HAVE you ever made an investment in something that failed to give you the return you
expected? For many people, this question can be easily answered by turning on the news or picking up the newspaper. It seems every other headline is about the risk and uncertainty in today’s economy. However, there is an investment that is certain! I was recently reminded about this when I was reading in Philippians. Towards the end of the book, Paul begins thanking them for being the only church that shared in his hardship by sending him several gifts. As he thanked those believers, he says “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” I couldn’t help but think of our supporters when Paul’s described the “credit” for spiritual fruit of his ministry going to those who gave provision to him. That means that YOUR partnership and investment in our ministry makes you just as responsible for the fruit as we are as laborers! This is the kind of sure investment in God’s kingdom that will never fail or disappoint! Having said that, our desire this month is to encourage you by sharing with you a glimpse of your “fruit”. Though we aren’t officially on campus yet, the Lord is certainly at work in the lives of students at USF!

Once a month our CRU director, John, hosts a leadership meeting for student involved in CRU from the University of Tampa (UT) and the University of South Florida (USF). Along with a home cooked meal, John seeks to encourage and equip these leaders to live out the Gospel on their campuses. At the February meeting John asked the students to share ways they have seen God at work in their lives and on their campuses. Here are a few of the things students shared: ӵ TRAVIS from USF - “I am excited about Matt. He came to our Community Group Bible Study all last year and I met with him for discipleship. This semester he is now helping me lead the Community Group.” ӵ LINDSEY from USF - “I am really excited to keep meeting back with

ere are a few way you can be praying for us during this season of support raising: 1) Pray that God would continue to draw people to join our team and invest in his work at USF and UT. 2) One of our biggest needs is for referrals and new contacts of people we can share with about our ministry. Please pray that we would receive referrals from current friends and supporters. 3) Spring Break is coming up soon and several of our students from USF and UT are going on short mission trips with CRU to share their faith. Pray for God to use this time significantly in their lives & in the lives of the people they’re reaching out to. 4) Above all, pray that all our students would be growing in their faith and experiencing God.

Carly (a Chinese student who recently became a believer) to help her understand her new relationship with Christ. We have done two of the New Christian Follow Up lessons and she is understanding really well.” ӵ RACHEL from USF - “I’ve been seeing the hand of God in my dad’s life. He has started going to a Bible study and thinks God wants him to change his life.” ӵ LAURA from UT - “Recently, I went to a friends house and her roommates were open to talking about Christianity. One of whom was Buddhist and the other really didn’t know much about Christianity.” ӵ JOY from USF - “I saw God’s faithfulness in a friend asking me about coming to Cru.” These are just a few of the comments that were made! For more stories check out our blog.We pray that this blesses you as someone who is a part of the work God is doing. It certainly makes Anna and I thankful for your partnership!

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