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CaFAN Newsletter Issue Three

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CaFAN Takes the lead role at ACP
Consultative Workshop E
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The Caribbean Farmer’s Network (CaFAN) was at the forefront in influencing leading
international multilateral agencies into providing funding for Caribbean small farmers C
CaaFFAANNC Caallllss ffoorr M
for capacity building and increased production and productivity in four areas of G
agriculture. FFuunnddiinngg ffoorr C
Chief Coordinator of CaFAN, Mr. Jethro Greene, said five donor agencies – the European G
GAAR RDDCCP Prreesseenntt
Union, the World Bank, the International Trade Centre (ICT), UNCTAD and the Food C
Culinary TToouurriissm
u li n ar y m
and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations – indicated their interest in
becoming involved in partnership in agriculture in the African, Pacific and Caribbean OOAASS SSeeccrreettaarryy GGeenneerraall
TToouurrss G A R D
GARDC in C i n
regions at the three day workshop, which was initiated by the European Union.
The ACP Agricultural Commodities Programme Caribbean Consultative Workshop from A
AN Neew wBBeeggiinnnniinngg iinn
1-3 April, 2008 at Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica, was held to brain storm ideas so that A n t i
Antigua gu a
the EU-funded “All ACP Agricultural Commodities Programme” could be effective in
fully recognizing the links between the production and sale of commodities and poverty D
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Mr. Greene said that a planning meeting was held before the conference and CaFAN
came up with certain position papers on root crops, spices and vegetable. “We came up DDeennbbiigghh A Aggrriiccuullttuurraall &
with these position papers because we represent farmers and whereas other institutions IInndduussttrriiaall SShhooww 220 00 088
are there and we’re glad for their technical assistance, we don’t want people to speak on
our behalf. Farmers can speak on their own behalf. So, we were trying to ensure that we
sensitize the donor agencies that were at that workshop to the real needs of the farmers.”
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Editing, Design and Layout: Pet Secretarial Services | Communication Consultant: Jeff

our citizens grass root farmers’ became increasingly prone to chronic non communicable diseases to the extent that 60% of our organizations and annual deaths are from these diseases such as hypertension (high blood pressure). corn and wheat and the farmers organizations negative impact that could arise. goals of CaFAN. the point that. just represent us.2 AGRIVYBZ Continued from page 1… EDITOR’S NOTE: Greene is satisfied that the conclusion of the workshop. including tourism and the hospitality farmers are industries. He as we developed preferences for cheap unhealthy foods that have been dumped on our societies said that CaFAN is a from the more developed. clinics and pharmacies as a direct result of these chronic non communicable diseases. empowered. local fruits and vegetables. it people. diabetes CaFAN emphasizes (sugar) and cancer. representing It is well known. changes in our eating habits have taken us away from our traditional food base. even more so today. network of essentially As a result of our shift in dietary tastes (preferences) and changes in our lifestyle. an unwarranted high number of our citizens. We must remind our politicians that they ought to have learnt their lesson and not be fooled by foreign food producers and their selfish agendas. industrialized countries. have to produce the Private Citizens. corn and wheat based food products. particularly children and young the final analysis. that our traditional local food base can be effective in ourselves… and we fighting and arresting the chronic non communicable diseases that afflict our Caribbean insist that certain populations. “in Additionally. suffer from obesity. along In considering all the hysteria surrounding this so called food crisis. Vincent and with some meaningful the Grenadines and the wider Caribbean must be made aware of the confusion that has arisen in proposals. to increase our dependence on flour. with emphasis on linking taken to ensure that agriculture to health. are in the management of food production and distribution. diabetes is taking its toll with respect to increasing is the farmers who numbers of people who have had their limbs amputated. Never again must we allow this to happen. people in St. We must lobby our politicians to emphasize the importance of increasing production of local foods. not only on food security in the developing world but also on inclusive of capacity spiraling food prices. we do not Foreign food producers have been able to influence our politicians to move away from our want anyone to traditional food base such as root crops. . therefore.” We must lead the way in reorienting our populations towards the health value of local foods. in acknowledgement of This issue of Agrivybz comes at time when worldwide concern is being the need to strengthen expressed about impending shortages of food staples such as rice. building. nutrition and all other food sectors. banana and coconut oil. keeping with the For many years. and hospitals. measures must be CaFAN members must move to consolidate local production. tax payers and our governments are paying the cost of our health pipeline of commodities. Furthermore. We are to name a few.

