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Lilia Gutnik
Experience Microsoft
December 2010 – present Program Manager 2 for massive online service, search text ads

Bing Monetization UX
      Feature design: define and manage features of front-end UI and back-end logic for search ads o Contributed to 6% increase in revenue Scrum master: define schedule, prioritize, and triage work items for monthly ship Monetization strategy: research target market personas, analyze competitors, plan and prioritize release cycles Partner liaison: manage relationships and data contracts with advertising, legal, marketing, engineering teams, and Yahoo! A/B Testing owner: wireframe and run experiments, analyze results to make ship decisions Live site contact: respond as point person for issues with ads on the live site o Response within 24 hours

July 2010 - December 2010 Lead Program Manager for small incubation group, data visualization application

Live Labs, Pivot
    Project manager: managed four 10-person teams, drove project vision and ship schedule Scrum master: managed overall feature burn-down and bug count, lead planning and retrospective for code milestones Feature design: developed feature scenarios and priorities based on executives, customers, and design guidance Community: evangelized Pivot to Microsoft’s top tier enterprise customers and data visualization community

July 2007 - July 2010 Program Manager for management component of enterprise software Community Lead for medium business to enterprise IT Pro’s

Windows Server, Group Policy
  Feature design: defined command line interface and .NET API’s in PowerShell Community: developed community strategy and content, awarded top Microsoft honor for exemplary work o Developed and delivered conference talks, won several local and international top speaker awards o Created customer engagement community with 30 enterprise and mid-market customers o Engaged with select group of MVPs, internal and external partners, top tier customers o Recorded technical videos (10,000+ views) about Group Policy o Primary contributor on popular team blog; increased in popularity to top 2% of technical Microsoft blogs

May 2006 –August 2006 Program Manager Intern

Windows Home Server
   Designed and wrote spec of photo sharing feature for v1 of Windows Home Server Conducted user studies and did competitive research Worked with international development team

Residential Energy-Efficiency, Probabilistic Databases, Human Computer Interface
August 2006-May 2007 Master’s student, UC Berkeley “HiFi: Designing for Multiple Personas”
  Prototyped and developed UX guidelines for project HiFi (high fan-in system) in conjunction with Intel Research Designs geared for database researchers, machine learning experts, and layman end-user personas

May 2005-August 2005 Intern, Intel Research Berkeley Energy Efficient Home database schema
  Developed database schema for prototype’s system of sensor motes for Intel’s “Smart Home” project Carried out user experience experiments focusing on families interacting with technology in their home

Personal Health Devices

VaxAid: Painless Flu Vaccine
  2007 Business plan built on MEMS research to develop microneedles for painless large molecule delivery. Selected for Dean’s “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” presentations, April 2006

Heart@Home: RFID Heart Rate Sensor
  Business plan and device developed that measures, wirelessly transmits, and records heart rate information “Wireless Sensor Networks for Home Health Care” 2007 (co-author, DBLP, pdf)

August 2006 – May 2007 University of California, Berkeley, College of Engineering Master of Science, Computer Science Advisors: Joseph Hellerstein, Minos Garofalakis Emphasis: Databases, Human computer interaction, Business strategy August 2002 – May 2006 University of California, Berkeley, College of Engineering Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Public Speaking
Grace Hopper Conference (2011) “Talk about Talking: How to deliver compelling technical talks”, Audience favorite IGNITE (2009-present) Expand Your Horizons (2010, 2011) Presentation Idol (2010, 2nd place) TechEd Australia (2009, Top Speaker Overall) TechEd New Zealand (2009, Top Speaker Overall) TechEd USA (2008, Top Speaker in Management Track) MMS (2007, 2008 Top Speaker in Management Track, 2010) TechReady(Fall 2007, Spring/Fall 2008, Spring 2008)

Travelling, biking to work, playing competitive tennis, kayaking