries Health Hazards & Plant Safety Manufacturing. Science and Program Management Compliance & Education Consumer Information and Analysis Strategic Policy and Development Legal Unit Gas Business Services Legislation and Policy . Transport & Service Industries Building Commission Peter Gow Plumbers Licensing Board Industry Policy and Advice Building Commission Strategy Building Codes and Regulation EnergySafety Ken Bowron Innovative Industries Policy and Legal Electricity Public Sector Policy. Science and Innovation Julie de Jong Labour Relations Bob Horstman Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll Industry & Consumer Services Business Services WorkSafe Lex McCulloch Policy & Education Legal & Special Investigation Business Services Construction.Commerce Organisational Chart Director General Brian Bradley Office of the Director General Corporate Services Alan Jackson Policy and Executive Services Communications Regional Services and Indian Ocean Territories Internal Audit Corporate Development Human Resources Information Services Risk & Continuity Finance & Administration Industry.

Consumer Protection Division Executive Director Commissioner for Consumer Protection Consumer Information and Analysis Industry and Consumer Services Retail and Service Industries Building and Tenancy Business Services Registration Services Strategic Policy and Development Strategic Development Legal Unit Legislation and Policy Petroleum Prods Pricing Unit Legal Services Legislation Contact Centre Real Estate Strategic Policy Legal and Prosecution Services Policy Market Surveillance Motor Vehicles Associations and Charities .

Regional and Primary Industries Construction Red Health Hazards & Plant Safety Manufacturing. Noise And Vibration Transport. Transport & Service Industries Policy Legal Client Services Plant and Engineering Manufacturing Education Reviews Licensing and Registration Construction Blue Regional and Primary Industries Hygiene. Education and Community Services .WorkSafe Division Executive Director WorkSafe WA Commissioner Policy and Education Legal and Special Investigation Business Services Construction. Wholesale and Retail Services Industries Audit and Special Investigation Inspector Development and Training Human Factor/ Ergonomics Health.

Labour Relations Division Executive Director Compliance & Education Policy and Legal Public Sector Policy Team 1 Compliance Legal and Legislation Team 2 Team 1 Compliance Team 2 Compliance Building Industry & Special Projects Inspectorate Pay Equity Unit Team 3 Regional Proactive Compliance Education Education Services Wageline .

Corporate Services Division Executive Director Information Services Finance and Administration Human Resources Risk & Continuity Strategic Development Systems Operations Finance Services Recruitment and employees services Development Infrastructure Administration Services Procurement Occupational Safety & Health Workforce Development HR Advisory Services Project Management Office Service Support Corporate Information .

Office of the Director General Division Director General Policy and Planning Policy and Executive Services Corporate Development Communications Internal Audit Regional Services and Indian Ocean Territories Policy Executive Services Planning Information Customer Services Albany Customer Services Bunbury Customer Services Geraldton GLTW Promotions Online Services Customer Services Kalgoorlie Customer Services Karratha Customer Services Broome .

EnergySafety Division Executive Director Electricity Gas Business Services Electricity Supply Gas Supply Licensing Office Electricity Utilisation Gas Utilisation Business Projects Electrical Inspection (including regional staff) Gas Inspection Technical Communications Office Services .

Science and Program Management Innovative Services and Infrastructure Risk and Program Management Digital Economy Strategic Policy Marine and Defence Industry Services Council Support .Industry. Science and Innovation Division Executive Director Chief Scientist Local Content Innovative Industries Policy.

Building Commission Executive Director Executive Services Industry Policy and Advice Building Codes and Regulation Building Commission Strategy Plumbers Licensing Policy Regulations Compliance Legislation Information and Advice Technical Sustainable Buildings Policy Licensing and Administration .