• Commodity Chain Stakeholders in ACP Expected workshop outputs include: countries/regions have the capacity to develop. “highly dependent on a small number of agricultural products The overall objective of the program is to improve incomes and whose dependence affects a large number of poor people”. agricultural commodities. . open up new market opportunities. These will international organizations under the Program mandate. • Strategic priorities are effectively implemented – organizational capabilities of National Commodity • Meaningful inputs from workshop participants to Chain Stakeholders (NCCS) and production factors and guide drafting of the work plans of the support services are improved implementation agencies – i. reduce income The regional kick-off Workshops (KOW) constitute an fluctuations. and to reduce income 2008 was part of the regional consultations held throughout vulnerability at both producer and macro levels. The the ACP under the “All ACP Agricultural Commodities specific objective is to build the capacity of stakeholders all Program” to define. services on offer. The setting up of national/regional stakeholder teams to interact with the Coordination Unit and the International Organizations in coordinating and managing the progress of implementation of Program activities in synergy with other development activities as appropriate. region in identifying and analyzing issues and developing The Program is expected to achieve four concrete results: appropriate responses. As such. in a participatory manner. including important program activity in providing an opportunity for diversification. agricultural commodities during the Cotonou and Doha negotiations. its implementation mechanisms. and program scope. the complementarities and synergies of program partners EU-Africa Partnership for Cotton Sector Development (COM in the area of agricultural commodities to the benefit of (2004) 87) and various ACP initiatives related to stakeholders. the priority along the commodity value chain to conceive and needs of ACP countries that can be addressed by partner implement sustainable commodity strategies. characteristically enhance farmers’ productivity and competitiveness. and livelihoods for ACP producers of traditional and other The Caribbean Kick-Off Workshop (KOW) held April 1-3.3 AGRIVYBZ C Caar riib bbbe eaan nKKiic ckk--O Offf fWWo orrk kssh hoop p Market-based risk management instruments are The EU-funded “All ACP Agricultural Commodities • developed and their usage increased Program” has its roots in the EU Action Plan on Agricultural • Effective use is made of the expertise. Dependence and Poverty (COM (2004) 89). adapt and implement effective and sustainable commodity • A clear understanding by stakeholders of the strategies program processes.e. the production and sale of commodities and poverty priority beneficiaries are defined as countries that are reduction. Commodities. the five partner international organizations. it recognizes fully the link between While all ACP countries are eligible to program support. increase returns to labor. and facilitate recourse to market-based risk enlisting the active participation of stakeholders from the management instruments.

Under Agriculture and Development Under Article II. stakeholders.and that CARDI’s planning. CaFAN is made up of agricultural The purpose of the Memorandum of organizations from CARICOM Understanding is to establish a countries. validate and transfer its technology Additionally. development (including livestock. network strengthening (b) Rural families throughout the Caribbean. Its goal is to development needs of CARICOM following areas: (a) Strategic improve the quality of life for Member States . development. project development and farmers. Its Secretariat is the St. private sector and other sign a Memorandum of recorded their understanding under institutions. countries.4 AGRIVYBZ CaFAN and CARDI To sign Memorandum of Understanding farm productivity and income as it is necessary for CARDI to ‘build The Caribbean Research and well as improving the overall welfare and maintain Development Institute (CARDI) and of farmers through the strengthening relationships/partnerships with the Caribbean Farmers’ Network of individual and organizational donors. to be signed by the In this regard CARDI has identified CARDI. Vincent) | Lauren Baptiste (CARDI field Officer) | Dr. (c) Bearing in mind their common being of Caribbean people through Market research (d) Improved interests with respect to increasing research that improves the commodity production and post- competitiveness and sustainability of harvest systems (e) Business regional agriculture’ has three development (f) Access to technology essential commonalities with the information. Understanding. four articles. In this sustainable development of the Development Organization in the regard it is mutually understood and agricultural and rural sectors. St. the recent CTA/IICA products and services (f) Collaborate co-funded CARDI 2008-2010 strategic with CARDI in specified CARDI planning workshop on ‘Development initiatives to assemble of Strategic Linkages’ recognized that social/scientific data. is mandated to provide for conventional & organic crop the agricultural research and production systems) (b) Information development needs of the Caribbean PURPOSE systems and services (c) Project Community. ‘Enhancing the socioeconomic well. CaFAN CaFAN mission . Don Iton (CARDI market expert. the two entities have institutions. (L-R) Jethro Greene (ECTAD) | Pathleen Titus (CARDI Representative. especially small farm recently revised mission statement.established in 1975 to agreed that CARDI will provide contributing to the repositioning of serve the agricultural research and technical support to CaFAN in the Caribbean economies. will: (e) Collaborate with CARDI in ‘competitiveness’ and the ‘Caribbean specified CARDI initiatives to people/farmers’. Additionally. thus Caribbean . community/social surveys. other R&D (CaFaN) have agreed in principle to capacity. CARDI and CaFAN Organization (ECTAD). framework for collaboration between ARTICLE II Vincent based Eastern Caribbean CARDI and CaFAN. Trinidad) . which has its headquarters Executive Director of CARDI and the some areas for collaborative in Trinidad and Tobago and Chairperson of CaFAN’s Executive initiatives such as: (a) Commodity representatives in most Caricom Committee.‘wellbeing’. will establish a CaFAN/CARDI ARTICLE 1 collaborative Network in which CaFAN’s mission is to enhance the CARDI is recognized as an well being and competitiveness of it is acknowledged that CARDI is the agreed/principal executing arm of Caribbean farmers through lead Agricultural Research and selected CaFAN initiatives.

