Tears Shed In Time

By: M. T. DeStefano

For Jennifer Pesta, the women who brought me back to life when all had seemed lost.

For Braelyn and Sidney, without you in my life, this would all be meaningless.


Part I
Scars of the Heart Loves Impurity

Road Untraveled My Heart Still Burns Another Day, Another Way Disappeared Pieces of My Soul Water Will Carry You Home With Every Breath

Smile in My Dreams One Last Breath To Keep From Dying Same Old Song Sublime Think of the Days In My Heart

Calling Out For You The Key Withdrawn Live You’re Dreams Can’t Lose This Smile The Last ‘What If’ Our Life Dearly I Would Choose You

Part III
The Journey Begins Within Our Hearts Through the Window

Part II

before your eyes.In between these pages. who died before he came alive. . This is the story of a man. are the tears I've shed in time. upon my whole life dine. From my hand.

Part I .

a heart with no scars is no heart at all. pain filled days Still I try to hold it inside. The scars may fade. yet not knowing where to start. To understand true love you must crumble and fall. memories stay Tears of sadness. screams of rage Sleepless nights. So I say.Scars of the Heart It's hard awakening with an empty story in your heart. . inside my tortured cage. Wanting to write it.

While it eats my soul alive. Truth that binds me From the dark side of security Brings me to the light To see this loves impurities Still the tears of my heart Shatter on the floor As the desperation I feel Slowly shuts the door .Loves Impurity Another cold day leads to the burning in my heart. I realize this love never had a start.

Hopes that were frozen Stuck Inside my head Will come back to kill me As her destructive words said She was still with him We would never be Love I thought was there Could not be guaranteed So I'll keep to myself I'll try to hold my breath Until this love comes true Or until my last breath Why must my love for you Slowly lead me to my death .

Smile in My Dreams Shaking in my arms a quiver down my spine my legs are getting weak I'm doing just fine I wish it wasn't like this Wish I didn't care at all There is something about you. I try to stand up Feelings got stronger Wish I would feel this way no longer I find myself hurting believing your lies it hurts so badly I can't even cry The effect you had on me Was beautiful it seems It's crazy to know I smile in my dreams . that makes me take the fall.

cried One Last Breath As the tears drop and shatter like glass.Then I wake up and you're not by my side For the very first time My heart. but I choked on my heart. The way I always felt when we were alone. With every word I ever wasted on your behalf. I bleed the final words that slowly surpass. I strived for one last taste as we finally fell apart. I hoped you start to choke on every single laugh. and how you made me stumble into the unknown. As I tried to find your picture so I could look into your eyes. for you. I gasped for one last breath. to make you feel my pain one last time. .

So far away? We thought our time was always good didn’t turn out the way it should Now you're with him. you left me here this was always something I feared Now it's over. I stopped crying so I'll stay busy to keep from dying .To Keep From Dying Who are you and who am I? Why did we ever give this a try? I'm myself and you are you where does this pain come from that we go through? You gave your heart and you stole mine did we jump into this blind? We loved each other every day so why are you still.

Same Old Song She calls you tonight She knows something’s wrong you won't tell her your heart keeps singing the same old song She knows you better she knew that you were down you insist on holding back Self pit in which you drown Her heart won't change the way she doesn't feel you knew your heart would take time to heal You try not to let her see you hurt you already knew She'd leave your heart in the dirt No matter how she feels you’ll continue to see .

for a long time I feel as if I never knew you at all Hopefully I'm jumping the gun And one day you will call Even if I want to move on And get my life on track I know it's hard to do Love is holding me back So when I close my eyes All I see is you Memories still haunt me Ones I wish I never knew When I lose myself I can't hide from the truth The love that really killed me Pushed me away from you .your love for her will always be Sublime You've been gone now.

In my dreams you haunt My love for you won't let me be When you stare into my eyes The pain inside won't set me free When we look back on the memories our best moments make me cry that’s why I hope you understand we would be better if you try But if I could catch a falling star and change the course of time I'd mend our broken hearts so the rest would stay sublime .

Think of the Days Dedicated to a friend… Today I dropped to my knees from the trouble of breathing but it wasn't my health it was the thought of you leaving There's nothing they can say To make these feelings go away As soon as they start to Something reminds me of you That brings me to tears So full of pain That I'll feel it for years Then I think of the days all the times we shared together it causes the slightest thing even the touch from a feather to bring me back to the thoughts The anger the hate the love .

the fears But no matter what I can't stop these tears In My Heart I had forgotten everything All the good things in my soul Than you came into my life You made me feel whole You always knew the right thing You showed me how to give You finally opened up my eyes You showed me how to live The sweet song of your voice Will echo forever inside of my head For all the years to come I’ll think about words I’d left unsaid The words I wished I’d said to you I offer up to you now I pray that one day maybe .

