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Higher Institute of Applied Languages and Computer Sciences of Nabeul

In cooperation with
The National Translation Centre


An International Conference on
« Translation: From Training to Profession »

November 28 & 29, 2008
Abou Nawas Hotel
Day 1 : Friday, November 28, 2008
8h00 – 9h00 Registration

09h00-9h30 Opening Session

 Speech of Manoubia Meski, Director of the Higher Institute of Applied Languages and Computer
Sciences of Nabeul
 Speech of. Ridha Methnani, Cabinet Chief, Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and
 Speech of . Mohamed Mahout, General Director of the National Translation Center

09h30-10h00 Coffee Break

10h00–12h20 First Session

Chaired by : Abdel Fattah Brahem

10h00-10h30: (Keynote Address 1) Frederico Zanettin Università di Perugia - Italy

 Translating into L2 : Tools and Resources

10h30-10h50 Abdellatif Abid, ( Vice President of the Union of Arab translators)

 Issues on the training of translators in the Arab World (presentation in Arabic)

10h50-11h10 Jean-Marie Le Ray (Specialist in translation and information technology, France)

 Translation : from training to practice : how to use Internet for a successful transition (presentation in

11h10-11h30 Ali Lamouchi, (Higher Institute of Applied Studies in Humanities of Tozeur)

 A Strategic Teaching of Translation: the CTE Process

11h30-11h50 Hammouda Salhi, (ISLAIN)

 Small Parallel Corpora in an English-Arabic Translation Classroom: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel in the
Era of Globalization
11h50-12h20 discussion

12h20-13h20 Second session

Chaired by: Federico Zanettin

12h20-12h40 (Keynote Address 2) Souleiman Al-Abbas, (General Director of the International

Research and Studies Centre: Atlas - Amman, Jordan)
 Training for Translators: Translation Curriculum in Jordanian universities (presentation in Arabic)

12h40-13h00 Anouar Jamaâoui, ISLAIN

 Translation of technical terms into Arabic: a civilizational necessity and a linguistic challenge
(presentation in Arabic)
13h00-13h20 Mourad Jmaâ, Faculté des Sciences Humaines et Sociales

 Teaching Translation in the French language BA: Pedagogical Assessment and Practical
considerations (presentation in French)

13h20-13h40 Discussion

13h40-15h10 Lunch

15h10-17h00 Third session

Chaired by: Abdellatif Abid

15h10-15h30 Ahmed Dhiab, (Medicine University of Sfax)

 “Al sad” of scientific terms at the service of training and translation (presentation in Arabic)

15h30-15h50 Saber Jamaâoui, ISLAIN

 Teaching Terminology: its role in training translators (presentation in Arabic)

15h50-16h10 Adel Bennasr, Institut Supérieur des Sciences Humaines de Tunis

 Translation of Legal texts : What is the best strategy? (presentation in French)

16h10-16h30 Alia Bibia, Université de Tébessa, Algérie

 Rhetoric Coinage of Scientific terminology: From the revival of heritage to the hegemony of translation
(presentation in Arabic)

16h30-17h00 Discussion

17h00-17h15 Coffee break

17h15-18h35 Forth session

Chaired by: Souleiman Al-Abbas

17h15-17h35 Rima Hakim, University of Damascus

 Translation teaching experience in Syria: the example of the Higher Institute of Translation
(presentation in Arabic)

17h35-17h55 Othman El Ahmadi,

 Pedagogic Translation: curriculum issues and evaluation difficulties (presentation in Arabic)

17h55-18h15 Raouf Jabnoun, Institut supérieur de langues appliquées aux affaires et au tourisme de Moknine

 Tousrism translation in Tunisian Universities ((presentation in Arabic)

18h15-18h35 Discussion
Day 2 : Saturday, November 29, 2008
09h00–11h00 Fifth session
Chaired by: Dorothy Kenny

09h00-09h20 (Keynote Address 3) Sara Laviosa, University of Bari, Italy

 Discovery and Justification Procedures in the Corpus-based Translation Classroom

9h20-09h50 Mohamed Mansouri, Faculté des lettres, des arts et des humanités, Manouba

 Translators’ Strategies

09h50-10h10 Moez Salaani, ISLAIN

 The Translation of J.Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians into French: Strengths and Limitations.

10h10-10h30 Jannet Zrad, (University of Tébessa) & Mohamed Zakour, (University of Mohamed Sedik,

 Construction of the image of the Other in the translation of the African Novel (presentation in

10h30-11h00 Discussion

11h00-11h20 Coffee Break

11h20-12h40 Sixth session

Chaired by: Sara Laviosa

11h20-11h40 (Keynote Address 4) Dorothy Kenny, University of Dublin, Ireland

 Metaphors in translation :the view from Machine translation

11h40-12h00 Monia Hammami, Faculté des lettres, des arts et des humanités, Manouba

 Machine Translation: automated applications of natural languages (presentation in Arabic)

12h00-12h20 Abd-el-Kader Ben Farah,

 Translation as a Science (presentation in Arabic)

12h20-12h40 discussion

12h40-14h30 Lunch

14h30-17h20 Seventh session

Chaired by: Mohamed Karray

14h30-14h50 Mohamed Belarbi Elkebir, Association of Translators

 The contribution of the translator/interpreter to the theoretical and practical works of translation
(presentation in French)

14h50-15h10 Samia El Melki, Faculté des sciences économiques de Tunis et Khedija Nakbi, ISLAIN

 EDI and Translation: From Theory to Practice

15h10-15h30 Aziz Ben Slimane, ISLAIN

 The copyright rights of the writer and the translator (presentation in Arabic)

15h30-15h50 Discussion

15h50-16h10 Coffe break

16h10-17h30 Eighth session

Président de session : Mohamed El Mansouri

16h10-16h30 Otunuyi Abdul kebeer Tihamiyu, University of Abuja, Nigeria

 Translation Challenges in the Training of Teachers through Arabic Medium in Nigeria (présentation en

16h30-16h50 Imed Chikhaoui, Institut supérieur de langues appliquées aux affaires et au tourisme de Moknine

 Translation as a Discursive Practice : Alterity and Ideological Tour de Force (presentation in English)

16h50-17h10 Abdelkader Charef, University of Abdelhamid Ben Badis, Algeria

 The role of translation in identifying the other and recognizing the self (presentation in Arabic)

17h10-17h30 Discussion

17h30-18h00 Closing Session

Conference Report
NB : Kindly feel free to contact Mr Hammouda Salhi for further information on the conference at (email) or (+216) 98 652 835 (cell phone).