banana chips. sell inputs and plant They learned how to feed their which SAV requested and received materials. Capacity from the government the following marketing of produce. plantation and sugar factory in SAV also processes food. exploited and unsound use of pesticides and other chemicals was forced upon the poor farmers by the urgency of immediate survival. east-west road in Tamanredjo. soy bean sauce. SAV began translating rotavator and other agri- Twenty years before the official the prescription on the labels of equipment establishment of SAV its current bottled pesticides and other • SAV moved to the new facilities members were the victims of chemicals from English into Dutch at the Pandit Tilakhdariweg nr 9 unemployment when in 1978 and taught the women how to use in Tamanredjo from where it Suriname’s only sugar cane the chemicals. and equipment. people and the environment. Cows and other cattle were dying because The SAV is a registered civil society chemicals polluted the water irrigation system that was used by organization that was officially the cattle for drinking. major or secondary income source. It started to building seminars and workshops activities had taken place: work with rural women in a small were held for them in various types • Building of a new marketplace house located at the Weg naar of training related to agriculture and • Construction of a processing Peperpot (road to Peperpot). At the compound. the number of SAV their husbands or both worked members has been increasing. grated pomtayer (tayer Agricultural Practices (GAP) are jobs. organizes agricultural fairs to The women became mostly involved stimulate farmers to improve the The Foundation for Women in Agriculture Stichting Agrarische Vrouwen (SAV) is a grassroots community based organization located and operating in the rural district of Commewijne. rent machines trained to use chemicals properly. continues its services to date. processing factory. The land became over. one of the 10 administrative districts of the Republic of Suriname. and assist with the children nutritious food. Several men were able to find a is a big yellow root).5 AGRIVYBZ INTRODUCING A HOLISTIC LIFE IMPROVEMENT AND GROUP APPROACH TO IMPROVE THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS OF RURAL WOMEN IN THE DISTRICT OF COMMEWIJNE in vegetable production and quality and number of their produce. with the mission to promote agriculture business among rural TRAININGS In 1999 SAV received funding to women in Commewijne through With donor funds women were build a proper market and training and coaching. The together to make a living from farmers also started a market at the agriculture. These Globalization imposes new Marienburg (Commewijne) closed include: peanut butter and hot challenges for farmers as Good down and all the labourers lost their peanut sauce. and fruit Preparations are being made to teach The families started to cultivate juices. fruit. cut flowers and root produce along main roads or in front them and their farm processing crops. . Women sell their agricultural farmers Global GAP rules and certify vegetables. sometimes shared activities with In the meantime. started farming to feed their families. they developed skills in food facility processing • Storage facility for the tractor HISTORY Additionally. SAV regularly facilities. cooked foods and sweets. There were established on the 29th of May 1996 cases of malnutrition among infants. Agriculture became their of their homes. conditional to protect the safety of new job but the majority stayed and cassava chips.

Jethro Greene is challenging young Vincentians to eat more locally produced food and to become appreciative of the contribution of local farmers to the nation’s food security. when you look at even comparing the imported apple – you don’t know where they come from because recently in the United States you see a lot of people suffering from health problems because the tomato grown there was contaminated. we are going throughout the length and breadth of this country with these workshops to try to make our people realize how important farming is and to try to get our young people to start to understand how important it is that they utilize the fruits and vegetables that we have in this country. Following the launching exercise and planning seminar to kick off the pilot programme in September last year. is that we have to go back to the land and we have to go back to respecting our farmers. According to Mr. . and our farmers have been growing for years.from the North Leeward Area in December as well as the three workshops in June 2008 at Questelles (South Leeward). most Vincentian young people don’t like to eat the fruits that are produced in the country - hence the reason for inviting school children to the “Linking Agriculture to Health and Nutrition” workshops.” he stressed at the Greggs workshop. we realize that there is one thing that we have to do and even the government and all those people in key areas are recognizing it now. “the food that we take for granted. most of our fruits are clean. when you look at imported white sugar. when you look at imported white rice. Greene has been intensifying his message as ECTAD progresses in its nine month pilot project.6 AGRIVYBZ ECTAD – bridging the generation gap Chief Coordinator of ECTAD. We know that when we grow our foods in St. “Linking Agriculture to Health and Nutrition” in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Nutrition Unit of the Ministry of Health and the Environment. “For example. all the follow up workshops have featured a high proportion of youths and school children as participants . Vincent and we know if we handle it. And that is why. are the kind of foods that can make our population healthy – not the kind of food that is imported.” “So when you look at the fruits that are imported that our people have grown accustomed to. “The thing is. Greene. Greggs (Central Windward) and Georgetown (North Windward).