I could be with you somehow I could not have grown this way alone You made my life mean something And I know that you’re the one That recalled my life from nothing So I try to be strong I try to numb the pain I try to tell myself You’re coming back today Even though I know That you are never coming home I know you are looking down on me So I’ll never be alone But now you’ve disappeared Forever you are gone I’ll never forget your love .

because in my heart your soul lives on Road Untraveled Another morning comes As the life I pretend Becomes the life I keep The truth of who I am Is buried deep inside It remains a road untraveled For everyone but I And the mask that hides The longing in my eyes Can only do so much With a secret this hard to hide Even when hidden And locked away There are still Times when I cry .

so unlike you why is this so hard to do? You'll never understand What I've been through Even though These words are true I've been through more pain Than most will ever know They say time heals wounds It's going to slow .Then I stop Ask myself "Why?" My Heart Still Burns When you look at me what do you see? A man that’s broken? A man that’s free? Why is it so hard to be myself? It seems even now I've lost the key to be myself.

another hit How many more can I take? I can't tell you but it will take much more before I break. Another Day. Another Way With the breath of the sun we find another day another chance to love again to live life another way Before you I stood I dropped to me knees crying to the sky "Please set me free." The wolf lies inside in the depths of the dark .Every day that these pieces don't fit my heart takes.

my strength has gone out as quick as a spark The face in the mirror Eyes stare me down He knows who I am as I start to drown Within those eyes I can read the pain Visions of dreams it begins the same .

Desires to be free as tears fill my eyes how have I grown into the person I despise Disappeared Label me as missing I’ll never be found I’m running far away I won’t make a sound You’ll see my letter My reflection in your head You’ll wonder how I’m doing If I’m better off dead .

You’ll never know who I am I will never reappear You’ll know me as the one The one that disappeared Pieces of My Soul Time stands still your eyes crystalize I fall into a trance and then I realize Pieces of my soul have shattered on the floor they begin to form together when you open up the door .

I was betrayed by confusion That was left upon your face Your footsteps disappear Without a trace Now I’m broken and blinded By overwhelming fear It now becomes reality With the drop of the first tear You will be gone As morning light hits my cheek It seems even now I’ve gone farther from my peek Its farther to fall As I climb higher Now my heart .

Will burn with the fire I will never be free So this is the last time These innocent eyes see Water Will Carry You Home Raindrops fall like tears from the sky they dampen my paper they darken my eyes And you’re. you cannot race time and win you cannot call love a sin . you’re so cold. so far away you run for the hills and live for the day But you. so lost.

but you cannot fight these tears Cause you are no stranger to fears There can be no chorus for songs of the sea you curse what you done you damn what might be but the water will carry you home With Every Breath When there’s nothing to lean on nothing will support you what do you fall on when all you have are dreams that in a few simple words there could be no more screams . and so afraid.Now you’re so destroyed. so lost.

Alone and empty In a dark silent world With everything you feel Made up inside your mind Killing yourself with every breath Lending out your heart Hoping it won’t lead to death .

Part II Calling Out For You Last night I fell into a world I never wanted to leave You were there with me and everything was perfect .

You whispered to me that I'd never have to worry But there’s a problem in having something with you Please don't take my heart as something you can use While I tremble at your words knowing what I could lose You assured me That I would be yours You would be mine Nothing could come between what we had I'll take a leap of faith and land in your arms If you'll just catch me as I fall Please answer my hearts call 'Cause I’m calling out for you to be here with me I'm calling out to you so that we can find a way A way to make every breath a moment in each other’s eyes Than everything fades and I'm back to reality .

where is the harm In dreaming of you The Key These shattered pieces lie like photos spread across my bedroom floor Memories flood my existence as I try to find love once more .I'm left with only thoughts of what could have been To me letting you go would be a regretful sin So I'll live everyday trying to be a better man Dreaming that here. you've taken my hand To walk me down this road through my misery Please help me to get to the other side To watch the sunset with you on my arm Can someone tell me.

Did you know hold the key? Withdrawn As we make it through these nights With nothing but our dreams We soon begin to realize Nothing is ever what it seems Our questions without answers Like a soul without its mate .So let me know if it’s a burden For you to hold the key If that’s the way it is Please try and set me free But you should know I’d live and die a million lives for you If for just one moment we could be Now I’m left with one last question.

