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This is an Amazing Discovery! The Speed Enrollers System Learn How To Sponsor More People In a Month Than 97.4% of The Industry Enrolls All Year Long………. Everyone And Their Brother Has a Magic Sponsoring “System” That They Want To Sell You and Not Three of Them Has Ever Used Their Own! ** Therefore they are selling a theory and not selling a legitimate “system” that they have used and tested. ** They have never actually used what they are selling with any DOCUMENTED success. ** False experts who sell something that they have NEVER used to become #1 are simply not authentic. ** I actually used the SAME system I share with you to personally recruit and sponsor over 1,000 people. ** In 2001 I was awarded the DIAMOND award for the MOST leadership and sponsoring out of 75,000 people. What I sell and share actually has a documented #1 history: ** My personal enrollee KATHY RILEY used my system to enroll 100 people in ONE (1) calendar month. What I sell and share actually has a documented #1 history: ** My PERSONAL enrollee DIANE HOCHMAN has used THIS system to SPONSOR 89 people in six months. Famous Affiliates (some Coaching Clients) Who Bought my $197 Speed Enrollers System ** Yanik Silver / Mike Dillard / Marlon Sanders / Diane Hochman / Dale Calvert / Robert Blackman (ask them) If You Tell People It’s MLM The Speed Enrollers Six (6) CD Album Took The Industry By Storm Starting in 1998 You Give Them The Objection Magazines That Have Written About My Speed Enrollers Funded Proposal System John Fogg with “Upline” Magazine / Profit Now / Cutting Edge (HBC) / Six-Figure Income Magazine If Ten Strangers Didn’t Call You Last Week and Ask, “What Do You Promote and I’d Like More Information” You Must be Selling MLM! From Joe Schroeder——Paramus, NJ: (off exit 62) It’s a fact. “If you tell people it’s MLM or you have a new hot program that can make them more money YOU give them the OBJECTION.” Go ahead and prove it to yourself. Go buy a bunch of hot leads. Try My downline owns that income stream as well. Now of those 100 leads, jot down, just so you see actual proof, that 90 out of 100 (if not more) will have utter distain for you. Basically, each of those 100 leads will find you as an annoyance and not an ADVOCATE. Why? Because they already are in multiple programs and the last-least thing they are looking to do is (1) quit theirs (2) lose the money they already invested in whatever they are whiffing in and (3) to start all over again in some strangers program. Namely yours. I encourage you to learn this fact of life first hand. Then, just as a cherry on top, go locate ten FRIENDS who love and trust you. Now show them your program and NOTE their response. What changed my business life and invited over $450,000 in MONTHLY RESIDUAL sales into my families direc- tion were little tiny intangible MAIL-ORDER variables. That’s right. Mail-order. After four years of struggle and $25,000 down the drain and after entire towns made me their laughing stock, I basically quit MLM and spent years (3) decoding how average “Don LePre” types and Tony Robbins people earned $5,000 per DAY in mail-order. If You Don’t Earn $500 a Week Minimum and Have 10-20 Strangers per Day Being Added To Your Sales Funnel You Don’t Have a Business... You Have a Liability and You Won’t Survive Your Struggle Much Longer if Things Don’t Change When You Tell People It’s MLM You Give Them The Objection and They Perceive You As a Nuisance. However, if You Show People a Business SYSTEM that Could Help Them in Their MLM….They Listen! To be fair I must tell you this upfront. And it’s this. I built this system for me. Not for you and I certainly didn’t drum this up because I wanted to get rich. I just wasn’t brought up on the “rich” side of town. ALL I WANTED was to stop the “MLM madness,” create a serious flow of decent prospects and make enough cash-flow in order to pay for my MLM Addition. There, I said it. Here’s where “Speed Enrollers” came from. Everyone knows “Big Al” (Tom Schreiter). Do some research and locate Tom’s MLM magazine from the middle nineties. Ask Tom who I am and ask him what happened after I placed my full page ads. Remember, I shifted from MLM to “direct response” mail-order. That’s when you place ads and sell information. Your profits erase your ad costs, therefore you can advertise endlessly for free. And bingo! That equation (place ads + earn money = free advertising + MLM = downline = Rolls-Royce) became I suppose, my legacy. And alas, if you have ever heard the term “funded proposal” it was little ole me who in- vented this strategy—out of desperation no less!