the fruits and vegetables that we take for granted are the kind of things that could help fight cancer. Even if it means a banana box filled with sand. or a few plastic containers filled with sand. “So. That is why we are in partnership with the Ministry of Health … and the Ministry of Agriculture …. begin the process – of going back to the land and going back to our local foods. We want it in the country. “We don’t need to wait until the politicians come and tell us there is a food crisis. “That is why at the end of every workshop we encourage participants to have a small backyard garden by giving them a few samples of seeds … to grow in the backyard. That is why we must now be in a position to continue to do this so that we can deal with the so-called food crisis that they’re talking about. He said ECTAD is not only committed by words – it is showing its commitment by action. Vincent and being taken for granted for a long time-people are beginning to realize how important it is for us.” .7 AGRIVYBZ Pointing to the increasing impact of chronic non communicable diseases such as cancer.” He is confident that the combination should put the country in a position to be better able to produce healthier citizens and to be able to guide and advise the nation’s young people as well as the older folks about the importance of supporting their own farmers and the health benefits that would bring to the society. obesity and hypertension (pressure) on the society. fight diabetes. who have been feeding the population of St. it is time that we begin the process – and this is one thing our organization is going to do. And these people from the country-side. “We are showing the link between agriculture and nutrition and this is why at the workshop what we normally have is the Ministry of Agriculture talking about how to produce fruits and vegetables in your area and the Ministry of Health talking about how important it is to use them. the ECTAD Chief Coordinator said healthy eating could prevent “those kinds of diseases … and most of the time. diabetes (sugar). we want that green throughout every area. We want it in the town. etc. We only have food crisis because a large percentage of our young people don’t eat the foods that we have here and because it is not properly distributed.

Asha Williams. GARD Center. participated in week long Center.E. Roberta Williams.E. about current trends in culinary tourism. such as office related Deborah-Mae Lovell. farms and partnership with the OAS and the expressed his gratitude.E. Ms. Cecily Norris. agricultural extension officers. This and the GARD Center. the local cultural perspective of project fostered and promoted Insulza stated he looked forward to Antiguan foods. Antigua and Barbuda Ms. returning to the Center. Secretary General. a collaboration with the Ministry of recently joined the Partnership in recognition ceremony was held. toured the software Word. Gilbert Agricultural and Rural development and with agricultural Development Center (GARD Center) in producers. GARD Centre Tours the Gilbert Agricultural presents: and Rural Development Center Culinary specialist. who shared Ministry of Agriculture in an conclusion of the ceremony gifts information on traditional local dishes agricultural. Organization of the America States. OAS representative of TRUST for the Americas. Ms. recently visited Insulza. Antigua. At the community elders. Dr. Dr. program. Permanent Representative to the OAS. Dr Gilkes also engaged in deconstructing and reconstructing traditional local recipes to upscale them for tourist appreciation. under the guidance of Ms. and micro-enterprise and others related to the hospitality development. ICT action. Paul Spencer. Linda Eddleman. Standing L-R: Mr. H. job farmers. Executive Director GARD Center. Secretary General of the producers’ skills in production Antigua to consult on enhancing OAS. Gilkes also conducted sessions with hospitality students. technologies. Jose Miguel agriculture as a competitive partner with tourism. graduates to get feedback about the curricula such as civic education. Program Manager. Gilkes. and GARD Center to see the project in PowerPoint. Gilkes to get an understanding of project over the past five years. strengthening from Purdue University. readiness. Insulza Gilkes to hotel kitchens. Ms. POETA Youth Coordinator. Student GARD Center . Mrs. Trust for the Americas. as a non-government 2008.E. through Technology in the Americas with Linda Eddleman (Executive (POETA’s) youth development Director of the Trust for the project that is sponsored by the Americas). at which H. The GARD Center While visiting the GARD Center. and Antigua’s Permanent The POETA project uses adaptive Representative to the OAS H. Jose Miguel Insulza. Colleen Simpson. Michael Rodrigues. Secretary General Insulza. Deborah-Mae Lovell. praised the Gilbert planning. 8 AGRIVYBZ Secretary General of the OAS. Her trip was sponsored by the Center (GARD Center) for its Agricultural Practices and adding non-government organization the progressive work in youth value with farm tourism. Seated L-R: H. They spoke with students and training is complemented by Stakeholders. and Agriculture and the Organization of Opportunities for Employment H. Organisation of the America States. USPC Volunteer. Excel. including local hotel chefs. Ms. which included visits by Dr. to empower youth. Chef Instructor at the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Institute. Cecily Norris. and H. organization has formed a unique students. Isabelle Bruney.E. On July 1st. preparing their farms to culinary tourism in Antigua and Agricultural and Rural Development become certified in Good Barbuda. agri-tourism linkage were exchanged between the OAS for Dr. H. Executive Director. Director. Advisor to the Secretary General. along American States (OAS).E. Trust for the Americas. GARD Center has graduated 45 activities.E. Carol A. In addition the Since the project began in March sector. OAS.