Makes me start to wonder Can anyone relate. To these problems I await? Can you hear these cries. As I reach out for your hand? Fighting back these tears Is something I can't stand You think you are pushing Me away until I'm gone If that was ever an issue Wouldn't I already have withdrawn? I need you to listen To every silent word I speak There’s something in this message That leaves me feeling weak .

If you still don’t understand What I am trying to say In my final words These feelings I'll convey My heart is on my sleeve I hope you know how I feel It’s always been you That has forced me to reveal My head over my heel Live Your Dreams The first time I saw your smile My heart began to melt Words cannot explain The feelings that I felt It’s amazing how your smile Can touch me at my core I wasn’t ready to walk this path Now it’s as if I could sore .

I thought this life would be much harder than it seems doing everything I can to ensure you live your dreams and the courage I provide will help you to stand while doubt can mimic properties being trapped by quicksand The option of walking away Will never cross my mind my love for you is too strong for me to ever leave you behind Can’t Lose This Smile It’s the way I feel When we first touched It seems these feelings Have become so much I fell for you so easy And I never tried to stand Darkness turns to light Every time I hold your hand .

It’s crazy to think That for the first time My heart will not cry I just can’t lose this smile ‘Cause you didn’t pass me by I knew from our first moment that one day we’d be in love it’s like I had my angel Sent to me from above I’ll cherish every moment for you’re the best thing in my life the day can’t come fast enough when you become my wife The Last ‘What If’ What if we fell in love? Our love would last forever What if this was our last day? We would spend our time together What if I never said yes? .

I’d spend my whole life hoping What if we hit speed bumps? We won’t have trouble coping What if we have all girls? I’d protect them with my life What if they grow up too fast? I’ll prepare to give a lucky man a wife What if time starts to fly by? I’ll try to make it slow up What if this is the last ‘What if’? I’ll know it’s time to wake up Our Life Everyone is looking for someone to fill the hole we think. but don’t talk much about it until we start to lose control .

though I know we’ll last forever .So we started off as friends I know it made our love strong For some time we kept our feelings hidden But when it came time to reveal We didn’t wait too long Something inside my heart Recognized fate all along It was hard to wrap my mind around Our love as a never ending song So how do you its love? I can’t tell you.

though it’s something we share together So how do you know its forever? Every time I look into your eyes I see our life together Dearly I’ve become a part of a life I did not create It seems as if this was always my fate Now I have to grow Into a man of example This is only what I hope to be considered a sample .How do you feel when you’re in love? It’s impossible to explain.

of the life to come of the challenges ill face of the time that I find my destined place She continues to teach me When I thought I’d be teaching I try to earn her approval but sometimes I feel I’m reaching to be more than I need to be When I love her dearly and she loves me for me That is all I’ll ever need this to be I Would Choose You Feelings I get when I look into your eyes like the sun rising now touching the sky Warmth that it brings only love can create .

Proving our love to be something great When I feel your touch my hair starts to rise like the wind on your skin on the coldest of days If I had to choose to keep feeling this way I’d still choose you every single day .

Part III The Journey Begins Sometimes in life Things begin to change how can someone feel that .

hands starting to shake Don’t know how much more I can take Getting nervous. chest is getting tight .Dreams are out of range? They cling to regrets In colors of black and white Missing the big picture Life taking flight Spreading it’s wings The journey has begun How is it even possible That one could ever want to run Away from their creation? You’re so beautiful and pure in life there’s nothing better you’re the ultimate cure Within Our Hearts Feeling anxious.

Hard to debate between wrong and right Mind is clouded. I’m losing all control This feeling inside has brightened my soul Thought it would be hard to fill these spaces That’s when I looked at my girls faces Never thought I was capable of feeling this way Loving to watch my little girls play Hope they don’t grow up too fast I want their time with us to last I just hope they’re in no hurry Life passes so fast. it seems so blurry I can’t bear to see them leave us here Even though. Within our hearts they’ll always be near Through the Window .

When I first held you I looked into your eyes Like looking through a window Into a different world It’s amazing when you see life In a different light No matter where this roads leads For you. I will always fight You make me feel so selfless since you’ve entered my life I just hope that one day you will be privileged enough to feel what I feel too .

‘Cause nothing can compare when your beauty sends me through that open window to a bright new world when my true test begins being the best father I can This journey of new life the best gift I’ve ever had until you look me in the eye and say… .

I love you dad… .

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