——and coined the phrase “sort, select, search and sponsor.” Why? BECAUSE the system does just that. It sorts, sells, searches and converts BUYERS of the information courses into hot piping hot WHITE-HOT people to show your MLM to. Plus, it makes you weekly CASH flow. Etch This in Stone: It’s Brain Dead Easy to Sponsor 5 to 10 People per Month WHO WERE FIRST of Your 20-30 Customers! So there I was. Placing $300 and $500 magazine ads that were bringing in $2,000 to $5,000 per month. I was earning cash hand over and first and then OTHER people—–who bought my audio package—–asked, “can you develop post-cards and flyers and other things to sell so I can use SPEED ENROLLERS as a “front” to attract people into my MLM?” So then in 1999 that’s when my internet affiliate program began. Some would say I was the first to ever have a 100% generic MLM on-line affiliate program. On-line maybe. What I developed was totally new. Nobody bundled courses and tools and showed people this system. Not when I started anyway. However, get this, I am actually a decedent of my teachers James E. Tolli- son (1984) and Glenn W. Turner (1969-1974). TURNER for Petes sake was on the COVER of TIME magazine and get this—–HIS teacher William {Penn) Patrick was interviewed by NAPOLEON HILL in Dr. Hills Classic (1964 version) “Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion!” My Current Full-Page Ad is On Pg. #3 So in essence, what I did was I located the “hidden order” behind these legendary Networkers. What I discovered was al- most like some lost “members only” secret society of filthy stinking rich (remember the late great JOE KARBO! Who wrote the 70’s 1,000,000 copies best seller, “Lazy Way To Riches!) MAIL-ORDER people. What they did was use mail-order to attract people in a generic non-MLM fashion. These guys sold $5,000 courses and attracted ENTREPRENEURS. Now stop a minute and think about how much money five thousand to get stated was back in the sixties and seventies! Heck, my pro- gram is only $20 per month (for our site / auto-responder / post-card and ad system) and “Speed” is only $197. Meanwhile, all of the above mentioned Gurus had an MLM tucked inside of what they were retailing. Therefore they were getting rich PROSPECTING future downline members before they even showed anyone their MLM. Now that’s Genius! The Secret Lies in Age Old Marketing Wisdom... Of Course I Sponsored 1,000+ People. YOU WOULD TOO if you Collected Money from 5,000 CUSTOMERS Who learned to TRUST YOU and a Relationship was Born Through a RETAIL Environment! RECEIVE: Splash Page / 4 Retail Marketing Courses / Branding Site with your MLM / Loaded auto-responder / Post-Cards Page 2 of 8 (this ad available after you sell 20 Spellbound courses) What Good is Earning $12,000 Per Week if That Money is Earned At The Expense of Other People? An Open Letter to Anyone Like Me Who Shamelessly Sold People Down The River Without a Paddle Without Being Aware of What They Had Done Paramus, N.J. ——If it’s true that desperate people My Little Dirty Secrets Are Now All Yours No Charge. I Still Feel Guilty as Sin. make desperate decisions, then I must be the King of And the joke is on you if you think I would spend But don’t worry about me. I’ll give it all away free the Stupids. Not that I am a full blown Twit or thousands of dollars for some sort of “lose cannon” not because I am some “Masked” avenger. Hardly. anything, which could be endlessly argued until the public service message. Hark unto me. The thing is that But because part of my penance is letting 10,000 cows come by my wife, who never totally this is another one of my infamous and shameless work-at-home suicide camp attendees “in” on the appreciated me running up our credit cards until over displays of marketing umph. Admit it. No one has my little dirty secrets of the rich and famous who sheer the loud speaker some lady hollered, “Hey Moron! story. So wise up already. Because if you knew how their flocks religiously and who don’t even bat an You have successfully maxed out your card!” So sue guys like me make guys like you part with their rent eye. My “Death March” audio alone will probably me. I was new and as a new guy I made dumb and money—–and no, it ain’t pretty. In fact, I know more make you want to hang me by my toes. Do I care? desperate decisions. Whatever. But that was before I about how the mind works and how it SORTS had over 2,097 qualified sales, before all of the (4) information, more than some 