Youth in farmers and traders and upgrading the farm experience Agriculture and Fisheries licenses for commercial and products to a level consistent Division sought to achieve an trading. Bureau of Standards. farmers to impact on curbing the Ministry of Agriculture and the and representatives of the problem. He immediately Closer networking Antigua and Barbuda. nonetheless he Development Center. drive farmers out of business in Antigua and I am ready to give up. sites. Review Legislation of matter that requires urgent some territories e.000. monitored in preparation for operating farm tours and trading with participating hotels and restaurants. Barbuda” expressed at a meeting called by the Minister of Agriculture. annual losses were in excess of which produced crops of apples. adding attractions such meeting included:. A number of functioning farms in Trinidad and Tobago Antigua and Barbuda are being etc.g. A larger group meeting or As part of the agri-tourism project. bakeries. agri. Legal One of the objectives of this project Affairs. DEXIA. Strengthening the is to add value to the tourism Hucksters Association. not been determined. The meeting recognized that consultation which will review visitation were made to farms to Praedial Larceny was both a and further develop the above is observe the operations of different land and sea based activity. This is one peaches and pumpkins. . actions. to get a Praedial Larceny Courts. Ministry of Agriculture. procedure for issuing of product by developing farm tours Police Service.tourism project contribution testified of raising Sensitization of hotels being carried out by the Gilbert goats which he did not have the and supermarkets Agricultural and Rural heart to kill. Caribbean and the Americas and he found he was purchasing his specializing in enterprise training in own goats. and customs officials. a non-profit regularly purchased goat meat. Organization of American States.” petting zoos. agri-tourism ventures which is Measurers emerged at the incorporated. operating under the auspices Only when advised that his movements of fishing of the Methodist Church in the stock had reached below ten that vessels. with best practices. Setting up of special A team of four Extension Officers Hon Matthew Walter. immediate action. This activity is the result of an The Minister. ceased raising them. Possible monitoring the NGO. and Agricultural Producers had an consensus on urgent need to address Praedial Larceny in opportunity to travel to Jamaica to Sensitization of police visit different types of farm tourism Dominica. expected within two months. in an earlier agricultural. tractor-trailer rides all Review of current large farmer lamented that his of which added value to these farms Legislation. among the agencies which have the capacity This three year project has been carried out in collaboration with the At a follow-up meeting. but one delis. This Corporal punishments and is the feeling one farmer (reintroduced).00. The National economic loss has as “pick it yourself.9 AGRIVYBZ ACTION ON PRAEDIAL LARCENY IN DOMINICA Farm Tourism The scourge of praedial “A new Praedial Larceny Squad larceny has the potential to beginning may need to be formed. EC$100.

