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eflexology is more than just another foot massage. It`s a natural healing

therapy; an ancient art that is used to balance the flow of energy throughout

the entire body.

It uses the idea that there are reflexes in the hands, feet, and ears that correspond to every
organ, gland, and part of the body. By applying pressure and using the appropriate
techniques on these corresponding reflexes, reflexology enhances relaxation, reduces
stress, and increases circulation. It can be used to treat the hands, feet and ears; however,
reflexology is most commonly done on the feet.

The interesting thing about reflexology is that your reflexologist can tell a lot about your

health and daily routines just by simply looking at your feet. You see your feet are

merely “reflections of your body parts (Barbra & Kunz).” Their reflexes are in a logical

order that closely resemble the anatomy of your body. By looking at their color, texture,

level of discomfort. When pain is felt from hitting a particular reflex then a message is sent to the brain to release endorphins into the painful area of the body to help it heal itself. By breaking these deposits the nerve ending opens and connects with its corresponding organ. asthma. When you stimulate a nerve ending in the foot a corresponding organ or gland can also be stimulated. . As they work on the reflexes in your feet. R eflexology can affect almost every part of your body. 2005). your reflexologist can tell you if you have kidney problems. asthma and so much more! After accessing your feet the reflexologist will continue with the treatment. and influences the workings of the body (Barbra & Kunz. and level of swelling. this is normal! The reflexologist then continues to work on these painful areas until the pain dissipates or disappears.” It’s a therapy that everyone should know more about so that they can help themselves or loved ones when they’re in any form of sickness or discomfort. Some nerve endings are believed to be blocked by crystal deposits. shoulder tension. Research has found that “reflexology impacts disease. improves quality of life. you may feel mild to severe pain.

intestines. skin and circulation. Reflexology also helps release endorphins into the body which is a natural pain killer. especially the sick and elderly. Reflexology can also improve the functionality of the kidneys. hormonal imbalances. arthritis. infertility. strokes and more. especially when you’re being treated but an experienced reflexologist. Any age group can benefit from the treatments. However. chronic fatigue. digestive disorders. stress. migraines. If you go to get a treatment. if the reflexologist is inexperienced or uneducated then they could work on the reflexes too hard or too long causing an adverse reaction. The benefits of reflexology include relief of constipation. Reflexology. There is not an overwhelming amount of risks when it comes to reflexology. is a holistic therapy in which you must believe in the method for it to work more effectively. sport injuries. those are generally sciences like chemistry and biology. Start looking for reflexology programs . sleep patterns. Depending on the person and the severity of their condition. MS. like massage therapy. menstrual cramps. then look for their certification of reflexology. it can either affect the person immediately or after several treatments. To become a reflexologist there are some courses you will need as pre-requisites. back pain.

Ontario Canadian College of Natural Healing . Ontario International Academy of Natural Health Sciences .Kemble.C.Gloucester. Ontario Limestone School of Natural Healing . Canadian Institute of Reflexology and Kinesthetics . Here is a list of colleges that meet OCR’s minimum standards.London. Ontario .in your area. .B. Ontario Packard School of Nutrition .Nepean.Ottawa. Paris) . Ontario Holt School of Natural Healing . Ontario Touchpoint.Palgrave.Ottawa.Bolton. Ontario Health Secrets . Ontario Canadian Council of Professional Certification .Peterborough. Ontario D'Arcy Lane Institute . Ontario Fairbrass School of Complementary Therapies . Ontario Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario .London.Richmond Hill.Richmond Hill. Ontario Davey School of Natural Healing . Ontario Dunlop Wellness & Rehabilitation .Sudbury. Wholistic Learning Centre . Ontario Wholistic Therapies School . Ontario Academy of Natural Therapies (J.Aylmer.Thornhill. there is a list of programs and colleges in Ontario below. Reglexology Colleges In Ontario Academy of Deep Muscle Therapy .Kingston.Palgrave. To become a reflexologist in Ontario you must be registered under the OCR (Ontario Colleges of Reflexology). Ontario Canadian College of Holistic Health .Toronto. Ontario Alzner School of Reflexology and Deep Muscle Therapy Inc. If you aren’t then you are not qualified to be a reflexologist.

Then you receive your certification and become a reflexologist. – You need any prerequisites to take massage therapy. St. – The training is usually part time. a certain amount of hours of at home study. however it’s much easier if you do have a background in the human body and how it works. Mora File-Foot-Belleville. Almonte 9. You can also buy client insurance from them too. while others make you do 60 (like me). Kaladar. Beeton. Alana Hewitt-Foot/Hand/Ear-Barrie. Ila Mathers-Foot/Hand/Ear-Exeter 11. Catharines . Bracebridge 7. Barrie. Wasaga Beach. and then after you complete the course you do a written exam then you need to complete case studies on your own. Shelburne. There are many different associations that you become a member of. Thomas 2. Orangeville. – You don’t need to be registered just under the OCR. Niagara Region. Buryl Keene-Foot-Newcastle Oshawa. Some teachers only make you do 30. Bradford. Ettalie Inglis-Foot/Hand-Ottawa & Valley. One of the most popular associations is RAC. Renfrew. Dora Joseph-Foot/Hand-Ottawa. This makes it more practical for some people and the hours are most flexible. Newmarket. Rosemont. Brampton. Danielle conto-Foot/Hand/Ear-Napanee 3. Robert Campbell-Foot-London. Uxbridge 10. Aurora. Arnprior. This way you can also complete the class a lot quicker. Dundalk. Burlington. Carleton Place. Prince Edward County. Kingston. This is the association that I am registered under. Stirling . The Reflexology Association of Canada. Fergus. Frances Merion-Foot/Hand/Ear-St. will travel 6. Smiths Falls. Orillia. Carol Gagnon-Foot-Collingwood. Newmarket. Carp. Richmond Hill. Approved teachers in Ontario 1. Danielle Gault-Foot/Hand/Ear-Oakville. One you become a member of the association you need to keep paying a membership fee each year. – You can also take private lessons from teachers out of their own homes. Perth 8. Stayner. Alliston. You need a certain about of hours in class. then you have to meet up with a different teacher and do a practical exam. North Bay. After you complete your case studies (free treatments that you do on friends and family).will travel north 4. Almonte. Tottenham 5. one night a week. Packenham. Napanee.

Oshawa. Brampton. Lori Kells . Whitby. Guelph 16. Etobicoke 14.will travel 15. Diana O'Reilly-foot/ear-Toronto. Mississauga.Foot -Kawathra Lake District. Burlington. Deborah Powell-Foot/Ear-Orangeville. Toronto. Marie McClelland-Leger . Erin. Orangeville. Port Perry. GTA . Shelburne.Foot . Acton. 19. Oakville. Anne-Catherine Morrison-Foot-Brampton. Missisauga 18.12. Claudia Smith-Foot/Hand/Ear-Peterborough 17. Brampton. Erin. Ida Mae Woodburn-Foot-Georgetown.London . Mary-Kay Perris-Foot-Toronto. Caledon. Uxbridge. Orangeville 13. Milton.