4th year grad-level egg- (2) Duel MP-3 Audio Set & eBook Are Free. business magazines slapped your boy darlings head sophisticate loafing as a DR. of psychology. picture on their cover, prior to building a Million Bank on it fly-boy. I’ll sleep like a log, probably Which is exactly the missing key. So go ahead. Buy all dollar per month business and before I become the make another fast Million (of close to it as always) of those “I used to be poor and now I am rich” books. (yawn) #1 producer amongst 72,904 other nerr-do- and you’ll have the goods, the behind the scenes Go ahead. Be the moron I used to be. Or you can be... wells in the program that I cut my teeth on. Oh glory skinny that only the virtual cowboys and other me. There I said it. Now I can sleep better. marketing pathological serial capitalists know. The Laughing Stock of Your Home Town Un-Lock The Alpha Code Combination Here From Bonehead to Big-Fish Go ahead. Go waste your kids college fund money on another batch of “how to earn $10,000 a day on-line And whoever said (thanks Zig!) that “a big shot is a with internet ad-words.” Meanwhile I will hold the #1 ** Instant delivery and your head will SPIN! little shot who just kept shooting” must have been a key which is to know HOW to write ads, how to sculpt ** Take it all now and save some for a friend. spot-on fortune teller. Mine. But save your post-cards and little do-dad classifieds that impulse ** Free eBook, “The Conquering Chief!” applause—–because like many of us, I too had the every known slacker known to man to part with his ** Free audio MP-3 file, “The Death March!” shame (see mug shot) of creating damage and money. And guaranteed I will lose some friends. What industry road-kill. And you ain’t no saint either I am about to show you is almost “Holy ground.” Then And who am I anyway? Look, who cares and if fan because how many times have you ever roped in again in our industry you have no friends. It’s just this mail could choke a horse don’t bother bringing the people to deals that were a can short of a six-pack? easy. You either are on my side of the fence and gun. Bang-bang cowboy, the pony is already dead. So far be it for me to play the scout who uncovered CONTROL the central nervous center of an industry Besides, who I am doesn’t add up to a hill of beans. the winning ticket or the ace in the hole. All I am (through content and control of the products sold) or Plus, being “on top” becomes a bore because you saying is thank the Lord I’m still standing after 17 you are on the other side, the side where you sit in have to buy everyone dinner, drive cars that cost years and living tall enough (do you know how front of the cash register playing buyer and making $100 a day to gas-up and play nice guy to loads of much pressure it is having a $4,095 per month guys like me even richer. (Thanks Pay-Pal!) Because Dorks you wouldn’t normally speak to at an all-u- mortgage payment) to be able to divulge “secrets” we took the blasted time to learn how to be the receiver can-eat fire house beef steak. So dim the lights…. that I promise will make you wince and even make a behind the cash register. Not only that, but you’d work few of you kick your desk with fight in your gut. your fingers to the numbing bone too and plaster 18 What I Know Would Even Make Jeff Paul Some of these mass psychological tricks might even hour days everywhere too if you knew what $92,000 and Jay Abraham Blush Like a Little Girl be considered pathological or even a cracker shy of per month looked like and knew what the babes do and criminal. So whose laughing now? But like I said, I think about guys like them who actually consider such This is about you because if you don’t learn how to ain’t no alter boy. But now maybe I can even the monthly windfalls as chump change. But for now you flip your dream of working at home into a true score—if only by coming clean, once and for all for can only fantasize about it. Because you do not know honest to goodness no-one-gets-hurt true blue F/T the industry to witness and cleanse itself with. And the #1 and underling component of guys like me who income pretty soon, add it up. You won’t be here in for goodness sakes, why not? Someone has to stand know how to get hundreds of people per month to a year from now reading ads like this. You’ll still up here and leak the goods. So why not make it me? PART with their money. Which is our little dirty secret. be under some quacks control over at that job that It really is. So go grab a highlighter. It’s not what we you loathe, being