Chief Coordinator of According to Greene. Lucia that we’ve There is a revolving fund – called a buffer fund . Greene said 200 farmers are directly involved in the tourism in St. agriculture. the project has been so successful in St. and now we got to go complement one another. and lettuce . project. is the managing institution for the something that I’m proud to be an architect of. have been saving money “because it is cheaper for them to buy high quality produce”. the hotel CaFAN to push regional governments for more CARDI funding The Eastern Caribbean Agriculture Development Research Institute (CARDI) for more research and development projects. This capacity building is are now better able to lobby government better. we need to friendly agriculture – “a more sustainable system. Vincent based ECTAD.since the project started. CARDI. ‘Farm Fresh St. which is aimed at strengthening the capacity of Part of the project is to help build advocacy skills in the farmers’ organizations to produce high quality commodities farmers’ organization and that has been done. Less emphasis was placed on the real thing fertilizer and external inputs. But. Vincent and the Grenadines “but people moved away Secretariat for the Caribbean Farmers’ Network (CaFAN) from traditional agriculture because of fast commercial said: “We need to look seriously at more inter cropping . has been involved in the organizations on various Boards of Directors and are now project from its inception. A major guiding influence has been ECTAD in terms of giving the producers in this enterprise a distinct brand. Lucia. cabbage. Although the project is funded by project.” He said companion planting had been long established in The head of the St. additionally.” back to the old school. and how we can get different types of crops to external supplies. He said the project can be being consulted by the government on agricultural issues. which is a model project in St. and now we are more dependent on planting.which found a situation in which you have had a 500% increase in allows farmers to obtain money quickly when they sell their production of some commodities – tomatoes. Lucia. Jethro Greene. the St. He said. Lucia A member of the CaFAN network. They are all purchased by the hotels. Organization (ECTAD) is calling on regional governments to provide increased funding to the Caribbean Agriculture In making the call. There is also an input revolving fund. are now being recognized by Chief Coordinator of ECTAD. Oxfam through the Windward Islands Farmers Association He added that other people have been benefiting from the (WINFA). guiding the management and production implementation of the project. to reduce input costs. and how imported from outside”. rather get our main research organization. more engaged than a system that is dependent on fertilizers and chemicals in research as to how to reduce production costs. the Belle Vieux Farmers guests prefer the local vegetables more than the imported ones.where instead of depending on external unfriendly. successful that farmers’ organizations. “It is core member of CAFAN. So. carrots produce. which has proven to be environmentally multiple cropping . measured as being successful because the hotel sector is He said the supermarkets want to create special space for the saying that since the hotels have been buying locally they ‘Farm Fresh St. which is the St. which is a program.10 AGRIVYBZ Grass root farmers achieving success in St. which indirectly encompasses thousands of farmers. all. adding that the farmers have now branded their produce. Lucia’. Jethro Greene.” . Lucia’ branded produce. It was all a plot. the farmers for the tourism market in St. which allows farmers to readily obtain fertilizers and necessary commodities to The ECTAD Chief Coordinator said the project has been so produce on a continuous basis. to which governments had been indifferent. we look more at companion that is sustainable. the Belle Vieux Farmers Cooperative. Vincent based government by placing representatives from these Secretariat of CaFAN. most of done through workshops and practical training sessions. which is now in the supermarkets. the region’s agricultural researchers ECTAD said: “Because of the pending food crisis and the need to put greater emphasis on more environmentally rising fuel cost and the high cost of production. Lucia.” Greene said. Cooperative along with three other farmers cooperatives has embarked on a successful initiative of linking agriculture to Mr.

particularly at the regional awareness and make decisions on the local foods grown throughout level. issues affecting farmers. .11 AGRIVYBZ C Caar riib bbbe eaan nmme emmb beer rssf frro omma alll ltth heeC Caar riib bbbe eaan ncco ouun nttr riie ess Presentation by Mr. We in CaFAN are on the frontline of agriculture. training and information of food Crisis and high farmers’ organization that must be sharing amongst Caribbean farmers Cost of Foods addressed in order to improve so that they are in a better position farmers’ organization capability. have poor information base and insufficient capacities to articulate These include enhancing the CaFAN has been advocating over their sectorial interests and capacity of farmers’ organizations to the last decade for the Caribbean to proposals to influence decision. to face the key challenges with a Farmers’ associations have view of coming up with feasible CaFAN members have always been in the forefront of lobbying. It also the Caribbean. CaFAN Private and NGO Sectors to put demands of the current global and has identified several program areas agriculture on the top priority of regional environments. marketing and trade issues in ensuring that we do not miss this support of its members. represent their members. starting at the means mobilizing research on national level and linking in at a The longevity of the agricultural farmers’ behavior. CaFAN and Its Focus CaFAN’s approach to CaFAN recognizes that there are CaFAN’s major focus is to foster the Current Situation some critical issues arising amongst linkages. development issues.Implication of High Food and Energy Prices for Economic Management. government officials. our insufficient representation and proposals for solutions at the governments. ‘As they say better late than never’. raising have a food security plan based on making. It takes a sector and the membership base of increased communication and crisis in food for our governments to farmers’ organizations are technological sharing amongst start to pay attention to us. management capacities to meet the national and regional levels. Jethro Greene to Pan Commonwealth Civil Society Consultation on the Special Theme of the 2008 Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting 8-10 July . They also for action. facilitating network regional level. threatened by the very limited network members and facilitating involvement of the youth in coordination of production. opportunity to stabilize our agriculture and our food security.

