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Many Americans may still be slow to believe that election fraud is being perpetrated by the GOP in the 2012

Presidential primaries. However, it is arguable that this naivety on the part of our citizenry is unconscionable any longer. The evidence is overwhelming. However, if you are one of those who is still skeptical, posted below are just a few of the latest articles that have been appeared online exposing evidence of criminality committed against Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul in particular. It seems that the GOP establishment is hell-bent in obstructing his nomination. According to a recent February 23, 2012 “Breaking News” report by the respected Pew Research Center’s Western Center for Journalism, researchers and statisticians are concerned that “effective systems for maintaining accurate voter registration information,” are “plagued with errors and inefficiencies that waste taxpayer dollars, undermine voter confidence, and fuel partisan disputes over the integrity of our elections.” (Kouri, 2012) The report goes so far as to state that this research “suggests that the U.S. is fast approaching the status of Third-World Nation (sic) when it comes to the integrity of local and national elections.” (Read the complete story at the end of this article.) Feelings of helpless concern about this issue are growing. More and more people are wondering what legal remedy anyone as a sovereign citizen might have to stop such crimes, and see legal remedy occur? That’s where Tools for Justice, Hidden4thBranch and the process of grand jury investigations can make a difference. Tools for Justice is joining forces with the author of the recently released book, The Hidden 4th Branch, Kelly Z. Mordecai to organize a mass action movement to force the issue to be criminally investigated by grand juries within multiple counties in every state in the country. Every concerned citizen can play a part by filing a Concerned Citizen Complaint and Evidence Package with your local county court District Attorney or Criminal Investigator. By going to the website, and clicking on the link entitled “9O Primary Voting Machine Accountability” Any concerned voter can download a Complaint and Evidence Package with literally the click of a few buttons. Simple instructions on how to complete the cover page and submit these documents to your local county grand jury are provided. A complete explanation of the power of the county grand jury is provided. If enough Americans get behind this approach, honest and open election results can materialize to assure that the People observe accountability in the entire national election process.

Tools for Justice and have teamed together to create a “Fictional Future News” story that takes place just a few days in the future,on March 3, 2012. Keep in mind that this story is a prediction of what might happen, because it hasn’t happened - yet!
VOTER FRAUD EXPOSED, causing top State GOP Chairmen to resign:

dailypaul...” Stalin ++++++ Voter Fraud: Research Study Suggests Major Election Problems (Video) Rachel Maddow . cheat..Ron Paul Should Have Won Maine Caucus: Daily Paul: Guess What? South Carolina Primary Results in Question "Well." There were many problem. "The people voting don't count as much as the people counting the vote.FFN Breaking News Maine Caucuses: Counties Ron Paul Won Were Ignored. Omitted From Final Count READ MORE ABOUT THIS STORY: http://www. Following are some of the recent articles pointing to the evidence of election fraud in www. if you can't win legitimately.

Retrieved from http://www. (2012. are deployed on Election Day” state Pew Center statisticians. References Kouri. These systems are plagued with errors and inefficiencies that waste taxpayer dollars.H. cost-effective. is fast approaching the status of Third-World Nation when it comes to the integrity of local and national ©2012 . Mordecai.S. J.westernjournalism. identify and verify voters at polling places. “Our democratic process requires an effective system for maintaining accurate voter registration By NWV News Writer Jim Kouri. according to Pew researchers.) Voter fraud: Recent study suggests major election problems. Henley. undermine voter confidence. provide polling place information. Voter registration lists are used to assign precincts. 2012 By Breaking News In a typical system. and contact information through a form completed at a public agency. or through an unregulated third party voter registration group. and efficient. and fuel partisan disputes over the integrity of our elections. Greenhough. – The Pew Center A major non-partisan research project suggests that the U. Voter registration in the United States largely reflects its 19th-century origins and has not kept pace with advancing technology and a mobile society.Z. such as paper ballots and voting Contributors: C. R. Callihan. toolsfortjustice. such as a county election office or motor vehicles office. send sample ballots. such as a campaign or advocacy organization (ACORN. election officials get information about a voter’s identity. K. Project Vote). and determine how resources. Read More at newswithviews. according to Pew Center statement. eligibility.February 23. States’ systems must be brought into the 21st century to be more accurate. address. D.