tolerated instead of celebrated One Big Fat Cruel Hoax After Another sell it’s more about HOW we (sell) write and knowing which after all, is one of the wisdom keys to life. To HOW the little dear Lambs on-line SORT locate, whether it takes forever, a place where you Yes, of course I have roped innocent people into (information) and what we know about criminal are ultimately celebrated and where you can actu- loser cocka-mamey programs. But my redemption psychology. And the guy who leaks that know-how ally hit the Mother Load (like Elvis) by just being comes through the fact that I was a new dummy and (me for instance) is offering you the Genie, the bottle, yourself and thousands of people line up and say to I didn’t know any better. And I know that each and the magic potion and yes, if you knew what I know it’s you, “Not bad Bro, can I buy some more?” So get every last one of you reading this knows exactly a virtual license to print money. Here’s why. Do even off the slaughter house floor and stop being some- what I am talking about and don’t you dare play like know that learning the proper hidden psychology is the one else’s little white rag. So go ahead. RISE I say! I am the only guy here with a bag over his head. So difference between a true F/T income or lost it all? Just Snake my free bounty of how-to heaven goody bag there you are. One big fraud. Me. The “born loser” knowing about headline mass psychology, which is of secrets and lets stop the list inbreeding, the blood and you are whiffing so bad “Dweeb” becomes your third grade know-how as far as I’m concerned, is the bath industry wide and who knows? Maybe with the middle name. But then you breathe “little shot to big difference between people opening your e-mail ads or grace that sits within all fortune, good can prevail shot” into yourself and strike pay-dirt. BECAUSE not! Then there’s cognitive dissonance, reverse double and we can help 100,000 people rather than sheer you persevered. BECAUSE you stuck it out. You bind procedures, “bang alerts” and tie-ins. It’s like them like the poor little saps that they are and who paid the price. Then you crack the code a few times, being backstage at a magic show and I am the Houdini. aren’t even aware with it. Oh and P.S. This isn’t you hit it large, the money becomes sick and it’s like some perverted incestuous pitch for you or anyone hitting the ball out-uv-the-park and you are like, “so Learn Criminal and Mass Psychology else to “join” some lame ripp-off MLM either. I cut THAT is how this crazy and nutty beautiful business (24 Hrs) 1-800-772-9781 Ext: 16 that bait a long time ago. However, it still holds true works——oh, now I get it!” today, “if you bait your hook with chum— the fish Not 2006 copyrighted. No one has my story. So why bother? Speed Enrollers page # 3 will bite!” Most Networkers Commit Self-Mutilation And Aren’t Even Aware They Are Set-Up to Fail In Celebration of For everyone who thinks Dr. Hill / Patrick / Tollison / Turner they have a “Home Business” Be a Hurcules Recruiter consider this, you haven’t even begun Speed Enrollers Gets (and it’s okay to be new and it took me years to Prospects to Surrender To decode this process) until you have success- Whatever You Sell or Promote fully began to develop your own leads that you CUSTOM control that are processed in your own con- This PDF / Custom Embedded With Your Name/ Link trolled sales funnel that invite CASH ORDERS into your hands of $300 to $1,000 per week. CUSTOM Your MLM/ Primary Program on Our “Speed” Site UNTIL that happens you don’t have a busi- ness. All you are doing is working your spon- CUSTOM sors and paying for the guy on top and his Post-Cards / Ad slicks / Flyers / Drop-cards $80,000 CLK 500 Mercedes Benz! Read on CUSTOM page # 8 on the left side where it says (2) Separate “Speed” eBooks to GIVE away! “Speed.” That is the secret of Speed Enrollers. You Also Receive: It’s easy to sponsor 10 per month if you have “The Cowboy Code” MP-3 Recruiting audio! 