they are In St Lucia – Bellevue Farmers empowering their farmers. leadership of the local Chamber of in Jamaica on several crop production Industry and Commerce in linking Opportunities and value chain action in root crops. Support Research and crops such as sweet potatoes. and Barbados Agriculture Society CaFAN sees this as an opportunity tomatoes. increase inter regional trade. In the process. CaFAN Members Association (GRPA). Development yams and cassava as base core crops. (CaFAN is and Eat local) campaigns centered on our scientists. agriculture to health and nutrition. eddoes. government beginning the promotion . strengthening the Grenadines and Jamaica working management and technical capacity with farmers to produce select crops of farmers’ organizations. health and nutrition and Potato Production Planning and getting our people to produce and Marketing pilot project was launched eat healthy local foods that can fight Jethro Greene by ECTAD in St Vincent with support non-communicable diseases (NCD). overall regional agriculture program. vegetables and fruits as part of an This project has seen major turn out at While there are several challenges. agro- regional / export market. institutions. between government and traditional threat from large businesses to private sector hotels and farmers’ manipulate the food market and to organization. The increased potential sustainable basis. from CARDI and the Ministry of Our proposal targets several root Agriculture. local fruits and vegetables.A Banana a local food production. sweet pepper and bananas (BAS) have been involved in (Buy for us to work with and challenge as key security foods. energy. health and schoolchildren in joint workshops to the agro processing sector. with our governments and Cooperative are involved in a project address include increased cost of private sector to meet the challenges funded by (OXFAM). We believe that support from ECTAD St. managed agricultural input such as fertilizers that are associated with rising food through WINFA with technical and pesticides due to increased oil and energy prices. ranging from packaging Caribbean a great opportunity to getting local hotels to purchase more material to increased cost of stabilize it agriculture system for local produce. formulation of programs stimulate awareness and interest on and strategies for more investment. This project aims at marketing. In Jamaica. control large tracks of lands that . the local consumption and inter. linking agriculture to tourism. colleges Day Keeps the Doctor Away – and special emphasis is targeting young promoting the use of local fruits and and private sector to seriously people in farming agriculture as a vegetables thus providing linkages of coordinate efforts in renewable and business. Our pilot to Caribbean farmers. alternative energy in a more local In the case of Guyana Rice Producer and consumer friendly society. Ongoing for 2 years. Jamaica Agriculture Society (JAS) We target key foods such as pumpkin. there has been increased production to meet It is our firm belief that through the in Action areas we have outlined for demands. such as sweet potatoes and other root formulating creative programs and crops on a sustainable basis for both strategies to get more investment. our agriculture to other sectors). implementation and action. working with Government to create CaFAN is making good use of the right policy environment for CARDI program in St Vincent & the agriculture. A Sweet processing.12 AGRIVYBZ In St Vincent & the Grenadines could possibly lead to the In April 2008 CaFAN members ECTAD is involved in a project with displacement of our traditional advanced proposals to an all the Ministries of Health and small farmers is also a key Agriculture Commodity Agriculture with support from the Program(ACP) consultative workshop constraint. workshops and increased interest in we in CaFAN recognize the This approach can lead to greater food backyard gardening and utilizing of enormous opportunities presented security. the increased cost of working together will offer the the Grenadines. it transportation and increased cost of food security on a more long-term is a successful case of cooperation labor. universities. CaFAN Cooperative and its network – the St will work together with our Lucia Association of Farmers Key Constrains that we must partners. subject areas. Vincent & prices. These greater export earnings for farmers project targets farmers and include the potential of renewable and linkage to nutrition.

Portia sector. Hugh Denbigh 2008 will highlight new of the Jamaican people from as early Shearer. Michael Manley. The Most. Hon.13 AGRIVYBZ Denbigh agricultural & industrial show 2008 Jamaica History of Denbigh Agricultural & Industrial Show The Denbigh Agricultural and Heads of Governments who also improving the health and wellness of Industrial Show is a hallmark event attended the show were Sir the Society. In terms of nightly entertainment the patrons. . Sir Florizel Glasspole. each day nation’s food security. that has been embedded in the Alexander Bustamante. where there are serious and the long anticipated Emancipation fundamental threats to the Village offering historical data and As is traditionally expected. the to life for three days of pulsating historical event. Farmer Competitions that showcase Spirits have been lifted and farmers who have excelled in cutting An alliance has also been forged with enthusiasm built for the edged farm practices. which will be held on August 1st opportunity for farmers to market industrial and technological to 3rd 2008 is organized in their produce on the three days of the equipment from main stakeholders collaboration with the Ministry of show. “Grow what we Eat. activities offering wholesome improved communication services entertainment to over sixty thousand Special attention has consistently by Digicel and farm and garden patrons that have been attending the been placed on the Champion supplies through the Jamaica Broilers event on an annual basis. unique culture and the broad fabrics Norman Manley. Hon. artifacts of predecessors in of the show is especially dedicated to agriculture. Rt. in improving the levels of Edward Seaga. its value added products. the former unique and creative manner in which Karaoke – Saturday Governor Generals – Sir Clifford quality agricultural produce and • Jamaica Broilers 50 Fest Campbell.e. products within the tourism sector.J productivity within the agricultural Situated on twenty nine hectares of Patterson and Most Hon. Booth Queen Coronation Show Show’s experience include: Governor holders will therefore showcase the • Rising Stars Finalists and of Puerto Rico in 1955. Rt. Hon. A very special feature this affiliated within the agricultural Agriculture during a period year will be the implementation of sector. application of tractor service. A Farmers Market will provide an groups. a particular Government Official Self-sufficiency is indeed the vision who addresses the audience or within the Society thus the theme. Rt. In addition we will focus on picturesque lands at May Pen. the Jamaica Tourist Board to unforgettable experience of the grand demonstrate the tremendous markets Exposition that has been renowned “It will be great Denbigh 2008” that can be gleaned in using local for promoting the farmers livelihood. the Denbigh produce from varied commodity Agricultural and Industrial Show. P. Hon. Farmer and Young Champion Group. Hon. Simpson Miller have all supported varied aspects of mechanized Clarendon. Rt. Sir Donald Sangster. i. technologies and its effective impact as 1953 to the present. and Eat what expected highlights are: we grow” is demonstrative of the Many of these invited guests who way forward to ensure survival • Farmers Parade & Farm have made valid contributions to the amidst the present challenges. Sir value added items can be packaged Gospel Explosion – Howard Cooke and the present and showcased for the local and Sunday Governor General Professor Sir international market with a focus on Kenneth Hall. the finest quality agricultural This year. the Denbigh Show comes and assisted in the promotion of this farming from Delta Supplies.