20-30 people who were CUSTOMERS first! Four (4) Not One— One—But All Four! Live Nightly Calls 9:27 PM (est) Four Products to sell Including a 2-Level Program 1-641-793-7000 PIN 600088# Over 100 PRE-WRITTEN Auto-Responder Letters! Marketing Up: Merge Your List to a Connected Society of Repeat Buyers ** Any real system has to be predictable and it MUST thread your list into a position to purchase repeatedly. ** The system must patiently retail items before it upgrades your buyers into the residual subscription model. ** Think. It’s easier to sponsor a known buyer who likes what you sell than to recruit a stranger out of nowhere. ** It takes the same energy to sell a $20 item or a $200 item. There is more money faster with the $197 Speed course! ** If the system is not integrated to both ON line and OFF line sales, it’s not a system. It’s an illusion of one. What We Actually Sell: In the end, you sell a duplicatable subscriber “auto-ship” system. Not products. ** We sell control. We offer Networkers more control than anyone has ever offered them before in Networking. ** The business you are in is the PEOPLE business. What you sell is a duplicatable business system. People who sell “MLM” traditionally are selling PRODUCTS and they historically fail. ** We are a marketing community. Earn $100 per $197 Speed Enrollers sale and earn $190 and $190 with Spellbound. Here is a Paradigm Shift For You: Asset Building is Far Richer Than Trying to Build [just] a Downline. MLM is a liability for most people because it COSTS them money to participate. ** When you become a TRUE direct marketing wiz your goal is to turn everything you touch into an asset. ** We connect people to a retail sale, then to another one and you can earn over and over on the same buyers. ** Mis-marketing is thinking anything short of a system that can induce 10,000 subscribers to join under you. ** In contrast, the “Networker” doesn’t have enough assets bundled together to make any serious income. ** What you sell, whatever you sell, is not your business. That’s what you sell. The business model is bigger. Whatever MLM or Direct Sales Program You Promote use These Tools To Explode Your Business ** You won’t retire at age 65 because you retail our courses. Your FOCUS should be your PRIMARY program. ** The Speed Enrollers system is a LOW COST marketing program with a Spellbound 2-Level back-end. ** Your own marketing ability will be REFLECTED and MIRROR those who you LEARN form. Use this to learn. E-mail Your FRIEND on Page #5 and SAY, “I JUST SENT YOU CASH! Page # 4 At a Glance: The Speed Enrollers System Mis-Marketing is selling MLM subscriptions instead of getting 100 EXCITED PRODUCT LOVERS! Little (Billion) dollars companies like AVON / MARY-KAY / Time-Warner. They lead with RETAIL. Mis-Marketing is retailing an affiliate product and allowing the site owner to collect the funds. With this, you control the list and the money. This creates instant cash flow. Why wait to be paid? Mis-Marketing is selling something that doesn’t have a “back-end” second sale built into it. Without the continuity of $14.95 then $197 and then $600 you have to start all over with new people. Mis-Marketing is opening your mouth. If you do, you can only speak to a few people per day. If you are not funneling 100’s of people into your sales process daily, imagine if you could! Mis-Marketing is spending money promoting something that can NOT bring back a $100 sale. Pay yourself today so you can be here next year. Amateurs sell $20 and $40 programs. Pro’s don’t. Mis-Marketing is trying to sell $500 and $1000 programs without a little $10 and $15 trial offer. Have you ever waited months and months to sell one $500 or $1,500 program? Ooops. That must be hard! Mis-Marketing is ignoring the 95% who reject your main program and NOT earning off them. Now with this system you can earn money from your prospects even if they reject your primary program. Mis-Marketing is trying to earn residual income without leading with a retail cash flow item. It’s easier to sponsor 3-5-8 NEW people per month into your program if you have 15-25 retail customers! See Our System On-Line or Call Diane Hochman 860 585- 585-0882 Here is What The Speed Enrollers Website Does & How it All Works The Flow-Thru and Symphony of Predictable Consumption ** Endless barrage of FREE training and more Genius ideas than your NEW lead (opt-in) has ever seen! ** Nightly TRAINING calls that TRAIN your NEW lead (prospect) while you are off focusing on your PRIMARY program! ** Over 100 PRE-WRITTEN auto-responder letters are SELLING and creating CASH ORDERS for you automatically. ** Your lead now sees your BUY link for the $197 “Speed” on your OMEGA wave-page and sends CASH to your Pay-Pal. ** Then they buy AGAIN and order AMAZING INCREASE or Spellbound and you earned all over again! Great. More cash! ** Nice! Today you got 18 NEW (opt-ins) FREE LEADS because they saw our POST-CARD and jumped to your site! ** STOP! BREATHE. Today you collected $790 in your PAY-PAL account. Shut computer off and go grab a soda pop! ** Seven (7) people joined your MLM program because your PRIMARY program was laced into OUR entire system!!! ** 134 MORE FREE leads just joined your Speed SPLASH page. How? They saw the ADS that you placed. ** Yes, FREE leads. YOU paid $561 for the ads that YOU controlled, made $2,410 and also enrolled 5 into your MLM. See The “How This Works” FLOW-CHART on Page # 8 24 Hr. Recorded Message Hear Joe Schroeder EXPLAINS How This Works 1-800-772-9781 Ext: 10 Page # 5 The Cowboy Code For Fringe Dwellers The Joe Schroeder Cowboy Handbook For The Streetwise Who Break Social Conformity, Seek Fame and Fortune And Who Basically Create Their Own Little World-Wide Society of Focused Capitalists Who Are Thinker-Doers! The Rules Have Been Made (see below) and the Fight Already Started! You Can’t BEAT THE SYSTEM and Universal LAW teaches this, “in order to get more GET VALUE you have to give more GIVE value.” R.I.P. Who Moved the Cheese? We did. Died 2006 The days of forking over your list control to the Here Rests All of the False Hopes, Lies and Promises of company are over. So is only earning at the end of Instant MLM Downlines GET RICH QUICK the sales funnel (signing someone up). Now we DEATH MARCH earn like the OWNERS always did which includes I am burying my one check mind-set. From now on I earning multiple ways on the same people! earn like an owner! Some People Buck Tradition, They Break all of The Rules, They Challenge This Single Report Could Be Accepted Distribution and They a $2,000 Paid Tele-Seminar NEW RULE #3: The days of yesteryear where you Basically Change Entire Industries….. branded the company are now over. The rule we broke Steven Speilberg / Napster / HBO / Funded Proposal was to let everyone control their own sales funnel and to encourage people to BRAND themselves. We GIVE The Residual Back-End is Inside the Front-End YOU over 100 PRE-WRITTEN letters at- NEW RULE #1: We no longer invest in promotion of any tached to our auto-responder that you control product we promote that isn’t attached and exposes our Site / system dues are $19.95 per month and we add and customers to a residual equity that we all share. include your links to your PRIMARY program. Oprah, HBO and Wall-Mart all retail on the front-end and INSIDE of that retail and often FREE environment is a monthly or annual fee. Go see Oprah’s magazine, “O.” The NEW MONEY Was Always There This Paradigm Shift is Genius! The Law of Continuity Breeds Wealth (see Pg. 8) The puzzle looks like this, what can you do to make sure The continuity of retail to the back-end of locking the that you keep earning MONTHLY on your list and your customer into a subscription is an age old business tenant of Network even if they QUIT the original program you HBO, The New York Times, CBS and Microsoft. To deny connected them to? What I learned from Time-Warner , or to leave out that marketing rule is no longer an option Madonna, P. Diddy and other STARS of economy, was that any professional direct response expert can ignore. to somehow ATTACH yourself to them whereby even if they LEFT YOU—–their residual effect with you would A Minimum of $300 Profit Per Customer not be depleted. And this strategy works. Big time! This is why I get my “buyers” into a few generic LEAD NEW RULE #2: We no longer promote programs that do programs. BECAUSE with or with you being there your not offer at least $300 earned per retail sale or programs current Network with ALWAYS want to buy leads and that don’t offer MARKETING TOOLS such as co-branded they YEARN for extra and alternative streams of income. eBooks, post-cards, off-line reports and audio CDs. This MUSIC PRODUCERS produce music for new STARS way we can include everyone and not just look to “Google in order to earn royalties off their young starts—forever. ad word” junkies as our market leaders. The answer is to Time-Warner has 18 magazines so they earn a have a system that includes everyone. And to do that monthly subscription fee whether you QUIT “Sports Il- requires immediate market entry tools with no learning lustrated,” but you keep your subscription to VH-1. curve, such as post-cards, classified ads and pre-written splash pages loaded with 6 months of follow-up letters! Pg. 6 of 8 Paradigm Shift: It’s Called “Getting Paid and it’s My Turn Now Doggone it!” The Big Money Short Term isn’t In The Downline... It’s About Earning On The Production Value of Your Traffic “Oh Poor Me, I Never Earned a Penny” Of course people earn $25,000 to $50,000 per Traditionally in the business of MLM people are month. You would too if you were skinning the cat in taught to bring