14 AGRIVYBZ HIGHLIGHTING WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE National Farm Queen to be crowned at the 50th staging of the Denbigh Agriculture Show The Jamaica Agricultural Society will be crowning its 45th National Farm Queen on day one of the 56th Staging of the Denbigh Agricultural Show. St. This year’s competition will see twelve parish queens vie for the title of National Farm Queen while utilizing this platform to be an agricultural ambassador representing the Jamaica Agricultural Society and the agricultural sector both locally and overseas. . Donavan Stanberry. Senator Norman Grant and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture. Missing. Thomas and Manchester Farm Queens. 2008 CONTESTANTS L-R President of the JAS. strikes a pose with 2008 finalists in the National Farm Queen Competition at the Launch of the National Farm Queen Competition. This competition seeks to empower women in agriculture while increasing their knowledge base on the value of agriculture to the economy and existing business opportunities. Morgan’s Harbor Hotel.Ms. during her one year reign. Mr. while encouraging them to continue to make their mark on the sector and the farm family.

Grenada. marketing and service delivery CaFAN will focus on a number of activities including: capacities of • Conduct a campaign to mobilise new members Caribbean farmers’ and establish national focal points associations. Bahamas. • Institutionalize CaFAN • Develop a CaFAN members and stakeholders database • Conduct a workshop on ‘Agricultural Trade • Increase Facilitation’ communication and • Conduct a workshop on ‘Community-based exchange of ideas. St Lucia. and Youth Involvement in the Caribbean resources Agriculture’ information and • Produce and disseminate its Newsletter (Agrivybz) technologies between • Upgrade its Website and among farmers’ • Update and disseminate its Members and organizations. countries have participated in activities of CaFAN: Antigua and Barbuda. and facilitate the increase in communication between and among the network members. the following Network members. . decisions on issues affecting farmers. Trinidad & Tobago and Suriname. St Vincent & the Grenadines. Barbados. raise awareness and influence regional agriculture. Guyana. CaFAN’s major focus is to link Caribbean farmers so that advocate and they are in a better position to face key challenges. Jamaica. • Mobilise resources Membership of CaFAN is open to farmers’ associations in for and on behalf of countries of the Caribbean region.15 AGRIVYBZ CAFAN UPCOMING ACTIVITIES CaFAN Objectives 2008-2009 The overall objective of the CaFAN work programme for • Contribute to the period 2008 to 2009 is to contribute to enhancing the enhance the competitiveness of Caribbean farmers and improving the quality of life of farmers’ families. Disaster Management’ • Conduct a workshop on ‘Farmers’ Organizations experiences. The Network has decisions on regional identified several programme areas which include issues affecting enhancing the capacities of farmers’ associations to represent their members. Stakeholders Directory • Produce and disseminate fact sheets • Raise awareness. with a view of coming up with feasible proposals for solutions at collectively influence the national and regional levels. mobilise resources on behalf of members. To date. Dominica. St Kitts/Nevis.

com www. Box 827. Vincent and the Grenadines cafancaribbean@gmail. Beachmont Kingstown. St.O.caribbeanfarmers.16 Caribbean Farmers Network C/o Eastern Caribbean Trading Agriculture and Development Organization(ECTAD) Tel: (784) 453-1004 Fax: (784) 453-1239 This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural cooperation (CTA) or ectadsvg@yahoo. the views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of CTA .