more people to the company rather multiple ways and earning 4 x’s on the same people. than acquiring customers first and earning retail income. Moreover, they are taught to focus on the END of the sales funnel and only run around with How This Works Step 1: Retail and market the famous and timeless applications begging everyone, “wanna join?” Poor $197 SPEED ENROLLLERS six audio CD course guy. Hint. That’s the END of the sales funnel. that trains you how to be a HURCULES recruiter! ** Earn $100 per sale starting right away. And he missed the front-end retail income. And he missed the cross marketing of leads. Step 2: Build your own list as you promote your And he missed the cross marketing of tools. own individual cell group within our organization. And he missed the money made on books/tapes. Feel free to also show your new subscribers whatever else you promote.FOCUS on your MLM. Or, he joined various biz-opps, bundled them all together and confused the heck out of his list. Step 3: Expose, involve and upgrade your market into our products and earn retail cash flow. Spiral Marketing, The Old Money of The Rich How the rich get richer is right under everyone’s nose. Step 4: Your ID# for one of our lead programs can Banks do it. Dominos and McDonalds does it and be laced within the SYSTEM which can then without SPIRAL marketing Verizon or Microsoft would attach your retail customers into our residual be long gone. It’s called continuity. A direct response programs. That is optional and not required. real-world WORD and concept excluded from the insanity of “MLM” lingo. That word is CONTINUITY. Earn Over $1,200 With Only 20 People It’s about one thing seamlessly infusing itself into the RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME next leading, like a symphony of success, to the age old secret of the rich which is to acquire pay-per-month It’s a Paradigm Shift customers. Banks RETAIL cash in the form of loans to anyone. And to GET a better loan RATE they ask you Memorize this Concept: to JOIN their bank which then charges you all sorts of monthly fees. That my friend, is how the American rich “You retail into an auto-ship. You collect paid get richer. Free to retail into some sort of monthly fee. retail buyers in order to create a MONTHLY RESIDUAL relationship based around a One System To Produce Multiple Checks monthly product they buy every month. “ EARN ON THE ENTIRE SALES FUNNELL The BIG Money is Over There ** Earn when they mail out our post-cards. ** Earn when they send out “thank you” cards. ** Earn on the production value of consumers. ** Earn as they go in & OUT of MLM companies! The OLD money was to make money building a ** Earn when people buy something retail. downline. The new EXECUTIVE money is earning ** Earn when they need and buy leads. income on the entire shifting of prospects as they ** Earn when they buy tapes and books. toggle in and throughout the sales funnel. ** Earn as your list uses auto-responders. ** Earn money when over 90% reject your MLM. Earn on the ENTIRE seamless sales funnel. You Decide to Earn $82,000 Per Month. It Doesn’t Just Appear! Page 7 of 8 The Focus Society for Over Achievers and People Who Want To Earn $1,000 to $5,000 Weekly Live Calls Mon / Tues / Wed 1-641-793-7000 PIN 600088# (9:27 PM) EST The Magic Funnel of Famous Direct Marketers I Swiped This System from Oprah, Arnold and Mail Order Kings From The Last Century Inquiries / Leads / Opt-Ins / Enter Funnel Here 1-800-772-9781 Ext: 22 Nightly Live Calls Classified ads Auto-Responder Free eBook Splash-Page $14.95 (2) CD Set Earn $10 Earn $350 Per Buyer FREE AMAZING INCREASE The closer you Move to free on $97 Book + CD TOP of the Earn $60 The System funnel the more paying 1) Retail something 2) Get Customer Hooked customers “Speed” 3) Bill them monthly circle around $197 whatever you sell. (6) CD set Earn $100 Who Else Uses This Model? Spellbound$ Don LePre & Tony Robbins 605 HBO It’s easier to sponsor 3-8 2-Levels Oprah Winfrey new people per month into $190 & $190 All Info-Commercial People your primary program Time and Newsweek when you have 15-30 new Donald Trump people each month as All Internet Millionaires casual retail buyers who Verzizon Phone you then convert to paid Costco / BJ / Sams Club You Collect and Harvest 1,000’s of Monthly Repeat “Auto-Ship” Repeat Buyers. Wow! Retail Buyers Convert to REPEAT MONTHLY Customers. Wow! Direct Sales Without a Repeat Monthly Residual Income is Just a Job! Wow! Earn 1-2-3-4 Times = Same People! Recorded (24 Hrs) 1-800-772-9781 Ext: 10 Page 8